A Morgan and Garcia Pregnancy

Chapter 10 - In Hospital

Penelope's pregnancy has been going smoothly, even though she is still working but is taking it easy and resting when she needs to, going to every doctors appointment seeing the twins via ultrasound and listening to their heartbeats knowing that they are doing well is keeping her calm, but at 28 weeks things go a little pear shaped and she has take her leave earlier than expected.

Penelope was sitting her office conducting searches for the B team when she began to feel little twinges in her lower belly, she tried to ignore it but they seemed to get worse so she stood up and headed for her office door when she felt an extremely painful twinge which caused her double over clutching her belly she whispered "please no, please no this can't be happening" unsure of what was happening she made her way back to her chair and picked up her cell phone and hit the speed dial button for Derek, Derek answered the phone on the 2nd ring and said "hey Baby Girl" she replied with a wince as another twinge ripped through her body and tears running down her face "Derek please come to my office NOW" she heard Derek starting to run towards her office as he said "tell me what is happening Baby" letting out a scream as the twinges kept coming she said "it hurts Derek please hurry" when he got to the door he hung up the phone.

Derek got to her office and quickly punched in the code to open the door entering the office he saw his Baby Girl sitting in her chair clutching at her belly he immediately made his way to her and dropped to his knees in front of her he cupped her face and wiped the tears that had fallen and said "explain to me what is happening Baby so I can make the decision of what we do" through gritted teeth Pen replied "I am getting these twinges in my belly and they hurt so much and I am scared that something is going to happen to the girls" he pulls his cell phone from his pocket and began to dial the number for Dr. Green while he wrapped her up in his free arm, Pen was still clutching at her belly while she tucked her head in the crook of his neck as she tried to breath through the pain that the twinges caused.

Derek was talking to and she said "can you bring her into the doctors office immediately and I will leave a note for the receptionist to bring you straight into an exam room when you get here" Derek said "thank you Dr. Green we will be there as soon as possible" and he hung up and dialed Hotch's number "Hotch" was what Derek heard and Derek quickly said " Hotch I need to get Pen to the Doctors she is in lots of pain and is having twinges in her belly we will be back as soon as possible" Hotch replied "no worries just let me know what is going on, see you later and I hope everything is ok with the girls" they hung up Derek slipped his phone in his pocket and grabbed Pen's purse and picked Pen up and carried her towards the elevator, only to see Hotch standing there holding the doors open so that they didn't have to wait.

Getting into the elevator Derek said "thanks Hotch" Hotch didn't say anything he just nodded and stuck his head in the elevator and pressed the button for the car park and then backed out and let go of the door, Derek and Pen made it to the car park and to the SUV Derek was lucky that his SUV had smart locking so that he didn't need the keys to unlock the door he opened the door and place Pen in the seat not even bothering with her seatbelt he kissed her forehead and closed the door, running to the driver side he quickly got in and started the engine and backed out of the car space and took off out of the car park flicking his lights and sirens on so that they could get there as quick as possible, arriving at the doctors office he parked the car right out front not caring about getting a ticket the only thing her cared about were his wife and his baby girls.

Derek jumped out of the SUV and ran to Pen's side opening the door he picked her bridal style, he kicked the door shut and carried her into the doctors office he saw a nurse waiting just outside the door with a wheelchair he put Pen in the wheelchair and held the door open for the nurse and the three of them entered, the nurse took them straight into an exam room Pen was still clutching her belly and wincing at the pain and also trying to breath through each twinge, upon entering the exam room they found that Dr. Green was waiting for them, Derek picked Penelope up out of the wheelchair and gently laid her on the exam table and she lay there rolled up in the fetal position on her left side, sat beside so that she was face to face with Pen and said "ok Pen I need you to tell me what is happening, I know that Derek partially explained what is happening but I need to hear it from you."

Penelope said "I was sitting at my desk doing some work when I started feeling a few light twinges" pointing to her lower belly near her public bone "I tried to ignore them thinking that one of the babies was just pushing on it but then they started to get stronger and more frequent and then when I stood up and started walking they got worse causing me to double over in pain so I managed to make it back to my chair and I called Derek and he came running to my office and that is when he called you" Dr. Green was writing all that Pen had just said to her on the chart in her hand before saying "ok can I get you to roll over on your back so that I can have a look at your belly and can you tell me on a scale of 1-10 what the pain you are experiencing is" Pen said " the pain is about a 5 at the moment" as she rolled over on to her back Dr. Green began to palpate Pen's belly and felt nothing out of the ordinary and said "ok so I can't feel anything that could be causing the pain so I want to do an ultrasound just to check that everything is ok in there with them."

Dr. Green set up the ultrasound machine Pen reached for Derek's hand and held it in a death grip scared of what Dr. Green would find when she conducted the ultrasound, Dr. Green lifted Pen's shirt and lowered her skirt and applied the cold gel before placing the transducer in the gel and began to move the gel and the transducer across Pen's belly and with in a minute she found exactly what the problem was and stopped the transducer over the area and said as she pointed to the screen "can you see this area here that is the placenta and the pain that you are experiencing is due to there being a small 2cm tear in the placenta so I would like to admit you into hospital for a few days so that we can place you on fetal monitors and observe the girls for any fetal distress and then it will bed rest for you until we see that there is any change with you or the girls."

Penelope only nodded she was so upset that she was unable speak, Derek was able to see the fear in her eyes and said "so Dr. Green what is going to happen now, are the girls ok their heartbeats are strong aren't they, they aren't in any danger at the moment are they" Derek was rambling on he was nervous and scared about the wellbeing of his wife and babies when Dr. Green said "yes the girls are ok for the moment and they have very strong heartbeats and as for what is going to happen now is that Pen you will spend a few days in hospital and we will keep a constant check on you and the girls and hopefully everything will settle down and you will be able to go home but you will be on bed rest for the rest of this pregnancy so that there will be no chance of the placenta tearing further being that this pregnancy is of a high risk nature already with the girls being mono-mono twins."

Dr. Green cleaned the gel of Pen's belly and pulled her shirt down and Derek helped Pen sit up and Dr. Green filled in the hospital paperwork and handed it to Penelope and stood up Derek too stood up and said "Baby Girl are you able to walk or would you like me to carry you" she looked up at him with a sad look on her face and said "carry me please" bending down Derek placed one arm around her back and the other arm under her legs and lifted her holding her close to his chest and she wrapped her arms around his neck and nuzzled her face into his neck as he carried her back out to the SUV, Derek put her down when they reached the SUV and opened the door and helped her in giving her a passionate kiss on the lips and rubbed gentle circle on her belly before parting their lips he bend down and kissed her belly.

Derek got in the drivers seat and started the engine and plugged his phone into the bluetooth cradle and dialed Hotch's number the phone rang twice "Hotch" Derek said "hey Hotch just letting you know that Pen and I will not be returning to the office this afternoon as Pen's doctor is admitting her into hospital for a few days as she has a 2cm tear in the placenta and wants to keep a constant monitoring of the girls and then Pen will be on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy due to it already being a high risk pregnancy so can you please bring the paperwork that she needs to fill out for maternity leave" Hotch said "of course I will bring it to you when I finish work this evening and don't worry about anything take the next few days off and we will see you later" Derek replied "thanks Hotch I appreciate everything."

Arriving at the hospital Derek parked the car and got out and made his way to Pen's door and opened it and turned her around so that she was facing him he cupped her face and said "Baby Girl everything is going to be alright this is just precautionary ok, you will be home before you know it and then we can finish getting everything ready in the nursery, I know your scared about something happening but" placing his hand on her belly "they will be fine and so will you, come on lets get you inside and hooked up to the monitors" he kissed her and she wrapped her arms around his neck and slid out of the SUV and pulled herself close against his body.

Penelope was now changed into a hospital gown and hooked up to the fetal monitors and an IV drip which she was being given an antibiotic and some pain meds through and she was now resting comfortably, Derek was sitting beside her her hand enveloped in his as he watched her eyes fluttered closed as they listened to the whooshing sound of their babies heartbeats flow through the room, he leaned forward and placed his other arm on the bed and then lay his head on his arm and closed his eyes and tried to get some rest.

Derek woke up when he heard on knock on the door of Pen's room he lifted his head and looked towards the door and saw the rest of the team standing there, Derek held his finger to his lips as an indication to keep quiet and then waved them in everyone quietly walked into the room and saw that Pen was sleeping, even though she was sleeping she had a look of worry on her face, JJ was amazed at the whooshing sound that came from the monitor and said quietly "they have very strong heartbeats" Derek nodded and said softly "yeah they do the doctor just wants to keep a check on them as a precautionary measure being that Pen's pregnancy is already classified as a high risk pregnancy."

The team stuck around for a little while and Derek was getting hungry so he asked JJ "can you stay with her while I go and get something to eat and a very much needed cup of coffee" JJ nodded and said "sure thing Derek take as much time as you need I will be here for if she wakes up, have you rung you mum to let her know what is going on" Derek shook his head maybe he should call his Mamma, maybe she would come and stay with them until Pen has the girls or until he can put in for some leave to be there when she needs him, he said "I will call her on my down to get something to eat, and thanks JJ" everyone except JJ went down to the cafeteria to get something to eat, Derek pulled out his cell phone and dialed his Mamma's number she answered on the 4th ring and said "hey my Baby Boy how are you" Derek tried to put on a brave voice and sound normal but when he spoke she would know that something was up so he didn't even try and said "Mamma Pen's in hospital and we are both scared shitless about something happening to the girls."

Fran gasped at the sound of her son's voice he sounded so depressed and upset she then said "Derek what happened, why is Penelope in hospital, are the girls ok" she began to ramble she was now worried that something had happened when Derek said "Pen started having twinges this morning and she tried ignoring them thinking that one of the girls was pushing on her pubic bone but then they began to get stronger and then she stood up and they got worse causing her to double over in pain so I rang her Ob/Gyn and she told me to get her straight to her office so that she could check out what the problem was and when she did an ultrasound she found that Pen has a 2cm tear in her placenta, Pen has had no bleeding due to the blood being trapped between the placenta and the uterine wall so now she is in hospital for constant monitoring, the girls are fine they have very strong heartbeats and Pen will be on bed rest for the completion of her pregnancy."

Being that Fran is a nurse in the maternity ward in Chicago she knew exactly what to do and said "Derek I will contact work and tell them that they need to cover my shifts until further notice and i will be on the next available flight out of Chicago and I will be there to help you out until the girls are born, I will call you when I have my flight details ok, give Pen my love and I love you I will see you soon" Derek replied "bye Mamma speak to you soon" and then the line went dead, Derek and the team made it to the cafeteria they all ordered their food and beverages and made their way back up to Pen's room.

When they got back to Pen's room they noticed that she was now awake and talking to JJ they walked in and found a place to sit JJ stood up and moved so that Derek could sit back next to Pen he offered her something to eat, Emily had gotten JJ something to eat and they sat together and everyone began eating, about 8pm the team left leaving Derek and Pen on their own and Derek said to her "I called Mamma and told her what was happening and she said that she was going to get her shifts at the hospital covered and then get the next flight available to come here to help take care of you while I am at work" Pen nodded but didn't say anything she knew that Fran would come and help while she was on bed rest so that everything was taken care of and if anything was to happen while Derek was at work Fran would know how to deal with it being that she is a nurse in a maternity ward.

The following morning Fran contacted Derek and told him that she would be there in D.C by the late afternoon, Pen was now awake so he said "Baby I am going to go home and take a shower and get changed and feed Clooney and make up an overnight bag for you is there anything you need before I go" Pen nodded and said "yes I need to pee someone is playing soccer with my bladder" Derek called for a nurse to come and unhook the fetal monitor before he helped her out of bed, she took hold of the IV drip stand and they made their way towards the bathroom, once she had relieved her bladder she called out for him to help her back to bed she climbed back into bed and got comfortable again and called the nurse back in to hook up the monitor again.

Derek drove home and let Clooney out and made his way upstairs and took a nice hot shower and dressed in a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt and then packed a bag with some underwear, some comfortable pajamas, comfortable day clothes, her toiletries bag with her toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner and her shea butter lotion for her stretch mark on her belly and put that in her overnight bag and went back downstairs he let Clooney back in and Clooney sat at Derek's feet and let out a little whimper as if he knew that something was wrong Derek bent down and gave to overgrown puppy a scratch under his chin, Clooney looked at Derek confused and he could feel that his master was sad and he laid his head down on Derek's leg.

Arriving back at the hospital Derek made his way up to the maternity floor and into Pen's room he went to say something but noticed her eyes were closed so he walked over to his seat and sat down he took her hand in his and bought it to his lips and kissed it gently before placing their joined hands back down on the bed and placed his free hand on her belly and was rewarded with the feel of someone kicking his hand, moving his chair closer to the bed so that he could kiss her belly and talk to his girls, he kissed Pen's belly not moving his lips from her he felt another kick and then he moved his lips to another area of her belly and again was rewarded with the feeling of either a kick or a punch and then he said "hello Addison, hello Avery this is you daddy, you my little angels don't realize how much you are loved Mama and I were very scared yesterday because we thought that there was something wrong with you but I now know that you two little angels are perfectly fine."

Penelope lay there with her eyes closed as she listened in on Derek's conversation with Addison and Avery and the way that reacted to the sound of his voice and the feel of his touch when he touches and caresses her belly but as much as she wanted to lay there an pretend that she was sleeping a few tears rolled down her cheek and she sniffled quietly or so she thought because the next thing she knew was Derek's hand cupping her cheek and wiping her fallen tears away as he said "hey Baby what's wrong" Pen opened her eyes and saw the worried look on his face and she said "oh Handsome nothing is wrong I am just glad that they are ok and I heard every word that you said against my belly and I know now that our little angels are perfectly fine and want you to know that I Love You so much" she pulled him down towards her so that she could kiss him.

Derek kissed her passionately until they needed to part to come up for air and then he said "I Love you too so much and I can't wait until we can get you out of this hospital and at home where you can be comfortable in our bed" Pen moved over in her bed and patted the empty area of the bed and Derek didn't need to be told twice he stood up and kicked his shoes off and climbed on to the bed and Pen sat up a little so that he could put his arm around her and then she laid back down and curled up against his side and put her head on his chest, Derek lay there playing with her hair as he thought about poor Clooney when he said "when I went home Clooney must have picked up on my feelings because when I let him back in the house he sat at my feet and let out a whimper and when i bent down to give him a pat he looked at me with a confused face before he lay his head on my leg it was like he knew that there was something wrong."

Derek left the hospital and made his way to the airport to collect his Mamma parking his car in the car park he entered the airport and waited for his Mamma to collect her luggage from baggage claim he made his way over to her when he saw her and he reached out and took her suitcase as she pulled it off the carousal, Fran turned and saw her son standing beside her she wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him tight and heard him let out a sigh of relief knowing that everything would be fine, Fran looked up at Derek and said "how are you my Baby Boy" he replied "I am ok now that you are here and that Pen and the girls are ok" Fran said "oh I am glad that they are ok, do you know when they will release her yet" Derek shook his head and said "no I have no idea yet but hopefully it will be in the next day or so" Fran let go of Derek and he grabbed her luggage and they walked out of the airport and towards the SUV.

Back at the hospital Fran and Derek made their on to the maternity floor and towards Pen's room when they reached her room they noticed JJ sitting there with Henry and Pen was happy for the first time in 2 days walking into her room Pen smelt his cologne before she saw him and she turned towards the door and saw Derek and Fran standing there Pen had a smile on her face a mile wide, Derek walked closer to the bed and said "what has made you so happy my gorgeous Baby Girl" she replied "the doctor came by while you were at the airport getting your Mamma and said that everything is all good and that I can go home in the morning" Derek smiled and said "oh Baby Girl that is great news."

Derek and Fran went home that night so that they could both get a goodnights sleep, only Derek didn't sleep all that well he missed having his wife cuddled up beside him so he spent most of the night tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position he even pulled her pillow against his chest so that it felt like she was there and the smell of her shampoo wafted up his nose he managed to get a few hours sleep after that, the sunshine leaked through the curtains and he put his forearm over his eyes to block it, slowly opening his eyes he began to sit up in bed he smiled at the thought of what happens today as he threw his legs over the side of the bed putting his feet on the floor, standing up he headed for the window he looked out and it was a beautiful sunny day before he headed to the bathroom he went relieve his bladder but it is a bit hard to pee with a massive hard-on so instead he turned on the shower.

Derek got in the shower and let the hot water cascade over his body, his hard-on jerked with every beat of his heart he wrapped his hand around his massive cock and began to pump it up and down his mind filled with thoughts of Pen and her sexy curves and every inch of her delectable body, he was getting close to blowing his load he leaned back against the shower wall his hand going at lightning speed over his length his head lolling off to one side as he blew his load all over the glass door of the shower, he let go of his cock and washed his cum off the door before he picked up his bottle of body wash and began to wash himself, he rinsed himself off and got out he dried and dressed and made his way downstairs where he found his Mamma cooking him some breakfast, he walked into the kitchen and said "good morning Mamma" she turned when she heard him and said "good morning Baby Boy."

Derek and Fran arrived at the hospital and made their way to Pen's room but when they got there she was no where to be found until a nurse came out of the bathroom and turned and asked "can I help you" Derek replied "I was looking for my wife Penelope Garcia-Morgan" the nurse smiled and said "she is just in the bathroom having a shower and getting ready to go home but I am sure if you knock on the door she will let you in" Derek nodded and headed to the bathroom door and knocked and he heard her say "come in" he opened the door and entered the bathroom and he said "where are you Baby" she smiled and pulled the curtain back and exposed herself to him and said "here I am Hot Stuff" he saw her sitting on a stool in the shower so he bent down and kissed her lips chastely.

Penelope finally wanted to get out of the shower so Derek turned the water off and held out a towel for her he wrapped it around her and then began to dry her and he helped her dress and then they left the bathroom together he helped her get back up on the bed and then he sat on the edge of the bed and held her hand while they waited for the doctor to come in with the discharge papers, Derek, Pen and Fran made small talk about what was going to happen when they got home.

Finally the doctor came in with the discharge papers and a list of do's and don'ts that need to be followed to prevent the tear becoming any worse and unfortunately one of the don'ts that will need to be followed is NO SEX and when Pen read that one she let out a sigh at the thought of not feeling her chocolate god of thunder inside her until well after the girls are born but that doesn't mean that they still can't enjoy oral sex, after all the paperwork and the talk from the doctor they were free to go Derek pushed Pen out of the hospital in a wheelchair and they made their way to the SUV he got her settled in the front seat and Fran took the wheelchair back to the hospital entrance and Derek drove past the entrance and picked her up, when they got home Derek went in and put Clooney outside so he didn't jump on Pen when she came through the front door.

Derek made his way back to the car and picked her up and carried her inside and place her on the couch and then he went and let Clooney back in, Derek grabbed hold of Clooney's collar and walked him into the living room and held so that he didn't jump up on Pen Clooney got close enough to Pen and sniffed the entire length of her body before he came back to her now very swollen belly he lay his head protectively across her belly, Pen raised her hand and gave Clooney a scratch behind his ears and then rested her hand on the back of his neck, slowly Clooney moved towards Pen's legs and he jumped up on the couch and laid down between Pen's legs and rested his head back on her belly almost as if he knew that there was something wrong with the babies.