Chapter 8-

The next thing that Ciel noticed after recovering from his dizziness, was that he wasn't in his own comfy mansion anymore, but instead in a new, spooky and scary mansion. All the more behind bars, in a cage. With all this new events and environment, in addition to being with a strange man that made his tummy feel weird, and not having Sebastian to comfort him, Ciel began to cry loudly.

"Can't you shut him up Claude? He's giving me a headache." A female voiced, shadow complained coming down the long twisted stairs.

"Oh give him a break. He's just confused with all the changes after I finally got him back from that b $t rd Sebastian's place. He ruined all my progress with my little pet." Claude practically screamed to be heard over Ciel's cries. At the moment, he was at his desk looking at and signing the paperwork at his desk; while looking back at some old photos he took of Ciel during his last imprisonment - all the while having his back turned somewhat away from Ciel and the cage.

Having reached the bottom of the stairs, the women, wearing a long white dress with silver-white hair and purple eyes, stuck her fingers in her ear in hopes to drown out some of the wailing and walked up the Ciel's cage. Ciel, having been sitting relatively near the bars, was completely vulnerable when the women kicked the cage. Her foot connected with his stomach and a smirk graced her face when Ciel bent over from the impact, coughing up salvia and bits of blood.

When Claude stopped hearing Ciel's wails, and instead replaced with coughing, he immediately spun around to face the cage. As soon as he saw the sight in front of him, Claude's eyes shined crimson blood red; demon aura oozing out of his body causing a shadow to encompass his figure. "Angela! What have you done to my precious pet!" Claude shouted with a deep, growling voice; all the while slowly inching towards the fallen angel. Said angel stood in place, pale and frozen with fear, having never seen Claude this angry before. And for the first time, she felt and believed she was in the wrong. She began to quiver thinking of the punishment she would receive from a being that out powered her so much.

"I...I…" Angela began or tried to begin her explanation and apology, before Claude finally reached where was standing - only moments into she fell onto her knees staring pitifully up at the superior figure in front of her. And before she could process anything else, Claude slapped her across the face merciless, dragging his longed black nails across her pale white skin, leaving behind a trail of red (?) blood. Then without saying anything more (and Angela still frozen in place with her head turned from the slap) Claude began to move toward the cage. Ciel, who had gone quiet as soon as Claude shouted his first words, was staring right at Claude watching his every move with his fearful blue eyes.

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