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The moisture in the air vibrated once...twice before exploding as two forces collided with each other. A small tornado of dust and dirt swirled to life as Goku and Ginyu appeared, hands locked against the other in combat. Goku and Ginyu ascended into the sky, knees were being thrown back and forth, both gritted their teeth as they tried to force the other into submission. Goku could feel the blood in his body beginning to boil and his adrenaline began to pump, he was really enjoying this battle so far.

Goku struck out, his attack was flawless and his elbow found it's place in Ginyu's chin. But Ginyu wasn't going to let an attack like that go without consequence, Ginyu lashed out and bashed the Saiyan against his cheek which effectively loosened Goku's grip on him. Ginyu followed up his assault with a knee to the sternum, the Captain brought his fists down onto Goku's head and watched as the Saiyan fell to the ground. Goku brought his hands up and was able to stop himself from hitting the ground, he pushed back off the ground and quickly returned to his feet. The spot he just occupied moments ago exploded as Ginyu's foot connected with the surface of the island. Goku dug his feet into the soil and shot off at Ginyu, he bashed his cranium against Ginyu's. Ginyu hacked out a cough of surprise, his vision blinded by stars for a few brief moments and his skull was throbbing.

Goku seen that Ginyu was surprised by his sudden clashing of skulls and it left the Captain vulnerable and the Saiyan was quick to take advantage of it. Goku's hands and feet were a blur as they found some spot on Ginyu's body to attack. Ginyu's body bent around Goku's fist as it buried deep into his gut. Ginyu snarled, his hands reached out and gripped the back of Goku's head tightly, he brought Goku's head down and introduced it to his shin. Goku cried out in surprise at the sudden strike to his head, he could only watch as Ginyu unleashed more knee attacks to his skull. Goku tried to dislodged his head from Ginyu's hands but the Captain had a vice grip. Goku could only think of one way to escape this situation, summoning his Ki within both hands, a shockwave left his hands and slammed roughly into Ginyu. Ginyu felt a massive force slam into his body and was sent sprawling through the sky in a series of tumbles. Ginyu exerted his Ki behind him which effectively stopped his uncontrollable flight. Goku floated only a few inches from Ginyu, both warriors ready to lash out with a strike at any second.

"I must say" Ginyu started off with a grin, wiping the saliva that was coated with small amounts of blood from his chin. "You have impressed me with your fighting skills. You are indeed a worthy opponent"

"Yeah you too Ginyu, I'm really enjoying this fight so far" Goku said, the Z-Fighter knew that Ginyu wasn't taking their battle seriously, only testing the water so to speak and measure his capabilities but then again, Goku wasn't using his full power either. It was only a warm up, the start before the real fight began.

"Well if you are ready to continue?" Ginyu said, his shifted into his fighting stance while unnoticably sending energy through his body and slowly building his power.

"Let's do this" Goku smirked, his heart was beating greatly and he could barely hide his joy at the thought of continuing the fight, it seemed the Saiyan side of Goku had finally finished coming to a boil and it was doing what all Saiyan's did naturally, preparing itself for the upcoming fight.

Both flickered forward, the world stretching around them due to the impressive speeds they were traveling at. The air exploded due to their ferocious collision.


(With Naruto and Jeice)

Naruto simply raised his palm and caught a jab from Jeice, this battle had been going on for a few moments and it was pathetically boring. Jeice was using his full power and Naruto has barely been trying. Naruto jerked Jeice's palm and had the red skinned warrior caught off balance. Naruto spun and launched Jeice towards another group of soldiers that had been shooting minor Ki blasts at Naruto the whole fight, the blasts were so weak though it barely caught Naruto's attention. Some soldiers were able to evade Jeice but most were crushed under the combined weight of the impact and Jeice's natural body weight.

"This fight is rather boring" Naruto muttered, he stretched his senses to try and see how both Gohan and Krillin were doing. He grimaced when he sensed that both Krillin and Gohan were indeed fighting with the Saiyan Prince, the blond could only guess that Vegeta had tried to steal the DragonBalls and both Gohan and Krillin intercepted him before he could reach the magical orbs. "Those two will not survive a fight against Vegeta, I have to end this quickly"

"You think that you can end me anytime you feel like huh? You bastard!" Jeice shouted, his body was cloaked in a crimson aura. Jeice appeared in front of Naruto and his fist connected with the Jinchuriki's jaw. Jeice kept attacking with rights and lefts, his breathing was becoming heavier and heavier with each strike. Each punch was becoming weaker than the last one before it.

"So why are you letting this weakling hit you?" Kurama asked from within his mind.

"I was hoping that maybe this guy would be stronger than this but it seems it was just wishful thinking. Besides I have somewhere else to be so I will end this fight" Naruto finally had enough of Jeice, he could sense that both Gohan and Krillin's powers were starting to fall rapidly and Naruto would never forgive himself if those two died.

"Come on you bastard I thought you were tougher than this" Jeice boasted, his punches must have been so powerful that Naruto was unable to fight back or thats what he liked to believe. Naruto's fist lashed out so fast that Jeice wasn't able to track the movement, all he knew that was his face erupted in agonizing pain as five knuckles were firmly planted on the base of his nose. Jeice had no doubt his nose was broken, blood gushed from the broken appendage like small rivers of crimson. Naruto grabbed Jeice by his cranium.

"Lets go for a little ride" Naruto focused on the Hiraishin seal that he had placed on Vegeta and the two vanished in a Yellow Flash.


(With Gohan and Krillin)

Gohan did a couple of handsprings back, he was able to dodge what would have been a knockout strike from Vegeta. Gohan's hands flashed with Ki and he sent multiple volleys of Ki blasts towards Vegeta. The Saiyan prince maneuvered around each blast easily, to his eyes the attacks came at him in slow motion. The ground was littered with craters, obviously from either misfired Ki blasts or some very devastating punches and kicks. On the side of the battlefield, Krillin laid sprawled out on the ground, he was unconscious. The monk had taken a rather nasty hit to the back of the head and it showed due to the massive lump that he was sporting.

"Not bad brat but you will have to do better than that" Vegeta said before disappearing. Gohan's sense of danger went off in his head like a loud warning siren but his body had been too late to react. Vegeta appeared behind Gohan and kicked the Demi-Saiyan hard, Gohan felt the ground leave his feet. But Gohan had quickly spun in the air and found his footing, his hand slapping away a vicious punch from Vegeta. Both Vegeta and Gohan engaged the other in a vicious battle, both hitting each other with enough strength to possibly split a mountain. Knuckles connected with knuckles, shins with shins and feet with feet. The two were nothing but black specks that danced all over the island. Gohan was getting frustrated, he knew that Vegeta was not taking this seriously and the Saiyan Prince was matching him, blow for blow. But that was to be expected since Vegeta has obviously been fighting longer than he has been alive but he wasn't about to go down so easily. Gohan knew that Vegeta had nothing but selfish and evil intentions with the DragonBalls. He would not let Vegeta get his hands on them!

All of a sudden, a rather bright Yellow Flash flared to life in front of Gohan and he had shield his eyes or risk going blind.

Naruto appeared, his grip tight on Jeice's skull and he slammed the Ginyu Force member face first into the surprised Vegeta, both warriors were sent crashing onto the surface. The ground on the island exploded, small showers of dirt, pebbles and stone went flying in all directions. Gohan lowered his arms from his eyes to see Naruto had been the one who appeared.

"Sensei! what are you doing here?" Gohan asked.

"Well it seems I've arrived in time to keep you from being killed Gohan" Naruto said. Gohan flinched slightly, the tone that his brother/sensei was using didn't sound happy. "What in Kami's name gave you the bright idea to go and fight Vegeta?!"

"But Naruto!"Gohan protested."He was about to get the DragonBalls, hell he was in the ship in front of them before we forced him out" Gohan said, hoping that his explanation was calm his sensei's anger. Naruto pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance but he could feel a bit of pride bubble underneath. Gohan had thrown away any concern for his safety to fight out Vegeta and to make sure he didn't get his hands on the DragonBalls, he had to give the Demi-Saiyan credit, he had more guts than he realised.

"That kid has true potential, if I could train him to use Chakra and utilize jutsu's then he could possibly become as powerful as his father one day. The combination of Saiyan genes, Ki techniques and Shinobi jutsu, what a frightening thought. Good thing he isn't a Jinchuriki" Naruto finished the last part of his thoughts with a smirk. The blond would never wish the fate of being a Jinchuriki on anyone, Naruto might have made peace with all the Bijuu along time ago but humans were ignorant too what they didn't understand, fearful of power that they didn't possess. Naruto didn't believe the Bijuu were a burden, not at all. But the life of a Jinchuriki is not an easy one, hell if anyone had taken a walk in his shoes, so to speak they would have slowly been driven insane.

"You blond bastard! I will turn you into a human puddle of flesh!" A rather pissed off voice screamed. The surface of the island shook, the laws of gravity were effectively switched off as rocks and rather large boulders were beginning to float in the air. Naruto could almost taste the Ki that was floating in the air, he whistled in approval, Vegeta had gotten stronger. That Senzu Bean that Goku had given him truly and definitely increased the Prince of Saiyan's power. Naruto glanced behind him to see Gohan was shivering in fear, sweat dripped from the kid's brow and he looked ready to pass out due to the sheer bloodlust that the Saiyan was exerting.

Naruto focused on the Mokuton Chakra he had flowing through him, he could still remember how he accessed the Bloodline of the Shodai. With a certain Uchiha sealed in his body that had stolen the cells of Hashirama and him being an Uzumaki in blood, accessing the legendary Mokuton wasn't too hard.

Naruto's body was outlined in a thin silver aura, the calmness and purity of the Mokuton Chakra began to calm Gohan down but the son of Goku was on alert. Ready to fight or flight given any moment.

"Things are about to get dangerous from here on out Gohan, you might want to leave" Naruto said.

"Okay sensei but please be careful" With those final words being said, Gohan left to go retrieve Krillin and clear the area as quick as possible. When Naruto sensed that Gohan was a good distance away, he released the Mokuton Chakra and the silver aura that covered his body vanished in the wind.

"I hope you're ready to die Naruto" Vegeta growled, the blond Uzumaki noticed that he had that Jeice guy by the scruff of his armor. "But first let me take out the trash before we can begin our battle" Vegeta flicked his wrist back and Jeice was sent flying through the air and disappeared beyond viewing distance. Vegeta didn't even turn around, he simply pointed his palm in the direction Jeice was going and fired off a blast. Within moments, the horizon erupted in a rather amazing display of colors, a mixing of purple with a pinkish tint of Vegeta's Ki energy and the natural emerald green color of the Namekian sky. Naruto knew that Jeice hadn't survived that attack, his power had been snuffed out.

"Even though I believe it was a foolish mistake on Goku's part to give you a Senzu Bean, I must give my thanks for keeping Gohan and Krillin alive" Naruto said.

"Shut your damn mouth!"Vegeta sneered, his face twisting with a combo of hate and disgust."I only kept those two weak brats alive because I knew they could be of some use with fighting the Ginyu Force! Nothing more, nothing less!" Vegeta was enraged that the former Hokage actually had the audacity to believe he saved those two out of the goodness of his heart. The goodness of his heart, the very thought that any goodness actually lingered within his heart was laughable. His heart was full of the purest kinds of evil, an almost empty black void. Vegeta cared for nothing or no one, if they proved valuable as an asset, he wouldn't kill them. But he could care less about if they were to live or if they were to die. Pawns could be replaced eventually after all.

Naruto frowned at Vegeta, the Saiyan did remind him of Sasuke when he had abandoned Konohagakure for the promise of power from the Snake Sannin. Vegeta was willing to destroy anything or anyone that stood before his path on the goal to unlimited power, the power of immorality. "Okay then teme, I have no problem in kicking your ass for a second time" Naruto knew what his words would do to Vegeta, they would infuriate the Saiyan Prince and if he was correct, it would leave his techniques and attacks sloppy. A head full of rage would do that to people, Naruto could admit to that from some specific events in his younger years.

"Oh yeah, we get to actually have a real challenge from someone trying to kill us! Lets kick his ass gaki!" Naruto sweat dropped at Kurama's comment, the massive Fox might have calmed down over the centuries but he was still a being of evil himself. Just an evil being that was friendly to him and not wanting to kill him anymore. Thank Kami for that little fact.

"It won't end like last time" Vegeta snarled hatefully, he was practically foaming at the mouth, he was so pissed.

Both Vegeta and Naruto flickered toward the other, the ground underneath their feet was carved in a clean cut and it cracked, barely able to withstand the ferocious might of the two. Fist met fist, bone connected with bone as both Naruto and Vegeta unleashed a wave of punches down upon the other. Neither Saiyan or Shinobi though was gaining ground on the other, for the moment they seemed matched. But Vegeta and Naruto were completely going easy on the other, slowly raising their power and increasing the intensity of the battle.

Naruto and Vegeta clasped palms, their eyes boring into their foe, trying to intimidate the other but neither would back down. The pride they had and the determination to win wouldn't allow them to falter, not even for the slightest of seconds. Vegeta's knee lashed out, going directly towards Naruto's gut. But the blond was smart enough to know how to counter such a frontal assault, Naruto overpowered Vegeta and blocked his strike, their palms still clasped tightly. Naruto flowed through his next attack gracefully, like he had done it a hundred times before.

The blond Jinchuriki's hands released from Vegeta's and seized the Saiyan by the collar of his armor and with a classic Judo throw, sent him tumbling through the sky, the Shinobi's hands flashed with Ki energy and sent streaming at Vegeta. Vegeta's face began to glow as the Ki attack drew closer but he was unfazed by it, the only notion he even acknowledged it was the frown he usually wore. Drawing his hand back, Vegeta simply smacked the blast away as if it were a bothersome insect.

There was a moment's delay before it exploded off in the distance, a small shockwave tremored underneath both warrior's feet. Naruto and Vegeta stared at one another, for a brief moment it felt like Naruto was clashing with his old friend and rival, Uchiha Sasuke. Vegeta was every bit like the Uchiha in personality, Naruto wouldn't have been surprised if Vegeta was the Saiyan version of his best friend somehow.

Vegeta was having thoughts of his own, he hated the blond standing in front of him with a passion. He had not once but twice thwarted his plans to retrieve the DragonBalls and gain the immortality he so rightfully deserved. Vegeta knew he would stop at nothing to put him down for good, he would go to the lowest kind of depths to hurt him, be it physically or emotionally. Oh yes, he could feel the sick pleasure that coursed through his veins at such thoughts, the blond would be crushed soon enough.

Both collided with a thunderous roar that shook the very island they had been fighting on. Vegeta tackled Naruto and both fell on the ground. Vegeta grabbed Naruto's skull with both hands and bashed their craniums together, the Saiyan raised his fist for another strike, Naruto wasn't going to let that happen. Naruto's hands moved on their own, his many years of Taijutsu training beginning to come into action. Naruto's open palm drilled into Vegeta's cheek, other hand lashed out and with a clean uppercut sent Vegeta off his fallen form. The blond jumped off his back and onto his feet, summoning his Ki and strengthening the muscles in his legs, Naruto propelled himself after Vegeta.

Vegeta sensed Naruto was following him, he smirked as a rather devious plan came into mind. As Naruto closed in on him, Vegeta used his speed to vanish before his opponents eyes. Naruto's eyes widened as Vegeta disappeared, at the level the two were fighting at, Vegeta speed was untraceable to him!

Naruto felt pain explode in his face as Vegeta's knee slammed rather brutally against his head. Vegeta leaped down, his feet lashing out and tripping Naruto. The blond would have fallen had Vegeta not spun and drilled his elbow into the middle of his chest. The Saiyan began to pummel Naruto's chest with left and right strikes, each one having more force than the last.

"Having fun huh Naruto?! Well there is more where…" Vegeta's rant was cut off by a rather devastating strike from the same person he had just been mocking. Naruto had purposely left his guard open for those few seconds to gather his Chakra into his fists and with a Chakra enhanced punch that he learned from his Godmother/Grandmother, he sent the Saiyan flying a pretty good distance. Naruto mentally counted down from three, when he reached zero he could see a mountain explode from where he was standing.

"He's definitely gotten stronger, I shouldn't be surprised" Naruto said."He's a Saiyan that's come back from near death and healed with the Senzu Bean. His power has increased intensely since our battle on Earth. I wonder what the full extent of his power is?" Naruto wasn't sure how the battle between the two was going to turn out. So far, they both had only been warming up and been fighting with strictly Taijutsu, hell he hadn't even used one Jutsu yet. But then again it wasn't like Naruto had been slouching around, he had been training in one hundred times gravity and beyond with Goku. He's improved his techniques and began working on more of the Sharingan techniques especially the Susanoo. Along with that, Sage Mode and the Celestial Gates, Naruto was confident he could win this.

Naruto sensed Goku's power flare off in the distance and he whistled in approval. He couldn't believe how much stronger Goku's gotten, it was almost unbelievable. Naruto glanced in the direction where Goku's power was emitting and saw what could only be best described as a bright crimson star hanging over the skies of Namek.


(Goku and Ginyu)

"Just say your sorry and you'll be able to leave this planet in peace" Goku was outlined in the crimson aura of the Kaioken. He and Ginyu had been fighting for the past hour and Goku had slowly began to overpower Ginyu, the Saiyan from Earth knew he was stronger than Ginyu. And now he was beginning to scratch the surface of his full power, the power he had trained hard for and with Naruto to gain.

"You are really considering letting us go? Even after all that we've done to this planet and your friends?" Ginyu was more than confused, he knew Saiyans were ruthless and down right barbaric, so why was this one showing him mercy. Was he mocking him or actually meaning what he said?

"Yup" Goku said, the aura of the Kaioken disappearing but his power remained strong."It's bad karma for you guy's, having to deal with this humiliating defeat at my hands because of all the wrongs you've committed here on this planet"

Ginyu's mind began to race on how he could win this fight, he obviously couldn't match the Saiyan in power or skill but there just had to be a way to win! Suddenly a certain skill in his arsenal came to mind, Ginyu hadn't used it, not in a very long time. A sly grin came to his face, right now it seemed really appropriate to use such a technique. Ginyu raised his palm and shrouded it in purple Ki, it was sharp and would pierce flesh like a knife would butter.

"Your strong Saiyan, stronger than anyone I have ever faced before but that doesn't mean you will win this fight" Ginyu said which confused Goku greatly. What happened next would really stun Goku. Ginyu took his shrouded palm and stabbed himself with it! Ginyu hacked out a small stream of purple blood and with a jerk, retched his hand from the fresh wound on his chest. The wound wasn't too deep so it wouldn't kill him just yet, it would take time but he would die eventually due to massive amounts of blood loss. But Ginyu didn't plan on dying.

"Try this new technique of mine if your not afraid!" Ginyu outstretched his arms to the side and gathered his power.

"Go ahead, give me your best shot!" Goku shouted, his hands brought up in a defensive stance should he have to deflect a Ki blast or a frontal assault by Ginyu.

Goku sensed Ginyu's power increase greatly and then his body became rigid, he couldn't move his arms or legs! What had Ginyu done to him?!

"Change now!" A golden light escaped from Ginyu's lips and blasted towards Goku. The son of Bardock felt helpless, his limbs weren't responding so he couldn't get out of the way in time. The golden beam entered Goku's mouth and he mentally choked! Goku began to feel the weirdest sensation within himself, it felt like his insides were moving but his body wasn't. He began to feel himself being pulled towards Ginyu but his body still refused to move, what was going on? Bright golden shafts of light erupted in the sky.

When everything began to settle down and the light had all but faded, everything looked the same but the atmosphere was different, that was the only way to describe it. Something big had happened. Ginyu looked at Goku with a frown and still hacking out blood.

"Hey, what did you do to me?!" Ginyu spoke but it wasn't actually his voice that escaped his lips, it was Goku's! Goku began to laugh but it was actually the sinister voice of Ginyu that left his lips.

"Its a technique of mine I dubbed the body switch, it allows me to claim any vessel I choose at the cost of switching with mine" Ginyu said with a sneer, he could barely hide the excitement. The power of a Saiyan was now coursing through his veins and he was enjoying every bit of it. It could be compared to a shot of adrenaline to those who had never possessed the blood and power of a Saiyan, it gives you a rush like no other.

"Thats impossible! It just can't be" Goku said, his voice almost showed the fear he was feeling. He should have beaten Ginyu when he had the chance. Now he could feel the energy of his new body beginning to drain like the water in a sink full of dishes, slowly but surely.

"Hahaha thanks for the new body fool, now I'm going to report to Lord Frieza about my success!" Without sparing Goku and his former body a glance, Ginyu turned around and made his escape, ignoring Goku's protests of returning his rightful body.

Goku tried to follow after him but the new body he inhabited keep thriving in pain, each nerve screamed at him with righteous fury to stop his movements. Despite the pain that he was enduring, Goku pressed on with a determination that was probably only matched by a certain blond. "I will get my body back soon enough, I hope the others will be alright though"

With that thought, Goku kept drifting slowly through the skies, following the energy signal of his former body.


(With Frieza)

Frieza sighed with annoyance, a gust of wind bristled against the horns on the top of his head. He had arrived at what he assumed to be another Namekian Elders place, looking for the password that would grant him access to the power of the DragonBalls but he was once again confronted by not one but four very infuriating Namekians, honestly couldn't they tell he outmatched them in every bit of power and skill? He had dispatched three of the weaker one's and now he was fighting the one who seemed to be the strongest, Nail was his name if Frieza remembered correctly.

"Well Guru I hope you enjoy the beating Nail is about to receive, after all this could have all been avoided had you two not been so stubborn and just gave me the password to the DragonBalls" Frieza told the Elder Namekian who remained silent.

"Lets take this battle to another location Frieza!" Nail growled out, his fists clenched tightly and was ready to attack should Frieza make a move against Guru. "I don't want Guru to see the beating I'm about to give you" Nail's threat was responded with a fit of laughing from the tyrant.

" I admire your courage Nail but it's complete foolishness on your part" Frieza said. Nail said nothing, he needed to give Dende time to give the Earthlings the password so that they could use the DragonBalls. He hoped though that his body would last the thrashing he knew Frieza was about to inflict on him. Both Namekian and Frieza left Guru, he sat helplessly as he watched the last of his children depart to what could be his very destruction.

"Be careful Nail, the Earthlings could be the only one's to end Frieza. And they need all the time they can get" Guru thought with labored breaths, the healing that Naruto had given him long disappeared. His time was running short, very short and he didn't know if he would live long enough to see his planet survive or very well be destroyed.


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