From this point on, I will be deleting all new negative anonymous reviews

I ask that all readers who wish to complain about my story to sign in and either send me a message or review as a user. This measure is NOT to decrease negative reviews but rather to allow me to respond to them. Creating an account on this site is free and takes all of a minute. I love negative reviews because they allow me to fix things that are wrong or improve my general style. There have been negative reviews that I have received that were complaining about things that I may not have explained well but I could not respond to it because it was an anonymous review. A great example is this one.

Ok im gonna be the dick here and point out some mistakes you made don't get me wrong i love the story and how you are carrying the story its just that you are making a few mistakes.
1. Please don't think of me as a grammar Nazi its just that you keep on missing some mistakes on every chapter.
2. You rush things a lot in the story like how danzo dies or how naruto confessed to narumi.
All I'm saying is take your time, add a little bit more detail, and proofread a new chapter a little bit before publishing it. Other then those problem I am looking forward to new chapters.

I would have loved to respond and ask for more details or advice but I couldn't because they reviewed anonymously. Once again, I LOVE both positive and negative reviews because they allow me to address my readers' concerns and their suggestions. I try to respond to all reviews ASAP but I am only human. Please keep the reviews coming. Till next time.


First of all, I am sorry for the long delay, I have had the end of high school and the beginning of college so I have been unable to work on the next chapter to get it to a point where it is ready for publication. Second, I have begun the process of fixing the old chapters to address the spelling and grammar mistakes as well as tweak it to my own style slightly. The reason I am doing this is that I am currently unable to access the next chapter since the computer it was on died without warning and I am working on a way to retrieve it off the hard drive and once I do I will get to work on finishing the next chapter.


I suggest all readers, new and old, re read chapter 7 as it has been completely rewritten


Same as last, I suggest everyone reread the story thus far, I have completely rewritten the whole story changing major details