Chapter V

A month later, regular life resumed. Izaya recovered and the girls moved back home. Izaya had insisted to pay Shinra but Celty refused for him sternly.

Shizuo had his normal life back but after the routine of Izaya's daily life, he felt something was missing.

Izaya hesitated. He was in front of Shizuo's apartment. Taking a deep breath, he knocked on the door twice and waited. The door creaked open and Shizuo paused.

"What are you doing here, flea?" Shizuo growled.

"Wait. I'm not attacking. I…just…thanksfortakingthejobswhileiwasinacoma," he said quickly.


"Thanks for taking the jobs while I was in a coma," he repeated slower this time.

Talk about awkward.

There was your enemy who was at your doorstep after putting him in a coma thanking you for taking his jobs while he was out.

Shizuo looked down at him with his mocha colored eyes.

"Listen…I'm…sorry too. I didn't know you knew I was following you. And that it was your sister's birthday. You weren't even bothering me…"

"Hmm…" he hummed.

"I'll…go now," Izaya said.

"Yeah…" Izaya turned and proceeded out.


The raven skidded to a halt.


Wrapping him in a hug, the two stayed in that position for a while.

Backing out, Shizuo looked at Izaya uncertaintly.

Then, Izaya flashed him that smile.

That smile that made him mute.

That smile that made him deaf.

That smile that made him paralyzed.

That smile that made him blind.

That smile….

"Shizu-chan likes me doesn't he?" he asked, flashing him a grin.

"Maybe…" he answered.

"That's ok! I return the feelings," he said blushing slightly.

"Wanna stay over?" Shizuo asked.

"Anything with Shizu-chan~!" he said skipping inside happily.

"Don't push it," Shizuo said seriously.

Flashing him another one of those smiles, he winked.