So here's a prologue for a new fanfic I may or may not be writing. I started it just about an hour ago and I really love the way the prologue came out.

If I could get some of your opinions on this, that would be simply fantastic. Please read and review; it's short so it shouldn't take long. :)


Before we begin, I think there are somethings you should know.

My name is Bethany Puckerman.

Yes, I am the daughter of Quinn and Noah.

No, I do not live with them.

You see, when I was around eight years old, my dad entered the war. Devastated and unprepared to raise a child on her own, my mom decided she'd move in with her cousin, Finn Hudson.

Due to family complications and the sheer craziness of my birth mother, I was left alone with Finn for a couple of years. Once she came back, she was never the same. She would never tell me what happened; I wouldn't ask her to try, either. To this day she still doesn't talk much. Sure, Finn was a great guardian, but the absence of a mother in my life caused me to have some psychological problems. Some kids take their anger out on family members and such.

Not me.

Being Quinn Fabray's daughter surely gave me some of her least desirable character traits. For example, I can be a sneaky, conniving bitch at times. I also have a tendency to get extremely jealous of those who could potentially be better than me.

So no, I didn't take my anger out on my family.

I took it out on my Italian teacher, Ms. Berry.

Now, I know what you're thinking: why would the inimitable Beth Puckerman be jealous of her Italian teacher?

But no, you've never met Ms. Berry.

She's hot, and that's coming from someone who's 100% straight.

She's understanding. She gets that kids have bad days sometimes and just need to decompress.

She takes no nonsense. If I were you, I would not mess with Ms. Berry.

And she's freaking hilarious. Her class is the highlight of my day.

Well, it was.

As you can probably imagine, freshman boys are gross. They all drool over Ms. Berry even to this day. It wouldn't matter if she was single or taken; the guys have always been all over her. And more guys for Berry means less guys for Beth. I have a reputation to keep up. I'm the daughter of Quinn Fabray, for heaven's sake!

So as awful as it seems, I bullied her. Ms. Berry, the fun-loving teacher who had admittedly been my favorite for most of the year became my personal punching bag. I blame genetics.

Now, this story can and will be told from many viewpoints. After all, I have a gift of knowing exactly what's going on with everyone at all times.

But I didn't know my messing with Ms. Berry would cause so much to happen.

In fact, I had no idea at all.

Comments? Questions? Should I continue writing? PLEASE, please send me your opinion in a review.