It was a couple hours later and Dom was heading back to the Torreto house alone. Vince and Mia had decided to stay at with Letty and hang out. He walked in to the living room and saw Bonnie sitting there; she looked up and shook her head,

"Where the hell have you been?"

Dom shrugged,

"I crashed at Letty's"

Bonnie stood up and sighed,

"Why would you do that?"

He shrugged,

"It was late, I didn't want to wake you up"

"But you decided to wake her up?"

"She was already awake"

Bonnie nodded,

"What is it with you and her?"

"We're friends"

"I think you two are more than that"

"We have history"

Bonnie sighed, and looked at him taking off her ring.

"We both know that you wouldn't have given me this if I wasn't pregnant. We haven't been the same for months"

"Bon, I would have"

She shook her head,

"Then is it me or her? If you want to get married you don't see her again. We move out of LA we start new. I will put this ring back on we will get married. We'll be happy, we'll have a family."

"My family is here. I can't just leave"

Bonnie opened Dom's hand and placed the ring in the palm of his hand. She closed his fist around it,

"Then I can't do this. I can't be second in your heart anymore"

"I never meant to hurt you"

Bonnie put her hand on his cheek,

"I know you didn't"

"I'm sorry; she kind of took my heart a long time ago"

Bonnie shrugged,

"You don't need to explain. I can see it when you two look at each other"

Dom nodded as she walked over to the door, picking up the bags she had packed last night. She realized when she left the garage last night she had no place here. She had no right to be here, she took a place that wasn't hers to take. She smiled as she turned around,

"Dom, if I can give you some advice"

He turned and nodded,

"The wedding is in a month and a half. Get married. Don't let her get away again. You don't see what you two have very often"

He nodded,

"Thanks B. Call me if you ever need anything"

She smiled and nodded closing the door behind her. Dom walked up stairs to his bedroom. The pictures of him and Bonnie replaced with pictures he had put under the bed of him and Letty.

Bonnie had a good heart, and he knew she would find a guy that could love her like he loved Letty. He smiled as he grabbed the ring from the night stand table. He looked at it and saw her face. He was going to go and get his girl.

He ran back down the stairs and almost running to his car and racing to her apartment. He noticed Vince's car was gone, so he smiled. Just the two of them. He knocked on the door as he got there and she opened it, with a raised eyebrow,

"What are you doing?"

"We've made enough mistakes. I am not letting this be another one"

"What are you talking about?"

"I want this. I want us. Let's stop being so god damn stupid all the time."

She laughed,

"Are you calling me stupid?"

Dom smiled and shook his head,

"Us, babe. We are stupid"

She raised an eyebrow,

"Oh yeah?"

He nodded,

"I love you Let. I was so stupid to think that I could love anyone else but you. You are me. You are the one I want to tell everything too. You are the one I want to see every day. We piss each other off and we hate each other sometimes. But I don't know what I would do without you in my life. You have always been there. You mean everything to me"

Letty smiled and wiped the tears that were threating to fall as Dom got on one knee, she put her hands to her mouth and shook her head,

"What are you doing?"

"What I should have done years ago"

He smiled as he pulled out his mother's ring out of his pocket and held it out of her.

"Let's not make this another mistake we have to remember, marry me"

Letty stayed silent looking at him and Dom raised his eyebrows at her waiting for an answer. When she didn't say anything he started again,

"Woman if you don't say yes, I might jump off this balcony. I need you to say something"

Letty smiled as the tears came out of her eyes and she nodded smiling. Dom smiled, and nodded,


Letty smiled pulling him up,


Dom hugged her and twirled her around, Letty laughed as she put her hands to his face and kissed him. Dom smiled as she pulled away,

"You had me worried for a minute"

Letty smirked,

"I hope you broke it off with Bonnie. I don't think sister wives are for me"

Dom laughed,

"Well, she actually broke it off with me."

Letty laughed and put a hand to her chest,

"So I am second choice?"

Dom smirked and shook his head,

"Always number one"

He took her hand and slipped the ring on it. Letty hugged him again as Dom started whispering in her ear,

"You are selling this apartment and coming home where you belong"

Letty nodded as he kept going,

"I am never letting you go again"

Letty smiled and nodded again,

"You better not"

Dom then stated,

"Mia is going to have a field day planning the wedding in a month and a half"

Letty pulled back,

"A month and a half?"

He nodded,

"I mean I already have most of it ready"

Letty shook her head,

"No sir. We are most defiantly not getting married then."

"Why not?"

Letty laughed,

"You don't really want to get married on the day you were supposed to get married to your ex do you? That is so weird."

Dom shook his head,

"I guess not. But soon, because I don't want to go another day without being your husband"

Letty smiled and put a hand on his cheek,

"I love the sound of that"

Dom smiled as he picked her up carrying to the bedroom. They were done making mistakes; they were ready to make the right choices.

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