Hey everyone, so Ive had this great idea for a Naruto/DBZ crossover for the longest time now and I think its time I finally sit down and type it. Useually my crossovers of these two stories consist of a DBZ character going into the Naruto world, not this time though.

Also same thing goes, The DBZ characters won't be over powered to where our favorite blond hero can't stop them. No I will match them up accordingly. Starts during Saiyan Saga.

Naruto's Kyuubi Chakra V1: Equal to Super Saiyan strength.

Naruto's Kyuubi Chakra V2: Super Saiyan Two level after a little bit of training.

The full Tailed Beast Form will equal a Super Saiyan Three.

I own nothing and you guy's decide on the pairing's. I dont want to do a harem.


Orbiting high above the blue and green planet of Earth was a giant white spherical object. The object was surrounded by trillions of stars and it gave off a white glow upon the darkened surface of the Earth. This object was known as the moon to everyone on Earth but to one certain person and a few others, a single being was sealed inside this stone prison.

This person had hair that was so golden, it looked like the sun had layed a gentle kiss upon his head. Three marks were on each cheek and his eyes were just as blue as the oceans on Earth. His outfit was a crimson cloak with black flames licking at the bottom of it. Underneath the cloak was a green Jounin jacket and on his waist were multiple three pointed knives with paper on the handels. His pants were dark and he had combat boots over his feet. The man sighed from his prison as he watched over the Earth, he knew of an upcoming threat to his planet but there was no way to escape. The young man believed there wouldn't be another threat to the planet, hell there hadn't been for over three centuries but now when the world needed a hero the most, he couldn't save it.

"Stop complaining brat" A deep voice growled within his subconsious. He knew that voice anywhere, it was the only thing that kept him company. It was the Kyuubi No Yoko aka Kurama, the Nine Tailed Fox and the greatest Bijuu of his time.

"I can't help it Kurama, ever since those damn Kai's sealed me inside the moon, Ive been bored as fuck" Naruto told his partner, he remember all those centuries ago when the Kai's asked for his help against a threat to the universe.

Majin Buu was the creatures name and damn was the bastard tough. He had to use his full Tailed Beast mode against Buu but the pink demon took his attacks on and came back for more. It was only thanks to his Mokuton and sealing abilities that he was able to defeat the monster. He sealed Majin Buu into a wooden and stone prison of his own that not even his master Bibidi could break. After that, the Kai's began to teach Naruto how to seperate his Chakra and begin to use Ki abilities. Thanks to his Shadow Clones, learning how to use Ki didn't take that long.

His progress started to scare the Kai's so they thought it would be for the best interest of the universe if he was sealed away as well.



Naruto let out a grateful burp as he finally downed his last bowl of ramen. He couldn't believe how well the day had went, he had finished his Ki training and now the Kai's had invited him over for ramen to celebrate. Naruto walked outside and seen the Kai's watching over Majin Buu's prison with caughtious glances and the blond Jinchuriki couldn't help but sigh.

"I swear those guys are so paranoid" Naruto muttered while hearing his partner Kurama agree from within his mind. Naruto made his way over to the Kai's.

"Hey guys" Naruto called out. Immediantly the Kai's snapped their attention towards Naruto and let out a smile. Naruto felt something was wrong with the smile's plastered on the Kai's faces but he didn't think much of it.

"You Kai's need to stop worrying so much, I sealed him good and he will not be getting out for a long time" Naruto said while putting emphasis on the word 'long'. He tapped his fist against the prison of Majin Buu and it made a hollow knocking sound.

"I think your right Naruto" The youngest of the Kai's aka Shin said with a smile. "Anyways Naruto, me and the other Kai's have been thinking something over and we've come to a decision" The other Kai's nodded their heads while Naruto began to grow excited.

"What have you decided on, teaching me a new technique or.." Naruto was stopped in his excited rant when Shin raised his hand.

"No Naruto nothing like that. Naruto ever since you've helped us defeat Buu we've come to realise that your the strongest being in the universe" Naruto smiled a megawatt fox grin and a small blush stained his tanned cheeks.

"Me and the others have decided it would be the best if you were sealed away too" Naruto's smile immediantly dropped while his sapphire eyes widened in shock. Naruto poked his pinky finger in his ear before digging it around and then removed it.

"Im sorry I don't think I understood what you just said. Repeat it" His tone that was useually friendly and inviting had morphed to a cold one that sent chills up and down the Kai's spines.

"Naruto, we can't be more greatful to you for what you've not only done for us but for the universe. But we the Kai's have decided that a being of your power shouldn't run around freely where others could influence him so easily" Shin explained while Naruto's anger began to spike, his fist clenched roughly and his teeth gritted.

"You ungrateful bastards, you think I will willingly go along with this!" Naruto shouted while a blue aura flame encircled his body and his blue eyes shifted to a crimson red with three tomoes surrounding the iris. His eyes were now a full Sharingan which he had aquired after defeating Madara Uchiha during the Fourth Great Shinobi war. Shin seemed to sigh and a frown graced his purple face.

"I was afraid you would react this way" Shin snapped his fingers and a jolt ran through Naruto's body. His power vanished and his eyes had returned to normal. He fell flat on his face and he found out he couldn't move any of his limbs.

"You teme's what have you done to me?"Naruto demanded trying to find acess to anything that would help him move and rip these Kai's a new asshole.

"We had put a little something special in that ramen of your's. On this planet, there's a plant that only grows during the summer time and its used to help us Kai's sleep. It will relax the muscles and then your eyes will begin to grow heavy. Then finally you'll fall into a nice slumber" As he spoke, Naruto could feel the symptoms taking effect.

"You monsters not only are you betraying me but you went as low as to mess with my most valuable food, ramen. You Kai's are a bunch of souless backstabbing bastards" Naruto said his eyes growing even heavier and he began to wonder why Kurama wasn't cleaning the effects of the plant from his system.

"I bet your wondering why the Fox isn't helping you. We knew of your ramen addiction Naruto and since you consumed so much ramen with the ingridients of the plant inside, the Fox seemed to have suffered from the effects as well" Shin explained while Naruto's vision was growing dark.

"Damn you all" Naruto muttered one last time before falling into unconsiousness.


When Naruto had reawakened, he was watching high above the Earth in his new stone containment. He was very thankful that he had resealed the Juubi into the Gedo Statue and not the moon or else he would be fighting it and that was definatly something he didn't want to do, ever again. Hell even Majin Buu didn't come close to giving him as much fright as when he faced the Juubi during the war.

"Hey gaki, do you feel that right now. Its comeing from Earth" Kurama said while Naruto snapped his focus down onto the planet below and he could barely see a giant hairy ape like creature starting a rampage.

"Wow that thing feels to be as strong as the Three Tails" Naruto said while wondering what kind of creature could possess enough power to rival a Bijuu in battle.

"There seems to be another power near that giant ape, not as powerful to where it would give us a challenge. But its stronger than anything we've felt on Earth in awhile since Son Goku died" Kurama stated while Naruto nodded in agreement. He had seen many battles from above but only one individual caught his attention the most and he really wanted to test his skill against him and that was Son Goku. Naruto honestly thought the Earth was safe with Goku always watching over it in his absence but ever since his life force vanished six months ago, Naruto felt the Earth was going to be in deep trouble unless he escaped from his tomb.

"Im guessing that other power would be that Piccolo fellow Goku teamed up with months ago to fight Raditz. Im also willing to bet that giant ape creature might be Goku's gaki" Naruto said while tapping his chin in thought. Naruto glazed down and watched the battle from above.


Piccolo dodged a giant hairy fist from the newly transformed Son Gohan. Piccolo and his rival's brat had been training for months to fight the Saiyan's and tonight was the full moon. He had been completely caught off guard when Gohan had metamorphed into this giant fucking gorilla and it seemed he wasn't in control of his actions. The great ape opened its mouth, showing teeth as big as city buses and as sharp as a katana. Purple Ki energy gathered from within the ape's throat before unleashing a powerful Ki blast. The blast easily toppled mountains as if they were dominoes and continued on before detonating off in the distance. The blast lighted up the night with a bright purplish and pink glow. Chunks of broken Earth and mountain were sent flying.

Piccolo had to sheild himself as debris from the explosions headed his way. He could hear the beast continue to shoot off Ki blast after blast and each time it was more destructive than the last.

"I don't understand, how could this be happening?!"Piccolo shouted from above, watching as the transformed Gohan pounded his hairy chest in some form of victory.

"If I don't find a way to stop this monster, there won't be an Earth left to defend"Piccolo said while the ape's crimson gaze drifted towards him before fireing off another Ki blast. Piccolo barely dodged the beam of energy. Piccolo even though he wouldn't allow his pride to admit it was intimidated by this creature Goku's child had become.

"I need to change him back"Suddenly an idea hit the green skined warrior. Turning around, he came face to face with the full moon and all its glory. Piccolo remembered the conversation Raditz had with Goku about the moon and how it was their key to transforming.

'Thats it' A grin stretched across Piccolo's face before gathering Ki into his palms. Lightining sparked in his hands before cocking back his arm and threw it forward as fast as he could. A Ki blast sailed from his palms and accended towards the moon. The blast easily escaped the atmosphere and was heading towards a certain blond's stoney prison.


"Shit/Shit" Both Naruto and Kurama said as the blast from Piccolo was heading towards them fast.

'This is going to hurt' The son of Minato and Kushina thought and his partner mentally agreed with him. The blast had made contact with the moon. Naruto felt pain surge up and down his system as he faintly noticed he was falling and chunks of rock were following after him.

Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, sucessor of the Rikudo Sennin, Toad Sage of Mount Myoboku, Rokudaime Hokage and third Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko had finally been released from the moon and was making his return to the Earth, it was going to be a long and painful ride.


Piccolo watched as Gohan had reverted back to his regular form and was passed out on the ground. Piccolo had noticed the destruction Gohan caused in that form and mentally shivered at the possibilities of what the other two Saiyan's could do if they had transformed. Reaching down, Piccolo plucked Gohans tail off before using his powers to materialize an orange Gi onto Gohan's naked body. The outfit could have been an exact replica of Goku's but it had his Kanji instead of the Turtle one. Next to Gohan's unconsious form was a small sword that was sheathed.

"This will show others that you were my student" Piccolo said, his eyes never leaving the unconsious child. "Ive done more than I intended for you kid but now its time for my own training" Without another word, Piccolo shot off into the night, missing an object that closely resembled a person falling from the sky.


Naruto groaned as he opened his eyes only to close them as the sun's harsh light glared onto his face. The blond slowly rose up and ignored the acheing in his muscles that were telling him to stop moving.

"Damn Piccolo, I don't know if I should be thanking him for freeing me or kicking his ass around the world and back" Naruto muttered while looking out towards the landscape before him. He seemed to be in the same mountains that Piccolo had been training Gohan in. Naruto caught the sight of a mountain with a strange shape in it that kind of looked like the outline of his body.

"Now I know what Sakura chan and the others meant when they said I was hard headed" Naruto chuckled before trying to get in contact with Kurama.

'Hey Kurama, you awake buddy?'

"Damn kit, that was some ride. If it wasn't for me you would have died or at least been in a coma" Kurama said while Naruto gave his partner a mental thanks.

'Hey you just remember though Kurama, if I die then you go with me' He responded back with a smirk while hearing his parnter give him a growl in annoyance.

"Shut up brat"

'So Kurama, now that I am free from the moon, what should I do now. I mean the Saiyans won't be here for another few months?' Naruto asked. Inside his mind, the great Kurama tapped his furry chin in thought before a smile rested on his face.

"I've got an idea, how about you help train Goku's gaki for about a month and then we go get some training of our own done. Besides we need to help master your Sharingan, then your Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. You might have aquired both from Madara teme but it doesn't mean you know how to use them after all" Naruto mentally agreed with his partner. Naruto began to use his sensing abilities to find Gohan's life energy. It didn't take long to locate the Son of Goku's energy level. Naruto summoned his Ki energy before blasting off into the atmosphere and heading straight for Gohan.


Son Gohan didn't know how he got himself into these kind of situations. He just wanted to do what his mother told him by studying and getting good grades so one day he could become a scholar. But it seemed fate always had to take some kind of action when it came to his life. First it was his father being killed by his jerk of an uncle. Then it was being kidnapped by his father's old enemy, Piccolo who thought it would be a great idea to leave him in the wilderness by himself. Now he was running for his life away from a really hungry T-Rex.

Gohan turned around to see the dinosaur's mouth was opened and aimed to swallow him in one bite. The beasts jaws dripped with saliva that made Gohan shiver in fright before trying to increase his pace. The child's young heart beat faster than a bass drum, trying to pump more blood through his body and give Gohan more energy but his muscles were burning due to the constant running.

Then, Gohan suddenly felt the ground leave him as he tripped over a rock and landed face first on the ground. He skidded for a few inches before coming to a complete stop.

"Ouch"Gohan muttered before he felt something wet drip onto his forehead. Gohan dared to look up and seen the mouth of the T-Rex decending above him, ready to finally finish him off and turn the young child into food. Feeling panic rush through his system, he turned away and awaited the feeling of death's cold and cruel embrace.

Gohan waited and waited. Then he waited some more but he didn't feel the dinosaurs jaws clamp around him or anything, he felt nothing. Turning his head slightly, Gohan risked a peek and boy did he get an eye full. His onyx eyes widened in shock as a hand was planted against the T-Rex's forehead which seemed to keep the beast in place and it seemed no matter how much the T-Rex struggled, it couldn't move.

"Well aren't you a big guy huh?" A voice questioned, Gohan followed the hand up towards the arm untill he finally noticed his savior. The man before him had spikey hair with a color of yellow that could only be matched by the beauty of the sun. Three whisker marks lined each cheek.

He was wearing the strangest outfit Gohan had ever seen except for Raditz's of course. The man seemed to wear a green jacket underneath a crimson cloak with black flames touching the bottom. Dark colored pants and a set of boots.

"I know how hungry you must be T-Rex but that doesn't mean you can go around and eat children, whats wrong with you?" Naruto scolded the beast while releasing the T-Rex's forehead. The dinosaur stumbled back before roaring at Naruto and opened its massive jaws, hopeing to swallow the blond whole. Gohan was worried that his savior might get eaten but was surprised as he simply vanished before the dinosaur could eat him.

"Now thats just rude"Naruto said reappearing above the cranium of the T-Rex and lashing out with a brutal kick to the back of the skull. Gohan cringed as he could hear the shockwave of the strike. The dinosaur stood still for a moment before it fell onto the ground, asleep or dead, Gohan didn't know which.

"Hey there kid you okay?"Gohan quickly turned around and came face to face with his savior.

"Yeah I'm fine" Gohan couldn't help but feel a little uneasiness towards this strange man, he expelled an aura of kindness but it had an underlayer which demanded respect.

"Good, would hate to see anything bad happen to Goku's gaki after all" The man smiled. Gohan was surprised that this man knew he was Goku's child, but the young demi-Saiyan had never met this stranger before him.

"How do you know who I am and who my father is?"Gohan asked, his child like curiosity getting the better of him. The man seemed to smile at the question.

"Me and your dad have never met in person kid but lets just say I've been watching over your family for awhile now. My name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, its very nice to meet you son of Goku" Naruto smiled while extending his hand towards the child who looked at the outstretched limb strangely. His mother ChiChi had taught him not to talk to strangers but this man now known as Naruto really didn't seem to want to harm him so he shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you Naruto, my name is Son Gohan"The son of Goku smiled his inherited Son smile which was only matched by Naruto's foxy grin.

"So Gohan since you know I've watched your family for awhile now I've got to ask why don't you enjoy fighting like your father?" Naruto already knew the answer but he hoped to find a way to use Gohan's answer as a way to convince the little half Saiyan to train with him. He watched as Gohan clentched his fists in what appeared to be anger.

"I actually enjoy watching my dad fight but I don't know how to fight. My mom always has me studying to be a scholar and I enjoy it but I want to fight as well. But my mom would be furious with me if I told her that and would probably take away my dinner"Gohan sighed at the end while Naruto couldn't help but feel sympathy for the kid.

"Well since your mom isn't here right now, how about I teach you how to fight, would you like that?" Naruto asked.

"Well Piccolo is supposed to be training me" Gohan said innocently, remembering how the green skinned warrior promised to help him prepare to fight the Saiyans.

"Well since Piccolo isn't here right now I could train you. And when that old green bean decides to return, you'll be strong enough to actually surprise him in a fight. When he does come back though, you will continue training with him" Naruto said while Gohan began to smile.

"Yeah I would like that" Gohan's smile suddenly became a frown."But after he comes back does that mean I will never see you again?" Naruto laughed at the question before he began to shake his head.

"Don't worry kid, I think you'll be seeing a lot more of me over the next few months. Now enough talking your training begins now!" Without another word, Naruto quickly dashed at Gohan with his fist cocked back.


(A month later)

The sun began to rise up over the mountain cliffs adding the colors of bright orange, pink and yellow to the already blue sky. Small puffy white clouds drifted overhead as the sun continued to climb its way higher and higher over the Earth.

Down below, a tall male figure and a small child could be seen battleing it out in rapid combinations of punches, kicks, blocks and energy blasts. Hell the child figure was sliceing away at the taller figure with a sword.

Naruto mentally cursed himself, he just had to teach Gohan some of his Kenjutsu skills and now here he was, trying not to have his head cleaved from his shoulders. Ducking under another slice, Naruto vanished in a burst of speed which surprised the younger Saiyan.

Gohan suddenly became aware that a cold steel was pressing against his throat and turned his head slightly to see his sensei and older brother figure Naruto smileing at him.

"Nice job Gohan, you have really improved greatly since we first started your training" Gohan smiled at the praise he recieved before a glint appeared in his onyx eyes.

"I'm not done yet Naruto" Gohan thrusted his elbow into Naruto's gut which surprised the blond shinobi. Gohan quickly spun around before following up his assualt with a punch to the nose. Naruto stumbled back before clutching his nose in pain.

"Damn gaki is a lot smarter then I give him credit for" Naruto muttered before his sixth sense went alive with danger. Naruto looked up to see Gohan flying towards him with the speed of a missle. The boy's foot was aimed to cave the blond's face in.

'Fuck' Naruto thought before Gohan's foot impacted against Naruto and the ground beneath them exploded due to the massive pressure of the attack.

Moments later Gohan stumbled out of the crater while panting heavily, sweat fell from his face like a small stream. Gohan thought he had finally got the upper hand on Naruto before a 'Poof' sound was heard from the crater and a new white smoke emerged. Suddenly a clapping noise echoed through the rocky wasteland

"Nice job Gohan, you defeated one of my KageBunshin" Gohan turned to see Naruto was the one applauding and it seemed he didn't have a scratch on him. Gohan couldn't keep the shock off his face, Naruto was completly unharmed.

"How did you do that Naruto and what is a KageBunshin?" Gohan asked while he put his sword back in its sheath.

"Well a KageBunshin is the shadow clone technique" Naruto crossed his fingers before a 'poof' materialized next to him. As the smoke began to die down an exact replica of Naruto stood next to the original.

"This is the technique I used which just saved my ass from being turned into paste. It was also thanks to the Kawarimi jutsu which replaced me with my clone"Naruto explained while Gohan nodded.

"So how many of those clone things can you make?"

"Over a thousand" Gohan's eyes widened at the answer and was shocked to hear that Naruto said it like being a one man army was just an adverage thing. Naruto dismissed his clone before he felt Piccolo's Ki flash across his senses.

"Well Gohan it seems my time training you is up and the rest will be up to Piccolo. Now don't tell him about me because I want it to be a surprise when I meet him" Naruto said before turning his back on the young Saiyan.

"Naruto wait!" Gohan yelled, catching the blond's attention immediantly. The child's voice seemed to be filled with sadness. Turning around, a wave of guilt spread through his being as he seen Gohan begin to tear up a bit.

"When will I see you again?" Naruto smiled, he honestly couldn't believe how much he must have grown on the son of Goku if he was getting this upset over his departure. Walking forward, he placed his hand on Gohan's head and ruffled his hair.

"When the Saiyan's invade Earth is the day we will meet again Son Gohan. Untill then train as hard as you can and always protect those who are precious to you" Without another word, Naruto Uzumaki shot off into the sky and into the sunrise, leaving behind a sad but determined Gohan.


Naruto felt the morning air spread through his hair as he drifted through the sky, going at speeds most jet planes would be jealous of.

'Hey Kurama, its time to start training with the Sharingan now. I'm sure you probably know more about it then I do anyways' Naruto contacted his partner.

"Yes, those damned eyes have caused me and the other Bijuu a lot of problems in the past but you already know that. Its time for our training to begin now" Channeling chakra into his eyes, they morphed into a fully developed Sharingan. Naruto smirked as his vision instantly became more clear.

'Yes its time to show this world the return of Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze'


Damn what a long first chapter. Now first off let me just say I'm not over powering Naruto, trust me. Also I will later on include flashbacks on how he got the Sharingan. No he doesn't have the Rinnegan yet, that will be farther down the road. I hope you enjoyed reading this because it took me like forever to write :D Before I forget I know Gohan was a little too trusting of Naruto when he appeared but think about it, hes a kid and Naruto saved him from being eaten by a fucking dinosaur!