A Morgan and Garcia Pregnancy

Chapter 7 - Telling the Team

Penelope and Derek were on their final day in Chicago and they were packing up their suitcases their flight was due to leave about 4:00 pm and it was only lunch time so they decided to go out for lunch so they went to a local cafe and ate they then went to the mall so that Pen could get some nice dresses to wear when she goes back to work, before heading back to the house and were greeted by Sarah and Desiree and Pen went up to put the dresses she had bought into her suitcase and then Derek came up to get the suitcases so he could load the car and then it was time to leave for the airport.

After a tearful goodbye from Fran, Pen and Derek made their way through check-in and to their gate they had about an hour to wait so they decided to continue they talk that they started on

their date night, Pen said "Derek remember the night we went out for dinner and we began talking about what we should name our babies and I said that we could join the names you like and the names I like together I was thinking about for the girls names we choose the names I picked and the names you picked for their middle names and for the boys names we use the names you picked and the names I picked for their middle names" Derek looked at Pen and said "I think we can work something out there Baby Girl and it sound like a perfect compromise."

Penelope pulled out a pen and a piece of scrap paper she had in her purse and began writing down the names that they had chosen and started to try and match the names in many different combinations and then showed Derek and said "so Hot Stuff what do you think? I quite like the names Addison Olivia and Avery Mackenzie Morgan and Owen Hayden and Matthew Hunter Morgan" Derek smiled and said "I like those names very much Baby Girl now all we need to do is find out the sex of the babies and then we can start getting everything we need for them" Pen nodded and tucked the pen and paper back in her purse and leaned against Derek resting her head on his shoulder.

The couple finally boarded the plane and were now home bound, Pen and Derek came back to D.C four days earlier so that they could have time to recover from their flight and get some household chores done and then they could go back to work on Monday morning, when the plane landed they made their way back to his SUV and headed for Pen's apartment when they finally arrived back at the apartment Pen unlocked the door and entered with Derek close behind her, he closed the door and made his way to the couch.

Pen sat down in Derek's lap and made herself comfortable and he wrapped his arms around her and held her close and said "Babe i was thinking tomorrow we could get some boxes and begin to start packing up some of your things and move them over to the house" Pen looked up and into his eyes and said "that would be a perfect idea Hot Stuff" they continued to sit on the couch cuddled together when Derek looked up at the clock and noticed that it was almost 7:00 pm so he pulled out his cell phone and dialed the number for the local pizza place and ordered their favorite pizzas and a garlic bread and hung up.

The pizza delivery boy knocked on the door and Penelope got up and answered the door as Derek stood up from the couch and headed for the door he pulled his wallet from his pocket and pulled out a $20 and paid for the pizza's and giving the boy a tip and they closed the door not bothering with plates they placed the pizza boxes on the coffee table and began eating snuggled together and watched a movie before getting ready for bed, they changed and climbed into bed.

The next morning Penelope woke to the sun streaming through the blinds and the rays of light hit Derek's face and as she lay there she could see that his face was worry free and he looked peaceful as her slept, Pen got out of bed and headed for the bathroom she had the urgent need to relieve her bladder, as soon as her bladder was relieved she felt much better she pulled on a pair of sweats and went into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of orange juice and then headed back to bed as she thought of all the things that she would be keeping and all the things that would be getting donated to good will writing a list of what stays and what goes while waiting for Derek to wake up.

Derek finally woke and rolled over to face his Baby Girl and saw that she was sitting up beside him as he asked "Baby Girl what are you doing" she replied "I am just making a list of all the things that I am keeping and things that are going to good will so that when we finally get up we can maybe call the rest of the team and get them over here to help so that we can then tell them what is going on and then maybe we could do a barbecue at our place when we have finished, what do you say Baby Boy?."

"I think that is a perfect idea Baby that way the team can get it out of their systems before Monday" Derek said as he got out of bed and headed for the bathroom after relieving his bladder he went back to the bedroom and picked up his cell phone he pressed the speed-dial number for Hotch.

Answering the phone on the second ring Derek heard the word "Hotchner" Derek replied "hey Hotch Pen and I were wondering if you were busy today we are getting together at Pen's apartment" Hotch replied "no I am Jack and I aren't busy today so we will see you around in about an hour" "ok no worries see you soon" Derek said as he hung up the phone, Penelope rang Emily and JJ while Derek rang Rossi and Reid and organized for them all to meet at Pen's apartment.

Everyone arrived at Pen's apartment and they all sat around talking when Emily said "so what are we all here for" Pen and Derek looked at each other before looking at the team that were sitting around her living room and Pen started by saying "as you all know that Derek and I have just spent 10 days in Chicago and well while we were there Derek asked me to move in with him and to marry him and I said yes and I am also almost 10 weeks pregnant, so today we are beginning to pack up some of my belongings and moving the stuff over to Derek's house" Derek looked at Pen and said "not just my house Baby it is our house now" before leaning over and kissing her chastely on the lips, Penelope then said "ok let's get packing we will start with my clothing, my linen and all my little knick knacks and then we can take the furniture that I am keeping and the rest is going to good will.

Everything is finally packed up and is being loaded in to vehicles and while that is all being done Penelope goes to see the apartment manager so that she can inform him that she will be moved out by the end of the weekend she knocked on the manager's door and waited upon opening the door the manager saw his best tenant standing before him and he said "hello miss Garcia, how are you" Pen replied "hello Mr Fairweather, I am fine I just came to tell you that by the end of this weekend my apartment will be vacant as I am moving in with my fiancee so that we can get ready for our new arrivals in 6 and half months" she placed her hands on the slight swell of her belly and flatten her shirt over it so that he could see the slight baby bump as he said "oh congratulations Miss Garcia I am very happy for you and your fiancee, don't worry about anything just leave the apartment clean and I will return your bond when you return the keys on Sunday afternoon."

Penelope replied "thank you very much Mr Fairweather everything will be as it was when I moved in there and I will see you on Sunday" she turned on her heels and made her way back to here soon-to-be old apartment when she entered the apartment she saw everyone there waiting for her so that they could head for hers and Derek's house.

Arriving at the Morgan house everything was unloaded from the vehicles and placed in the garage until she was ready to unpack them the only things that went into the house were the bags and suitcases containing her clothing, once everything was out of the cars Derek grabbed a few beers from the fridge and the boys went and sat outside on the patio at the rear of the house while the girls stayed inside and were chatting away while getting comfortable on the couch, the girls were talking about when the wedding would be and JJ wanted to know all the details of the pregnancy and said "congrats Pen, when did you find out? and how far along are you?."

"Calm down JJ and I will fill you in with all the details, so to your first question Jayje I found out that I was pregnant the day before we went to Chicago and to answer you second question I had a doctors appointment the morning before we flew out and I am almost 10 weeks pregnant with twins, but I have to be very careful because this pregnancy is considered to be high risk as I am carrying what they call mono-mono twins which in non-medical terms means that my twins share one amniotic sac and one placenta" Emily and JJ sat there stunned at Pen's confession.

After the barbecue at Derek and Penelope's everyone left and the couple collapsed on the couch together before they went upstairs and in to the bathroom where they undressed and showered washing away the long day of packing and moving, Derek pressed Pen gently up against the shower wall and lifted her legs so that they were now wrapped around his exquisitely toned waist her arms so that they were wrapped around his neck, Derek's erection was digging into the inside of her thigh she knew he was ready she reached between their bodies and guided his member into her dripping wet core and lowered herself down on to him, Derek took a step back so that Pen's upper body was still against the wall and her lower body was tilted enough that when he thrust in and out of her tight pussy that the tip of his cock rub on her g-spot.

Climbing into bed they were both fully sated from their hot and steamy round of shower sex that they curled up with their arms and legs in a tangle of skin as they drifted off to sleep. When Pen woke up that morning she was excited because she was finally going to be out of her apartment by the end of the day, Derek went to hire a trailer so that they could get the furniture that she was keeping out of the apartment and take it to the house, leaving everything that was going to good will until last which was her small dining table, her fridge, her spare bed and a few other items that she no longer needed they loaded all the stuff that was left on to the trailer and took it it to the good will center, once everything was out of the apartment they began the cleaning process making sure all the wall and floors were clean, they had bought a can of paint to paint over the purple wall of her living room.

Once everything was clean and the wall painted, Pen and Derek went back to their house and began going through the boxes that they'd just bought from the apartment and putting everything away, Pen was starting to feel a little light headed so she sat on the edge of their bed with her head in her hands when Derek turned around and saw her sitting like that he instantly was by her side "Baby Girl are you ok" she shook her head and replied "no I just felt a little light headed but I will be fine in a minute" then she remembered "Hot Stuff could you go and make me something to eat I just remembered that I haven't eaten for awhile and remember what the doctor said I need to eat small meals in between each meal to keep my energy levels up" Derek nodded and took off out of the room, down the stairs and into the kitchen and made Pen a sandwich and took it back upstairs to her.

Everything finally had a place and they were now in the kitchen and ready to make a meal together they needed to make something that was healthy but also had enough nutrition in it to keep up with Pen's daily requirement for the pregnancy, they made a delicious stir-fry chicken with rice sitting at the table they began to talk Pen started "Hot Stuff have you thought as to when you would like to get married" Derek shook his head and said "no baby I haven't but I do know one thing that I don't want to wait too long so how about we do some research after dinner and we can see what is available or we could put in for a license and have a marriage celebrant come and preform the ceremony here in the backyard and then we can get the food catered for and we don't have to go anywhere."

Pen and Derek cleared the mess from dinner and then sat on the couch and Pen said "Derek how would you like to get married in a few months so that I am not too big" as she pulled out her laptop and opened up her Internet browser, Derek replied "that sound absolutely perfect Baby we can get married the weekend of the 13th July" Pen smiled and said "that is perfect Baby" and began to search for wedding celebrants, marriage licenses, dresses, suits and venues and started writing down all the necessary names and numbers she needed so that she could ring them and make arrangements for the second weekend in July.

Pen sorted out all the stuff for the wedding and turned off her laptop and snuggled into Derek's side she nuzzled his neck leaving butterfly kisses from his neck to the outer shell of his ear before sucking on his earlobe and whispering sweet nothing's in his ear, Derek knew that if she kept going with her words and ministrations that he would not be able to hold back he got up and turned his living room light off and then turned on the light on the stairs and then back over to the couch he bent down and put an arm under her arms and one behind the her knees and lifted her into his muscular arms and carried her upstairs.

Sunday morning had finally arrived and it was the day that she had been waiting for she would be out of the apartment for good, after making sure that everything was cleaned properly they gathered the last of the cleaning stuff near the door Pen stood in the open doorway and looked back into the apartment and said her finally goodbyes to her old single life, Derek had taken the the cleaning stuff down to the SUV and then he came back so that her so that they could go and see Mr Fairweather the apartment manager.

Pen and Derek made their way down to The apartment managers office and knocked on his door she pulled the keys from her keyring as he answered the door he allowed her to enter his office she handed him the apartment keys and he handed her an envelope and her lease form for her to sign as a proof of lease cancellation when everything was signed and handed back Pen and Derek turned and left the office and headed back the SUV and then for home.