Dom and Letty have always had a relationship that many people didn't understand. They fought and loved in the same minute. But two years ago when Letty got so mad at Dom and almost had sex with some racer guy, they couldn't move past it.

Letty and Dom had been fighting all day; the only saving grace was the race tonight. They were fighting about the racer slut that had shown up at the garage flirting with him yet again. He didn't flinch, he didn't do anything.

Letty was sick of it and they have been yelling for the last two hours in their shared bedroom in the Torreto house,

"You could care less."

Letty screamed at him running a hand through her hair.

"Are you kidding? How long have we been doing this?"

"Fighting? All day"

Dom rolled his eyes,

"Together Let. We've been dating for the last nine years and you say I don't care?"

"Seems that way"

"Well maybe we don't know each other as well as we thought we did"

"Well maybe we should just break up"

Dom's defenses fell at that point and looked at her straight on. Letty regretted it when she said it. They had never muttered those words to each other before. They just worked it out. Letty didn't say anything, but she stood her ground. Hoping to scare him. She wanted him to know she was serious this time. Dom just asked,


Letty nodded,

"We should break up"

Dom nodded and walked out of the room.

The memory still hurt Letty's heart. It was the biggest mistake she had ever made in her life. He was her best friend, her everything. He was her other half and no one could replace him to her. That night she had made the second worst mistake in her life,

That night some new kid had hit on her. She wasn't expecting it to get as far as it did. But when she saw Dom flirting with the skanks once again she decided to go with it. They had ended up back at the Torreto house, they arrived before everyone else. Letty was a few drinks in already and the alcohol taking over she led the boy to her room with Dom.

They were barely clothed when the door opened and Letty heard Dom's voice,

"Let I know this afternoon what we said –"

He stopped when he saw the half-naked boy under her. His voice roared and the boy moved so fast Letty was knocked to the other side of the bed. The boy tried to get by Dom, but Dom stopped him before he got too far.

"You come near this house, to the races…if I see you again."

The boy nodded not needing the end of the sentence. Dom let him go and watched him leave the house. Letty leaned up from the bed,


Dom put his hand up,

"I was right before. I don't know you anymore"

Letty shook her head at the memory. She didn't think that this day would come. Well she had always hoped it for her and Dom. Now that Dominic Torreto was settling down and having a family of his own soon, her heart was breaking more than it ever had.

As much as she didn't want to admit it, she wanted to wear that white gown and walk down the aisle to him. After the fight, they had separated for a couple months, Letty moving to the Dominican to be with her grandmother.

But both couldn't deny how much they needed each other. Letty came back getting an apartment by the garage, Dom had told her she was a part of this family and she belonged there. It took months to get back to normal. But Dom was her best friend her entire life and that's how it is now.

Only now she had to fight for time with him, when she just had to walk in to a room and they were inseparable. Now she was sharing her time with him with Bonnie. She tried to hate the small blonde that was just a little too perky. But she couldn't hate her; she was never anything but kind to Letty. Respectful of her and Dom's relationship, Letty looked up from the couch as her front door opened.


Letty smiled, at Dom,

"Just because you have a key doesn't mean you can just come and go. What if I was naked?"

Dom shrugged sitting beside her taking a drink of her coffee,

"Nothing I haven't seen before"

Letty laughed and pushed him. He smirked as he put his head back,

"This whole wedding thing is so tiring"

"Bonnie is super excited"

He nodded, and turned to look at her,

"You know you don't have to go to the bachelorette party"

Letty shrugged,

"You know I like to drink, especially when you are paying"

Dom laughed,

"Oh I know that"

Letty smiled and stood up,

"Come on let's go to work"

Dom nodded as they walked out of the apartment. Letty shook her head, talking about the wedding had come somewhat comfortable. So after six months of dating when Dom had told her, it finally hit her that they were over. No chance.

There was a knock on her apartment late one night. She groggily opened it and saw Dom standing there. She gave him a look,

"It's two in the morning Torreto, this better be important"

He nodded his head,

"Is it that late?"

She nodded and opened the door a little wider for him to step in. HE walked in and rubbed his face and started rambling,

"I thought I should tell you now before you hear it tomorrow. I mean I owe you that much. Do I owe you that much? Of course I do. You're my best friend and that's weird. She should be."

Letty put her hands on his arms and made him look at him.


He sighed,

"I asked her to marry me"

Letty couldn't control her face or the emotion coming out,


Tears threatening to fall from her eyes, and Dom finally looked at her,

"I asked her-"

"I heard you"

Letty walked back in to her bedroom with Dom following her.

"I just thought you should know before we make the announcement tomorrow"

Letty shook her head,

"Well you told me, so you can leave"


Dom walked behind her and turned her around. She started crying in to his chest. Most people wouldn't get it, but they needed each other right now. What they had was never forgotten and they both knew that, that was supposed to be them. She pulled apart and kissed him.

Dom didn't stop the kiss in fact it was what made him stronger. It made him feel invincible. He wanted this so when they fell on to the bed and things went too far then they should have. They both felt complete for the first time in a year. But when they finished Letty muttered,

"That was a complete mistake"

Dom looked over at her. The passion they had just felt combined, he was ready to give it another chance. He was ready to work it out. But he nodded,

"Stupid mistake"

That was the third dumbest thing Letty had done in her life. She should not have said that, she needed to hold on for dear life and instead all she kept thinking. If you love it set it free. But it was never that, he walked out that door and the next day when she walked in the garage it was like nothing happened.

She knew he was around now but the minute that he became a dad she would lose him. She already lost him; she knew she had lost him. It was her fault and all she wanted was to take it back. She wanted to feel the safety of Dom's arms around her for more than a second, she wanted to hear his light snores at night, and she wanted to hear him singing in the shower. She wanted him.

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