A Morgan and Garcia Pregnancy

Chapter 2 - A Whirlwind Romance

Derek and Penelope have been together for 2 months now and the entire BAU team knew that they had finally gotten together and that they were very much in love, but during work hours they continued with the way that they were prior to being a couple and try to keep it on a professional level by not going into each others offices during the day.

Derek walked into Penelope's lair and asked "Baby Girl can you run a search for me please" he bent down to give her gentle kiss on the lips but didn't allow it to go any further than that otherwise he wouldn't have been able to stop she replied "of course my Hot Stuff", Derek got the information he required and as he was leaving her office he stopped at the door way and turned around and said "I Love you Baby Girl" she smiled and said "I Love you too Hot Stuff."

When their working day was done they left together hand in hand and made their way to the parking garage as they arrived at Derek's SUV he open the passenger side and helped her into the car and when she had buckled her seatbelt he gave her a heated kiss before closing her door and making his way to the drivers side he buckled himself in and started the car and began the journey for his place, their ride to Derek's house was quiet but that didn't mean that there was anything wrong Derek took one hand off the steering wheel and placed it one her hand that was resting on her thigh he laced his fingers with hers and gave it a gentle squeeze.

Pulling up in the driveway of Derek's house he exited the car and ran around to open his baby Girl's door and help her out, once she was out of the car Derek pulled her tightly against him his hands roaming over her lower back and ass while they kissed passionately when they became breathless the pulled apart and made their way to the front door, upon entering the house they were meet an over excited yellow lab Clooney he began jumping on his master until he saw Penelope he began rubbing himself against her legs waiting for her to scratch behind his ears, after Clooney settled down and Penelope had given him what he wanted he went and waited by his feed bowl for Derek to come and feed him, once he had finished his food he went and laid down on his bed and went off to sleep.

Derek and Pen went upstair and got changed before they spent time winding down by cooking dinner together and before they snuggled up on the couch to a watch a movie, half way through the movie Penelope fell asleep with her head on Derek's chest listening to the steady rhythm of his heartbeat, when Derek realized that his Baby Girl had fallen asleep he sat there watching her for a few minutes running his hand through her hair before he scooped her up bridal style and carried her up the stairs and into his bedroom and gentle placed her on the bed, now stripped down to his boxers he climbed into bed and pulled her tight against his body he instantly calmed down and fell asleep.

Penelope woke early feeling a little nauseous, she sat up on the side of the bed and bend forward to put her head between her knees to see if the nauseous feeling would go away but unfortunately sitting up only made it worst getting up as fast as she could she ran to the bathroom emptying the contents of her stomach into the toilet bowl before collapsing to the floor, Penelope sat there for a moment to gather her strength to get back up and back into bed, pulling herself up she got a drink of water and rinsed her mouth out and washed her hands and went back to bed only to notice that Derek was now awake he asked "are you alright Baby" shaking her head she said "no Hot Stuff I feel like crap" as she crawled in beside him she lay her head on his chest while he rubbed her back in a soothing and loving motion.

Pen and Derek decided to lay in bed for an hour before they had to get up and start getting ready for work being that it was only Wednesday they still had 2 more days left before the weekend, they finally got up and showered there was no shower sex for them that morning due to Pen not feeling the best they just held each other before washing themselves and rinsing off and getting out, they got dried and dressed and headed downstairs, Derek let Clooney out for a run and to go to the toilet Derek started his coffee maker while Pen started on making breakfast.

Penelope started to gag when she caught the smell of the coffee and ran for the downstairs bathroom with Derek hot on her heels, Derek held her hair back so that she didn't get vomit in it while with his other hand he rubbed her back, when she had stopped throwing up Derek pulled her into his lap and held her and she began to cry, her stomach hurt and she had no idea what could be the cause of this sickness but if she wasn't feeling any better by the end of the week she would pay her doctor a visit.

Going though the many different reasons that she was sick she did not once think that it could be because she was pregnant as she didn't notice any change with her period due to her period being light normally, leaving the bathroom together Derek sent her to sit on the couch while he continued with making his coffee and their breakfast he would make note to not make coffee with her near until she was feeling better and that he would stop at the store and get some chamomile tea for her to help settle her stomach.

Derek handed Pen her breakfast of toast and tea and he sat down on the couch beside her with his toast and juice he drank his coffee while he was cooking breakfast, Pen only ate half of her breakfast and Derek noticed that and said " are you sure you should be going to work today Baby Girl" he pulled her into his side and held her close and tried to thing of what could be wrong with his Princess finally Pen spoke and said "I think i will call Hotch and tell him I am not coming in today and then I will go back to my apartment later if that is ok with you" Derek looked Pen in the eyes and said "Baby it is completely ok with me if you go back to your apartment and I will come and see you tonight."

When Derek left for work Pen rang Hotch to tell him she was sick before she went back to her apartment, when she got home she changed into a comfy pair of sweatpants and t-shirt and took some anti-nausea medication heated up a heat pack and applied it to her tummy before getting into bed, placing her cell phone on her bed side table and her laptop on the floor incase she was needed to do some searches while at home, Pen curled up on her side with the heat pack firmly against her she fell asleep.

Derek was sitting in his office on mind not on the paperwork he was supposed to be doing he was worried about Pen he contemplated on ringing her but he thought that she might be asleep, Derek just hoped that they weren't called out on a case because he wanted to get home to Pen to make sure is alright.

When the work day was done Derek left and went Pen's he let himself in with the key that she had given him years ago upon entering the apartment Derek saw her laying n the couch watching a movie, he ran to the side of the couch and kissed her forehead before he asked "hey Baby how are you feeling" Pen sat up on the couch and turned she reached out and cupped his cheek with her hand and said "I feel a little bit better i haven't been sick since this morning just really nauseous" Derek sat down on the couch beside her and pulled her into his lap she laid her head on his chest while he nuzzled his head in her hair as they finished watching the movie.

Pen ordered in dinner as she was feeling a little better but she didn't feel like cooking or leaving Derek's embrace long enough to cook, while they waited for their dinner to arrive Pen turned around so that she was straddled over Derek's thighs, she cupped his face in her hands and attached her lips to his and kissed him feverishly making up for last night and this morning she also began grinding her hips against his, Derek's hands didn't know where they wanted to be they were traveling the entire length of her body and tangling fingers in her hair.

Derek and Pen separated when there was a knock on the door Pen got off Derek's lap and answered the door and paid the delivery man and took their food and went into the kitchen and served out their meal and carried it back to her living room and sat down handing Derek his dinner before tucking into hers, after they finished their dinner they resumed where they left off before their dinner arrived.

Pen was straddling Derek nuzzling his neck while grinding down on his erection her hands tugging at the hem of his shirt she pulled her head from his neck and removed his shirt she returned her lips to his kissing him passionately his hands were traveling underneath her t-shirt and straight for her breasts he cupped her breasts in his big hands and his thumbs playing with her erect nipples through her lace bra, Pen reached for the hem of her t-shirt and pulled it over her head and threw it over her shoulder into an unknown location Derek reached behind his Baby Girl and with the flick of his wrist he had her bra undone and off her body.

Derek turned so that her could lay Pen down on the couch underneath him he began to work on getting her sweatpants off he got them to her knees and she managed to kick them off while she started working on his belt buckle when it was undone she pulled it through the loops and threw it to the floor before going back to work on undoing the button and zipper on his black jeans and then uses her feet to push them down his wonderfully toned and sculpted legs he removed his boots and then his pants.

Running his hands up Pen's legs he looped his fingers into to the elastic of her panties he said "lift your hips Baby" she immediately complied with his wishes and in one quick motion her panties we on the floor with the rest of the clothing, he quickly removed his boxers freeing his his rock hard erection, his cock slapped up against his stomach leaving behind a smear of pre-cum behind, Derek hovered over the top of Penelope his hard-on flexing with every breath he takes as he lines himself up with her pussy he takes her in full thrust of his hips.

Derek didn't hold still once he was buried deep inside her not that she cared she was incredibly horny and couldn't get enough of his body against hers, while sucking on her nipples he fucked her at an incredibly fast pace which causes Penelope to have orgasm after orgasm, in throes of passion she dug her nails in to his shoulders and left scratches all over is back and arms, Derek was getting close to blowing his load and when he felt Pen's spasming pussy grip his length he knew that he was done for and blew his load into Penelope's waiting womb.

Derek and Penelope's relationship has most certainly been a Whirlwind Romance and it will only get better from here on out for the couple and their family and friends.