A Wild Pony in Equestria

A Ranma ½ - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossover fanfict by Tangent

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DISCLAIMER: 'Ranma ½' and all characters therein belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogagukan, Kitty and Viz Video. 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' and all characters therein belong to Hasbro. This fanfict has been produced for my own enjoyment and to pass on without profit. Other characters that come into play in this fanfict may or may not be pulled from other sources (including other fanficts, RPGs, manga, anime, literature, or possibly even *GASP* American comic books!).

A WORD FROM TANGENT: Believe it or not, I just recently entered bronydom by way of the authorized fan-made episode 'Double Rainboom,' And then literally backtracked and watched as many episodes, fan videos, fan reactions, read fan fictions, perused pony art (although I knew about pony creators for over a year now), and so on.

Surprisingly enough, I haven't seen much of anything involving any sort of Ranma ½ crossovers with MLP:FiM other than a 'My Little Dashie' variant. Frankly, I think this total lack of the wild horse in Equestria needs corrected…

FYI: Just to reassure my readers, 'A Wild Horse in Equestria,' is not going to be what Bronies refer to as a clop-fic. If anything, Ranma is finally going to get a chance to have the sort of relationships he actually needs: friends - no strings or obligations attached. So rest assured that the types of shenanigans that began infecting Magical Guardian Ranma: Beta Edition around chapter five and pretty much comprise almost all of Quests of Chaos should not be showing up in this fic…

[EDIT]: Changed probable fic title from "A Wild Horse in Equestria" to "A Wild Pony in Equestria" due to Dumbledork having used the other title already. Granted, I suppose I could have left it go and kept using Wild Horse, but I would actually like to see more of Dumbledork's story myself, so I conceded the issue. Especially since this is still in the 'idea' phase.


PRELUDE: A Wild Pony Arrives in the Everfree Forest…

Ranma wasn't sure exactly where he was. He had awoken some time ago in an unfamiliar forest, with no supplies, and no clear recollection of the previous days events or how he got here. About the only thing going in his favor was the fact that he was wearing his usual Chinese outfit, so he was neither naked nor wandering around in his underwear.

Even his rather extensive knowledge of flora and fauna, gained over ten years of roughing it during the training trip his father, Genma, had taken him on was failing him. Despite being able to recognize several varieties of plants and animals as being either safe or unsafe due to previous experience with them, there were also quite a few that he had never encountered before.

Granted, the encounter with the pack of wolves made of sticks had actually been kind of fun. They may have acted a lot like real wolves, but he just couldn't bring himself to feel threatened by animate bundles of sticks. Especially since they were so easily knocked to pieces by what Ranma considered to be moderate blows from his hands or feet. Well… he did have to admit that their ability to reassemble themselves was kinda worrisome, and he was sorta nervous for a moment there when they finally decided to form up into a giant super stick wolf…

Until both Ranma and the giant wooden wolf realized the tactical blunder it had made by becoming so big while surrounded by trees. It might have taken longer to destroy than before, but with its mobility hampered, Ranma had no difficulties dodging it while taking it apart in detail. After which, the separated wood made a half hearted attempt to assemble again, only to settle to the forest floor in apparent exhaustion.

Good times…

Distinctly less fun had been running from the lion-thing with the bat wings and scorpion tail that he had encountered later, which his cat-fist training rendered him unable to fight directly. Ranma had finally gotten away from it by sheer chance when he discovered that it wouldn't follow him into a field of blue plants. While this led him to be somewhat suspicious of whatever the plant was, pure terror kept him dead center in the field until the cat-thing not only left, but he couldn't sense it stalking him anymore. And even then he remained extremely cautious as he left the field.

As tempting as it was to just leave it go in case it was something as innocuous as an unpalatable scent keeping bat-kitty away, Ranma knew better than to leave himself exposed to strange plant oils any longer than absolutely necessary. So, following his ears, he eventually found a stream large enough to bathe in, and thoroughly washed both himself and his clothing as best as he could, becoming a girl once again in the process.

Better that than have to deal with the results of being exposed to a potentially poisonous plant.

Given that the sun was beginning to set by the time Ranma had her bath, she hung her clothes where she figured they would best catch the morning sun and finish drying, then proceeded to set up camp by collecting rocks, twigs, sticks, and leaves that she knew were safe. First setting up the stone circle for a campfire, then assembling a makeshift lean-to from the greener plant debris and stockpiling the drier tinder for a decent fire, which she didn't bother to start until she actually had a couple of fish and crayfish from the stream to cook.

Ranma's opinions on Chinese Amazons were many and varied, ranging from being perplexing, annoying, stubborn, annoying, good cooks, and annoying, but he certainly never faulted the usefulness of their fighting techniques.

The chestnut-fist, for example, was not only a great rapid repetitive striking technique, it was also a highly useful for non-combative purposes requiring speed and accuracy, such as catching fish barehanded or starting a fire one handed with a fist full of dry twigs and leaves.

Somewhat satiated for the moment, the nude redhead looked up at the darkening sky to try to get her bearings from the emerging stars.

"Oh, you have got to be kidding me…"

With a sense of dread, Ranma nimbly hopped up the branches until her head cleared to forest canopy and she got a better look at the moon and stars.

While the stars themselves were damning enough, given that the few constellations that she recognized were in completely different positions in relation to each other than should even be possible no matter where you viewed them from, it was the moon itself that confirmed just how lost Ranma was.

For on the face of the moon was a distinct pattern of craters and shadows that created a silhouette of a unicorn's head…

Ranma Saotome, heir to the Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts, official fiancé in at least three mutually exclusive arranged marriage contracts, and supposed runaway husband according to Chinese Amazon law, was now, to the best of his knowledge, no longer on planet Earth.

Quite frankly, while waking up the next morning as a pony was definitely yet another problem she neither needed nor wanted, it was nowhere near as surprising as it should have been…

"Aw, man! What now?" Then Ranma blinked in surprise. "Huh? Cool! I can still talk!"

While Ranma was more aggravated than alarmed to discover she had become some sort of midget horse some time during the night (she was judging her scale as compared to the clothes she had left hanging - if she was a horse, she was a small one), it was just one more strange thing that had happened to him over the past year or so. And hardly the worst.

In fact, on the off chance that becoming a mini-horse had simply replaced the girl-type form, Ranma was willing to call this change a net gain. She didn't care anywhere near as much about being a female horse as she did about becoming a human girl. For one thing, horses of either gender were neither weak nor defenseless. For another, female horses were more physically discrete than human girls, not having obvious breasts and all. That, and should some asshole actually manage to catch her off guard as a mini-horse, nobody bothered to geld mares when trying to break them.

Yeah - if Ranma had to be a horse of any size, for the time being she was perfectly fine with being a mare.

So Ranma was actually relatively calm as she examined her new body.

Hooves instead of hands or feet, legs somewhat thick in proportion to the body size (which was a good thing - sturdy legs were less likely to break, which was a bad thing for a horse), chestnut fur with a scarlet mane and tail, weird shield and sword pattern in the fur on her flanks…

Yeah, that was a pattern in her fur, rather than a brand, sticker, or paint.

Shield with a sword on it, huh…

Maybe she had become some sort of guardian beast? That'd be kinda cool actually. Fighting monsters to defend the world, no fiancées, earning a better afterlife, no fiancées, and best of all - no fiancées!

Well, first thing was first - make sure that the new body worked!

Um… Actually, first thing was to make sure the campfire was all the way out - then go have fun with new training…

Okay, walk, canter, trot, gallop, leap, flip, rebound off tree, land on a branch, back-flip onto another branch on hind legs, assume a kata stance…

The new body was proving to be quite a bit more flexible than Ranma expected it to be so she could definitely work with this!

Ranma worked through the more basic kata sets she knew until she became more sure of her balance on two legs. Then she moved onto the intermediate sets and finally the advanced forms, and was happy to note that she could actually do all of the ones she tried with only minimal alterations due to her form. As far as horses went, her joints were freakishly flexible.

Ranma sat by the stream once she was done testing what her new body could do, taking a long drink to cool off before sitting down and idly skipping stones across the water as she pondered what to do next. While her new body had proven to be flexible enough to be able to stand upright and even assume most of the combat stances she knew, it did have its own limitations. Hooves lacked fingers, after all, and without those…

How the hell was she picking up stones and skipping them across the water without fingers?

Picking up another stone, Ranma attempted to analyze just how she was able to do so, but for the life of her it just seemed to be a matter of intent rather than a case of hidden fingers. Press or touch with the underside of the hoof with intent to pick up or hold, and she did. Worked with the rear hooves as well, if not quite to the same extent.


Ranma looked at her hooves, then at a tree, then at her hooves again before getting up and trotting over to the tree in question…

And then continued trotting right up the trunk!

For about three whole steps before falling to the ground, having lost her 'grip.'


Heh… She'd have to work on that. At least she knew that she had actually been sticking to the tree, as she had been careful enough to not be going fast enough to have done it by inertia. That was an old trick anyway. Being able to actually stay put on a vertical surface without something for her toes to grip (or, in this case, without even actual toes to grip with) was going to take some practice.

"Ewww… what's that smell?" Ranma shook her head to clear the odd acrid scent of rotting wood and leaves, mixed with the cloying scent of aged tree sap and the almost overpowering aroma of pine tar. Granted, they were forest smells, but oversaturated well past the point of being pleasantly outdoorsy and well into 'who shoved a compost heap up my nose?' It was an oddly familiar scent too.

One she had encountered just the day before.

The stick dogs were back.

Spinning around, Ranma was startled to discover that she did not see them right away.

"Oh, right. Better sense of smell in this form. Gotta remember that."

With a small (for her, anyway) bound into the overhead branches, Ranma made her way, tree by tree, back up stream to the small camp she had wandered away from.

Where she found a somewhat larger pack of wooden canines tearing up her lean-to (no real loss there), the circle of rocks surrounding the campfire ashes (Ranma experienced a brief mental image of the stick wolves setting themselves, and then the forest, on fire, and found herself relieved to have remembered to make sure the fire was all the way out before she wandered off to practice), and her clothes. Which were now shredded and scattered into several tiny pieces.

Irritating, but it wasn't like she had any way to heat water to change back anyway, and she currently didn't actually need clothes.

Ranma studied the pack from the safety of the branches, contemplating on whether or not it was worth attacking the wooden wolves for destroying her stuff. It was obvious that they had lost her scent, which wasn't particularly surprising considering that she had bathed here last night and had taken to the trees here early on in her self-discovery of her new body. There were only three more of them than in the previous encounter, but given that Ranma wasn't that familiar with the limits of her new body just yet…

Best to just cut her losses and leave before the noise they were making attracted the cat-bat thingy again.


Sometime later, Ranma dropped to the ground again to… take care of a call of nature. The trees were thinning out a bit, and the underbrush was thicker and more robust, providing plenty of opportunities for privacy, and she had stayed near enough to the stream, so she was able be able to wash up afterwards as well, which was always a plus.

Deciding to stay on the ground afterwards as she continued heading west, Ranma tried to remember what kind of plants horses were supposed to eat. Was it only grasses? Or could she eat other stuff as well?

She'd have to chance something soon, regardless, as having a new body certainly hadn't stopped her from needing to eat.

Hearing rustling in some nearby underbrush, Ranma turned towards the noise and prepared to face a… chicken poking its head out of a cluster of ferns?

"Heh… Guess I'm feeling jumpy," Ranma chuckled to herself over having worried about encountering a wild chicken. "Nothing to see here, chicken, I'm just trying to find something to…" Ranma watched as the red-eyed chicken head rose up, revealing a long, reptilian neck. "Now that's just wro-"




I'm leaning towards Ranma being discovered by either Fluttershy or one of the Apples.

I do have a few questions for those interested in this story though:

1): What type of stone does a cockitrace turn living things into? Just from the pale grey, I'm assuming either granite or a type or marble, so Ranma could be there for years, decades, or even centuries while only showing minor signs of erosion before being found. Which leads me to question two…

2): About how long would Ranma have be in the "sleep of stone" for signs of minor erosion to occur? And, along the same lines, what is the range, from earliest to longest, that would be a reasonable assumption?