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Dean sighed as he and Cas sat opposite of their three boys on the couch as they sat an on ottoman, Cas was gently holding Dean's hand in his and the boys were staring at them, getting ready for them to speak up.

Dean cleared his throat. Literally, where the hell was he supposed to start? "Did we ever tell you how me and your father got together?" Dean asked.

James tipped his head to the side. "What are you talking about?" Leo and Robbie seemed equally confused as they sat on James's either side.

"I mean, Cas pulled you from hell, right?" Leo piped up, tipping his blonde head to the side. "That's when it started?"

Dean swallowed. "Well, yes and no." He answered. "That was technically when we met. But the reason why we really got together..." He pressed his lips together. "James, it was because of you."

James brought his eyebrows together. "You mean, like, after I was concieved or something?"

Cas shook his head. "No. You travelled back in time, today." James was extremely confused and let Cas speak up again. "You were different than the person you are right now. Your brothers did not exist, and Sam and Gabriel's younger ones did not either. It was only you and Henry."

James was shocked. He tightened his arms protectively around his two little brothers. "What are you talking about? Nothing happened today."

"It was a different you from an alternate dimension. Henry was hurting from a deal he made to save your life, when both of us almost died from when I gave birth to you. Gabriel wasn't around either. I had almost died with you, James, and couldn't risk having more." Cas looked sadly at his eighteen year old twins, who looked frightened. James rubbed Leo's shoulder, the baby of the family.

"Well, what happened?" James asked. Just him and Henry? Sure, the younger kids could be irritating sometimes, but he loved them just as much as Henry.

"You and Henry changed that, into now." Dean explained. "I'm so proud of you, that you did. The old timeline basically sucked. And I'm damn grateful you changed it."

Cas gently curled his fingers into Dean's hand. He was too, he loved his family with Dean.

Dean decided to start from the beginning.

He cleared his throat and looked at the three pairs of eyes staring back at him. "Boys, as you know, things were...a little difficult for us."

James screwed up his face. "Dad. That's gross."

Dean rolled his eyes, but was smiling just a little. "Just let me explain, please?"

"I don't want you to tell them everything." Cas said in embarrasment.

"Okay. Edited version, alright?" He kissed his angel on the cheek. "I'm leaving it up to you to teach them about mojo sex later on, baby." Cas flushed considerably just thinking about it.

"Now. Let me start from when James was..hmm..mixed." Dean failed to come up with a better word.

"Dad. I'm not a damn cake." James huffed, crossing his arms.

"Concieved is still the appropriate word, even though angel reproduction does seem strange." Cas butted in. "He was not..mixed, Dean."

Dean threw his hands up in apology. "Geez! So-rry! Can I just start my story now?" Dean cleared his throat again.

"So. Me and Cas had a little trouble bringing James into existence, I guess. Things were complicated for both our souls, mine was ravaged by hell and his all scarred up from the inside from the Leviathans, but we made it work somehow." Dean curled his fingers in Cas's. "It took- a lot of trying."

James had now covered his face in his hands, his face red with embarrassment. "Oh Lord, Dad..."

It was yet another night that they were supposed to try for a fledgling, which they'd been doing more and more often now that the five year mark was almost here. Dean felt awful, yesterday had been yet another failure and Cas had been extremely upset, sitting on the edge of the bed with his face in his hands as Dean wrapped his arm around him.

Dean thought he'd just want to go to sleep tonight instead of going again, he'd been mopy all day, holding three-year-old Henry much more often than usual and not speaking much to anyone.

They crawled into bed after Dean had brushed his teeth, the angel was still sad as he let Dean wrap his arms around him, burying his face in his chest and breathing out shakily.

Dean rubbed his back a little, and silently the angel tilted his head up and pressed his lips to Dean's.

"Love you, Cas." Dean whispered into his lips. "Don't worry, baby, we'll have a family soon enough."

Without saying anything, a delicate tendril of Cas's grace curled its way into Dean's soul and twisted with a piece of it, gently, before pulling away with a ghostly stroke.

"Are we going to try again?" Dean asked, running his hand through Cas's hair and pushing it off his forehead. Cas downcast his eyes and frowned a little. He wished he'd never been so stupid as to involve himself with the Leviathans. He thought it had all been over when he came to after lying on the floor in that warehouse, but he was so wrong.

Cas didn't speak but reciprocated with a few more little flame-like tendrils, sneaking into Dean's soul and tangling in it like gentle fingers in hair. It was hard even for Cas to keep track of both the body and soul at once, and he hadn't even noticed that lips were tenderly pressed to his once again.

"Hmm." Dean hummed from the back of his throat in a low tone, moving his palm up the base of Cas's neck and slipping his fingers through his dark hair. "That's nice, Cas."

"Dean!" Cas interrupted him from his story. "They're too young to hear about this yet." He blushed, squeezing his hands together.

"Dad, I'm twenty." James laughed.

"In angel years you are still an infant! You only have one addition and your brothers haven't even started to form theirs, so I will not have you partaking in learning about the angel side of reproduction." Cas downcast his eyes in embarrassment. "My babies will not grow up too fast, not if I can help it."

Dean laughed and found himself kissing him again. "I love it when you get all protective-papa mode on them."

"Daaadd!" All three of them whined in several different pitches.

"Fucking finish the story already or I'm out!" Robbie huffed. "Jesus!"

"Fine! Geez, I can't have a little lovin' with my husband?" Dean shot back. At his son's exasperated groans he finally continued the story. "So, moving on-"

Dean let out a stifled gasp and fisted the back of Dean's shirt, his head dropping to the space between his neck and shoulder, trying hard to supress his moan. It had been almost an hour now, starting with human sex and now it was purely grace, but Cas was feeling worse and worse as his human, with such a tiny, weak soul in comparison, was starting to lose consciousness at the exposure to his very powerful grace.

"Cas- Cas, I', I'm seeing stars," Dean whispered, taking deep breaths as the angel's grace surged within him. "I don't know..maybe not tonight-"

Cas let out a frusterated noise, mostly at himself, as he gave himself just a minute more to continue his search through Dean's soul. Dean looked like he was having a hard time keeping conscious, he was breathing hard and his grip on the man's shoulders began to loosen. "Cas-"

The angel couldn't believe it when it finally happened. A tiny snag, the smallest of catches that could have been overlooked if he'd been less careful.

Dean gasped, he'd felt the difference too. Beads of sweat were exuding from his cheeks.

Cas let his instincts take over, as his whole self began to pool around the one spot. He held his grace there as long as he could until it began to get too hot, he somehow knew that this was how the soul would be pliable enough to break of a piece without death.

"Dean." Cas ran his hands through the hairs on the back of his head. His grace tugged at his soul, trying to find purchase, searching for a seam to pull at. Dean hissed out a breath. The grace in one ultrahot spot like that fucking hurt.

"Dean, give yourself to me. Let go." Cas's grace nudged again, trying to take a piece for itself. He felt something soften and he pulled, but the soul was still resisting.

"Cas," Deans voice was strained. "Take it out. Please."

"Let go, Dean." Cas prompted gently. "I love you. You can trust me."

The angel realized why it had taken so long, trying almost everyday and it still wasn't working. Dean couldn't let go, not after everything his soul had been through.

"I love you, and I want a family so bad, Cas." Dean replied, and right when he pressed his lips to the angel's, Cas felt a sudden change as something very different happened. The piece came loose, and Cas's eyes flew wide as his grace rushed into the seams.

Cas receded, but this time was different. Instead of snapping back into his own body, with nothing but himself, a tiny piece of Dean had allowed itself to dislodge, and tendrils had greedily wrapped around it and dragged it back into Cas's body. Dean gasped as he felt the piece leave.

Cas was astonished, collapsing down onto the mattress.

"Fuck," Dean breathed, cringing. His soul was throbbing around the tiny absent piece. "Cas," Dean said, his eyes still fluttering as he tried to come back to full consciousness again. "I...something was different this time."

Cas licked his lips and took a second before he answered. "Dean," He said quietly, reaching out and running his fingers through his short hairs. "I..I believe..."

Dean laughed elatedly and led Cas's hand down to cup his cheek, layering his hand on top. "Fuck, Cas. I-really? Think it worked this time?

Cas blushed. "I...I have to ask Gabriel to be certain. But I think so."

Dean kissed him again, and Cas felt something stir in his chest as Dean pressed close to the newly mixing grace. Cas let out a noise of surprise and Dean immediately pulled away. "What? Is something wrong?"

Cas shook his head, but his hand flew to the spot where he'd felt the squirm. "I think it recognized your soul being close to it." He pressed his palm to the skin on his chest, and it was hotter than normal. Just like Gabriel said it would be.

Cas didn't see how this could be anything else. Dean's soul had finally given up a small piece for him, and as they spoke Cas felt the peice changing from a light that was pure Dean into something else, saturated in Cas's grace. This must be the mixing process Gabriel had also told him about.

"Why are you calling him an 'it'?" Dean asked, pressing his own hand to the hot skin on Cas's chest. "It's nice to see you again, Jamie." Dean whispered, bending down and kissing the warm skin, and Cas blushed furiously.


"Yup." Gabriel couldn't help but laugh at his little brother's expression as he patted his shoulder, Cas was sitting up on the dining table with his shirt unbuttoned, Gabriel had just felt the spot of skin to see if it really was what he thought it was. "You've got a bun in the oven, baby on board, yada yada."

Cas touched the skin on his chest gingerly, biting his lip. "Gabe-" He started in a voice much more child-like than he would have hoped, hanging his head as his hands curled together.

"I know." The archangel sighed. "Now comes the hard part." He patted his back. "You can hop down now."

Cas began buttoning up his shirt, his face pulled into a frown. "Will anything happen to James?"

Gabriel frowned. "I don't think so. But let me tell you, at the end of it, it isn't going to be a walk in the park." He flicked his blade into his hand, staring at it as he twisted it in the light. "I'm going to have to use this. To cut him out of you, Cassie. It's going to take all the energy I have just to keep you from dying."

The angel swallowed and ran a thumb over the skin on his chest. "I-I am willing to do anything for my family."

Gabe smiled sadly. "I know you will, baby bro. I know." He retracted his blade and turned around. "It's not an easy road either. Recovery's going to be tough."

Cas nodded somberly. "Anything."

He didn't expect to feel arms and six golden wings around him. "You don't get enough credit, baby bro." He pulled away and was smirking at him.

"I can't wait to see what kind of weird cravings you get." Gabriel laughed. "I know Dean here's gonna take great care of you."

Dean took Cas's hand and kissed the cold metal band of the wedding ring. "Damn right I will."

Just then Henry came pattering into the room, his arms held over his head, asking to be picked up. He stopped at Gabe's ankles and bobbed up and down, his high-pitched voice repeating "Up! Up, dada, up!"

"Ah! There's my little peice of candy." Gabriel laughed, pulling the toddler into his arms easily, so that he was sitting on one arm as Gabe gently cradeled his back with the other arm. "Wanna know some good news, baby?"

The brown-haired kid nodded, looking at Dean and Cas with wide green-blue eyes.

"You're gonna get a baby cousin soon." Gabriel smiled at him. "Aren't you excited?"

"I don't want to have to share my toys." Henry pouted.

Gabriel laughed very hard. "I raised him right, eh? Well, I'm off to do some shopping. Call me if Cas starts wanting some pickles or lemons or ice cream. Or all three mixed in a gigantic vat. You know, whatever floats baby bro's boat."

Dean held Cas close by one arm as he rolled his eyes. "Sure. See ya, Gabe."

Once the archangel had left the room, Dean turned to Cas again. His eyes were wide and blue and obviously scared. Dean closed his eyes and cradeled the sides of Cas's face in his hands, pressing their foreheads together.

"Gabe won't let anything bad happen to you. You know that." He said in a low voice, gently smudging Cas's stubbly cheek with his thumb. "It's gonna be okay."

"I know." Cas replied, closing his eyes and just letting Dean's touch comfort him. There was a very long silence as Dean found himself smudging away tears that had started to fall from the angel's eyes. "We're having a baby, Dean." He sniffed in disbelief.

Dean touched the corner of his eye a little re-telling the story in the living room. James opened his mouth to say something but Dean quickly threw up his hand to stop him. "No. Shut up. I just got a piece of dust in my eye, okay?"

"And we most definitely did not engage in intercourse after we heard the news." Cas added, with a tiny nod, like he actually thought his boys would fall for it.

"Nope!" Dean chuckled. "Remember kids, we've never had sex ever. Only the mojo stuff and that was never just for fun." Dean's voice was so heavy with sarcasm it actually hurt his kid's ears.

"They're infants, Dean." The angel reminded him again.

"I know, I know." Dean laughed back, pressing his lips to his and quickly pulling away with a loud smack.

"Can you not?" Robbie rolled his eyes, but they crinkled up in the corners with laughter. "And what about us?"

"Oh, you two." Dean smiled at his eighteen-year-olds. "Well, let's say things were a little different with you two."

Cas was red as a beet. "Dean. Edited, remember?" He asked him quietly. "I know." Dean chuckled, squeezing his hand. "Well, I'll start with when James was born, okay?"

Cas stirred slightly, finally, after almost half an hour of pure exhaustion. Dean was immediately by his side, he pushed his fingers through his damp hair as the angel rattled out a deep breath. "Dean..." His voice was husky from the screaming.

Dean reached out his hand and clasped Cas's clammy one, smoothing his thumb over the back of his hand. "Hey. Shhh. Relax, everything's okay."

"James.." Castiel moaned, and Dean gently squeezed the hand he was holding.

"He's fine, Cas. He's sleeping, Sam's watching over him. I wanted you to rest." He ran his hand through his hair again and felt tears prick in his ducts. "You did such a great job, baby."

Cas moaned and leaned into Dean's palm, which had slid down to cup his cheek. "...Deal?" He rasped out, and his cheek felt much too clammy to Dean's touch.

"No Deal." Dean shook his head. "Gabriel said he wouldn't be able to save you from all the fallout like Lucifer had, but he did everything he could."

The angel rattled out a relieved sigh and Dean wrapped his arms around him, holding his shoulders up as he began to slump forward into him. "I'm proud of you, baby. You were so strong."

A little bit of Cas's exhausted grace managed to lift and the little flamy arm reached out and lightly touched Dean's soul, not in the usual sexual way but the kind of small action that just reminded Dean that Cas was okay, that there was nothing to worry about, and that Dean's soul was still his.

"There you are, Cas." Dean said happily, and the little lick of white fire dropped back immediately after the faint touch, and Cas nuzzled deep into Dean's chest. Dean thought for the millionth time how strange it was that his husband was quite literally nothing more than a blazing white light, and when he touched his soul like felt unreal. The fact that they knew each other, really knew each other's pure selves, not just the blood and bones that caged in their pure, stripped-down self..

Dean reciprocated with a weak touch of his own, feeling Cas's large grace shiver with unexpected happiness.

"You're learning." The angel finally graveled out more than one word, and Dean smiled into the head of hair as he went and kissed it.

"Well, I've been practicing." He laughed and smoothed down Cas's back, his hand twitching a little bit in surprise as the met the glossy black feathers of his wings. He hadn't noticed he'd pulled them out.

"You need some help?" Dean asked, running his fingers down and feeling for the pouches of oil. They were probably only an eighth full, he guessed by the size of the swelling beneath the down. He was getting good at judging things like this now. He had realized a long time ago that a regular ol' human-human relationship would just be too weird for him. He felt cheesy thinking it, but he loved Cas and all the quirks and what made him different. It kept life interesting. And he loved how happy his mate got when he finally did something obscurely angelic, perfectly.

Cas obviously had not pulled out his wings to have assistance with his oil glands, and Dean wondered why..

He felt the feathers press to his back and shoulders, the familiar bird-like muscles pressing against his shoulder blades.

Oh. He was giving him a hug.

"Thank you, Cas." Dean smiled and breathed the words into his neck. Sometimes Dean wished he were an angel too, so he could give Cas what he was missing. But usually after he had those thoughts, he ignored them. He didn't need to be an angel and Cas didn't need to be a human for them to be a perfect fit.

When James had been completely planned, and really tried for, the next two were not.

Dean's back slammed into the wall, a loud audible crack could be heard as he dented the drywall.

They'd both had a little too much to drink. Dean was hammered and Cas was even more hammered, considering how much it even took to get an angel that drunk.

Cas pressed hard against him in a very sloppy, very drunk kiss, every part of his body pressed hard against Dean, their cocks both hard and pressed together for a few seconds before Cas gripped Dean's shoulders, there was a loud audible tear as he ripped the seam down the back of his jacket, ripping him away from the wall once again and slamming him down onto the bed.

"Dean," His tongue felt heavy in his mouth as he crouched over Dean, every muscle in his body tense like he was crouching over prey. "Illoveyuu, but imgonna tear you apart."

"Bring it the fuckkkon, sweetheart." Dean slurred back, and was met with what he could only describe as a punch to the mouth with Cas's own, kissing him so hard that Dean felt like his mouth might be bruised in the morning.

Dean gripped hard onto Cas's shoulders, his hands perched and claw-like, and the angel wasted no time shoving his whole self into Dean's soul with one harsh push.

Dean whimpered out at the blinding pain he felt on entry and sunk his teeth into Cas's shoulder, his hands clawing down his bare back. It didn't hurt him anymore when Cas eased into it, gently reaching out and pushing in slowly, but Dean gasped in pain as Cas had coiled up himself and pushed.

"Cas," He slurred out, the back of his head digging into his pillow as his pale neck extended and the angel wasted no time covering the smooth surface with sloppy kisses. They were both so drunk they probably wouldn't remember this in the morning.

Dean moaned and bucked up against Cas's hips when he smelled that sweet scent of his oil, knowing full well what was coming next. His fingers felt fat and heavy as he fumbled with his shirt, undoing the buttons, giving up halfway through, and ripping the shirt off with an outward pull of his chest as he tossed it aside, sitting up and wrapping his arms around Cas's neck, kissing him hard and working his mouth open and closed.

The angel actually growled when he ganked down his jeans. Dean gasped out as Cas roughly flipped him onto his stomach, and smiled as he felt his dick throbbing.

"Damn. You know just how to do me, baby, don't you?" There was a moment of tenderness as he felt Cas's palms full of smooth, clean wing-oil clumsily massage down from Dean's shoulderblades all the way down his back, right next to his spine, Dean shivered with pleasure as his hands slipped over his lower back with warm, very sweet-smelling oil.

Things that happened next were a blur for both of them. Dean moaned something unintelligible, and Cas gripped his hipbones tight. Dean felt a jolt down his spine, he cried out loudly at the first oil-slippery push that went deep enough the first time. They were both rocking back and forth, Cas thrust deeper and deeper with each push, a crushing grip on Dean's hips as he pulled his mate further into him. Dean cried out as he hit his prostate, gripping the sheets tight and biting his lip so hard he drew blood. He saw a black wing in front of his face, and when the angel came inside him he bit down on the wing so hard he felt some of the feathers break into his mouth.

Cas's soul began to make its exit, and Dean slurred for him to not leave. "Not that," He said pointedly. "I want your grace. Give it to me. Deep as you can."

Dean's soul was suddenly bursting full of him again, and Dean fisted the sheets tight, screaming out with pain this time. It was nothing like he'd ever felt before, he felt his soul being blown up from the inside, past its capacity, he could have sworn it tore a little. His head swam, but not in a good way this time. Cas noticed immediately he'd gone too far and snapped guiltily back into his own body within a second, leaving Dean's soul to quiver and throb with the quickness at which he'd done everything. Dean felt exhausted and the world was fuzzy and fuck, his soul hurt. And he told himself he was never, ever, ever going to drink again.


Dean woke up the next morning with what felt like a hangover times a hundred. His head was pounding, and he felt queazy. And that was only from the alcohol.

His soul felt absolutely ravaged. It was aching even now, pulsing with a soul-deep kind of pain. "Cas," He called out, angry at the loud volume of his own wheezy voice. Last night had been a total blur.

Dean spat out the feathery bits that were still left in his mouth as groaned as his soul throbbed painfully. He was only a human, he wasn't quite built to withstand the whole power of an angel's grace with the angel's way of reproduction.

"I was too harsh with you." Cas scolded himself, reaching up and smoothing down Dean's forehead. His hand felt so cold, and Dean moaned slightly and his head lolled to the side.

"Fuckkk," Dean hissed out as his soul throbbed painfully again.

"I'm sorry, Dean. I didn't hold back like I usually do." The angel's voice was full of guilt. "I didn't leave any leftover in my vessel this time."

"I think it tore a little." Dean spoke up, his words much more of a mumble than he'd intended. "My soul. Fuck, Cas, it hurts."

The angel was completely silent as he smoothed down Dean's damp and sweaty hair, curling his fingers along the nape of his neck. Cas shuddered out a breath before speaking up again.

"Dean. Last let go of a few pieces of your soul." He started, licking his lips and dragging his thumb along a pulse point on the back of his neck. "Dean, I'm pregnant."

Dean's whole body jolted as his eyes flew open and he sat up. "Shit." He said, rubbing his eyes and looking into Cas's afraid blue ones. "I mean, shit Cas. What's going to happen to you?"

The angel slipped his eyes closed and shook his head silently. "I don't know. I don't know if my soul will have an even harder time birthing them this time."

Dean shot up in bed and gripped Cas's arm. "Them, Cas? What the hell are you talking about, them?"

The angel smiled shyly. "I don't know how or why...last night was a blur for me as well. But...there are two individual pieces of grace inside me."

Dean ran a hand down his face, frowning. "Twins? What about you, Cas? What if your grace can't handle another birth? Much less two?" He gently clasped Cas's hands in his. "What are we supposed to do?" He whispered, his lips pulling into a frown.

Cas frowned. "I will speak with Gabriel. He will determine if I am strong enough to keep them."

He began to slide off the edge of the bed to leave Dean in his hungover misery. Dean took his wrist before he could go.

"Wait," He rasped. "Cas, I'm...I'm glad this happened."

The angel's expression softened. "Why?"

"I never wanted James to be an only child." Dean admitted. "Having a brother or sister is one of the best things in the world. I want James to be an older brother."

Cas smiled. "I do too." He sat back down, and Dean wrapped his arm around his torso, gently bringing his fingers down the craggy white scar that already ridged down much of his chest from James's birth. "Are you sure you're going to be okay? It took you a long time to recover last time, baby."

Cas nodded and Dean kissed his shoulder. "Okay." Dean whispered. "Then I'll be okay too."


"Well, you can sit up here." Gabriel patted the same old table, and Cas looked overwhelmed as he hopped up on the table and squeezed Dean's hand.

Gabriel put a stethoscope to his ears and grinned at Cas. "Damn, baby bro. You must have really dug deep to get two of of Deano."

Cas blushed feriously. "I..I was drunk and much too harsh with his soul."

"I'll say." Gabriel laughed airily. "God, usually only the angels with the roughest sex wind up with twins. You'll definitely have an image with the other angels now, Cassie." Cas's cheeks burned pink.

Gabriel listened and felt with his hand, uncapping a pen with his teeth and tracing a circle on the angel's chest, the circle just a few inches above his nipple on his right side. Gabriel nodded as he closed the circle, and Cas looked down and touched the warm skin tentatively.

"Well, there's your first one." Gabriel announced, and the look on Cas's face was overwhelmed to say the least.

"The size is perfectly healthy. Nothing to worry about here." Gabriel moved on, feeling for the next indication of the little nodule of grace. He finally found it on the left side, higher on his chest, just barely overlapping onto his collarbone. Gabriel frowned as he measured and drew the second circle. It was much smaller in radius than the first one.

"Okay, so the second one is a little smaller than normal. But they were only concieved last night, right?" Gabriel asked with a trickstery lift of his eyebrow. Cas avoided his brother's eyes and nodded.

"You topped?" He asked Cas, who was trying in vein to hide his very red face. "Come on, Cassie. It's an important question."

Cas mumbled when he spoke up. "It's all a blur. But...I think so. Yes."

Gabriel let out a low whistle. "Damn. Well, congrats on not being the big pussy I thought you were."

Cas looked extremely irritated. "You said it was an important question!" He barked out, angry as Gabriel was laughing hard now.

"Yeah, I lied." Gabriel replied, chuckling a little more at Cas shot him a look that could kill. "C'mon, it's not like I'm going to do this and not poke a little fun!"

He touched the small, penned-in circle again. "Well, if they were only conceived last night, it's normal for one to be a little small. It'll have time to grow to a healthier size, there's no worries." He finally smiled reassuringly at Cas. "Better start shopping in twos. Can you tell their gender yet?"

The angel nodded. "Male. Both of them." Dean squeezed his hand tight when he heard this. Gabe helped wipe away the pen and began to explain more.

"Now, recovery might take a little longer than last time." Gabriel said somberly, cleaning the pen off in circular motions. "You'll definitely feel like total shit for at least two weeks."

Cas nodded silently, accepting the fact. Gabriel saw the thick scar left over from James, when he'd cut Cas open with his blade, and frowned at it. It was the only way he could get the child out so that neither of them would die. The scar was thick, craggy, very ugly and obviously very painful. "We'll have to make two more of those as well."

Cas nodded again. "I'm willing to do that."

Gabriel pulled him into a soft hug. "I'll be here, li'l bro. I won't let anything happen to you, okay?"

Dean helped him down off the table, kissing his ring again.

Cas wrapped his arms around his midsection as Dean began to make breakfast, Cas was humming as he rested his chin on Dean's shoulder. Dean felt the spots of dry warmth pressed to his back and felt so happy that he almost cut himself while he was chopping the tomatoes for an omelette.

Cas wandered off while Dean ate breakfast with Sam, six-year-old Henry, and Fenris. Dean later found him in James's room, cradling the sleepy and droopy child in his arms, James's dark hair was messy as always and he was still wearing his blue pajamas with the little sharks, his favorite.

Cas had his hand on the two-year-old's back, and it took a second for Dean to see that the boy was nuzzled up to one of the hot patches of skin, his chubby cheek pressed to the hot skin and a dreamy smile on the boy's face. He must have loved the warmth just like Dean did. It took Dean even longer to realize Cas was crying. But he didn't seem sad at all, because he was smiling.