A Morgan and Garcia Pregnancy

Chapter 14 - Christmas with the Morgans

It's Christmas Eve and Penelope and Derek have gone to do some last minute shopping so they left the girls in the capable hands of their Grand-Mamma and Rossi who had come over to help get everything ready for cooking tomorrow as Fran and Rossi worked side by side in the kitchen while the twins were taking a nap, Rossi was stuffing the turkey and the chicken before putting them in the oven to start cooking them so all that had to be done to them the following day way to be put back in the oven to heat them through before serving them, while Fran was making a potato bake and salads.

Rossi stood against the counter top and watched Fran as she continued preparing the food she was making, he began thinking to himself that it had been a long time since had the feeling of a good woman wrapped up in his arms and he noticed that while they were working in the close proximity to each other they kept bumping into each other and when they did they would look at the other person and smile, Rossi was pulled from his reverie that he was in the middle of when he felt his pants become tighter, quickly he turned around before she caught him staring at her and before she noticed that he was highly aroused in her presence.

Unfortunately for Rossi Fran had caught him staring at her and she had also noticed that he was sporting a very decent sized hard-on under his classy Italian jeans, when she saw him turn around she chuckled to herself quietly before putting down the knife that she had in her hand and walked up behind Rossi and wrapped her arms around his waist and because there was a gap between Rossi's body and the counter top she was able to place her hand over the now softening bulge in his jeans, Rossi took hold of her wrists and stopped her hands from moving and he turned around so that he was now facing her, still with Fran's wrists in his large hand she managed to get closer to him standing up on her tip toes she whispered in his ear "you know David there is nothing to be ashamed of, I caught you staring at me out of the corner of my eye but what you didn't notice was that I was watching you too, as you were a mile away with your thoughts but I noticed your body's reaction to whatever it was that you were thinking about, believe me when I say this David I like very much what I saw."

David Rossi was not a man that blushed easily but at that very moment he had a nice rosy color to his cheeks and not only that when he felt her warm breath against his neck and ear he was immediately back to his former state of arousal he was rock hard, letting go of her wrists and holding on to the counter top again he opened and closed his mouth a few times trying to find his words until finally he cleared his throat and said "Fran I know that there is nothing to be ashamed of but standing here watching you move around the kitchen I began thinking about how long it has been since I have had the company of a good woman and I must admit to you right here right now that this is not the first time I have these thoughts when in your company, I first started having these thoughts back when Penelope and Derek got married and I have wanted so badly to do something about it but I am unsure of what Derek would think."

Fran stood there with a smile on her face before she stepped closer to him and up on to her tip toes, Fran cupped his cheeks in her hands and said "I have been having those same thoughts ever since I first meet you David" before placing a chaste kiss to his lips, Fran the took a step backward and turned to go back to what she was doing when he reached out and grabbed her wrist and pulled her back towards him but this time he enveloped her in his strong arms and bent down attaching his lips to hers in a passionate kiss his hands roamed her body as they kissed in the middle of the kitchen.

Fran and Rossi were interrupted by the sound of the twins crying they separated and made their way to the bassinets that were in the dining room each picked up a crying baby and replaced the lost pacifier into their little mouths, Fran began to sway from side to side which settled baby Addison while Rossi had baby Avery against his shoulder rubbing her back as he walked around trying to settle her, finally baby Avery settled and her crying ceased as Fran and Rossi sat on the couch talking about what they would like to happen between them as a couple.

Penelope and Derek arrived home around lunch time which was just as well because the girls were due to be fed, the couple saw the girls starting to fuss so Fran and Rossi handed the girls over to Pen and Derek and they took them upstair into the nursery Pen sat down in the rocking chair and got herself ready for their feeding as she placed the feeding cushion over her lap and got the girls latched on and feeding happily as Derek took a seat in the other rocking chair, Pen and Derek sat there and talked quietly while the girls ate Pen said "I can't believe that the girls are 1 month old already and we are celebrating christmas as a family" Derek took Pen hand in his and said "I Baby Girl it is crazy to think that we are celebrating our first christmas together with our friends and our family."

Back downstairs in the kitchen Fran and Rossi are finishing off the food preparation for the following day while talking about what is going to happen tomorrow when everyone was there for the day when Rossi said "Fran I have been thinking about asking you out to dinner since the week you arrived here to help with Pen, so here it goes Fran Morgan would you like to go out to dinner with me" Fran turned to Rossi and said "yes David I would love to go out to dinner with you" before wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling his lips towards hers kissing him passionately, Rossi's hands cupped her neck holding her close as he deepened the kiss but quickly separated as they heard Pen and Derek come down the stairs.

Pen and Derek walked into the kitchen and Derek looked suspiciously at both his Mamma and Rossi trying to work out what was going between the two of them as neither Fran or Rossi could look at him without giving themselves away but Derek being the profiler that he is knew that something was a miss between his Mamma and his colleague so he decided to ask them what was going on with them and he said "ok Mamma what is going on, why can you not look at me in the eye" Fran blushed as she tried to think of an answer that Derek would accept and said "Derek promise me that you won't flip out when I tell you this and also promise me that you won't hurt anyone" Rossi then stepped closer to Fran and put his arm around her waist and said "Derek your mother is old enough that she doesn't need you permission who she dates but I have asked your mother out to dinner and we have also decided that we would like to see each other as we both have had feelings for each other every since you and Kitten got married."

Derek looked between his Mamma and Rossi and said "Mamma is this what you want" Fran nodded her head and said "yes Derek it is what I want, we have these feelings for months and today while and Pen were out shopping we came clean with each other about our feelings and there is nothing you can say that is going to change our minds so you can forget the big tough guy routine and just be happy for us please that is all I ask of you" Derek then turned to Rossi and said "Rossi if you hurt my Mamma I will hunt you down and kill you" moving closer to his Mamma he hugged her and said "I can be happy for you but if he hurts you in anyway shape or form he will be a dead man."

Rossi stayed for dinner and finished helping prepare Christmas Day lunch before he left the Morgan household and returned to his empty mansion well his only company is his dog Mudgie walking into his living room he went to his liquor cabinet and poured himself a 3 finger width of the finest 18 year old scotch he had in the cabinet and sat down in his recliner and took a hefty swig of the amber liquid, the scotch burnt on the way down but he just bought his glass to his lips and downed the rest of the glass before getting up and refilling it but this time it was only 1 finger width he quickly downed that one too and decided that he needed to go to bed even though he didn't think that he would be sleeping anytime soon he made his way up to his bedroom.

Rossi striped off and got into bed and lay there with his hands behind his head as he thought about what had happened with Fran and as he thought back to what had happened in the kitchen as he watched her moving about the kitchen he began to get a hard-on and being that this was his third hard-on for the day he knew he needed to take matters into his own hands so he wrapped his fist around his cock and began to jack off to this memories of Fran and the feel of her hand against his cock earlier on in the day he blew his load all over his belly and hand, he cleaned himself up and went to sleep dreaming of Fran.

Rossi woke early christmas morning with a smile on his face as he thought of what the day would bring for him and Fran, he got up and headed to the bathroom he showered and dressed and made his way to the Morgan house to help with the rest of the cooking so that Penelope and Derek enjoy the day without having to worry about cooking so that they can spend as much time with the girls and their family and friends.

Arriving at the Morgan house Rossi was greeted at the door by Fran and she said "Merry Christmas David" he immediately pulled her to him kissing her passionately and said "Merry Christmas Fran" as they walked into the house hand in hand heading into the living room where Penelope and Derek were seated on the couch with the girls dressed in matching christmas outfits with a red and white headband on their little heads, Rossi said "Merry Christmas" as bent down and kissed Pen before shaking Derek's and then bending down to kiss the foreheads of Addison and Avery before heading into the kitchen.

Fran and Rossi went into the kitchen and began to get everything out and get it in the oven so that they would be ready for lunch, Fran heard a knock on the front door and went answer the door upon opening the door she found Will, JJ and Henry and Hotch, Emily and Jack standing there dressed in christmas attire with bags of gifts in there hands Fran moved aside and let everyone in and showed them into the living room where Emily and JJ put the gifts under the beautifully decorated christmas tree, Rossi came out of the kitchen and kissed Emily and JJ and then shook the hands of Will and Hotch and then bent down to Jack and Henry who came running over to him and hugged him tight before running back to the couch where so that they could to hold the girls with help from Aunt Pen and Uncle Derek.

Spencer was the last to arrive and he arrived with a load of gifts for Jack, Henry, Addison and Avery even though the twins are not quite old enough to play with them just yet but there were a few things that could use with in the next few months, he knocked on the door and Derek went to open the door and Spencer said "Merry Christmas Everyone" as he entered the house and made his way to the living room and placed all the gifts he bought with him under the tree, and now that everyone was there they could sit down and open their gifts as Pen and Derek handed out the gifts to everyone, once everyone had a gift in front of them they all began to open the gifts starting with the kids Jack and Henry tore the wrapping paper and threw it all over the living room floor.

Once all the gifts were opened everyone sat and talked while Fran and Rossi went back to the kitchen where they were away from the prying eyes of the rest of the team as well as Sarah and Desiree who had yet to find out that their mother was beginning a relationship with one of their brothers colleagues, once Fran and Rossi were in the kitchen he closed the gap between them he wrapped his arms around her waist while she wrapped her arms around his neck as they kissed passionately, they parted their lips when they ran out of breath but rested their foreheads together as he said "we need to tell everyone about us so that they don't become suspicious of us throughout the day, I know that this is all new to both of us but I don't think that I will be able to keep my hands off you for the entire day and I don't want to have keep coming into the kitchen just so that I can kiss you, what do you say we go and tell them" Fran just nodded and kissed him chastely before turning towards the door.

Rossi and Fran walked out of the kitchen and back into the living room and said "can I have everyone's attention please there is something that I need to say" everyone except the children all turned and faced Rossi as he began saying "so I just want to let everyone know that" he placed his arm around Fran's waist and pulled her closer to him "Fran and I have started a relationship, now this has been something that both have wanted for a while now but neither of us knew how the other one felt until a few days ago, but it all started at Pen and Derek's wedding and then with everything that happened while Pen was pregnant we began to get to know each other better and then I finally decided to ask her out to dinner" Sarah and Desiree looked at their Mamma with a shocked look on their face and then looked at their brother and sister in law and Sarah said "Derek did you know about them being together."

Derek nodded and said "yes I only found out yesterday when Pen and I walked into the kitchen and both of them had a rosy hue to their cheeks and neither of them could look me straight in the eye so I questioned them about what was going on and they told me that they were in a relationship" and with that Sarah and Desiree both got up made their way over to their Mamma and hugged her as the team did the same to Rossi before everyone went back to talking about what ever they were talking about before that little announcement as Fran and Rossi went back to the kitchen and began to prepare everything and putting it on the table ready for lunch to be served.

Derek and Pen went upstairs just before lunch so that Pen could feed the girls so that they would sleep while they ate lunch, Pen sat in the rocking chair and got settled with her feeding cushion as both girls now lay there waiting to be attached on to a nipple, when both girls were finally latched on and eating Derek made his way downstairs to be with everyone until she was ready for him to come and take one of the girls, Pen sat there for 15 minutes humming nursery rhymes to the girls as they continued to suckle and before long both girls let go of the nipple in their mouth and Pen called out for Derek to come back up and help her, Derek walked into the nursery as Pen was doing up her buttons he picked up a burping cloth and put it over his shoulder and the picked up baby Addison and placed her against his shoulder and began to rub her back as Pen did the same thing with baby Avery and both girls finally expelled any air that they had taken in whilst eating with a couple of good burps.

Both girls were now fully content with full bellies and dry diapers they were wrapped up in their swaddling blankets with their pacifiers in their tiny little mouths and cradled against the parents chest as they slowly closed their eyes letting sleep take them as Pen and Derek made their way back downstairs, they placed he girls in their bassinets and headed for he dining room where everyone else had moved to while they were still upstairs, Pen and Derek took their seats and then Rossi took the hand of Fran and JJ and then everyone else joined ands as Rossi began to say grace finally everyone began to tuck into the food that was presented on the table.

As Christmas Day rolled on everyone had full bellies and were content to sit around talking and laughing while watching the boys play with the toys at they had received and while each and every person got to have cuddles with the two newest members of this big happy family.