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IMPORTANT NOTES!!!!!  Now, I have not seen much of Yu Yu Hakushu.  I've only seen whats been put on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim (at the moment, Hiei just defeated Serieyu and Yuuske is gonna go fight with Sozaku).  BUT, I have been doing my homework and I do know about Hiei's past, and about Yukina.  But, just in case I write something wrong or have Yukina out of character (after all, I haven't met her yet, I have are fanfics and pictures), forgive me and just kindly point them out to me so that I can do better as I go on.

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WARNING:  Violence, Kougaji's step mom (hate that…ahem), adult situations, and racism.


Koorime:  Ice maidens are called the Koorime (I think)

Jagan:  The third eye on Hiei's head that allows him to control humans and weak Youkai.

Kami: God, immortal.  Whatever.

Sutra:  Holy scrolls that the Sanzous carry.  There are five of them.

Genjo Sanzou:  It is a title of the highest ranking Buddhist monk.  His job is to protect the sutra he carries on his shoulders).   The person who becomes a Sanzou forsakes his name and takes up this new one. 

Please enjoy and throw me a line if I mixed up some facts!



Drip… Drip…Drip…

It was the sound of water dripping onto metal that woke Hiei up.  There were voices as well.  Garbled and low, he could not make out any of them.  He could not tell whether they were allies or enemies.  The sound of the dripping water told him that he wasn't in the Makai at least.  Was it the Human World?  He did not feel that he was there, surrounded by humans up and down.  He did not know where he was, and that was dangerous for Hiei.

Even though he felt a sense of urgency and danger, Hiei still had difficulty opening his eyes.  Feeling groggy and a little sick, he managed to crack his fiery eyes open, trying to take in his surroundings.  What he found was just dark blurry masses surrounding him, so he shut his eyes, uttering a low curse.  The garbled voices became louder but still they were as blurry as his eyesight.

I've been drugged.

It took a moment for Hiei to realize that he was laying flat on his back on a flat metal object with his arms stretched out away from him.  When he tried to move his arm he felt the cold restraints of metal barring his movement.  It was the same thing with both his legs.  He put some pressure onto the cold bonds and was angered to feel the sting of strain on his wrists and ankles.

I've been captured.

He tried to summon his powers to burn the restraints, but found he could not.  Someone must of put wards on his bounds.  Whoever had captured him knew that he was dangerous and had taken the precautions to render him helpless with wards that weakened him and stunted his powers.  And with his Jagan already warded behind his bandana, he could not put it to good use.

Someone is going to die.

Hiei swallowed the welling fury that rising within him, calming himself down as he tried to remember how the Hell he got into this situation, with him drugged and tied down like some animal about to be dissected in one of those human schools.  He hated being tied down, he hated being restrained and controlled.  Whoever had done this to him was going to get his Black Fire Dragon shoved down their throats, and then he was going to destroy whatever facility he was in so that there was nothing left but ashes.

He remembered he was with Yuuske and the others just 'hanging' as Yuuske liked to put it.  The fool Kuwabara had wanted to take a short route to the park instead of crossing all the roads and dodging traffic.  Normally, Hiei would have not bothered himself with such trivial things as going to parks, but Yukina had come to him personally and had begged him to join them.  So he had relented and joined them on their walk to the park.  Normally, if he did bother himself with going to the park with the group, he would have gone on his own, jumping from building to building till he reached the park.  He would have found a comfortable shady tree and taken a short nap before the group showed up.  But Yukina had come to him and expressed her happiness that Hiei was going to walk with them to the park and not go off on his own.  So Hiei had stayed, all for Yukina.

So, idiotically trusting the fool Kuwabara, the group had gone into an alley of sorts.  It was dark and smelly and he had not liked it to begin with.  Yuuske had kept close to his girl Keiko, Kurama had gallantly offered his arm to Botan, and the fool Kuwabara had dared to promise Yukina that he'd protect her.  This was coming from a man who had nearly wet himself when coming face to face with a mouse.

He would have insulted the fool, so that he would forget about Yukina and leave her protection in his hands.  But Yukina had smiled, and Hiei wanted to see her smiling.  The fool made her smile so he was going to let this slide by…. just this once.

But then suddenly, out of nowhere, with no warnings, the ground beneath him disappeared, and he felt himself falling.  Yet when he tried to catch himself, to jump out of harms way he found a strong force sucking him into a black hole beneath him.  As he fell he saw Yukina breaking away from Kuwabara, her slim pale hand grabbing his outstretched bandaged one…

A waft of freezing air hit Hiei, causing his eyes to snap wide open as he heard a familiar shriek to the side of him.


Hiei turned his head to the side and saw a blurry shape not too far away from him, a familiar turquoise blur where the head was supposed to be, and two red dots where the eyes were to be found.

It was Yukina…and she was fighting back.

"He's conscious."

Hiei looked to the other side where he heard a male voice speak.  The blurs were becoming more distinct, meaning the drugs were wearing off.  Squinting, he could make out a tall man next to him holding something white in his hand.  Hiei closed his eyes for a moment, and then opened them again.  It was a man, tall and gangly wearing a white science coat, and glasses…and was that a stuffed animal in his hand?

He felt movement right next to his head before a hand reached and touched his cheek.  Hiei immediately snarled and showed his fangs, having full intentions of biting the hand that dared to touch him.  The hand withdrew with a gasp.

"Empress Kyokumen, are you all right?"

It was a female's voice.  He then saw her, standing where Yukina was still a blur, but he could make out her writhing.  She too was lying on a metal table, bound with solid metal and warded, though they had made a mistake for she was able to use some of her Ice Maiden powers.  It was snowing slightly.  He hoped someone here would just fall and snap their pathetic necks.  That way  he would have one less fool to kill once he was free.

"Strong willed, isn't he?"  Came a sultry voice of another woman from above.  He hated it immediately.  He could tell from those four words that he was dealing with someone who thought the world revolved around her, and would not take anything less than being treated that way. 

Hiei involuntarily jumped when two pale hands slammed on either side of his head and a woman's face loomed above his, turquoise hair tickling his cheeks as the owner of that sultry voice, a beautiful Youkai woman, said lowly with a leer on her face, "I like strong-willed children."  The woman then moved one hand and caressed his forehead where his third eye was covered and warded.  "And this child is very…very powerful, isn't that right, Nii?"

The tall man spoke, a jester's grin on his face even though a cigarette dangled from his mouth.  "Yes, my Empress.  This boy is extremely powerful.  Whatever he hides behind that bandanna and bandages emit an immense amount of youki.  Unfortunately I can't tell you what they are without taking off the wards that he already placed on them.   That would be dangerous now wouldn't it?" 

Hiei snarled again and lunged forward, wanting to mar that arrogant face.  The woman did draw back with a huff, and asked the man she had called 'Nii' impatiently, "What can you tell me about these two children, then?"

"Well," started the man. "I'm sure we all know by now that they are both Youkai. The girl, obviously can manipulate ice and snow, seeing that it is snowing indoors at the moment."

He had raised his voice at this, and when he paused, the snow stopped. Hiei glance quickly to the side, seeing that the man had got Yukina's attention, and she had paused in her struggling to listen to what the man had to say.

"Thank you, my dear.  It was getting quote chilly."  Nii said in a cross between mockery and graciousness.  "Now, the boy here is something else altogether.  By sampling his blood…"

If possible, Hiei felt a wave of panic.  If the man had truly sampled his blood then surly he would have found traces of his Koorime heritage.  This was no way he wanted Yukina to find out that he was her twin brother.  He braced himself for the inevitable, not knowing how to stop it.

"…he is a Fire Youkai, that's for sure, but there was something odd about his DNA that suggested that there was something more to him, but before I could run a full scan my computer crashed, and it will take some time to get it fixed.  But, my Lady, he is extremely powerful, and in my opinion, he could probably go against Prince Kougaji.  Hell, he might even give Sanzou and his group one for their money."

"Intriguing."  Said the Queen.  "And what of Humora?  Could this boy get my sutra from Humora?"

"Humora is a Kami, and Kami's are just as difficult at being disposed as Sanzou.  But at least it would be a very interesting battle."  The man looked down at him then, and Hiei could not tell whether to take this man seriously or to laugh his head off at the fact that he was holding a stuffed bunny in one arm.  "What do you think, boy, can you go against a God?"

Hiei placed a nasty sneer on his face as he hissed, "I think if anyone calls me 'boy' one more time, I'm going to tear each of you're throats out."


Hiei looked to the side and saw Yukina lying on the table next to him, her large red eyes filled with wonder and fear.  It seemed that only now she had noticed him.  Maybe they had drugged her too. 

The Queen sauntered over to her, sitting comfortably to the side, reaching and running a hand through Yukina's dishelved hair.  The two had the same shade of hair; though Yukina's was a bit darker…Hiei liked Yukina's hair.  Seeing his twin flinch and pull away, Hiei once again tried to pull against the bonds that held him futilely.  He saw the man looking at him, but his eyes never left the woman who was looming over Yukina.

" 'Hiei' ?" Cooed the woman. "Is that the boy's name?  Such a strong name for such a strong boy, don't you agree?"

Yukina looked away, biting at her lip.

"You're such a pretty girl.  You must have a pretty name to match it."

Instead of answering, Yukina looked at the woman and asked softly, "Tell me…where are we?  Why have you kidnapped us?"

For a moment Hiei feared that the woman was going to strike Yukina for her impudence.  Hiei had been on the receiving end of such occurrences for her was impudent and rude and did not care what anyone said.  He could handle such attacks.  It was over his dead body that Yukina had to deal with it.   No one would ever hurt his sister while he was still alive and able to protect her.

They had been separated at birth.  Their mother, a Koorime had had an affair with a Fire Youkai, something forbidden to the Koorime who were all female and had their children asexually.  At his birth, he was taken away and thrown off the floating island of the Koorime, and his mother was executed for her transgression, but she was allowed to give her two children two of her tear gems, for when a Koorime wept, their tears turn into gems.

He had lost his precious treasure…his mother's tear gem…long ago.

He was Hiei the Forbidden Child, castaway of the cold Koorimes.  He was a loner, one of the best cutthroat thieves of the Makai.  He was cruel, cold, and ruthless, yet he cared with all his heart for the sister that did not know who he was.  He knew that he was being a cold cruel bastard for not telling her, even though he had sworn as a price for the powerful Jagan on his forehead that he would not reveal his true identity.  The same third eye that this cold cruel bastard used to search for his twin sister.

The same cold cruel bastard who was about to go on a killing spree if that bitch did not stopping touching his sister!

The woman pulled back, still sitting, but thankfully refraining from touching.  Shrugging, she said, "Well, it's fair that I tell you a little, so then maybe things will make sense when you do tell me some things."

Hiei thought that unlikely, but kept silence.

"Good Doctor Nii was attempting an experiment in summoning.  We were aiming to bring a creature from the Infernal Land here and trap it, that way we could use its powers against our enemies without having to summon it.  Only one person here can summon, and unfortunately refuses to allow us to attempt to clone him."

Hiei thought he heard a growl, and his eyes caught sight to someone standing in the shadows, watching but not liking the company one bit.  Hiei didn't blame him.

Nii spoke, "But, after that Kami, Humora, attacked the castle, we have been having technical difficulties.  We were supposed to capture a creature from the Infernal Land, which has immense youki with fire, but instead we got a Youkai boy with immense fire youki. You girl obviously had been trying to aid him and was sucked in accidentally."

The Youkai Empress then asked Yukina curiously, "What is he to you that you would put yourself in danger for him?  Is he a friend?  Surely not brother since you both are quite different Youkai.  But then perhaps…is he you're lover?  Ice and fire do not mix well, I suppose, but what can stop love?"

Hiei saw Yukina gaping at what the women said, and Hiei felt a shiver run through him.  The mere thought of his own sister as his lover…it was a thought that made his mind go blank.  It was a thought that he dared not think about.  He had once feared that Yukina would fall in love with him, but thankfully she had fallen for the fool Kuwabara.

Finally, Yukina seemed to find her voice.  "He…he is a friend."

The woman raised an arched eyebrow, then she reached her long fingered hand to he chest and pulled out Yukina's tear gem.  "I found this on yourfriend.  Such a pretty thing isn't it.  Now where would a boy like him acquire this pretty gem?  Why would he wear it around his neck like it was very precious to him?"

Hiei did not think as he let out a fierce snarl and lurched up as hard as he could, wanting nothing more to snatch back his sister's precious treasure that she had given to him.  She had given it to him to give to her brother whenever he is found.  She did not know that her brother had found her, and had treasured that gift like the one he had lost long ago.  It was his special treasure.

His abrupt reaction caused everyone in the room to stare at him, including the shadowy figure.  He snarled again and tried to will the bandages to disappear so he could call Kokuryuu and burn the witch where she stood.  He lurched and writhed, his mind reeling in fiery hatred and wrath.  He ignored how his wrists stared to bleed from his violent struggles.  All that matter was the gem.  He had to get it back.  He had lost one treasure, he would not loose another.  And a betraying tormented voice that hid in the darkness of his heart whispered to him, "It is the last that I have of the mother who wept for me."

"My.  What wrath."  Said an astounded Empress Kyokumen. 

Hiei then went totally still when he heard Yukina's voice, trembling with suppressed tears.  "Please give it back.  He struggles because it's not his to loose."

"Oh?  And who does it belong to?"

Hiei turned wild eyes when he heard the tell tale sound of clink clink.  Hiei once again felt a wave of panic before he shouted angrily, "Yukina!  Stop!"

But it was too late.  Yukina was crying, her tears turning into beautiful gems and falling onto the metal table.

"My, my."  It was the man called Nii who reached down and picked up one of the gems, looking at it in appreciation.  "I have never heard of a Youkai who when weeping, produces gems instead of tears.  And look, Empress, they are almost identical to the gem that you took from the boy."

Yukina had stopped crying, somehow able to suppress the tears at Hiei's command.  "It isn't mine.  It was my mothers.  Please give it back!"  Her grief-filled voice cut Hiei deeper than any knife.

The Empress seemed mildly interested at this new development.  She then handed the tear gem to Nii and said, "Why don't you go and study this and tell me what its worth."

At this dismissal, the man's grinned a jester's grin and walked away, pausing by the shadowed figure for a brief moment, then exiting the room with gem. 

"Well then, down to business!"  Said Empress Gyokumen cheerfully.  "I have a use of the two of you."

Hiei almost laughed at this.  How dare the woman assume that she had the power to make use of him?  He was going to kill her.

A shadow fell over him and Hiei looked up in shock.  It was a young man.  A Youkai with a air of power and pride about him.  Hiei knew then by his youki that it was the shadowed figure. Long red hair fell down his back and partially covered on of his eyes.  He had marks on one cheek, and he looked down at Hiei with a frown knotting his dark features.  Hiei knew that this was a leader and a worthy advesary.

Hiei turned away from the man and looked back to the witch.  "Kougaji, I see you're still here."

"I wanted to observe what I supposedly summoned with the help of your machinery."  He spoke scathingly, with barely suppressed hatred. 

The Empress threw her head back imperiously.  "Well, then, I guess you might stick around and see what you summoned use their unique talents in aiding me to get back the sutras from Humora and Sanzou."

Hiei could not hold his tongue then.  When he spoke his voice dripped with disgust and venom.  "And makes you think we would help you?"

The slithery smile that spread across the woman's face like a thin snake discomforted Hiei.  She looked at Hiei for a moment then commented, "Interesting.  Both of you have the red eyes of taboo.  You're hair isn't red, but you both have the same eyes."  She shrugged at this then held up a small metallic object so Hiei could look at it. 

The she turned away and went to Yukina, reaching down and pulling slightly at her kimono so that a little of her chest was showing.  Yukina started to struggle, wiggling away from the Youkai women.  The female in the white coat came and placed to hands on Yukina's thin shoulders, holding her in place.

Hiei laid there rigid as stone, putting strain on his metal bonds, his nails biting into his palm, and feeling the warm slickness of his blood welling up and smearing the surface beneath him.

Empress Gyokumen glanced over her shoulder at Hiei and said, "This little thing, once placed on this pretty girl's chest will merge with her veins and find root in her heart.  It will amplify her powers so that she is ten times more powerful than she is now.  She will become a weapon. If removed, it will self-destruct, taking her with it.  If I have a reason, I can trigger the self-destruct mechanism from the main computer that Professor Nii has."  She then said, "You are powerful, Hiei, just like your name.  You will help me to retrieve the sutra that Humora took from me, and the sutra that the human Genjo Sanzou wears on his shoulders."

There was a long silence, then Hiei hissed, "What does this sutra look like, and where do I find these men?"

Yukina cried, horrified, "No, don't do it Hiei-san!"

The Empress thin lips smiled in triumph as she said to Hiei, "They are scrolls.  You'll know them when you see them. We will give you the location of the ones who have them." 

Hiei wished nothing more that to slice those lips off her arrogant face.  He did not trust her, and his instincts were correct when the smile turned into a sneer when she said, "But to make sure you cooperate, I'll still place this wonderful creation on the girl.  She might come in handy later."

She turned away from him, and went over to the struggling Yukina, the doctor woman still holding her still by the shoulders.  Hiei howled in rage and once again tried to futily free himself.  Yukina cried out, and Hiei shut his eyes to block out what was about to happen, cursing his helplessness, his weakness, his…

Suddenly, the male Youkai with the flaming hair leaned down, and unlatched one of the metal bonds that held his arm down.  Hiei froze as the one that the Empress called 'Kougaji' whispered, "Do not kill them.  Take the girl and go."  Then he was gone.

And Hiei did not waste time.  He reached and tore off the white warded bandana, opening his Jagan and looking straight at the female doctor who held his sister down.  In an instant, the woman shuddered, and turned on her Empress, ramming into the other woman's stomach and knocking her down.

Hiei sneered, "Weakling."

He freed himself easily, tearing off the wards, and disintegrating the metal bonds.  He leaped off the metal table and started toward Yukina who was gasping as if in shock.  Then he heard a crunch and looked down.  And evil smile spread on his face when he realized that he had just stepped and crushed the machine the Empress Gyokumen was going to use on Yukina. 

Hiei paused for a moment and looked at the shrieking Youkai women and her subordinate.  He could kill her.  He could call on Kokuryuu and wipe the earth of her slimy existence…but the one who had freed had told him to spare her.  The woman was lucky indeed.

Hiei went to his sister, who stared up at him with wonder in her eyes.  He tore off the wards and unlatched the metal that held her down.  Then, taking her hand in his bandaged one, they ran.  Both ignoring the harpy like shrieks behind them.  The female doctor would come to herself in a few moments for he had not reinforced his youki when he had taken control of her.  Still, he hoped the Empress would punish her dearly.  No one ever touched his sister.

They ran by odd machinery and large test tubes with creatures within them.  They were odd, twisted, and in torment.  Hiei pitied them.

When they cleared the door, the first of the Empress's lackey's appeared, summoned by her infernal shrieking.  They hesitated in shock.  Why, Hiei did not know, and did not care, put their hesitation cost them as he attacked with his fire, shoving the flames onto their faces.  They screamed and flayed about in agony, but Hiei paid no mind to their suffering, using his speed to relieve one dying Youkai of his sword, then grabbing Yukina and continued running.

The fools were no match for his sword skill and might.  He cut them down with ease, and watched with mild surprise as their dead disappeared into dust.  He had never seen a Youkai die like that, and wondered if all Youkai in this dimension died the same.  He was thankful that Yukina remained behind him at all times, not trying to attack or take things into her own hands.  She relied and trusted Hiei's strength would be enough to protect her.

They continued to run, taking odd turns, ducking into dark corners while more Youkai guards hunkered past them.  The place was a labyrinth and had thousands of Youkai crawling within its corridors.  Hiei cursed his ill luck and continued to run, Yukina doing her best to keep up.

It was then disaster struck.  One of the Youkai that Hiei had cut down, pulled out a small pipe and blew at it, sending a dart out and striking Hiei on the back of his neck.  Hiei stumbled in shock, pulling the small needle out and stared at it with wide eyes.  The tip was black. 


"Hiei-san?  What is it?  What's the matter?"

The world suddenly twirled and twisted into a miasma of color and motion.  Hiei stumbled and his knees buckled, the sword falling from numb fingers and clattering to the floor.  It was then Yukina caught him, wrapping her arms around his waist and holding him up desperately. 

"Hiei-san!  Hiei-san!  What's wrong?"

Hiei squinted at her, barely hearing her voice.  Mustering all his strength, he lifted the hand that held the needle up so that she could see it.  "Yukina…chan…"  He whispered before darkness overcame him.

Yukina gasped when she saw the needle, and was prepared when Hiei lost consciousness.  She was never strong physically, so her muscles strained and trembled as she continued to on, dragging Hiei along with her.  There was no time to try to heal him with her powers.  She just prayed that the poison wouldn't spread to his heart before she got a chance to heal him.  She prayed that the poison wasn't lethal.

It was by chance that the Yukina stumbled into an open room that had computers and other odd machines humming and working.  Yukina slowly scanned the room, not liking how there were no lights other than the neon illumination of the computer screens.  Then suddenly there was a quick movement behind them.  Yukina cried out in surprise, and twirled around, the unconscious Hiei still being held in her arms.

It was Professor Nii.  He stood with his Jester's smirk, and lazily shut the door and locked it.  Yukina trembled in fear and shank back, clutching Hiei like a life line.  "Stay back!"  She shouted with as much courage she could muster.  She knew that Hiei could easily get rid of the man.

The man's grin never left as he raised his hands and said, "Oh don't worry.  I'm not here to capture you."  He then reached into his pocket and pulled out her mother's tear gem.  "I have all the data I need from this.  You can have it back."  The then threw it to her.  Yukina watched with wary eyes as it landed just inches from her foot.  Still, she did not move.  To pick it up would mean she had to let go of Hiei, and she was not willing to do that just yet.

The man walked to the side where the odd bunny he had been holding earlier sat.  He picked it up and held it like a precious child.  "I can't send you back to your home, but I do have a machine that will transport you out of the fortress and away from here."

"Why would you do that?"  Asked Yukina curiously. 

"For data. Because it'll all be so interesting.  More interesting than your friend going against Sanzou and probably being destroyed in the process.  Though, he is very powerful, and he just might have a chance against Sanzou and his group, but the man has a knack for surviving encounters such as these.  No, it is more interesting to see what two Youkai from another dimension, that both have the eyes of taboo, do in our world.  Will they choose sides perhaps?  Will they try to live their lives, for it seems the Minus Wave has no effect on them?  Will they try to find a way to get back to their own dimension?  How will they do it?  To what lengths will they go to accomplish this goal?"  The man's grin lengthened as he tapped the stuffed animal on the head.  "You see?  It is very interesting."

"I don't understand you."  Said Yukina, finding herself oddly calm in his presence.  She went down slowly, lowering Hiei with care.  Then she picked up the chain that held her mother's tear gem, and placed it back around Hiei's neck, tucking it under his black coat carefully.  She stood, pulling Hiei back up with her.  "I don't understand what you mean by 'the eyes of taboo', or Minus-Wave."

The man shrugged.  "Well, it will be just as interesting to see you both find out what it means.  It won't be hard."  He paused then said, "More guards are coming.  My dear, why don't you step ten paces back right between those two rods with all the cables on them.  It doesn't look it, but it is my transportation device.  I have sent many Youkai through it, so there is no worry of a malfunction."

Yukina looked over her shoulders and found the two rods.  She jumped when there was banging on the door.  Desperately, she turned to the man.  "How do I know that it isn't something to trap us with?  How can I trust you?"

The man merely shrugged again, the jester grin infuriating.  "What do you have to loose?  There is no other way out this room."

Yukina shuddered and looked down into Hiei's face.  She bit her lip when she saw the cold sweat that had formed on his forehead.  His purple Jagan was shut, and his breathing was harsh.  She wondered what Hiei would do if he were conscious.  What decision would he make?

Slowly, she dragged Hiei and herself to the rods.  She then went to her knees and cradled Hiei to her.  She looked up to find Nii already working on a computer, looking like he had just been given a tasty sweet.

Yukina closed her eyes and buried her face into Hiei's dark hair just as the cables lit up in a blue light. 

Then the world changed.


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