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Chapter 1: Rock Bottom

It was October 10th in a secluded part of the forest surrounding Konohagakure, there was a mob beating a defenseless seven year old child. This child was Naruto Uzumaki the pariah of the Village Hidden in Leaves. The villagers had cornered Naruto after chasing him for a good hour, right now they were walking away from a bloody, bruised, and impaled Naruto.

Naruto was up against a tree with kunai in his hands and feet pinning him to the tree, Naruto had his shirt ripped where a large deep gash coming from his left shoulder to the right side of his hip was clearly visible. Naruto also had a kunai lodged within his stomach, blood profusely pouring out of the wound as he just stared blankly at the retreating forms of the villagers who had just injured him to such an extent.

'Why do they do this to me? What have I ever done them? They call me demon, demon brat. They tell me to die, what for? What drives them to such a goal as having me killed?' Naruto tasked to himself while streams of tears cascaded down his face.

"Hey! Just kill me! I'm sick of this torture, just kill me! Go on do it!" Naruto screamed while fighting to stay conscious from the pain that wracked his body.

"DEMON SHUT YOUR MOUTH! We'll kill you when we want to. For now though you're going to stay their till somebody finds you, oh yah good luck with the wolves they might be drawn to your blood." The seeming leader of the mob spoke.

Naruto started crying even harder and started to wail in agony and pain. 'Please however I heal so quickly, don't work! I just want my life to be over, I can't stand this pain!' Naruto prayed

Naruto felt something in his mind, something that seemed like it was hurting or sad. The feeling had a muffled feeling, almost like the true strength of whatever it was wasn't shining out to its potential. That is until he heard a woman's voice screaming in his mind.

"Naruto Uzumaki! If you ever wish for death or plead for somebody to grant you that wish I will personally put you through the hardest training regime that you will ever go through! Now shut up and go talk to your Sensei while I heal your wounds." The voice spoke in a commanding tone leaving no room for argument.

Naruto was scared even more so than what the villagers could ever cause. After the voice had stopped talking and everything was quite Naruto let out a blood curdling scream as he felt as if his eyes were being slowly cut from his sockets. Naruto blacked out slumping with his head forward the kunai slowly cutting through his palms

In Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto awoke in a strange place, the atmosphere of the room was warm and inviting while the room itself was made of cold, hard brick.

Naruto stood up noticing none of the previous injured he had sustained from the villagers attacking him were on his body. "Hello! Anybody there?" Naruto asked to the room

Naruto wasn't expecting an answer as he figured he was dead and this was just a place Kami kept demons like him. Naruto had been influenced by the villagers to think of himself as demon even though he knew deep down it wasn't true, but found that to be the only explanation to why so many people wanted him dead.

So when Naruto did hear a response it was frightening, even though the voice was like the atmosphere of the room was warm and inviting.

"Ahh, Naruto I finally get to meet you." The voice called out "My name is Hagomoro, but you can call me Hagomoro-Sensei." Hagomoro finished warmly while revealing himself

Hagomoro was around 6'3 with white hair, purple glowing eyes, a lean muscular type body, and a warm inviting smile.

Naruto was stunned. "Hagomoro-Sensei? Why would I call you that? Are you a demon just like me?" Naruto asked perplexed by this man he had never met

As soon as the man had heard demon escape Naruto's lips his eyes took a cold and steel like gaze. "Naruto! You better shut your mouth or I will let the Kyuubi assign your training regime. I never want to hear you call yourself a demon again!" Hagomoro screamed out

Naruto gawked at his supposed sensei. "Hagomoro-Sensei aren't I a demon? That's what everybody or well most people call me.

Hagomoro got even angrier and strode toward Naruto and grabbed Naruto by his shirt effectively lifting him in the air. "Naruto what did I just say?"

Naruto was fear stricken, but managed out an answer. "N-n-nev-neve-never call myself a demon again."

"That's right your father would be ashamed to see his only son calling himself a demon and I will not allow a son of one of the only friends I ever had to announce himself as a demon. Is that understood?" Hagomoro asked

Naruto had one question on his mind. "You knew my father?" Naruto asked his Hagomoro

Hagomoro smiled at this and set Naruto gently down into a sitting position, while Hagomoro sat down as well. "Yes I did, what I tell you here must never be uttered to another person unless I give you go ahead. This information only your Jiji knows and his old teammates. Do you agree to that term?" Hagomoro asked

Naruto starred for a while, but eventually answered. "Yes Hagomoro-Sensei, I agree to the term. Please tell me who my father is and how you knew him." Naruto asked

Hagomoro smiled at Naruto and nodded. "Well first let me explain who I am. My name is Hagomoro as you know, but I am also known as the Sage of Six Paths. I was the strongest Ninja so to say that this world as ever seen. I divided the 10 tailed beast into nine different bijuu, so the world would be better off after I died. But, during a meditation session I had I could see hundreds of years into the future. I saw the bijuu all being reconnected recreating the 10 tails, so I stored my powers into my blood. The reason being that when I met my descendant that I saw from my vision I could activate my power and give them my Dojutsu, Kekkei Genkai, and my Nature Affinities.

"Oddly enough though you already have my Nature Affinities, though that is more than likely because of you being almost like a reincarnation of me. Reincarnation in the sense of being a great sage like me and Kami seeing that you could possibly be even stronger than me decided to give you advantages in case I didn't give you my blessing." Hagomoro told him while taking a breath, than continuing. "Yes, Kami knows why I did this she gave me her consent and the jutsu to entrap my power and myself in my bloodline so that I could teach my student as well as give him or her my power. Now let me get to the reason how I know and became a good friend of your father.

"You see I interact with my descendants and I found that your father fit the description almost perfectly. Blonde unruly hair, blue eyes, an immense sense of potential, so I decided to speak with him. You see I don't have to give a descendant I speak to my power, it is my choice, so I spoke with your father and he was just like you, speechless as I told him everything.

"I noticed something though, your father almost fit the description. He didn't have the birth mark I saw on my prophecy child. You see your whisker marks are like my horns." Hagomoro told Naruto while pointing up at his horns "They are marks that show we have potential to be something greater than a normal person could be. I do not know why this is. Kind of weird if you ask me, that extraordinary birth marks show greatness. Anyways, Kami came to me and told me my suspicions were true.

"That the boy I had taken such a liking to was not the child of my prophecy, but the father. So I did all I could to enhance your fathers skills, I gave him training regimes, Jutsu training, speed, strength, chakra, chakra control training and your father turned out to be an amazing Shinobi, who was admired and feared by all ninja in the world although he wasn't my disciple I still saw him as one of my closest and only friends that I had ever had so I trusted him and told him a secret.

"I told him that his son would be the person of my prophecy and he was shocked to hear he was going to have a son, but eventually accepted it delighted that he would have a son who would accomplish so much and become so strong even to rival me.

"Now let me tell you who your father was. Your father was none other than the Fourth Hokage, the Yondaime Hokage." Hagomoro finally finished his long speech with Naruto accepting and absorbing every piece of information that came from his new Sensei; that is until he heard who his father was.

"Hagomoro-Sensei thank you for telling me everything about my father and what I am to become. I'm glad to know that my father was such an admirable person and that he took down the Kyuubi the second most powerful bijuu to have ever lived other than the ten tails." Naruto told Hagomoro

Hagomoro rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "You're welcome Naruto, but I have to tell you something. You know what never mind I'll show you, Narumi come in her!" Hagomoro yelled

A new person came in and tackled Naruto so he was laying on the ground and instantly wrapped him into a hug. The person who just tackled Naruto was a beautiful woman, she had shoulder length crimson silky hair. She looked to be about 15 or 16 although Naruto could already feel some large assets squishing into his chest, from the hug Naruto could tell that she had a very beautiful body.

'Wow beautiful.' Naruto thought to himself

"Excuse me, Narumi right? May I know why you are hugging me so fiercely and why you are here?" Naruto asked

The girl smiled and let go sitting right next to Naruto she began to speak. "Well Naruto for one I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune, but please call me by my name, Narumi. I am here because I was sealed inside you by your father. We are in the part of your mindscape that serves as my cage.Now please let me explain why I was attacking your village. I was attacking your village because well I honestly don't remember. I remember being forced out of your mother and running to the forest, I went to a cave on the outskirts of Konoha than I remember seeing some slit yellow eyes as well as a pair of Sharingan then I was in here." Narumi told him sadly

"Well Naruto...-Kun the reason why I hugged is because I'm happy you didn't die. I have grown to admire you, always striving forward never letting peoples words truly get you down. Your determination and self-confidence has made me admire you and I just don't wish to see somebody that I admire so much wish for death, but if you ever and I mean ever wish for death again I will absolutely put you through the hardest workout you will ever encounter! Do I make myself clear?" Narumi asked

Naruto was taken back from her protectiveness for him. "Narumi I understand, but why do you care so much and were you sealed inside my mother?" Naruto asked curiously

Narumi sadly smiled. "Yes I was sealed inside your mother. She was also an incredible ninja. You see Uzumaki females are able to control bijuu relatively well for some odd reason, the best out of all clans to be honest. She was my last container and my best friend." She said a tear coming to her orange eyes. "She would always talk about how she was going to train you and watch over you when she was pregnant with you, but when you were born the seal weakened so much that I was expelled out. I had no idea what was going on so I ran as fast as I could. I have no idea what happened to your mother all I know is that I miss her terribly." She continued her voice straining to keep herself from crying

"On another note I can't wait to see what happens when Hagomoro infuses you with his power," she said with a forced tone of happiness "oh my Kami it's going to be exciting! You will never have to worry about being hurt by a villager or a ninja again because Hagomoro and I will train you until you are the most powerful Shinobi this world has ever seen! Right Hagomoro?" Narumi asked the sage

Hagomoro smiled sadly. "Well actually Narumi once I give Naruto my power I will only have enough power to be live in Naruto's mind for another year, but none of that matters as we will have you extremely powerful even if you will only be 8 when I have to go. I need to tell you Naruto of the finer details of what will happen. First off you will gain my Doujutsu don't worry Narumi here knows all about it and by the time I have to leave if you still have question she can answer them."

Hearing that the man who had been here friend and companion since she had been sealed inside the boy as well as a father to her since she had been created was the last straw for Narumi and she fell to her knees openly sobbing. Naruto instinctively leaned over and pulled the fox-girl into a tight, comforting hug.

Smiling at the young boy's kindness the wise sage continued, "Anyways with my Doujutsu once you gain the Rinnegan your eyes usually stay like that, however I have tampered with my genetics a little and I seem to have made it even more powerful along with giving you the ability to shift from the Doujutsu to your blue eyes. The reason why I changed that aspect is so nobody will suspect you of having the most powerful and rare Doujutsu this world has ever seen. Be warned though your eyes will feel like they were slowly pulled out of the sockets because I started the procedure when you proceeded to pass out.

"I also had two Kekkei Genkai. They were called Wood Release and Storm Release, they are the most powerful and useful Kekkei Genkai I have ever come across. You will also inherit both.

"Now for your body and chakra. Your body will grow a couple of inches and gain much more definition. Creating a perfect limber and agile body for the Taijutsu Narumi and I will teach you. Your chakra will grow exponentially even more so than you have right now and you have much more than most Jounin have. You will more than likely have as much chakra as two Kages. Do not interrupt me yet." Hagomoro told Naruto and Narumi.

Hagomoro continued seeing that they both stopped their question. "Now as for your chakra control you will have chakra control the level of a Kage. So I suggest as soon as you wake up that you mask your chakra to that of a genin.

Now though Naruto I see a group of children below you in the academy when you are enrolled that will be very powerful allies. So I suggest you flunk the last year of the academy. Now before you ask me why the hell you would ever flunk an exam on purpose hear me out," Naruto closed his mouth as the sage had taken the words right from him "I believe you should flunk for these reasons. If you gain power too quickly in the eyes of the civilian council then they will send assassins after you or they will capture you and put you in a program raising you to be a mindless killing machine with no emotions. That is why I suggest you flunk your graduation exam and also if you fail the first time it won't be raising any suspicion of, excuse me for what I'm about to say, how the demon brat got so strong with nobody to love or teach him, I'm very sorry for what I just said Naruto."

The child nodded accepting his apology.

"Putting that aside there are two more people I saw in my vision/prophecy that shall help you become a better shinobi as well as a better person? I'm not sure who they are I don't even know their name's, all I know is that one has lavender or pearl eyes I'm not sure. The other has short spiky brown hair. When you meet a female that fits my description do not get annoyed when you meet her. In my vision I sensed she was kind of how to put this? Arrogant or smug or she thinks she's the end all be all. Do not think that you will be subjugated to a bunch of younger people, I did see allies in your age group just none that will influence you as much as the two who are younger than you.

Now then you will be placed on the same team as one of them not sure which, so It would be a wise decision to become friends with the people on your team, for if you two team up I see that you both will carry each other to even a farther level than my prophecy foretold." Hagomoro told Naruto

"Yes I'm going to be so strong! Most powerful Shinobi in history! Watch out Hagomoro-Sensei I'm going for your title!" Naruto yelled excitedly while Narumi and Hagomoro smiled

"Now that you're out burst is over you have about 10 minutes left until you wake up, but don't worry, Narumi and I will keep a mental channel open with you Naruto for any questions. Also, ask your Jiji to join the academy class now." Hagomoro told Naruto with a smile

"Wait Hagomoro-Sensei let me get this straight. You want me join the academy then, my last year flunk the exam to get into the group of students that will be below me? Then you think that I should be friends with two people so I gain power. Is that right? You want me to basically use them, because if that is the case than I will not follow that advice. Sorry I'm sorry into using people." Naruto told his Sensei

Hagomoro sweat dropped. "Yes you need to join the Academy and flunk your last year, and for how you put that last question. It does seem like I was suggesting for you to use them. No that was not what I was getting too, I was simply suggesting you be friends with them since they will both force you to excel even quicker." He explained

Naruto nodded in understanding.

"A little side note though since you have so much chakra you will not be able to use any normal genjutsu. Now Naruto wake up your Jiji is worried sick. We will begin your training when you go to sleep tonight." Hagomoro told Naruto as he expelled him from his mind.

"Narumi-Chan control yourself! I know that you want to be with Naruto, because you see him as the only possible mate. You need somebody strong and self-determined, but calm down and wait for him to grow." Hagomoro told his friend.

"Hagomoro-Kun, how did you know? I didn't think I was that obvious. Plus, I covered it up pretty well." Narumi ask the man

Hagomoro sighed. "I have been friends with you since I divided the 10 tails and I saw those looks that you were giving Naruto. Listen his training comes first, if you still feel the same way when he graduates than I give you permission to tell him about it. If he confesses to you before that then you have permission to accept his confession and you two can be a couple. I will teach Naruto everything I know about seals and he will know how to unseal you from him, for I know that you have liked him since before I made my presence known." Hagomoro told his oldest friend

Narumi blushed and gasped at the information. "Hagomoro-Kun! I do not just want to get out, If that's what you're thinking then don't! Plus how would you even get the idea of him liking a demon, a demon who ruined his life." Narumi asked Hagomoro

"Narumi-Chan, Naruto was stealing glances at you just as much if not more than you stealing glances at him." Hagomoro explained

Narumi got a slight sliver of hope and held onto it for dear life.

In the hospital

The Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen had been sitting right by Naruto's bed after finding him in his crystal ball and getting to where Naruto was. Sarutobi found Naruto passed out and took him to the hospital worried for his adopted grandson. Sarutobi deep in thought suddenly felt a huge blast of chakra that almost scared him, but then it was suddenly gone as he looked up he saw Naruto sitting up in his bed. "Hey Jiji! Thanks for the help! Can I join the academy?" Naruto asked hopefully while Sarutobi sat their stunned.

'Where did that come from?' Sarutobi asked himself

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