A Morgan and Garcia Pregnancy

Chapter 12 - The Arrival of the Morgan Twins

Derek got out of the elevator and ran towards his SUV he jumped in and flicked his lights and sirens and drove out of the car park like a bat out of hell, he arrived home in a record time of 9 minutes he jumped out of the SUV and ran into the house bounding up the stairs two at a time and into the bedroom where he saw Pen sitting on the edge of the bed clutching her mother in laws hand as another contraction ripped through her, he immediately dropped to his knees in front of her and took her hand in his allowing her to squeeze it during the contraction.

When the contraction was over she was then able to speak but Derek beat her and said "Baby Girl why didn't you call me this morning when the contractions started I would have been here earlier" leaning up he placed a chaste kiss to her lips, Pen sat there a little longer before saying "I didn't call you sooner as we weren't sure how long this labor was going to be so when my waters broke and the contractions were 8 minutes apart we thought that it was time, Dr. Green has been called also" Derek nodded and said "ok so what is happening now are we staying here or are we going to the hospital" Fran looked at Derek and said "Dr. Green has advised me that it would be best to get Pen to the hospital so she cqn be put on the fetal monitor.

Fran and Derek got eveything together, hospital bags in the car rwady to go Derek oicked Penelope up and carried her down the stairs and out to the SUV placing her in the backseat with his Mamma so thar she had the support through the contractions while Derek drove, after locking up the house Derek quickly got in the vehicle and headed for the hospital.

Arriving at the hospital Derek parked the SUV in front of the entrance and Fran jumped out and grabbed a wheelchair and came back Derek was standing at the back drivers side door helping Pen out of her seat and into the wheelchair, Fran and Pen made their way into the foyer of the hospital while Derek went and packed in the car park and then he ran back towards the hospital entrance to find his wife and Mamma waiting at the elevator to go up to the maternity ward.

Getting off the elevator on the maternity floor they made their way towards the nurses station they saw Dr. Green standing there waiting for them, Pen's contractions were now coming hard and fast so Dr. Green said "ok Pen we need to get you hooked up to the monitors and get a reading on these contractions" they all headed for the room that Dr. Green had set up for them Derek lifted Pen out of the wheelchair and on to the bed.

Dr. Green hooked Pen up to the monitors and got her changed into a hospital gown and said "Pen I need to check you cervix and see how far dilated you are as we will need move you into an operating theatre if you are close so that we can give you any medication you need for the delivery" Dr. Green put on her gloves and raised Pen's knees and then got her to spread them wide she inserted her fingers in to Pen's vagina and found that Pen wss already at 8cms and fully effaced.

Dr. Green removed her fingers from inside Pen and then removed her gloves and wrote on Pen's chart and said "I need to go and book an OR so that we can get you settled and prepped for delivery as you are already 8cms and fully effaced" before leaving the room, leaving Pen, Derek and Fran in shock that she was almost ready to deliver the girls Derek had not let fo of Pen's hand norr had he stooped telling her that she was doing well as the contractions kept coming he rubbed her back trying to keep her calm.

Penelope was now ready for this to be over she just wanted to hold her babies and have them home with her and its not because she didn't enjoy being pregnant but because if they werw here then she knew that nothing bad could happen to them, when Dr. Green came back into the room with a few nurses to take her back to the OR and a set of scrubs for both Derek and Fran they both quickly dressed in the scrubs and they were in their way towards the OR, Derek and Fran needed to wait in the OR waiting room while they got Pen settled and hooked up to any monitors and get her any medication she needs before they were allowed back in to the room.

Finally they were allowed back in and now that Pen was fully dilated she was ready for the hard part and with the help of Derek and Fran and the next contraction she was ready to start pushing, the next contraction hit and Pen grabbed both Derek and Fran's hands and began to bear down for the ciunt of 10 and then took a breath before going again until she heard Dr. Green say "ok Pen we have the head of Baby A out now I want you to give me small slow pushes until we get the shoulders out and the rest of her body will slide on out" Pen gave 6 small pushes and Baby A (Avery Mackenzie) was born 20th November 2013 at 6:30pm Derek was able to cut the umbilical cord and Fran followed Avery over to the area where she woukd be cleaned up and checked over.

Penelope was ready to deliver Baby B she began pushing with the next contraction and she pushed for 10minutes until Dr. Green said to Pen "ok Baby B's head is out now we need little pushes until the shoulders are out and then she will be here" Pen gave 10 small pushes and felt the baby sliding out and Dr. Green handed over a pair of scissors to Derek and he cut the umbilical cord of Baby B (Addison Olivia) who was born 20th November 2013 at 6:45pm, who was now over being cleaned off and checked over by the nurses both girls were weighed and measured and had their foot prints taken before being wrapped up in little pink blankets with little pink hats and were taken over to where Pen and Derek were, the nurse handed Baby Avery to Derek and Baby Addison to Penelope both of them had tears in their eyes they couldn't believe that they were finally here and that they were now a family.

Derek and Fran came out of the OR with two clear cribs each containing a baby they pushed the cribs back to the room where Pen had been before, they waited in the room while Penelope was cleaned up and the spinal block catheter to be removed from her back before she could be bought back to the room, Derek and Fran sat there in the room with a clear crib in front of them and decided that they were going to unwrap them and look at the similarities that they had Derek unwrapped Avery while Fran unwrapped Addison and immediately they noticed that Addison had a tiny little birthmark on the top of her right leg and Avery didn't have any marks on her so now they would be able to tell the difference between the girls, Derek also took the time to call the team and let them know that the girls were here safely and without any problems.

Penelope was sitting up in bed as she was wheeled back into her room she was eager to see her husband and her daughters, Penelope immediately saw Derek and Fran sitting in the room as she was pushed into the room, Derek sat with both of his little angels in his arms he was to busy looking at his girls and didn't notice Pen being bought back into the room until his Mamma tapped his leg and said "Derek look up" Derek looked up and saw his beautiful wife smiling at him, he stood up with both babies still in his arms and walked over to Pen and bent down slightly so that he could pass her one of the girls Pen took her daughter from his left arm which she soon found out was Avery and Derek sat down on the edge of the bed.

Fran stood up from her chair and said "I am going to get a cup of coffee and something to eat and give you two some alone time with your girls" and she walked out of the room closing the door behind her and just as she made it to the elevator it opened and inside she saw the team standing there they had flowers, balloons and teddy bears, JJ was the first to say something she said "is everything ok Fran" Fran nodded and said with a smile "everything and everyone is perfect I am just heading down to get a cup of coffee to give Pen and Derek a few minutes with the girls" Rossi said "we will come down with you and give them some time to themselves" and Fran stepped into the elevator and pushed the button for the cafeteria.

Derek explained to Pen that while he and his Mamma were waiting for her to come back to the room they unwrapped the girls so they could see if they had any birthmarks or not and he told her that Addison has a tiny little birthmark on the top of her right leg, Pen sat up properly and crossed her legs and lay Avery down on the bed and unwrapped her and Derek placed Addison down on the bed and Pen unwrapped her too and looked over both her girls, she saw the little birthmark at the top of Addison's right leg and noticed that Avery had no birthmarks on her, their skin was the perfect mix of both her and Derek's, their hair was jet black like Derek's and even though they didn't have much it was soft and wispy on top of their little heads, their eyes were brown like hers and Derek's, they had their Mama's nose and mouth and to be honest they were just down right too cute for words.

After wrapping them back up and putting their hats back on Derek kissed Penelope's lips and said "I will be back in a few minutes I am just going down to the car to grab your bag and the bag with all the girls stuff in it so that we can get them dressed and fed before the team arrives" Derek left the room and made his way to the SUV he picked up both bags and went back into the hospital and back up to the room, standing at the doorway he watched as Pen sat with the girls laying on the bed in front of her, each baby holding on to one of her fingers Derek entered the room and placed Pen's bag down of the floor and the bag that had the babies stuff in it on the end of the bed away from his daughters, he opened the bag and pulled out two matching blankets, matching hats that had their names embroidered on them, matching all in one outfits, singlets and diapers, Derek closed the bag and placed it on the floor and said "Baby who do you want to dress" Pen replied "I will dress Addison and you can dress Avery" he picked up Addison's blanket, a hat an all in one suit, a singlet and a diaper and handed them to Pen before he picked up Avery and moved her to the end of the bed.

Derek unwrapped Avery and unfastened her diaper and luckily it was only wet and with a wipe he gently cleaned her sensitive skin and applied the new diaper then he picked up the singlet and bunched it up and carefully put it over Avery's head and then carefully pulling her arms through the arm holes and then he unbuttoned the all in one suit and laid it out on the bed, he picked up his little angel and lay her over the opened suit and began to dress her in it he buttoned the suit up and then he lay out the blanket and folded it over at the top so that there is a little flap he then lay Avery on the blanket and he placed one of her hands under the flap and folded it over her body and tucked it under her bottom and the repeated it with her other hand and wrapped it around her back and then he removed the hat that she had on and put the hat that had her name embroidered on it on and picked her up and cradled her in his arms giving her a kiss on her tiny little cheek.

Penelope had unwrapped and dressed Addison and re-wrapped her and was now starting to breastfeed her, Derek watched in amazement as Pen began to bond with her daughter Addison had latched on to Pen's breast and was sucking away and in the silent room her sucking was all that could be heard, Derek stick his finger near Avery's mouth and she opened her mouth and began to suck on the tip of his finger, after feeding for about 10 minutes Pen separated Addison from her breast and laid her on the bed and covered herself back up and put her hands out in reach for Derek to pass her Avery, Pen moved Avery to her other breast and got her latched on to her nipple and she began to suck hungrily, Derek picked up Addison and placed her against his shoulder and gently began to pat her on the back so that she could expel and wind the she may have had, which after a few pats to her back she let out little burp Derek then cradled her in his arm and bent down to pick up the nappy bag so that he could get out the girls pacifiers which also had their names on them and removed the protective cap off the pacifier and gave it to Addison, he watched as she sucked on her pacifier he noticed her little eyes began to flutter closed.

After Pen finished breastfeeding Avery she lay her on the bed as she covered herself up Derek removed the protective cap off Avery's pacifier and gave it to her as Pen picked her and cradled her in her arms, Avery's began to flutter closed just like her sister and they now slept for the first time since their birth, 20 minutes after Addison and Avery fell asleep there was a knock at the door Pen looked over at the door and saw Fran standing there with the team behind her.

Pen called out "come in everyone" and everyone came into the room both JJ and Emily immediately went straight for Pen and gave her a hug that was gentle enough not to wake the sleeping baby in her arms and Rossi, Hotch and Spencer clapped a hand on Derek's shoulder and each said "congratulations Derek they are absolutely beautiful" Derek replied "thanks guys" Pen then said "we would like to introduce the newest members of the family" pointing to the baby in her arms "this is Avery Mackenzie born at 6:30pm this evening, weighing in at 5pound 6ounces" Derek pointed to the baby in his arm and said "this is Addison Olivia born at 6:45pm this evening, weighing in at 5pound 4ounces both babies are healthy and doing well."

Both girls were passed around from person to person and still managed to stay asleep everyone said "we will come and see you tomorrow" and gave Pen and Derek hugs and left for the night, Derek placed Addison in her crib and then took Avery from Pen and placed her in her crib beside her sister after everyone had left, he turned the cribs so that they were both facing the bed so that if Pen needed to feed them during the night she wouldn't have to get out of bed he then gave Pen a passionate kiss and hug before kissing the foreheads of his little angels, Fran gave Pen a hug and then kissed the foreheads of her first born grand-children before she and Derek left for the night.