I stare at him all day. I can't help it. He's just so...perfect. His deep blue eyes, his gorgeous long, brown hair. That damn voice. Wait. What the hell am I saying?

"Felix? Hello? Felix!" My girlfriend, Marzia, had called me for a third time. I snapped back into reality and realized that class had ended. I stared at her. I couldn't do anything but stare. I was dumbfounded. Why did I have those stupid thoughts? I'm not some faggot. I have a gorgeous girlfriend, who I love.

"Felix, you're starting to scare me." She was giving me a look of confusion, and yes, fear.

"What? Oh. Uh-sorry. I just kinda zoned there, I guess."

"Let's go to lunch." She smiled and grabbed my hand. Marzia half walked, half dragged me to the cafeteria. The room was full of life, and stereotypes. Goths in the corner, nerds at the back, the jocks and cheerleaders at the front. Everyone else just filled in the gaps. I take my normal spot around the centre with Toby, Anthony, Ian, and of course, Marzia. They were all fighting about old Nintendo games.

"Obviously Super Mario 64 wins." Anthony stated.

"Nah man, the Smash Bros wins." Toby exclaimed.

"Can't we eat? We have this conversation everyday!" Ian whined. Marzia laughed. I managed to spit out a nervous chuckle and we sat down, Marzia beside Anthony, and I directly across. I couldn't get Cry out of my head. What the hell is happening?

"Aw, shit. I got mayo on my jeans!" Toby said, wiping his jeans, around the unmentionables, with his hand. "Anyone got a napkin?" Everyone shook their head, trying so hard not to laugh.

"Hey friend, need this?"


I turned my head ever so slightly and saw Cry, standing with almost perfect posture, a green shirt and his hair nicely combed. How he got it to stay that nice, I'll never know. He was standing right beside Toby, napkin in hand. His deep, blue eyes hidden behind his glasses made quick eye contact with mine. I felt myself blush and turned away before he noticed.

"Oh, um thanks Cry." Toby took the napkin and started to clean his pants.. I dared to look up to see what was happening. Cry was happily smiling that wonderful smile, Ian and Anthony were laughing among themselves, Marzia was blushing a little at the fact Toby was rubbing, erm, down there.

"Oh, Felix!" I feel my face burn up as he called my name. I felt...weird when he said it. I looked down at my feet so no one would see.

"Y-yeah Cry?"

"See you in gym." Cry smiled again, and walked away with the smallest of waves. Everyone was looking at Cry with awe, then ate like nothing had happened.