Behold, the randomness of boredom and overworked minds!

Our Jack who thou art in Colorado/Minnesota, Jack be thy name.
Let the cake be plentiful.

Sam oh Sam where fore art though in Cheyenne Mountain Sam? Sam be thy name.

We shall blow suns up in your Honour.

And in thy name planets shall be called.

For Daniel Jackson died and has risen again. And Again. And possibly another few times.


And Teal'c has escaped death at the hands of Anubis and Apophis again. Ever the stoic with an eyebrow raised and an "Indeed" when it's need.

And Vala, how could we forget Vala? Our con-artist-space-pirate-Daniel-loving bundle of awesomeness!

Or she had stolen a ship and then had a child similar to that of Darth Vader's origin.

So Teal'c proclaimed to be.

Or Arthur of Camelot as Mitchel stated, that boy from Kansas.

And all together throw them in the pot, stir it up a lot and out pops: SG1!

Something SaidbhinLuch and I came up with at random intervals. Not our best, most interesting, or even coherent work ever. Hers are in italics and mine are regular. Please R&R?