A Morgan and Garcia Pregnancy

Chapter 4 - Doctor's Appointment and Chicago

Penelope woke to the sound of the annoying alarm clock beside her, partially rolling on her back she swiped at the thing making the noise and it fell to the floor instantly going quiet, she snuggled back into Derek and kissed the area of his chest over his heart while her hand went wandering down to his nether region, Pen began to stroke Derek's cock through his pajama bottoms and when he was rock hard she moved her hand under the elastic waistband and now she had direct contact with his cock as she started stroking him again.

Derek began to stir and with his eyes still closed he pulled Pen so that she now hovered over his body he tangled the fingers of one hand in her curly blonde hair and pulls her down so that he could attach his lips to hers while his other hand went under her t-shirt and hooked his fingers into the crotch of her panties and pulled hard he chuckled when he heard the distinct ripping sound and the offending garment was in his hand, he stuck his hand out from under the covers and dropped the panties on the floor bringing his hand back under the cover he tugged at the waistband of his pajama bottoms and pushed them down to mid thigh before bring her close and rubbed the head of his massive rock hard cock against her pussy lubricating the head before entering her in one thrust of his hips.

Pen screeched as he entered her he stilled and allowed her to adjust to his massive size and when he felt her body relax he knew that she was right for him to move and continue to take her pleasure to new heights he held her hips in place and began to thrust his hips upwards as he pounded her pussy his balls bounced off her ass cheeks, with Derek pounding her pussy Pen couldn't help but clench the muscles in her pussy as she came she screamed out "oh fuck yes Derek fuck me, fuck me hard" as her first orgasm subsided he said "god Baby you are so tight" he exploded in her pussy which caused her to cum along with him.

Derek and Pen lay together as their high subsided and they were able to breath properly again they got up and showered together and enjoyed a round of glorious shower sex with Pen facing the shower wall as Derek fucked her from behind while leaving a love bite to her sweet spot behind her ear, Derek was still buried to the hilt inside her while he washed her front, taking extra gentle care of her breasts as her didn't want to hurt her as her nipples and breasts were becoming sensitive due to the pregnancy leaning back while still inside her he washed her back and her hair before pulling out of her and washing her pussy and behind.

Pen turned around and was now facing Derek she stood on her tip toes and kissed the side of his neck before sticking her tongue out, she licked and sucked the area of his skin behind his ear leaving a love bite now they had matching marks to show that they were committed to each other, Pen started to wash his body not leaving an inch untouched by her light touches before they rinsed off all soap suds and getting out of the shower, wrapping themselves in a towel they headed for the bedroom where they dried and dressed once Derek had finished dressing he quickly packed his suitcase while Pen was in the bathroom doing her hair and a small amount of light make-up and her red lipstick would be the last thing she would do after breakfast and before they were ready to leave to drop off Clooney.

After they prepared breakfast together they sat and ate their choc chip pancakes and juice, looking up at the clock it was 10:30 am and they needed to leave the house at 11:00 am to take Clooney to the boarding kennel before making their way to the doctor's office before heading to the airport for their 2:00 pm flight to Chicago, Pen got up and went to wash their dishes so that there was nothing left out while they were gone and then headed upstairs and finished with cleaning her teeth and applying her lipstick and then putting her toiletries bag in her suitcase, she heard Derek's footsteps on the stairs and when she turned around she was enveloped in his strong arms he kissed her lips softly before he released her and picked up their suitcases and headed out of the room.

Derek got everything ready near the front door and made sure everything was locked up before taking the suitcases and loaded them into the SUV before coming back to get Pen and Clooney and locking the front door, Derek opened Pen's door and got her settled in her seat before opening the rear passenger door and getting Clooney settled before getting into the drivers seat, starting their journey to the kennel they made small talk about his family and what they are going to think when they get to Chicago and about what they might find out at the doctor's appointment.

Dropping Clooney off was an easy task and now they were currently sitting in the waiting room at the doctor's office filling out the paperwork for the doctor, Pen looked around at the other pregnant women around the waiting room some were clearly ready to pop and others were just like her not even showing yet, a nurse came out and called "Penelope Garcia" Pen and Derek stood up and followed the nurse to the examination room the nurse began by taking Penelope's weight, blood pressure and doing a blood test before she left the room and the couple waited for the doctor to come in, Pen sat on the bed facing Derek while Derek sat in a chair beside the bed with his arms around Pen's waist and his head against her belly while Pen wrapped her arms around his neck and rub a hand over his bald head trying to calm him.

The doctor knocked on the door and Derek pulled away from Pen just as she entered the room and introduced herself "my name is Dr. Green" she said and looked down at the chart in her hand and then said "ok now can you tell me when your last period was" Pen replied "it was about the 20th March but I have had what I thought was a period on the 17th April but it was only really light and I should have started my next one on the 15th May but it didn't start and that is when i began throwing up in the mornings and when I rang here yesterday I explained my symptoms to receptionist and she said that I should maybe go and get a pregnancy test and that is what I did and it was positive so here we are."

Dr. Green recorded all the information that Penelope had just given her before she said "ok Penelope can I get you to lay back on the bed for me and lift you shirt to just under your breasts for me" immediately Pen did what the Dr. had asked and put her hands back down by her side and with her right hand she set out find Derek's hand and grip it firmly unsure of what was about to happen, Dr. Green washed her hands and began to have a feel around Pen's abdomen area feeling for the top of her uterus and when she finds it she feels around the area to get and estimate of the size, Dr. Green sits on the stool beside the bed and pulls the ultrasound machine closer to her and puts a sheet over Pen's lower half and tucks it in to the top of her skirt and pulls it down slightly and says "I am going to do an ultrasound now so the gel will be cold" Pen nods and the Dr. squeezes a small amount of gel on to Pen's belly.

Now that the gel is on her belly Pen and Derek can't wait to see their little one as the Dr. placed the transducer on Pen's belly and moved it and the gel around, Dr. Green stopped moving the transducer when she caught a glimpse of what she was looking for and it confirmed her suspicions that Penelope was not carrying one baby but was carrying two babies the Dr. took all the measurements of the embryos before she looked away from the screen and said "congratulations you are having twins" Pen and Derek both gasped at hearing that they were going to have twins Derek got up out of his seat and leaned over Pen and kissed her like there was no tomorrow before he heard the Dr. say "if you look up here at the screen you will be able to see your babies and as you can see they are sharing one amniotic sac so they will be identical twins" she flicked a switch and a fluttering sound came through the speakers and she said "that is the sound of your babies heartbeats and they are very strong."

Penelope asked "Dr. how far along am I" the Dr. replied "you are about 8 weeks so you will be due right around Christmas time, I will give you a prescription for some pregnancy vitamins and I will see you in about a month for your 12 week check-up but if you have any problems please don't hesitate to contact me" the Dr. handed Penelope a towel to wipe the gel of her belly and then she pulled her skirt up and her shirt back down and then asked "Dr. Green could we please get some pictures please" Dr. Green nodded and left the room to get the pictures for them when she re-entered the room she handed them their pictures and a card with the next appointment date on it and said "ok have a good afternoon and i will se you in a months time."

Derek took his Baby Girl into his arms as they walked out of the doctors office and towards his SUV he looked at his watch and saw that they had to be at the airport for their check-in at 1:00 pm and it was 12:30 pm already and they had a 15 minute drive plus time to find a car park and get into the airport, they got into the SUV and headed for the airport getting there and finding a parking space with in 20 minutes Derek grabbed their suitcases out and luckily they were on wheels so that they could each take their own and still had a hand free to hold hands, they happily walked and talked about their babies, they checked-in and made their way to the departure gate there wasn't many free chairs so Derek sat down and sat Pen on his lap their hands joined on her belly.

Boarding the airplane and taking their seats Pen was starting to get tired and said "Hot Stuff how long is the flight to Chicago again" he replied "it's about 2 hours, why Baby Girl what is wrong" she smiled at him said "I am feeling a little tired that is all and I wanted to take a little nap that was all we have had an exciting morning and now I am worn out" Derek wrapped his arm around her shoulder pulling her closer to him and said "lay you head on my chest and close your eyes and I will wake you when we get closer to Chicago ok Baby" he kissed the top of her head as she settled her head on his chest over his heart and closed her eyes, the plane traveled the runway and began to take off and Pen didn't even realize that they were now in the air because as soon as she closed her eyes she was sound asleep.

There was an announcement from the captain of the plane that said "we are now beginning to descend into Chicago so please have your seats upright, your tables away and your seat belts on thank you and enjoy your stay here in Chicago" Derek knew that it was time to wake up his Princess he began placing butterfly kisses all over her face before kissing her lips, he sucked her pouty bottom lip into his mouth and then nibbled on it he felt her begin to stir and she pulled back slightly just enough to remove her lip from his mouth and as she opened her eyes he had a mischievous smirk on his face, she leaned forward and kissed his lips passionately before saying "that was not very nice Mr. Morgan" he dropped his bottom lip out in a pout and said "why was it not nice Baby you needed to wake up and I didn't want to shake you or shout at you to wake up so I took a more gentle approach, so I thought the way I woke you was perfect and plus that lip looked so yummy I just had to taste it because your lips are so soft and sweet."

They finally landed in Chicago and everyone got off the plane, they made their way to baggage claim and collected their suitcases and were headed for the exit when they heard a voice call out for them a voice that Derek knew all to well and when the women appeared in front of them Penelope knew exactly who the voice belonged to it was the one and only Fran Morgan, Fran reached up on her tip toes to hug her son before moving on to Pen, Fran pulled Pen into a tight Mama Bear embrace and whispered in her ear "thank you for loving my son Penelope it means the world to me that he is finally settling down."

Derek turned to his Mamma and said "Mamma don't spoil her that is my job" Fran pulled away from Pen and said "I will do whatever I like she is carrying my grand-child so leave us alone" Pen smirked and pulled the pictures from their doctors appointment this afternoon out of her purse and handed them to Fran and said "actually you better make that grand-children."

Fran looked down at the pictures in her hand knowing what the pictures were due her many years as a nurse she smiled and saw what Penelope was talking about she could clearly see the two embryos that share one amniotic sac and one placenta, she looked at both Derek and Penelope and smiled before saying "congratulations, I can't believe you are having twins" she hugged Pen again and asked "how far along are you Penelope" Derek spoke up and said "Pen is 8 weeks pregnant and is due around Christmas time so it looks like Christmas will be with us this year" Fran looked at Derek and said "I didn't ask you but anyway."

Derek, Penelope and Fran made their way out to the car and headed for the Morgan residence where they were spending the next 10 days, Fran had managed to get sometime off work to spend with Derek and Penelope while they were here in Chicago she planned on taking Penelope out shopping with Sarah and Desiree so that Derek could catch up with some of his friends, finally they arrived at the Morgan house and they were greeted by Sarah and Desiree who hugged Derek and then he introduced Pen to his sisters "Sarah, Desiree this is my Baby Girl Penelope, Baby Girl these are my sisters."

Derek took their suitcases up to his old room while the girls all went to the kitchen and made tea and coffee Pen made sure to stay away from the coffee as she didn't want to be running off to the bathroom, Derek came down the stairs and went into the kitchen and walked up behind Pen and wrapped his arms around her waist his hands laying protectively over her belly and began to nuzzle her neck not caring that his Mamma and sisters were there until her heard "get a room would you" he looked to see Sarah smiling at him and he said "I got a room thanks it just so happens to be that you are here in it too and I can give my Baby Girl and my babies a snuggle if I wish too."

Sarah and Desiree looked at Derek stunned and in unison they said "can you repeat that again" Derek smiled and said "I can give my Baby Girl and my babies a snuggle if I wish too" both girls looked toward their Mamma and she just smiled and nodded and then they looked at Penelope and noticed that she now had a few pictures in her hand that she had pulled from the pocket of her skirt, Pen handed the pictures over to Sarah and Desiree who were still stunned they couldn't believe that their brother had finally found his one true love and was settling down and starting a family.

Penelope was feeling uncomfortable in the clothes that she had on and wanted to excuse herself to go and change in to sweatpants, she turned to Derek and said "Baby can you show me to your room these clothes are getting uncomfortable around my belly and I would like to change" he nodded and said "come on Baby Girl I will show you where to go and where the bathroom is" and with that they made their way upstairs and showed her the bathroom an then to his bedroom he then said "Baby I will leave you to get changed and I will see you downstairs."

Derek made his way back downstairs and his Mamma and sisters were now sitting in the living room Derek turned his Mamma and said "Mamma can I talk to you in the kitchen please" and headed for the kitchen with Fran following close behind him closing the kitchen door behind her, Fran looked at Derek and said "what is wrong son" he smiled and said "nothing is wrong Mamma, I need your help I want to propose to Penelope and I was wondering if you still had Grandma Morgan's Engagement Ring" Fran had to put her hand over her mouth so that she would squeal out loud and said "of course I do son, your Grandma gave that ring to your father when her husband passed away and he proposed to me with that same ring and said to hand it down to you when the time came so that is what I will do, I will get it for you later when Pen has gone to bed and when I take Pen out you could find one of her rings and take it to the jeweler and get it resized to fit her."

It took Pen a few minutes to get changed and to use the bathroom, she got back downstairs to find everyone in the living room, Fran and Derek cut their talk short when they heard the toilet flush and made it to the living room and were sat talking to Sarah and Des when she began to come down the stairs she walked over to the couch where Derek was sitting and took a seat beside him and curled into the side of his body and he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and placed a kiss to her forehead before he lay his head on top of hers as they listened to the conversation around them.

Fran got up later and headed for the kitchen to begin preparing dinner she started with getting all the vegetables peeled and on the stove and started them cooking while she got the chicken crumbed and ready to be cooked, after cleaning up the mess she made and headed back to the living room where everyone was still talking well everyone except Penelope she had dozed off with her head buried in between Derek's neck and shoulder and Derek had moved her legs so that they were now resting over his legs and his hands laying on her belly.

When Fran announced that dinner was ready Derek looked at Pen and whispered in her ear "Princess dinner is ready come on lets go and get you and our babies fed" Penelope put her feet on the floor and started to get up but Derek stood up first and offered her his hand to help her up once on her feet they walked hand in hand to the kitchen and sat down at the table, Penelope looked a little embarrassed as she looked at Fran and said "sorry Fran I didn't mean to fall asleep it is just we have had an exhausting day and I have been getting tired really quickly over the last week" Fran smiled at Pen and said "don't worry about it I remember what it was like when I was pregnant with this big boof (pointing in Derek's direction) I was tired all the time" Penelope couldn't help but laugh at the nickname is Mamma just gave him because it is true he is a big boof.

After dinner everyone relaxed before heading to bed, Sarah and Desiree left to return to their own homes and Penelope once again excused herself to go and have a shower and get ready for bed she kissed Derek's cheek and left the living room and up the stairs she entered Derek's bedroom and removed all her jewelry, gathered her pajamas and a towel that Fran left in the room and went to the bathroom turning on the shower she stripped off her clothes and go in she relished the feeling of the water cascading over her body.

Fran and Derek left the living room and went upstairs and into her bedroom and found the Engagement Ring that Derek wanted while Fran was in her room Derek went into his room and when he saw Pen had removed her jewelry so he grabbed a piece of paper out of his desk and a pen and traced around the inside of a couple of her rings to see if they were different.

Fran was on her way to Derek's room when she heard the shower shut off she quickly past him the ring box and went back downstairs and locked up and turned off all the lights and went back upstairs and went to bed, Penelope finished drying off and dressing and headed back to Derek's room where she found him sitting on the bed leaning against the headboard in just an pair of pajama bottoms his hands behind his head with his million watt smile on his face he moved up onto his knees and began crawling across the bed towards her, Penelope closed the door and then stood beside the bed Derek reached out and wrapped his arms around her waist bringing her close to him.

Derek held Penelope close to him and began to lift her up onto the bed and laid her down on the mattress and laid down behind her with his chest to her back his arm now lay lightly over the side of her belly, his fingers laced together with her on her belly Pen reached over and turned the bedside light off and they closed their eyes and drifted into a peacefully sleep.