Chapter 1 - Prolouge

"Where the hell is Sebastian?" Ciel thought, while sitting at the exact same spot for hours. "He should have have for me already! What's taking him so long?" Ciel has been blindfolded, with his hand tied behind his back. He had been kidnapped from his mansion and is now in a basement. Being winter and all, everything was cold - the cold floor he was sitting on, and the wind just out right sent him shivering. And being taken right from his nice warm mansion, he had nothing one to keep out the cold.

Then, Ciel heard the door creak. Soon after, he heard footsteps walking towards him.

"Oh Ciel, sorry to keep you waiting," a feminine voice said. Then it came to him. That voice belonged to Angela.

"This can't be happening!" He instantly heard a laughter in front of him.

"Oh but it is," Angela laughed. He heard Angela move and then the door creaked again as it was opening. More footsteps came in and walked towards him.

"All the arrangements are made. We're going to begin."

"Of course! Whenever you want." Then Ciel heard footsteps again, coming towards him. A hand gripped his chin and lifted it up. No more than seconds later, Ciel felt their lips on his. They were forcing his to open. Right when he did, the other took the chance and slid his tongue inside his mouth, along with something else. Before Ciel could think about it, everything started to spin. He started to feel dizzy and tired. And before he was engulfed in the world of darkness, he mumbled the name, "Sebastian."