"Well, what do you guys want to do today?" Sheen asks, as he lounges around at his house, bored.

"Well, this might help." Aseefa sees Sheen bored and hands him a note.

"What's this?" Sheen asks, grabs the paper.

"Read it!" Doppy excitingly jumps up and down.

"I'm not one for reading, but I'll read it, it must be something exciting." Sheen says. He begins to read.

Dear Sheen Estavez,

You have been invited to the second annual Nickelodeon Racing Championship. You will have the chance of winning 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, or even 1000000 dollars! There are five cups, corresponding to each cash prize: Junior Cup for $100, Rookie Cup for $1000, Amateur Cup for $10000, Pro Cup for $100000, and Master Cup for $1000000! You will get a chance for any or all cups. There will be fifteen other racers, and 12 racers per race. You friends will not be able to compete, but they are welcome to cheer you on in the stands. If you are interested, a spaceship will arrive to pick you up tomorrow afternoon… but only to the Nick Stadium. We sadly will not take you home. See you there, Sheen!

"Why, that can be enough money to make a spaceship and take you home if you win!" Nesmith walks in after Sheen read it.

"But… where am I going to get a kart?" Sheen asks.

"I bet the Emperor has a kart somewhere!" Aseefa suggests.


"Of course you can borrow a kart… if I had one." The Emperor sadly exclaims. "However, me and my guards shall build you one. One day's work won't make the kart perfect, but it will be fast."

"Thanks, Emperor!" Sheen thanks.

"Now if you excuse me, I must get to work." The Emperor walks behind his throne, to a secret room and begins building.

Want to see Sheen race other Nickelodeon Characters, even Jimmy Neutron? Tune in for Nickelodeon Racing II: The Return of the Grand Prix, out now!