A Morgan and Garcia Pregnancy

Chapter 5 - Spending Time with Family

Penelope woke up the same way that she fell asleep which is in the arms of her statuesque god with his hand laying protectively over her belly, not realizing that Derek was awake she just lay there in his arms, Pen then felt his lips against her shoulder blade before they began trailing up towards her neck where he began sucking and biting and leaving a hickey in his wake his lips then trailed along the side of her jaw before arriving at their final destination, her pouty lips.

Derek rolled Pen over in his arms so that she was now facing him his lips now attacking every inch of her visible pale skin, his hands roamed her body before he cupped her ass in his hands and pulled her against his now raging hard-on that tented his pajama bottoms and began to grind against her thigh he moved one of his hands from her ass and bought it around to the front of her panties and began to run his fingers through the folds of her now very wet pussy.

Penelope bit her lip as she let out a strangled moan as Derek played with her clit before he moved his hand to the entrance of her pussy, he wriggled two finger inside her and finger fucked her gently her hips thrusting up to meet the movement of his hand, Pen had to bite her lip and bury her face against Derek's chest so that her moans were muffled and she hoped that Fran didn't hear her.

Penelope moved one of her hands down and into his tented pajama bottoms, she then pullled his cock out and began to stroke him she focused on the sensitive area at the base of the head, Derek was getting really worked up so he gripped the sides of her panties and ripped them off her and rolled her back over on her side with back against him he lifted her top leg over the top of his and and entered her, she stilled to allow her to adjust to his size before he began thrusting in to her at a rapidly fast pace.

Derek was getting close but was trying to hold back until he could feel that Pen was getting close so he bought his hand around to the top of her pussy and began to play with her clit again which he knew would get her going, Pen was now so close to orgasm as Derek keep thrusting his cock into her while playing with her clit and when her body began to stiffen and the walls of her pussy clamped down around cock as she came it sent him over the edge and he exploded into her his body shuddered as spurt after spurt of cum left his body and they lay there as they came down from their high.

Fran knocked on Derek's bedroom door and both Derek and Penelope jumped and then Fran said "Derek, Pen breakfast is ready" Pen and Derek stayed still and quiet until they heard Fran's footsteps walk away from his door and when they knew that they were safe they both laughed at the situation, Derek pulled out of Pen and they got up and dressed and Pen went to use the bathroom and Derek made his way downstairs and into the kitchen, when Fran noticed Derek walk into the kitchen she looked at him with a smirk on her face that said "i know what you were doing" Derek looked at her and smiled and said "what was that look for Mamma."

Fran smiled and said "the look I just gave you was because" she didn't finish her sentence as she saw Penelope enter the kitchen and then she said "I know what you two were up to, I heard you as I walked past your bedroom this morning" she turned to Pen who was now bright red that she had been heard in the throes of passion and said "don't worry about it, it is completely natural I just wasn't expecting it as I walked passed the door that is all."

Penelope buried her face into Derek's chest to try and hide her embarrassment he embraced her and whispered in her ear "I love you and our babies Baby Girl" he placed his finger under her chin and lifted it so that she was now looking in his eyes as he bought his lips down to hers and kissed her feverishly before separating and sitting down at the table, where they both began to fill their plates with all the goodies that Fran had cooked, there was pancakes, bacon, eggs and hash browns and there was tea, coffee and juice on the table.

After breakfast was finished and the dishes had been washed, dried and put away everyone got ready for the day ahead, Fran, Penelope, Sarah and Desiree were all going to the mall for a girl's shopping day while Derek went to visit a few of his buddies from when he was part of the Chicago PD and some from when he was younger, Derek was the first to leave the house after saying his goodbye to Pen he got into his Mamma's car and headed for the mall with the ring box and the piece of paper with the tracings of one of Pen's rings tucked in his pocket.

Derek arrived at the mall and found the jewelry store that his Mamma had been using for years so they knew who he was, walking into the jewelry store the owner immediately rushed to help and said "Hello Derek, how are you? it has been awhile since I have seen you" Derek smiled toward the owner and said "Hello Abigail, I am fine thank you and yes it has been a long time since I have been back here, I have been busy with work but I came over with my girlfriend to visit my mother for 10 days" Abigail's jaw dropped when Derek had mention a girlfriend and then she said "oh I see so what can I help you with today" Derek pulled the ring box and the piece of paper from his pocket and placed them on the counter and said "I would like to get this ring resized to match the size that is on the piece of paper please."

Abigail pulled out the ring sizing tool and began to find the right one and then when she found the right size she pulled out the order book and began filling in all the necessary details of the work to be done to the ring before getting Derek to fill out his details he then asked "when will the ring be ready to pick up" Abigail looked at him and said "it should be ready to be picked up by tomorrow afternoon say around 4:00 pm I will put a rush on it for you, so anything else interesting happing in your life" Derek couldn't help by nod and smile before saying "yes my life is completely perfect I have the most gorgeous girlfriend who is pregnant with my babies so my life at the moment couldn't get any better" Abigail's eyes widened in shock when he said the word babies and then she said "what do you mean babies" Derek then replied "my Baby Girl is having Twins."

A very shocked Abigail stood there trying to comprehend that one Chicago's biggest players had finally found his one and only and was finally settling down, when Abigail found the use of her words she said "WOW I never thought I would see the day that the Derek Morgan would leave his player ways behind and settle down and become a family man" Derek just looked at her and thought to himself well people do change before he said it out loud "people do change Abigail" and with that he left the store and made is way to the car and he left the mall.

Derek drove to Chicago PD and got out of the car and headed inside, no sooner he walked through the door he shook the hands of his ex-fellow work mates and the sergeant of the station clapped Derek on the back before shaking his hand and saying "well Derek looks like you have done well for yourself" Derek nodded and smiled before saying "Sergeant Jones it is good to see you again and yes my life is good right now but it is going to hopefully get better soon, I bought my pregnant girlfriend with me and I hope to propose to her by the weekend" Sergeant Jones replied "oh good for you Derek, it is good to see you finally settling down."

All the girls were walking around the mall with their hands full of bags shoes and clothes for her but she couldn't help herself she found a couple of cute outfits that were of a neutral color for the babies and she bought some cream colored yarn to knit some baby blankets, the girls decided to stop for lunch before and by late afternoon they headed home, once they arrived back at the house Derek met the girls in the driveway to help carry all Pen's bags he took the bags straight upstairs.

Derek and Pen sat on his bed ands she began to show what she had bought while on the shopping trip with his Mamma and sisters she had bought a few pairs of maternity pants and a few maternity skirts and maternity shirts because even though she is only 8 weeks pregnant she is already starting to get a slight baby bump which is normal when carrying twins, she then pulled out two cute little outfits and held them up to show him.

Derek took one of the little outfits and held out in front of him and said "I can't believe that we will have two little people fitting into these in about 7 months time" Pen smiled and placed her hands on her belly and said "I know I can't wait until we finally get to meet them I wonder what sex they will be, what would you like them to be?" Derek placed his hand over the top of her hand and said "I think I would like them to be little girls but it doesn't really matter as long as they are healthy, what would you like them to be Baby?" Pen replied "I would like to have little girls as well but as you said it doesn't matter as long as they are healthy."

Pen and Derek made their way downstairs and switched on the television and snuggled up on the couch with a movie while Fran, Sarah and Desiree were in the kitchen making a start on dinner to allow the couple some down time.

Fran announced that dinner was ready and Derek and Pen made their way to the kitchen and sat down around the table, Pen was quite hungry even though she had had a big lunch she was now eating for 3 so she needed to keep up with her nutrition throughout this pregnancy as the doctor had explained to her that her nutrition would play a big part in the growth of the twins.

After dinner Fran pulled out Derek's baby album and they all sat there and made fun of him for some of the things that he got up to as child, Penelope was snuggled between Fran and Derek while Sarah and Desiree were seated on another couch picking on their brother about how he can't be without touching Penelope in some sort of way because every time they see them they are always snuggled together or holding hands or kissing.

Eventually Pen said "good night everyone I will see you all tomorrow, this Mama needs to shower and get her beauty sleep, as these babies are zapping the energy out me quick" and with that she excused herself and made her way upstairs and into the shower, she allowed the warm water to cascade over her body she stood with her back against the shower wall and her hands resting on the small baby bump that was starting to make an appearance, after washing her body she got out and dried and made it quickly across the hall to Derek's bedroom.

Once in his bedroom she noticed that he was already there and that he had changed in to his pajama bottoms and was in bed he was leaning against the bed head with his hands behind his head which showed off his biceps and his glorious toned chest, she quickly dressed in one of his t-shirts and a pair of panties she turned out the light and climbed into bed and snuggled up against her beloved chocolate god of thunder as she rested her head of his chest over his heart and the sound of his beating heart was just enough to lull her into dreamland, Derek leaned over and kissed the top of her head and said "good night Baby Girl" he placed his hand on her belly and said "good night little ones."