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She was walking home from work along the Gotham City streets one warm, clear evening, when her...trip down the rabbit hole all began.

Since it was warm out, she had nothing on her person except her black canvas purse, which she had slung over her left shoulder and was clutching tightly. She walked briskly; almost like a power-walk, in fact, down the sidewalks, keeping a keen eye and ear open for any signs of danger. This was Gotham, after all, and she knew that there were people crazier than she was living here. Consciously, she allowed her left had to slide into her purse's main pocket and feel for the small can of mace she had in there. She kept her hand on the mace can as she continued her trek. She only had two more blocks to go now. Halfway home and to the safety of her apartment building. Thank the gods.

Sometimes, she wondered why she just didn't free-run her way home at night. She could, you know. She's pretty good at parkour. She guessed that she has this messed-up idea that something cool might happen to her if she just walks home. No, she's not quite right in the head, she supposed. Then again, a twenty-four-year old woman with a couple of tattoos probably wouldn't be considered quite right by some people in society. Especially since she has a tattoo and a name that would make one particular criminal in this city cream himself.

Her name is Alise Carol McRae, and she has a tattoo of the Mad Hatter on her left calf, which is showing right now with the knee-length jean shorts she's wearing. She works the afternoon shift at a small electronics manufacturing company four blocks from the secured apartment complex she's living in. She solders parts onto electronic boards that go into vending machines, cars, and various other things. It's an interesting job, but not as fun as the job she once held a year and half ago when she was still living in Ohio. There, she travelled fifteen minutes across the state border into Pennsylvania and worked at a "less-lethal" ammunitions manufacturing plant. They made things like flash-bangs, sting-balls, smoke bombs, and .22 caliber bean bags there. Alise was in the shipping department and had gotten a raise until her father got a better job here in Gotham.

As she walked along, over halfway to her destination, Alise heard a rustling in an alley she was passing. At first, she thought it was just a cat or a stray dog, but then, suddenly, a large burly figure stepped out and blocked her path!

"Whoa! Hey, uh, excuse me?" Alise said, uncertain, as she was able to get a good look at his face.

It was covered with a white rabbit mask, and he just seemed to stare right through her. It was creepy. Then, before she could get the hand that was in her purse and wrapped around the can of pepper-spray out, a large hand covered Alise's mouth from behind. A large, strong arm belonging to the same person who was covering her mouth, wrapped around her waist. She struggled, but it was to no avail, as man with the rabbit mask stepped forward with a wet cloth. The hand covering Alise's mouth left, but was quickly replaced with the cloth. All it took was a couple of breaths for the chloroform to do its work, and then all went black.

Alise dreamed of tea and cakes and the Mad Hatter and then...she woke up only to realize that she really was at a tea party. With the Mad Hatter, and...a bunch of burly men wearing White Rabbit masks. Looking down at herself, Alise saw that she was dressed in a blue and white Alice dress, and could feel that her long dark tresses were pulled back with some sort of headband.

"Oh, Alice! You're awake! Would you like some tea?"

She blinked a few times, mostly from shock at the predicament that she currently found herself in.

"Er...sure, why not?" Alise answered, uncertain.

"Wonderful!" the Mad Hatter, a man of about five-feet, four-inches tall with straight, jaw-length auburn hair, blue eyes, and wearing a green patchwork trenchcoat said.

He approached where Alise was sitting in a large armchair, and giddily poured her a cup of tea. She could smell the tea on his breath, and a faint musky smell emanating from his exposed chest that was underneath a cream-colored sweater-vest and teal bow-tie.

"Thank you," she said automatically and politely.

Not that she was forced to say this, mind-you. It's just a habit of Alise's to thank someone when they offer and give her something, whether they're a mad person or not. She eyed the Mad Hatter both warily and with intrigue. She had to admit, that for some reason (and not just because of the tattoo she has), she was intrigued by Jervis Tetch, a.k.a., the Mad Hatter. He's supposed to be a brilliant man, yet he's also supposed to be insane. What could have made a man like him become what he is now?

"You're welcome, Alice, my dear! Now, do tell me what you've been up to since we've last spoken," the Hatter said, plopping himself down into a chair next to the one Alise was in.

He rested his chin in his hand and waited patiently for her to answer.

"Well," Alise began, unsure of what, exactly, to say. She had a feeling that she needed to play along here, or she probably wouln't survive his wrath. "I've been, uh, working at an electronics manufacturing company, which has allowed me to get some permanent skin art done. Sadly, my time in Wonderland as of late has been very short because of this job. But hey, it pays the bills, I suppose."

She shrugged after she said this last part and took a sip of her tea, which tasted like Chamomile. The funny thing is that Alise naturally holds her cup the "proper" way while she drinks it. Again, not forced to do so. It's something she's always done, and she's not even an Englishwoman. She's only part English. Alise is a "Heinz 57", in all actuality.

"Yes, I saw the lovely portrait of me on your left calf. Very nice of you do, my dear," Hatter said with a grin and a strange glint in his blue eyes.

Alise gave him a genuine smile and replied, "Thank you, Hatter. I was excited when I got it done, and I still enjoy looking at it to this day."

If possible, the Hatter's grin widened even further. "Oh, I'm so happy that I finally found you, Alice!"

At this exclamation, he jumped out of his chair and up onto the tea-table. This startled Alise a little, and she jumped a bit, spilling tea down her chin as she was trying to take another sip.

"wiLL yoU, wON't yoU, wiLL yoU, wON't you, wiLL yoU jOIn thE dANce?" he sang to her in a Wonderland-themed question.

He then offered his hand to Alise and bowed a little. Being the odd person that she is, she blushed furiously.

"O-okay," Alise choked a little, setting her teacup and saucer down and allowing the Mad Hatter's fingerless gloved hand to take her own.

He briskly took Alise's hand in his and pulled her out of the armchair she was sitting in and up onto the table with him. He held her close and inhaled her scent with pleasure as they began slow-dancing atop the long tea-table. As they danced, his own scent invaded Alise's nostrils, and something stirred within her gut. Butterflies. She was getting butterflies from the Mad Hatter! She guessed that she was becoming more bored with her life than what she had originally thought. Either that, or the Hatter had some sort of mild hypnosis on her. Alise was pretty sure it was the former, though.

"You smell wonderful, Alice. Like cherry blossoms," Hatter whispered sulkily into her ear with his odd English accent, which was kind of cute to Alise.

"Thank you, Hatter. I, uh...I used body wash, lotion, and body spray that smells like cherry blossoms when I showered this morning..."

She didn't know why she was giving him all of the little details. It just felt right for her to do so at the time.

"Mmmm..." was all he uttered before pulling Alise closer and continuing with the slow dance.

Her hazel eyes caught sight of his blues, which were lazily half-closed as he continued to stare at her. Before she could even think of anything to say to him, he leaned in and kissed Alise soundly upon the lips! She didn't retaliate, mostly because she was shocked, but also because, well...she kind of liked it! He had thin, but smooth lips and tasted of herbal tea. He wasn't a slobbery kisser, either, like most of the guys Alise's age were. In fact, he was very...sensual, yet passionate with his kiss. Seconds into kissing her, Alise found herself kissing the Mad Hatter back! She enjoyed it, too, until he made her blush furiously by gently cupping her supple breasts in his hands.

"I've missed you so, Alice. How pure have you stayed for me, hm?" he asked huskily, rubbing his thumbs in circles over Alise's erect nubs.

"...Er...I, uh...I've never..." she stuttered hopelessly and a bit breathlessly.

Trying to tell a complete stranger, let alone one of Gotham's psychopaths, that you're a virgin is kind of embarassing. It also left Alise feeling quite vulnerable. Especially with the man she's currently with. The Hatter's ministrations on Alise's breasts continued for another moment before he slid his hands down to her hips, and then finally rested them upon her tush. He squeezed her tight ass and pulled her close to him once again. This time, Alise felt his hardened member underneath his pants.

"So you have stayed pure for me, then," he answered for her, pressing his covered member against her hip.

She stood at five-feet, two-inches tall, so she and the Hatter were nearly the same height. But, right now, Alise felt a bit...small compared to him. As he continued to press his pants-covered appendage into her hip, her nipples continued to harden and she felt herself becoming wet. Yes, the Mad Hatter was turning her on, and she didn't even think that he was controlling her! Next, Alise felt the Hatter's hand slide up her left thigh underneath the skirt of the dress she was wearing. This actually made her aware that he'd probably already seen her naked. After all, Alise didn't know how she got into the "Alice" attire...

The hand that had snaked its way up her thigh now played with the edges of Alise's blue plaid bikini underwear. Her heart was beginning to race now, and she could feel that her face was beet-red. He hooked his forefinger under Alise's panties and snapped them.

"You will be mine. Won't you, Alice?" he asked, now slipping his finger inside her wetness.

Alise cried out with pleasure. "Uhhhn! Yes, Hatter! I will!"

"Forever?" he prodded, now sliding his finger in and out and groping her right breast with his free hand.

"Yes!" she nearly cried.

"Good... Come with me," Hatter said, stopping his wonderful ministrations and grabbing Alise's hand.

He pulled her down off the tea-table, and just as she thought that they were going to go elsewhere, the Hatter sat Alise's ass down on the tabletop and undid his pants. She couldn't help but stare at his member as he released it, removed his gloves, and began stroking himself, slowly, right in front of her. The large men in the rabbit masks just sat there, unmoving, as if they weren't even there to begin with. It was a bit freaky, but Alise didn't care at this point. She was beginning ache for the Mad Hatter to be inside of her.

Seeing Alise staring at him doing this act, he said, "You may touch it, if you'd like, Alice. In fact, I want you to..."

Without saying a word, Alise obliged him and took his hard appendage into her right hand and began stroking up and down. Then, she decided to go even further, and leaned down, taking him into her mouth. The Hatter let out a loud groan of pleasure, and he grabbed her dark hair to coax her to go faster. She did.

"Yes, Alice! Soon, I will own you!"

He then gestured for Alise to stop giving him her ministrations, which she did, before he lifted her skirt and removed her panties. His hard member rubbed over Alise's wet womanhood before he slowly entered it. This emitted a cry of both pain and pleasure from Alise's lips, which the Hatter covered with his own in a needful kiss.

"You truly have stayed pure for me, my Alice. God, how I've missed perfect!" Hatter said, beginning to gently pump in and out of her.

While the initial entry of his member was a bit painful, that pain only lasted for a few short moments before Alise began to feel pleasure from his ministrations. This pleasure made her wrap her legs around his waist and throw her arms around his neck and shoulders. He, in turn, wrapped his arms tightly around her and began to move a bit faster and more fervently. Echoes of their cries of pleasure sounded throughout where they were at, and as Alise would glance at him while they made love, he seemed to return her gaze with adoration.

Alise didn't even know this man, and yet...because of the simple act of sex and knowing that this man is a very lonely one, she couldn't help but smile gently and lean up to kiss him. He seemed a bit surprised by this, but it fueled his passion, and he returned her kiss hungrily. He was slamming in and out of her now, and she could feel a white-hot sensation building within. This sensation seemed to start from the tip of Alise's toes and traveled all the way to her head. She cried out, calling out his name and wrapping her legs tighter around the Mad Hatter's waist. His breathing heightened, and a few moments later, he came inside of her, groaning loudly as he did and collapsing on top of Alise's small, but athletic frame. She wrapped her arms around the Mad Hatter as he continued to lay and breathe heavily upon her.

"Can I keep you?" he asked, propping himself up to look Alise in the eyes.

Alise smiled at him. "Well...I don't know... Can I keep you?"

The Mad Hatter gave her a Cheshire Cat grin before pushing himself off of her and taking her hand once again.

"Come, Alice. Let us clean up our little mess, and then we shall talk some more. Of Hats and Bats and Rabbits and Tea!"

He then led Alise away from the tea-table where he'd claimed her for his own. Right now, her mind was fuzzy with pleasure and confusion. She was hoping and praying that the Mad Hatter truly thinks that she's his Alice, despite her little flaws, and that he doesn't tire of her. She doesn't want to end up like all of his other "Alices", after all.