A Morgan and Garcia Pregnancy

Chapter 9 - The Wedding

Penelope was getting excited there was only one week until she married the man of her dreams and today Fran, Sarah and Desiree were flying to D.C. and they were going to be staying with Penelope and Derek so that they could have a few days going shopping and to help with some of the setting up for the wedding ceremony and for the reception party afterwards, Derek and Penelope had asked for the week off before the wedding so that they could all the last minute stuff that they needed to get done all sorted out.

Pen stayed at home finishing off the cleaning and getting their rooms prepared while Derek went and picked up his Mamma and sisters from the airport, when Derek arrived at the airport he was just in time to she is Mamma and sisters collecting their luggage he would have been there soon only he got stuck in traffic, making his way to his family he took his Mamma's bag and they were headed towards the car when Fran said "where's Penelope" he replied "she is at home getting everything ready for your arrival" Fran looked at him and said "is she starting to get into the nesting phase of the pregnancy already" Derek shook his head and said "no Ma she just want's everything to be perfect and for you all to be comfortable during your stay here" they reached the car and Derek loaded the luggage into the back of his SUV as the three women got in the car.

During the drive back to the house Fran said "I bet Penelope has gotten bigger since we last saw the two of you on Skype a few weeks ago and how is she feeling" Derek looked at Mamma with a smile on his face and said "you will just have to wait and see how big she has gotten and she is doing well, she is getting tired a lot more than she was but the doctor said that that was normal for expectant mothers carrying more than one baby", Derek pulled the car into the driveway and killed the engine and got out of the car and opened the back of the SUV and began unloading the bags, Fran, Sarah and Desiree got out and retrieved their luggage from Derek and they all headed for the front door, Derek was just about to reach for the door knob when the door opened and there stood before them was a very exhausted and pregnant Penelope.

Everyone entered the house and gave Penelope a hug and told her how great she looked, Derek was the last one to hug and kiss his soon-to-be wife he said "you look exhausted Baby" as he wrapped her up in one arm and they made their way into the living room Derek sat down on the couch and pulled Pen so that she was sitting in his lap as Fran, Sarah and Des all took a seat on the other couch, they made small talk and before they knew it was time to get up and make dinner.

Pen kissed Derek on the cheek and said "I need to go and make dinner" he didn't reply but reluctantly let her get up and she headed for the kitchen and Fran stood up and followed her standing in the doorway of the kitchen she said "Penelope is there anything I can do to help you, as you need to take it easy and rest while you can, as you know with the pregnancy being in the high risk category you need to slow down a little bit otherwise you may well end up in hospital or stuck in bed for the remainder of your pregnancy which I am sure you don't want, am I correct" Pen smiled as she looked at Fran and said "of course you can help and I know I should be resting but I have been trying to make the house looks good for the wedding on Saturday and no I don't want to end up in hospital or in bed for the next 12 weeks before these two grace us with their presence so from now on I will take it easy and rest when I need to."

The Morgan Family had had 2 very busy days with the rest of the preparation for the wedding and then when Wednesday finally came around everyone was tired but there was a little excitement in the air as Penelope had her 3D ultrasound booked in for 10:30 am and Fran was coming along with them for the appointment, it was 8:30 am and they were just climbing out of bed and while Derek and Penelope showered Fran went downstairs and began to cook breakfast and then when they had eaten she would go up and shower, everyone one ate and got ready to leave they were leaving the house at 10:00 am so that they would be there with plenty of time to spare.

Arriving at the doctor's office they made their way in and Penelope check in at the receptionist desk before taking a seat between Derek and Fran and they talked quietly between them and at exactly 10:30 am a nurse appeared and called "Penelope Garcia the doctor will see you now" they all got up and followed the nurse into the hallway where the nurse prepared to check Penelope's weight and blood pressure, Penelope stood on the scales and the nurse wrote down on the chart what the weight was and Pen noticed that she had put on another 14 pound (6kg) as she sat down ready for the nurse to check her blood pressure which luckily for Pen was normal the nurse lead them to the exam room.

Pen sat up on the bed and they waited for Dr. Green to come in, there was a knock on the door and Pen called out "come in" and Dr. Green entered the room she sat down and began to run through the chart just to make sure that everything was as it should be before going through and conducting her examination, Dr. Green stood up and asked "Pen can you lay back on the bed and lift her shirt please" complying with the doctors orders she lay back and lifted her shirt and Dr. Green began by palpating Pen's belly feeling around for the top of the uterus when she found it she grabbed her tape measure and measured the fundal height making sure that her measurement corresponds to her gestation period.

Dr. Green sat down again and pulled the ultrasound machine towards her going through and setting up the machine into 3D mode and applied the cold gel to Pen's belly and turned to Pen, Derek and Fran and said "is everyone ready to see what these little ones are going to look like and we can maybe see what gender they are if they are going to co-operate with us" she placed the transducer on top of the gel and began spreading it over Pen's belly, they coul believe their eyes when they saw the image of their twins facial features on the screen.

Dr. Green moved the transducer around a little bit until she had an image of one of the twins lower half and it was clear as day and then she moved the transducer until it was over the lower half of the second baby and Dr. Green said "with mono-mono twins they are always the same gender, so congratulations you are having identical twin girls."

Fran stood behind Derek with a smile from ear to ear on her face as she said "congratulations, these little girls are going to be the apples of their father's eye and will be loved by everyone that comes in contact with them" Penelope turned her head and looked at Derek who sat there speechless and when she saw his face she released his hand and placed it on his cheek and said "Baby say something, what is going on in that gorgeous bald head of yours" Derek opened and closed his mouth a few time before he was able to find his words and once he found them he said "sorry, I am just really overwhelmed at the moment but I am also really happy we are going to have two beautiful little girls in about 5 month's time and I can't wait."

Friday night arrived and everyone had gathered at the Morgan household and they were starting to get all the decorations put up ready for the next day they started with the white tulle on the stairs and hung around the windows and then any other decorations that needed to be hung outside on the patio and around the backyard could be done in the morning, Derek and Penelope were not doing the whole traditional wedding thing as there is nothing traditional about their relationship they have flirted with each other since the very first day he called her Baby Girl the witty banter that they have is one that no-one else understands.

After everyone had finished with the decorations they left and Penelope and Derek made their way upstairs and got ready for bed, climbing in to bed they drifted off to sleep as they have a big day ahead of them tomorrow.

Waking up early Penelope noticed she was starting to get uncomfortable with her belly getting bigger she was now finding to hard to get in a comfortable position and she didn't want to keep tossing and turning and waking Derek up so she got and headed downstairs going to the kitchen she began pulling ingredients out of the pantry and refrigerator ready to make pancakes, bacon, eggs and hash browns, she also put the coffee maker on ready to make anyone a cup of coffee but she was hoping that Derek would stay asleep so that she could take him breakfast in bed and maybe even get a little frisky with him before they start getting ready for the wedding.

Penelope finished cooking breakfast and no-one had yet made an appearance so she took a tray and loaded the tray with plates and a coffee mug and a glass and went back upstairs, placing the tray on his bedside table she sat on the edge of the bed and began to trace small gentle circles on his chest, Derek rolled from his side on to his back and began to open his eyes he rubbed them to get rid of any sleep that had built up in the corner of his eyes opening his eyes wider her saw his gorgeous baby Girl sitting on the edge of the bed looking at him with a big smile on her face, he reached out for her hand lacing his fingers with hers he pulled her towards him so that she was now laying on top of him.

Pen had her knees now on either side of Derek's hips and her arms were up near his head so that there was enough room for her belly which was resting on his belly, Derek wrapped his arms around her upper body and pulled it down so that her body was flush with his and captured her lips in a very heated and passionate kiss his hands roaming every of her back and sides before he moved them to her ass cheeks squeezing them before he lightly spanked one of her ass cheeks, which caused her to let out a small yelp in to his mouth.

Penelope pulled away and said "I made us breakfast my hot soon-to-be husband so we better eat up while it is still hot" she sat up and moved so that she could reach the tray as Derek began to sit up he was leaning against the headboard of their bed as she placed the tray on his lap and then she settled down next to her Hot Stuff and they began to eat, once they had finished eating Derek placed the tray on the floor and turned towards Penelope and wrapped her in his strong arms and dragged her body down the bed with his body hovering over the top of her and he continued off where they had started before they ate, his hands roaming her body, his lips connected with her in a heated kiss, Penelope's hand had travelled from his neck down his chest and abdomen and into his pajama bottoms, she gripped his rapidly hardening member and started stroking him slowly getting him all worked up.

Derek couldn't take her teasing anymore and hooked his fingers into the elastic waist of her panties and dragged them down her legs at lightning speed, his cock twitched in her hand and he knew that if she kept going that he was going to blow his load all over her belly and that is not where he wanted to shoot his cum, he half groaned and half mumbled "Baby Girl please stop teasing me because if you don't I am going to cum all over your hand and belly and the only place I want to cum is in your tight hot pussy" Penelope spread her legs and made more room for him and with her feet she shucked his pajama bottoms down to his knees and guided his massive cock to her centre and rubbed the head through her dripping folds before she pressed the head into her opening, she removed her hand and let him take the lead from there and he did, he penetrated her with one swift thrust of his hips before he began to pound her pussy with everything he had, the pounding that she was receiving caused her to have repetitive orgasms.

Feeling Penelope's core muscles clench down around his massive cock as her body convulsed under him with a continuous orgasm he knew it would not take long for him to explode, he continued to thrust his hips against hers and as he felt her muscles contract around him again his body tensed and his orgasm exploded his body shook as the intensity of his orgasm to over he had to fight against allowing his arms to give way or he would collapse on Pen and the twins which was something that he didn't want to do, after his body stopped shaking he pulled out of her and collapsed on the bed beside her, Penelope's body was still convulsing slightly from the amount of orgasms that had ripped through her body she lost count after the second one because it then turned into one big one.

Derek and Penelope had finally calmed down and were able to get up and they headed for the bathroom where they showered and dressed before heading downstairs taking the tray of dirty dishes from their breakfast with them, once downstairs they noticed everyone else was already awake and they all looked at Pen and Derek with a smirk on their faces, Penelope's head dropped and she looked at the floor as she tried to hide the blush that was quickly rushing to her cheeks and she turned and walked into the kitchen and began to clean up the mess that she made when she cooked breakfast.

Penelope had organized a girls morning with Emily, JJ, Sarah, Desiree and Fran she was taking them to a spa for a pampering session before they went to the salon for their hair and nail appointment, Penelope kissed Derek goodbye and Fran, Sarah, Desiree and herself left the house and went to meet Em and JJ at the spa, when they arrived at the spa Em and JJ were already there they all made their way inside and the receptionist asked "do you have a booking for today" Penelope said "yes, we are the Garcia wedding party" the receptionist was typing on the computer when another employee came out to take them back and get them ready for their treatments which included full body scrub, full body massages and facials and for Pen she was getting the full body pregnancy massage.

Everyone discussed how they enjoyed their pampering as they walked out of the day spa and towards their cars ready to head to the salon, their drive to the salon was full of cheerful chatting and laughter and questions about if she was getting nervous and Pen's answer for that was "hell no, I am not nervous I can not wait until I become Mrs. Derek Morgan" everyone laughed and Sarah said "of course you can't wait and it proved that this morning, you couldn't even wait to become Mrs. Morgan before jumping my poor brother's bones" Pen blushed and said "Sarah how do you think I ended up pregnant? and for your information it wasn't me who jumped his bones it was the other way around he can't keep his hands off me" Sarah and Desiree simultaneously said "EEWW Pen we didn't need to know that much about our brother's sex life" Pen giggled not saying anything as she pulled up out the front of the salon.

Arriving back at the house everyone was looking beautiful their hair and nails done, their bodies feeling good after their spa treatments and now all they had to do was finish getting ready for the wedding but before they did that there were a few things that still need to be done outside in the yard, the boys had done most of it while the girls were out but Derek just wanted Penelope's view on how things were set up and where they were going to have the caters set up when they arrived which would be in the next hour, once Pen had helped Derek she made her way upstairs and got everything that Derek would need and bought it downstairs in put it in the downstairs bathroom.

Penelope, Emily and JJ were now all upstairs in Pen and Derek's bedroom doing their makeup Pen couldn't wipe off the smile that had planted itself upon her lips she was now beyond excited about the pending nuptials that were taking place in less than an hour and a half, with all the girls having done their makeup they took turns in the ensuite bathroom to get dressed and then Em and JJ would help Pen to get her dress on and put the finishing touches to her hair with some flowers Pen also had a ribbon that she wished to have wrapped around her under her breasts and above her now prominent swollen belly, she had two different colors one blue if the babies were boys and the other one pink if the babies were girls but no-one except herself, Derek and Fran knew what the sex of the babies were, so she would add the ribbon to her dress and that way they could announce the sex of the babies later on after they had taken their vows.

Looking out the bedroom window Pen could see the Derek, Rossi, Hotch, Spencer, Jack and Henry all standing there all dressed in their suits waiting for the girls to make their way downstairs when she noticed Derek look up towards their bedroom window she had to quickly close the curtain, Rossi went into the house and went upstairs and knocked on the bedroom door and said "are you nearly ready Kitten, your man is getting twitchy down there waiting for you" Pen opened the bedroom door and said "yes My Italian Stallion we are ready, Em and JJ made their way down the stairs Rossi kissed Pen's cheek and linked her arm through his and began to exit the bedroom and make their way downstairs.

Getting to the backdoor that lead out to the patio she took and deep breath and smiled as the music began to play and Em and JJ made the short walk from the patio to where Derek and Clooney were and took their seats, even though they were bridesmaids the only people standing would be Derek, Pen and the marriage celebrant, Pen and Rossi began their short walk to Derek and he shook Derek's hand and placed Pen's hand in Derek's hand before he too tok his seat with the guys, Derek mouthed to Pen "you look beautiful Baby" and the they turned to face the celebrant as she began the ceremony.

Celebrant: We are gathered here today to witness the union of Penelope and Derek, the couple have asked you to bear witness as they confess their love for each other and as they become husband and wife.

Celebrant: Derek take Penelope's left hand, place the ring on her finger and recite your vows.

Derek: " From this moment I, Derek Morgan take you, Penelope Garcia as my best friend for life. I pledge to honor, encourage and support you through our walk together. When our way becomes difficult, I promise to stand by you and uplift you, so that through our union we can accomplish more than we could alone. I promise to work at our love and always make you a priority in my life. With every beat of my heart, I will love you. This is my solemn vow."

Celebrant: Penelope take Derek's left hand, place the ring on his finger and recite your vows.

Penelope: " From this moment I, Penelope Garcia take you, Derek Morgan as my best friend for life. I pledge to honor, encourage and support you through our walk together. When our way becomes difficult, I promise to stand by you and uplift you, so that through our union we can accomplish more than we could alone. I promise to work at our love and always make you a priority in my life. With every beat of my heart, I will love you. This is my solemn vow."

Celebrant: I now pronounce you husband and wife Derek you may kiss your bride.

Derek didn't need to be told twice he gathered Penelope in his arms and captured her lips in a searing kiss, he then heard people calling out to them, ignoring the comments they heard they continued the kiss until they both needed oxygen so they parted lips and rested their foreheads together smiles firmly planted on both of their faces they stared lovingly into each others eyes.

"Let's get this party started" Derek said as he and Pen made their way towards the table that the caters had set up, Derek picked up two plates and began to put an arrangement of different foods on them when the plates were full he handed one to Pen and they went and found somewhere to sit, Derek sat down first and then pulled Pen on to his lap as they waited for everyone else to get a plate of food, Derek placed his plate on the table and put his hand on Pen belly and rubbed gentle circles on it before he leaned down kissed her belly and whispered "hello my Baby Girls how are you" Pen looked at Derek and said "I just felt a flutter of movement when you were talking to them."

Everyone was sitting down eating and talking when Fran said with smile "so Pen is there a special meaning to the pink ribbon that is around you waist" Pen smiled as she nodded and said "yes there is a special meaning for the ribbon, I had two different colored ribbons there is this one (holding up the pink ribbon) and the other one was blue and the reason that I had the two ribbons was so that I could wear the corresponding ribbon that matches the gender of the babies" JJ then said "so you are telling us that the two little bundles of joy that are currently snuggled up in that belly of yours are girls" Derek replied "yes JJ they are identical twin girls and we have already picked out their names" Emily then jumped in and said "don't leave us in suspense tell us what their names will be."

Penelope said "their names are Addison Olivia and Avery Mackenzie (pointing to the top of her belly) this one up here is Addison (pointing to the lower part of her belly) this one down here is Avery, so now all we need to do is start getting the nursery ready, we have ordered the cribs, the change table and the rocking chairs and a few other items for them and we will start buying a few clothes and blankets and other necessities."

The day rolled into night and everyone sat around talking, JJ and Will decided to call it a night as Will had Henry asleep on his shoulder so they said their goodbyes to the newlywed couple and the rest of the team and to Fran, Sarah and Desiree and left, Hotch was the next to call it a night Jack was asleep on his lap and they had to be up early for Jack's soccer game so he said his goodbyes and left, Spencer also left not long after everyone else leaving Derek, Penelope, Fran, Sarah and Desire to clean up Fran and Pen collected all the uneaten food and took it inside they packaged it up in plastic containers and put it in the fridge while Derek, Sarah and Des stacked up the chairs ready for the party hire company to collect the following day, before heading inside to their Mamma and Pen.

Penelope and Derek were in the comfortable confines of their bedroom they stood at the end of their bed and Pen reached up and began to undo his tie she threw it to the floor and began to unbutton his white dress shirt and with each button that was undone she placed a kiss to the toned chocolate colored flesh that was exposed as she reached the last button she tugged the shirt upward so that it became untucked from his suit pants, Pen ran her hands up his sculpted body until she reached his shoulders and her hands were under his shirt pushing off his shoulders she gripped the piece of fabric and tugged it over his hands and it too found the floor.

Derek gripped the pink ribbon around her waist and tugged on it until it was undone he dropped it to the floor, he wrapped his beautiful bride in his arms and pulled her closer to him his hands traveled the centre of her back as he attempted to find the zipper to her dress when he located it he made short work of it pulling it down as quickly as possible sliding his hands up her back he began to slide the dress of her shoulders until it was pooled around her feet and she stood there dressed only in her satin and lace lingerie, garter belt and thigh high stockings, taking a step back he looked her up and down and just from the sight before him had him rock hard in his pants he could believe what he was seeing she looked like a real goddess she had a natural glow about her and he couldn't wait to ravish every inch of her delectable body.

Penelope started reaching for his belt buckle when he grabbed her wrists he wanted to have some fun with her before allowing her to finish undressing him, Derek picked her up and placed her gently in the middle of the bed he crawled up between her legs and hovered over her he started at the top of her body he kissed every inch of her face before capturing her lips he licked at her bottom lip in an effort to get her to allow his tongue entrance so that he could taste the sweetness that is his Baby Girl he gently nipped her bottom lip and she let out a moan which allowed his access to her sweet and delicate mouth, he moved down to her neck and chest he pulled the cup of her bra down over her nipple he flicked his tongue against the now hardening bud he circled the bud with his tongue which caused goosebumps to form before taking the hard pink flesh into his mouth sucking it hard, Pen moaned and squirmed around under her husband as her bought her the most incredible pleasure and he had only just started.

Derek continued to worship every inch of his wife's gorgeous body after he had finished with her breasts he continued down to her belly kissing where is babies currently reside, sucking on her belly button before he headed further south his kisses stopped when he reached the top of her panties he used a finger to move them away from her skin and grabbed hold of them with his teeth and began to pull them down her legs until the offending item was no longer on her body and hanging between his teeth he took them out of his mouth and threw them over his shoulder to an unknown location of the bedroom.

Derek crawled back up the bed and stopped when his face was level with her dripping centre he lowered his mouth so that it was just above her clit his hot breath made her shudder, Derek watched as Pen shudder under his hot breath and knew that it was time to continue the worship of her body he captured her clit between his lips and began to flick the sensitive little bud with the tip of his tongue while sucking it deeper into his mouth, she started squirming as he sucked her clit hard she fisted the bed covers and bit her bottom lip as she began to cum, Derek lapped up all her juices as they flowed from her pussy, Pen pulled Derek back up so that they were eye to eye and she said "Baby please no more I can't take anymore my poor little pussy is very sensitive."

Penelope rolled Derek on to his back and straddled his hips with full knowledge of his arousal pressing against her very sensitive core she began to worship his body as her had done to her she kissed his lips with a gentle but passionate kiss before trailing kisses down his neck to his chest, she nipped and sucked his nipples as she traveled down his toned body, licking each crease of his six pack before getting to the top of his pants she sat back on her knees and began to unbuckle his belt this time he didn't stop her she pulled the belt through the loops of his pants and threw it on the floor turning back towards him she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants her fingers hooked into the elastic of his boxers she tugged both pairs of pants of him and threw them over her shoulder.

Climbing back up his body she straddled his hips again and this time she began to grind her very wet centre down on his rock hard cock, Derek held on to her hips as she ground herself into him releasing his grip with one hand he pushed himself up into a sitting position and wrapped his free arm around her his hand roaming her back looking for her bra strap, upon finding the clasp of her bra strap he single handedly popped the clasps and removed the offending garment so that he now had an unobscured view of her beautiful body that had turned a glamorous pink color with the her state of arousal, staying in the position they were in Derek lifted Penelope slightly so that he could grip his cock rubbing the head through her folds lubricating it ready for him to penetrate her, lining the head up with her entrance he lowered her down on to him.

Derek was now leaning back against the headboard he let Penelope take control while he had one hand on her hip and the other one was on her breast, Pen started moving up and down his length, she rocked back and forth, she rotated her hips in a figure eight, she changed the way she rode his cock so that she wouldn't become tired, giving herself the pleasure she after before she allowed him to join in and make it their pleasure instead of just hers, leaning back she cupped his testicles as she rode him until she felt him tense up and she knew that he was getting ready to explode, she continued playing with his testicles as his orgasm ripped through his body just the feeling of his cum shooting in to her body caused her orgasm to hit hard and fast leaving her breathless, she go of his testicles and slumped forward laying her head on his chest.

Penelope and Derek were finally calm enough that they could talk to each other with out being breathless, Derek was the first to speak when he said "that is what I call one hell of a wedding night Baby Girl, that was awesome" Pen replied "yes it was one hell of a wedding night Handsome but now we are both exhausted and we need to sleep" rolling on to his side he puled Pen's body gently towards him and wrapped his arm around her belly protectively and they closed eyes drifting off into the land were dreams come true.