Chapter I

Shizuo walked though Ikebukuro, smoking his usual cigarette. He was wandering, not caring where he ended up. Looking over his shoulder, he noticed a brunette boy. He looked like he was having fun. There were two small girls with him and he was buying them ice-cream. He bugged a man and convinced him to take a picture of the three of them. After the photo was snapped, the thin man bounded over and took the camera, thanking him and they ran into a copy store. When they walked out, all three of them had a small paper in their hands guessed to be the memory they just had. The brunette boy had two and he stuck one in his wallet and the other in his phone.

Shizuo was getting closer to them because they were both headed to Russia Sushi. Getting in, Shizuo almost had a heart attack. That boy that Shizuo thought was innocent was none other than Izaya Orihara.

The blonde had a sudden urge to chuck something at him but waited for the right moment. The three had ordered. Izaya had his usual Otoroo and the girls had some other sushi Shizuo couldn't identify. They chatted and ate. Paying the bill they left to go somewhere else.

Still wanting to destroy the crimson eyed teenager, Shizuo followed, looking as normal as he possibly could. It was night already and the trio headed in the direction of Shinra's house.

"Ne!" Izaya exclaimed happily. "Want to go to Shinra's? He's my friend and he's also a doctor! I have to pick something up and my other friend Celty said she wanted to meet you!"

"Yeah!" the older one said.

"Hm!" the other hummed in approval.

Izaya flashed such a smile, such a natural, sweet, caring smile, that Shizuo got flustered and knocked over a trash can.

The trio spun and the raven recognized Shizuo in an instant. His smile dropped and the aura became menacing.