A Morgan and Garcia Pregnancy

Chapter 3 - Penelope finds out she is Pregnant

For the last week Penelope has woken up feeling nauseous and as soon as she stands up she has to make a run for the bathroom to empty the contents of her stomach into the white porcelain bowl, when the heaving stops she can get up off the floor to rinse out her mouth before heading downstairs to make herself some tea and toast before she starts to get ready for work.

Penelope finished getting ready she made her way to the FBI building she parked in the parking garage and took the elevator to the BAU floor the bullpen was noisy with the other members of the unit talking about their weekend but Pen walked past them quietly and opened the door to her lair she placed her bags down beside her desk and began to turn on her computers, before looking at the clock to see whether she could ring her doctor to make an appointment but before she was able to make that call there was a knock on her door turning in her chair she saw her Chocolate God of Thunder leaning against the door frame watching her.

Derek walked into Pen's office and greeted her with a passionate kiss and said "good morning Baby Girl how are you this morning" Pen looked at Derek with a half smile and said "morning Hot Stuff, I still don't feel good so I was just about to make a doctor's appointment for lunch time or whenever they have a space" Derek wrapped her in his strong arms and kissed her temple while rubbing her back softly, Pen had her face nuzzled in the space between Derek's neck and shoulder, she inhaled his scent and held him tight before she pulled back and said "Baby I need to call the doctor's office to make this appointment" he let her go and said "ok Princess I need to get back to work anyway but let me know what is happening and if you want me to come to the doctor's with you" he kissed her forehead gently and left her office.

Penelope called the doctor's office and managed to get an appointment for lunch time the following day but after explaining her symptoms to the receptionist, the receptionist suggested that she stop off at the drug store on her way home and pick up a pregnancy test just to make sure, but Pen didn't wan to wait that long so she decided that she would go and get 2 in her lunch break and then she could surprise Derek with them later on if they were positive.

When lunch time came around Derek came into her office and asked "hey Mama do you want to come to have lunch with me" Pen smiled when he called her Mama before she said "sorry Baby Boy but I have to go and run a few errands while on lunch but how about we do dinner tonight because I missed you last night and I need my Hot Chocolate God to snuggle up to tonight" with that said she grabbed her purse and made her way to the door of her office when Derek reached out and grabbed her arm and pulled her into him and kissed her like he was a starving man and said "ok Baby I will come for dinner and a snuggle" letting her go they walked out of her office hand in hand and toward the elevator.

Derek pushed the down button on the elevator and waited with his girl for her to get on the elevator before going into the break room for coffee and a sandwich and headed back to his office and continued working on phone consultations and reports for closed cases, Pen returned with 2 pregnancy test tucked away in her purse she went straight into the ladies bathroom and checked to see if the bathroom was empty which luckily for Pen it was making her way into a cubicle she pulled out the paper bag containing the tests she read the instructions on one of the test packages before opening it, Pen peed on the little white stick and set the timer on her phone.

It was the longest 3 minutes of her life, but when the timer went off on her phone she picked up the test and looked at it and there were 2 pink lines indicating that she was indeed expecting just as the receptionist had suspected, Pen picked up everything and put it in her purse cleaned herself up and made her way over to Derek's office she knocked on his door and entered the office and closed and locked the door behind her she pulled his blind closed before heading for his desk, she perched herself on one corner of his desk and pulled out the little white stick and sat it on the desk in front of him and waited for him to realize what it was, Derek looked up at Pen with a confused expression on his face and said "Mama what is this" she looked at him and smiled and said "what do you think it might be Daddy."

Derek still had a confused look on his face and then said "did you just call me Daddy" Pen nodded and smiled even more and said "yes i did just call you Daddy" he replied "Baby Girl are you telling me that the reason you have been sick for the last week is because you are Pregnant" she moved so that she was now straddling his legs while sitting in his chair, Pen nuzzled in near his ear and whispered "yes Baby Boy that is exactly what I am telling you I took that test just before I came in here and I have an appointment at lunch time tomorrow if you would like to come with me" Derek had a smile a mile wide plastered across his face when Pen told him she was pregnant.

Penelope left Derek's office and went back to her own office and continued updating the database with closed cases and working on new programs that she was writing she couldn't stop smiling she was incredibly happy that she was going to give Derek a family his mother would constantly bug him about giving her some grand-babies one day and he would tell her that he hadn't found the right women to settle down with yet.

Derek still hadn't told his mother about his and Penelope's relationship but now he knew that it was time to clue his mother in to the reason he has been so happy the past 2 months as he picked up his cell phone and dialed his mother's number the phone rang twice before he heard the happy voice of his mother on the other end say "hey my Baby Boy how are you" Derek smiled and said "hey Mamma I am great I was just calling to let you know that I have some fantastic news for you, you boy has found himself his one and only to settle down with" Fran replied "oh really, do I know of her" he was quick to reply "yes Mamma you do know of her and she is the one person I always talk about when I come home to visit you" she laughed as she said "you mean to tell me you finally came to your senses and told your Baby Girl how you felt about her" he laughed and said "yes Mamma it was amazing because she felt the exact same way about me as I did for her and we have been together for 2 months and she came to me about 15 minutes ago with a surprise that made my day a hell of a lot better."

Fran was slightly excited by that and said "what was the surprise son" hopefully he would tell her that they were getting married or that he is going be a father Derek was so excited when he said "Mamma Penelope came to me 15 minutes ago and placed a little white stick with 2 pink lines on it down in front of me, at first I was confused but then she called me Daddy and then it all started to make sense, because she had been sick every morning for the last week and she could figure out what was making her sick because nothing had changed with her period so she didn't think she was pregnant."

Fran let out a loud squeal as she was excited that her Baby Boy was finally settling down with the woman he has loved for many years and now knowing that she reciprocates his love and that they are starting a family, Derek had move the phone away from his ear when his mother squealed when she calmed down she said "when are you able to take some holidays and bring your Baby Girl to come and visit your Mamma" Derek replied "I don't know but I will find out off Hotch and let you know we haven't had any cases for a little while so we are just catching up with phone consultations and reports and I am sure Pen would love a holiday and would love to meet you and Sarah and Desiree" Fran said "alright son let me know, I Love you Derek but I need to go and get ready for work I will speak with you soon" Derek said "ok Mamma I speak to you soon I Love you too Mamma" and hung up the phone and placed back on his desk and picked up the pregnancy test that was still sitting on his desk.

Derek got up and made his way to Hotch's office and knocked on his door and waited to be told he could enter when he heard Hotch say "come in" he opened the door and entered the office and stopped in front of his boss's desk and asked "Hotch i was wondering if I could put in for some time off for Pen and I so that we can fly to Chicago to see my family as I rang my mother earlier and told her that Pen and I are together and also that I am about to become a father" Hotch looked up at Derek with a smile on his face and said "Congratulations Morgan and of course I will see if I can the entire team 2 weeks off give me an hour and I will speak to Strauss and I will let you know" with that Derek left Hotch's office.

Derek made his way to see his Baby Girl to let her know what he had organized for them but when he walked into her office he noticed her with her head resting on her arms with her eyes closed he got closer to her and bent down to kiss her cheek, she started to stir when she felt his lips on her cheek and she opened her eyes and looked at the man of her dreams who was now kneeling beside her chair he placed his hand on her cheek and caressed it gently as he began to say "I called my Mamma after you came to give the best news of my life and told her that we are together and that you were pregnant I hope you are ok with that I had to tell someone or I was going to burst and she wanted to know when we were coming to visit her so I went and saw Hotch before coming in here and asked if there was anyway we could get some time off and he said he would see what he could do and I also told Hotch that you are pregnant."

Pen looked at Derek and smiled she knew he would need to tell someone about their exciting news she sat up and rolled her chair closer to him and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him gently on the lips before pulling back and saying "that's ok Baby I knew you wouldn't be able to not tell anyone and I would love to go and visit your Mamma with you" he attached his lips back to hers and they began a heated make-out session only to hear someone clear their throat at the door, Pen and Derek separated quickly and looked towards the door to see Hotch standing there with a smirk on his face before he said "finish up whatever work you are doing and then at the conclusion of the this work day we have 2 weeks off so you can go ahead and make plans to go to Chicago" and left them to whatever they were doing they decided to book their flights to Chicago before leaving.

The work they were doing was finally completed and their work day done for the next 2 weeks Pen and Derek left the building and headed for the parking garage and headed for home, both of them arrived at Pen's apartment so that Pen could pack a suitcase so that they could take one car back to Derek's house and leave hers in the underground car park of her apartment building, once her suitcase was packed Derek would not allow her to carry it so he took the suitcase down to his SUV while she locked up her apartment.

Derek met Penelope at the bottom of the stairs and held his hand out to her which she took and they walked hand in hand to the SUV Derek opened the passenger door and helped Pen into the car before closing her door and making his way to his side of the car, buckling themselves in he started the car and headed for his house he held her hand and smiled as he asked "Baby are you happy about us having a baby" Pen looked at him and said "of course I am Hot Stuff from the moment I saw that the test was positive I fell in love with this baby" she place their joined hands on her belly and looked over at Derek and smiled at him she could see a look of love in his eye for her and their baby.

Arriving at Derek's house he pulled into the driveway and got out and made his way to Pen's side of the car and helped her out before grabbing her suitcase they headed inside so that make dinner and so Derek could call his mother back with the good news of their upcoming visit and organize the boarding kennel for Clooney, Derek and Pen would drop Clooney off at the boarding kennel on their way to Pen's doctor's appointment tomorrow and then they would get whatever Pen needs to keep herself and their baby healthy throughout this pregnancy and then head to the airport for their late afternoon flight to Chicago.

Pen and Derek had eaten their dinner and Derek had made the necessary phone calls to the kennel and his Mamma and while Pen sat on the couch he made his way upstairs and began to run the water in the bathtub her put her favorite bath oil in and lit the candles that were placed around his bathroom and when the bath was full enough he went back downstairs to get his Baby Girl, he walked over to the couch and said "come on Baby Girl lets go and take a nice relaxing bath and have an early night we have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow he offered her his hand which immediately took and he helped her to stand and pulled her into him before he kissed her and then pulled away and playfully slapped her ass as she began making her way to the stairs.

Once they were in the bathroom he stood her in front of the mirror and stood behind her his chin resting on her shoulder, his arms wrapped around her waist and his hands on her belly, Pen placed her hands over the top of his hands and she turned her head and kissed his cheek, while watching everything in the mirror he began to undress her his hands traveling all over her now glowing, naked and pale skin the contrast between their skin tones had her highly aroused as she watched where his hands went and when they stopped at her pussy.

Derek began to tease the highly sensitive bundle of nerve at the top of her now very wet pussy, she could have had an orgasm just from his feather light touch on her clit but she held it as she leaned back against his statuesque body and took whatever he could dish out to her and when he bought his finger up to her mouth she opened and took his fingers in and sucked on them before he took them back out and placed them back on her pussy, without warning her stuck 2 fingers in her pussy and began finger fucking her until she screamed out his name as she came all over his fingers he pulled them out her and sucked her juices from his fingers.

Derek turned her around to face him and he kissed her passionately before saying "Princess how about you hop in the bath while I undress" she looked at him with a cheeky smirk on her face and said "how about I help you undress and then we can get in the bath together" Derek knew that he wasn't going to win so he said "ok Baby" and they started undressing him he took off his shirt while Pen worked on removing his pants when she got his jeans undone she tugged his jeans and his boxers down in one swift motion she watched as his erection sprung back and slapped his belly, he kicked pants off and began to get into the bath he got himself comfortable before she got in and sat between his legs with her back to his chest.

Derek wrapped his arms around Pen and held her against him while bathing her body with soap and water as she completely relaxed in his hold her head resting against his shoulder, her eyes closed enjoying the feather light touch that caressed her body before turning around and kneeling between his legs she applied some soap to her hand and began to wash every inch of his statuesque body she traced each and every line of six pack, his chest and his arm muscles and when they were both clean and rinsed of soap Derek climbed out of the bath first and wrapped a towel around his waist before he help his Baby out of the bath and wrapping her in a towel and they headed for his bedroom to get dressed and into bed.

Penelope was first into bed and was waiting for her love muffin to join her and when he finally climbed into bed she snuggled into his side and placed her head on his chest and said "good night Hot Stuff" he raised his hand and brushed some of her blonde hair out of her face and kissed her forehead and said "good night Baby Girl" before lowering his hand and placing it on her belly and said "good night little one."