It was seemingly a peaceful night, crickets were chirping and a light fog was curling delicately through tree branches, and not much could be heard besides the usual rustle of leaves in the cold, dark air. Two young men were the only things that broke this spell of silence- a tall, lanky one with longish, dark brown hair, and a shorter but powerful-looking man with a head of tousled black hair and a sharp jaw. They were running feircely, pumping their legs as fast as they would go as they charged through the dense forest, branches whipping past as their silver blades in hand flashed in the dim moonlight. They were sprinting after a single person, persuing with hunter-like reflexes. As the single person tried to quickly change direction, the two weren't very far behind as they skidded amongst the dried leaves and kept following.

"They're getting away!" The shorter one hissed out to the other one, gripping tightly to his blade as he struggled to keep going at this breakneck speed. "No shit, Sherlock!" The other one quipped back quickly, huffing out breaths as he pushed through a few obstructing branches. "Dad's gonna be fuckin' pissed if we don't gank her." He continued, and the two veered quickly to the right as the hooded figure made another attempt to thow them off its trail.

Suddenly, the demon completely vanished, a rush of air blowing past and settling in their absence. The cousins skidded to a stop, looking at the place where she had just been a few seconds ago with matching disbelief on both of their faces. They exchanged a glance, both their eyes wide and jaws slightly hanging open. "Shit, Jimmy!" The tall one exclaimed, blinking at the empty space. "Demons who can teleport- aw, hell. This is gonna be a problem."

The dark-headed man came up slowly, his hand outstretched as he saw something peculiar. The air around where the demon had vanished was different; it had a twisting, twirling and distorted texture like when fresh water begins to mix with salt water at the mouth of a river. "Not teleporting, HJ. Time-travel." He announced, cautiously feeling out into the softly wrinkled space, trying to gage exactly when this demon had flown off to. "Well, fuck." Henry huffed, slipping his blade back into his sleeve and looking into the swirling airspace as well. "It looks like she went back to...2013." James was slow to say the date, as he slowly brought his eyes to meet his cousin's.

All the usual trickiness was not on his face as he searched James' face in shock. "Double fuck. Do you know what this means?" He said, and James frowned slighlty, narrowing his deep blue eyes as he stared into the woman-shaped space with wavering air like heatwaves that was slowly beginning to smooth out. They'd lose the trail if they waited for too long, the wrinkle in time would smooth completely out again.

"Well?" Henry asked his cousin, cocking an eyebrow and crouching down so they two were eye-level for once. "What's it gonna be, Bilbo?"

"Shut up, Mr. Jolly Green. I'm thinking." James shot back easily, narrowing his eyes in thought, bringing a hand to his lips and pinching the bottom one as he weighed the options. They could get the leg up on this demon who they'd been tracking for months, because she was very old and very powerful. Past Sam and Dean would have had to start from square one, and by the time they figured her out a lot of people could get hurt. The only con was that their parents would meet them prematurely. Who gives a damn? He thought to himself, making up his mind. I'd rather have them safe.

Henry then pulled his arm out, palm-up, inviting his cousin to take his hand. He'd easily picked up on his cousin's decision, and he agreed right away. Plus, they had to both work to time travel: and it was easiest to share the energy spent it they had skin contact with the other. "Ready to meet the 'rents, pre-kids?" Henry grinned and lifted his eyebrows. He loved adventures like this. "...and kill this time-hopping black-eyed bitch once and for all." James added, grinning just a little as he said it in a very Dean-like way.

"Aw, cuz, you make me blush." Henry joked. "I can show you the world, shining, shimmering, splendid-"

"Oh, you're fucking annoying, you know that?" James laughed, and finally took Henry's hand. "Oh, I know. Come on, slowpoke, time's-a-wastin'." He winked, and the two vanished with a flash of bright white light and a loud whump like a rug being shaken out.


It wasn't exactly a smooth landing for the both of them. They bumped hard a few times on the ride over, like a stone skipping on a lake. They tumbled when they arrived at the motel room where they'd located their fathers, landing very unelegantly with a flash of white in a tangled mess of limbs and wings.

"Dude, your damn legs are crushing me!" James huffed irritably, trying to detangle himself and eventually letting his inner-Dean come out as he shoved the lanky body off of him with a harsh push, which had Henry's shoe almost kick him in the face. "Bitch, you caused that turbulence!" Henry snipped back, and James was trying to stand up and get out of his cousin's labyrinth of freakishly long limbs.

"What the-" Sam said, straightening up from where he'd been packing his bag and going on the defensive as these mysterious boys had seemingly fallen from the sky.

Dean went on the defensive immediately, straightening up from tying his shoe and reaching for Ruby's blade. "Great. Not this shit again. Who the hell are you two?" He demanded, bringing down his eyebrows in mistrust. He unsheathed the blade and looked out at them like he was just about ready to lunge and run them through.

"Hey, man. Chill. We're not demons." Henry said casually, quickly pulling on his shirt to show the anti-possession tattoo on his chest, and James quickly followed suit, and once he was fully standing up he averted his eyes from Dean and offered his cousin a hand to help stand up. He hadn't even noticed that Dean had pulled out a gun instead once he heard they weren't demons, and next thing James knew he was staring down the barrel of a gun.

"Whoa, whoa!" The dark-haired man said, somewhat alarmed, as he put his palms up innocently and backed away. "No need to get all gunsy with me, Sundance."

"I'm gonna ask again. Who the hell are you?" Dean demanded, cocking his gun and holding it outstretched without so much as a waver. He scanned the room, a thought suddenly occuring to him as he saw all the spray-painted sigils on every wall and window. "What are you? There's no way you could have gotten in here unless you're human.."

"We are human, Uncle D. Well, at least part." Henry's voice was confident and almost jeering, although it was light hearted. He finally stood and straightened up, combing a hand through his long, dark brown locks as he stood at his full height. It was hard to tell how tall he would have been when he had been on the floor, but damn. He must have been at least six foot three already, and it was clear that he was still young and might even have a few more inches in store. He looked like he was around his low to mid twenties, and the shorter, dark-haired man didn't look a day older than twenty himself, a few years younger than the taller one.

Dean didn't know what to say as the name registered. Uncle D? The taller one continued, sporting a cocky grin and leaning an elbow onto the shorter kid's head, as if he were a banister to rest his elbow instead of a person much shorter than him. "You slacker. I picked up on most of that damn work getting here, you know."

"Getoff!" The dark-haired man mumbled, shoving the arm away and re-tousling his already messy locks. "Yeah, right, Henry. You know I did my fair share." Henry rolled his eyes and punched him on the shoulder lightly.

"Okay, nobody moves until I get an answer! Who and what the hell are you?" Dean insisted, and Sam looked on from behind him, an enlightening look on his face like he mighy actually be figuring this out already.

"We're half-dicks." Henry answered, grinning as James snorted. "Must you always be so damn blunt, HJ?" He pretended to be irritated, but his breaking smile gave him away.

"Excuse me?" Dean insisted, lifting an eyebrow in disbelief. "What the hell are you trying to say here?"

"You know, half-angels. Nephilim, Da-..uh, Dean." James said, reaching back and scrubbing the back of his neck with his hand, and suddenly Dean saw something very peculiar- in that moment, that pair of dark blue eyes looking up at him, he was somehow reminded of...Cas?

"I'm Henry John Winchester. And this is my little hobbit couzzie James Samuel Winchester." Henry said with confidence, and James looked up at Dean almost shyly, keeping his hand on the back of his head. "Su-prise?" He asked in a suprisingly cute way.

"Hold up, if he's your cousin, and you're both-" Sam started, and he looked a little light-headed for a second as he reached for the nearest piece of furniture to grab onto. "So..."

"Take a wild guess, Pops." Henry's voice was dripping with sarcasm as he leaned casually on a nearby bookcase, crossing his jeaned mile-long legs. "Not like little stubby-legs over here could possibly be yours."

Dean blinked and had a look that clearly said 'are you kidding me?' "Sammy, is there something you want to tell me?" He said slowly, finally lowering his gun slowly as he took in the two young adults who stood in front of him. The taller one had longer, dark brown hair that was gently curving around his face, a texture right between straight and wavy. His eyes were blue-green and devious-looking, with a smug grin that seemed to be permanently plastered on his face. He was standing casually, his hands tucked into the pockets of his blue jeans, and he was wearing a worn-in black jacket with just a peek of the black-grey-and-white plaid underneath.

"I don't know Dean, why don't you go first?" Sam quipped back, embarrassed, and Dean struggled on how to reply. If they were cousins, that meant..

The other kid, who was probably half a foot shorter and a few years younger than Henry, was looking up to Dean with wide, hope-diamond-blue eyes. "...It's a boy?" He said, shooting Dean a little smile and shrugging. He had tousled, dark black "sex hair", a sharp jaw and some scruff on his cheeks. He was wearing jeans too, and a dark blue flannel to match his eyes.

Dean ran a hand down his face and looked back out at the boys again, making sure they were still there when he opened his eyes. Yup, they were."Casss!" He called out loudly, looking up at the sky, and Henry snickered. "I'm gonna love the look on Uncle Cassie's face when he sees us, right Jimmy?" He laughed, elbowing James, who elbowed right back. "Shut up, bitchtits." He chuckled.

"Hey! No one moves until Cas gets here." Dean growled, annoyed that they were being so damn casual and playful in an obviously hostile situation. "You two better start talking, damnit." He pulled up a chair and sat backwards on it, observing the two deeply with narrowed eyes. Okay, so, obviously this wasn't a trick. He could see all of their features clearly had resemblances, and so did their personalities. "So, you boys are from the future?" Sam asked uncertainly.

"Yep. Took us both to get back here." Henry answered.

"Oh, this is bullshit. Sam, heaven wants something from us, and all this is some kind of trap." He said angrily. How dare they try to trick him and make him feel like he and Cas could really share a son? It just made him even angrier as he looked at the kid in front of him, who was obviously crafted so he would give in. Unfortunately, it was already working. James turned to Henry and crossed his arms. "Wow, okay genius." He rolled his eyes. " 'Let's go find our parents! It's a great idea!' My ass, Henry!"

"Come on, couzie, give me a break. We needed help tracking that demon." He crossed his arms as well and squared off against his cousin, towering over him, but the dark-haired James wasn't intimiated. "I wish you got Gabe's height, douchenozzle." He laughed, looking up into Henry's face. "Being a giant sure has made you cocky."

"In more ways than one. Everyone knows tall people have big feet. And you know what they say about big feet.." James had started to laugh huskily, and there was a faint rustle of feathers as Cas finally came into the room.

"I believe the expression ends with "big shoes"." He said, looking right to Dean once he'd arrived. "I hope my arrival was punctual enough." He said, but then did a double-take to the two boys he'd first adressed. "Wait-" The word tumbled from his lips, and instead of facing Dean he swiveled to face the boys.

James smiled shyly up at Cas. How the hell was he supposed to address someone who didn't even know he existed? Or had never planned for him to exist? He fiddled with the bottom of his flannel. "Hi, dad." He said quietly, his own blue eyes meeting Cas's.

"Cas? You have some explaining to do." Dean prompted, lifting an eyebrow in disbelief.


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