A party in Usagi's pants.

It had been a week since Misaki had gotten out of school for the summer. He was very excited for everything. Summer was his second favorite season. Spring was his first because of how pretty the cherry blossoms looked, also because it was Usagi San's birthday in spring. Not that Misaki would ever mention to Usagi that he looked forward to the man's birthday.

The only thing that really pissed Misaki off about summer was the fact that he had a better chance of getting molested. He would be home a lot more often now and Usagi worked at home. So that meant that any free time the man had would probably be spent trying to get into Misaki's pants.

That morning Misaki was making breakfast when he heard Usagi come down stairs.

"Misaki I have a question for you" Usagi said in his husky voice.

"What is it?" Misaki asked with annoyance.

"Well I was wondering would you like to come to the pants party?" his boyfriend asked calmly.

"What! Did you just ask me if I wanted to come to the pants party?" Misaki asked even though he knew that answer.

"Of course I did it's the party in my pants and you're invited." Usagi said while putting his hands behind his head and twirling his hips around in a circle.

"No Usagi I would not like to come to party in your pants. I will never want to come to the party in your pants!" Misaki yelled before returning to making breakfast.

'" Ok then would you just like to come then?" Usagi asked while making a seductive face.

Misaki dropped the chopsticks in his hands when he heard his boyfriend say those words. He really doesn't have any boundaries does he, Misaki thought to himself. He was broken from his thoughts when he felt a strong pair of arms reach around his waist, pick him up, and drag him upstairs for more naughty summer fun.