A Morgan and Garcia Pregnancy

Chapter 1- Admitting Feelings

It all started on one of their friday night movie nights, they were snuggled up on Penelope's couch watching a romantic comedy when Derek turned and said "Penelope I love you, know that right?" looking up at Derek Penelope sat confused she couldn't believe what she was hearing but said "I love you too Derek" not thinking that he meant anything by his statement.

Derek sat upright on the couch and turned so that he was now facing a still a slightly confused Penelope Garcia he took both her hands in his much bigger ones and looked her straight in the eye and said "Baby Girl when I said that I love you it meant that I am completely and utterly head over heels in love with you."

Penelope was speechless by his statement she was still confused but also she had tears in her eyes because secretly she has loved him from their very meeting but she never once said anything because she didn't think that he would feel the same way that she did, now that Derek had come out with how he felt for her she felt that she could now act on her feelings.

Penelope and Derek sat in silence for a few minutes, Penelope opened her mouth to try and tell him how she was feeling but when no words came out the only way that she could express herself was to remove her hands from his she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around his neck and attached her lips to his gently she licked at his lower lip until she felt him respond to her actions and before she knew what was happening he deepened the kiss they melted together and it began a very heated make-out session.

Neither of the them cared about finishing the end of the movie, Derek sat back on the couch and pulled Penelope into his lap his hands roaming up and down the sides of her body, over her back and ass before one hand trailed it's way up her back and he tangled it into the fine hair at the nape of her neck pulling her against him more, Penelope's hand was holding the nape of Derek's neck while the other traced his chest and well toned abdomen through his shirt while her hips began to rock back and forth against his hips.

Derek didn't know how much more he could take with her grinding down on him, he was already painfully hard with the need and want for her all his nightly fantasies were finally coming true, he stood up with Penelope in his arms her arms wrapped around his neck now and her legs wrapped around his waist he carried her into her bedroom and gently placed her in the middle of her bed without breaking their locked lips as he crawled up between her legs.

Derek used his arms to support his weight above her as he broke their kiss before leaving a trail of kisses along her jaw to her ear where he took her earlobe into his mouth nibbling on it before sucking to soothe it, he left his kisses behind her ear on her sweet spot before trailing more kisses down to her neck and collarbone where be began sucking leaving a purplish mark behind hopefully to ward off any admirers that Penelope may have, now supporting himself by one arm Derek move one hand to the hem of her shirt and began to push it up over her stomach and breasts before she helped him to remove the offending piece of clothing and throwing it to the floor.

Penelope grabbed the hem of his shirt and removed it so that she could unveil his sculptured body, she put her hand to his chest and gave a gentle push so that he was now resting on his knees she sat up and began to explore his body with her hands she attached her lips to his earlobe and began to suck on it before letting it slip from between her lips so that she could whisper the words that couldn't be spoken earlier when he confessed that he loved her with a sensual tone in her voice she whispered "I am in love with you too Hot Stuff and I have been for a very long time I am beyond happy at this present moment."

Derek and Penelope finally removed the rest of their clothing throwing it all to the floor to join the earlier discarded items, Derek began to explore his gorgeous Baby Girl's body with his mouth as he licked, nibbled and sucked his way over every inch of her glorious milky white skin, Penelope was very aroused by the time his mouth reached her pussy she was dripping wet and her scent was now driving him wild dipping his head between her legs he licked the entire length of her slit taking in all her juices before he started in on the little bundle of nerves at the top of her pussy with his tongue.

Derek flicked his tongue over her clitoris before sucking it in to his mouth he continued working on her pussy until he felt her body start stiffen and he knew that she was close, he sucked two fingers into his mouth to get them wet before inserting them into her pussy and he slowly began to finger fuck her until she screamed out "FUCK Derek" as she came undone around his fingers and in his mouth he made sure he cleaned her up not leaving a single drop of her juice behind, he removed his fingers and mouth from her now sensitive core.

Derek crawled back up her body and gave her a kiss before laying back on the bed beside her as she came down from the high of her orgasm,he rolled on to his side and draped his arm over her waist and pulled her body towards his, but Penelope didn't lay there long because as soon as she had come down from cloud 9 she rolled Derek onto his back she moved so that she was kneeling between his legs as she began to trail her kisses down his neck to his chest flicking her tongue over his tiny nipples, down over his six pack and down to his now very painful rock hard erection she kissed the tip before taking the head into her mouth she flicked her tongue against the very sensitive frenulum while sucking the head, she began inserting an inch or two more in to her mouth Penelope continued her ministrations until she had about his length in he mouth, she wasn't sure she would be able to take his full length as Derek has a very large cock if she was to guess how big he was she would have to he is approx 9.5 - 10 inches long and very thick.

Penelope got him close enough to his orgasm he groaned as he said "Oh FUCK Baby" before she pulled him out of her mouth and climbed up his body she straddled his hips before reaching for his cock, she wrapped her hand around his and began rubbing the head of his cock against her pussy before gently pushing the tip into her entrance taking her time to lower herself down on to him so that her core could adjust to his big size once his cock was buried to the hilt inside her Derek rolled them over so that he was now in control and so that he could make love to her, gently and carefully Derek worshipped Penelope until they both could no longer take it anymore both of them coming undone at into the most amazing orgasms screaming each others names.

When Derek pulled out of Penelope he lay beside her and pulled her body against his, they lay on their sides facing each other so that they could talk about what all this now means Penelope was the first to speak when she said "Derek please tell me that this was not just a one time thing because it would break my heart now that we have both come clean with our feelings for each other" Derek replied "Baby Girl I can guarantee you that this will never be just a one time thing because now that I have you I am never letting you go, you are my god given solace, you are the reason that I wake up in the morning, you are my reason for living" before he leaned in and kissed her passionately, they soon fell asleep holding each other.

Penelope woke to the sun streaming through the curtains she was still laying in the same position that she had fallen asleep in the night before, Penelope need to use the bathroom but Derek had his arm wrapped firmly around her waist she tried lifting his arm gently to wiggle her way out without waking him but he would just pull her back against him tighter in the end she had to wake him she said "Baby Boy I need to get up and use the bathroom" he finally released her and rolled over on to his stomach and she darted out of bed and into the bathroom.

When Pen returned to her bedroom she found him still asleep on his stomach so the gently climbed back up on the bed and straddled the back of his thighs and being that the blankets were just covering his ass cheeks she began to rub his back and leaving a trail of kisses where her hands had been and before long she felt him start to wake up when she noticed his eyes looking over his shoulder is when she leaned over his back so that she could give him a good morning kiss, he separated the kiss and said "good morning Baby Girl" she was quick to reply with "I will show you a good morning Handsome."

Derek and Pen spent the next few hours making up for all the lost time that they could have been together,they made love several times, they even fucked hard before finally getting up and getting in the shower only to get even dirtier before getting clean they exited the shoer and dressed, neither one felt like cooking so they took a walk to a local cafe for brunch due to it being closer to lunch time by the time they arrived at the cafe they ordered their coffee, pancakes and a side of fresh fruit and chose a quiet corner in the cafe to sit and talk without too much noise or interruption, while waiting for the food and coffee to arrive they sat holding hands across the table while talking and laughing about how it took them 6 years to finally admit they had feelings for each other.