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Shepard was on the ship that had the first contact, and not weak and injured she finds herself at the mercy of a strange creature that seems to want to help her, but those teeth say differently. Meanwhile Nihlus wonders what exactly he has gotten himself into with this strange new species.

Shepard sat down in the armory of the SS Normandy, a revolutionary ship created by all the idiot countries working together to build something great. Shepard breathed through her cigarette before going back to carefully cleaning her sniper rifle. It was a great achievement, but merely a stalling to an end. The human population was growing too fast and couldn't compensate. Though people didn't want to admit it, there wasn't enough food, water, or land to satisfy the greed of man-kind. She sighed as she put a brush down the barrel of the gun to clean out the nonexistent residue. The gun was already clean, but cleaning it brought her peace of mind. This ship, built to move faster than any before it. The trip to Pluto they were making would take a mere few weeks when before it would of taken a few months.

"Commander, there is something up here you really wanna see…" the pilot called over the com.

"It's space, Joker, there is only balls of gas and the occasional rock." she said.

"This isn't a rock…" he said back and Shepard sighed, pushing herself off the table and went towards the cockpit, stopping in her tracks when she saw the strange huge object in front of the ship.

"What the fuck is that…" she muttered and jumped when its center started glowing and the rings started spinning. "Get away from it!" she ordered.

"I'm trying, it is pulling us in." Joker said and tried to get the ship to move away, but it was like a bug attracted to a light.

"Brace yourself!" she called down the bridge into the CIC and the ship lurched. Those who were standing all fell to their asses. "What was that?" she ordered at Joker as she got back up and looked around them. There was nothing, no strange object, nothing… she couldn't even recognize the stars.

"I don't know, we moved, like a lot, this is completely uncharted." Joker said as he tried to pull up communications. "Nothing, just static…"

"Okay, don't panic," she said and went to go down to the star map, but nothing would come up.

"I told you, we are in uncharted territory, there is no map, there is nothing." Joker called on the com to her.

Shepard was silent, trying to think of what to do, so when the ship lurched and several alarms went off she cussed. "What now?" she groaned.

"It's another ship, a big one, and it just shot us." Joker informed her. "Guess hoping it is friendly out of the question."

Shepard rubbed her face. "Get everyone to escape pods; I'm going to send off a distress call." Joker was about to repeat that it was only static, but she cut him off. "It's our only hope; this ship wasn't built for battle."

She ran down the stairs to the crew deck, avoiding everyone running to get to the escape pods. "Shepard!" one of her crew mates, Kaidan if she remembered correctly. "We have room in this pod."

"Go, I'll get another one, I need to send out a distress call." she ordered and they sent off.


Nihlus sighed as he looked at the report. A patrol received a distress call, only it wasn't in any known language. All that was clear that whatever sent it was in danger and that was from explosions in the background and the tone of the voice. He listened to it again and cringed at the cry at the end. No matter how many times he heard it, it still chilled him to the bone. The voice sounded so defenseless.

His ship beeped to inform him that he was twenty minutes out from the source of the signal and he got up and started to armor up, gathering his guns. He put his helmet on as his ship docked to the wreck. The ship was ripped apart, he would be shocked if anything had lived through it, but that is why he was here, to check. He hit something on his omni-tool and his gravity boots activated and kept him grounded as he went across the docking tube. He sighed as it was clear he would have to keep the gravity boots on, the environmental system completely destroyed. As he thought nothing was alive inside the wreckage, but he shifted through the debris like protocol. Right when he was about to give up, finding nothing alive, a heat signature appeared on his radar. He went over towards it with his gun raised. He moved a fallen beam and looked down at the creature in front of him. It was small, with a red fringe coming out of its head, soft pink flesh covering its exposed skin, a breathing mask strapped around its mouth and nose keeping it alive, but it was pinned by another beam and he was pretty sure its legs weren't supposed to go two different ways so one was probably broken. He grunted as he lifted the beam off and then knelt down beside it. Quickly he took off the barely working breathing mask and replaced it with one he brought and carried it back to his ship.

It needed medical attention, which was clear. He felt the bones in its legs and found which one was the broken one and tried to reset it to lie like the unharmed one. The creature let out a cry and gripped the table he had her on. He looked up at its face and was greeted by two fierce green eyes. Only years of training allowed him to catch its hand as it reached for the pistol attached to its side. He flung it across the room and sighed. If he was in its position he would be scared too. "I'm not going to hurt you," he tried to say non-aggressively, putting his hands up in defense.

It just stared at him, the little fringes above its eyes scrunching down and the lips moving into a thin line. At least it didn't attack him and he pointed down at its leg. It looked at it and cringed, seeing the odd angle. He backed up and got a med-kit out of one of the cabinets. Then he turned back around to it and found that it was gone.

"Damn it…" he muttered and went to find it.


Everything was black, but she felt someone carrying her and felt relief, the Alliance had found them, she was safe, her crew would be safe. She was vaguely aware of being laid down on something cold and hard, and then the pain, shooting up from her leg. She gripped the table under and snapped her eyes open and down at whatever had caused it, only it wasn't human. She didn't know what it was.

It looked up at her and she went to grab her gun, but it grabbed her wrist with its three fingered hand and ripped her gun away from her and threw it somewhere behind it with its other hand. Her heart raced, unarmed and a broken leg, how was she supposed to fight something that looked to be over seven feet tall and sharp meat eating teeth. And then it let go of her hand and held its up as if in surrender. She burrowed her brow and pursed her lips, trying to decide what this thing was up to.

It moved and she nearly jumped as it pointed to her leg. She looked back at it and cringed at the sight. Her right leg was clearly broken, the foot nearly facing the complete wrong direction. She jumped when it moved again, backing up and turning to get something out of a cabinet. Damn, this thing was cocky to turn its back on her. She pulled a stimulate out of her pocket and jammed it deep into her leg. There was more pain from the needle and then it washed her body over with the pain killers and she got off the table and limped away as quick as she could and went to where she thought the controls to the ship would be. Thankfully it appeared that the creature was the only one on the ship, again it was cocky. She grew up on the streets and would be damned if she would just lie down and let this thing dissect her, probe her brain, inject her with some tracking device, so many of the old UFO stories played through her head. She stumbled into the cockpit and dropped into the seat and tried to see if she could make sense of the controls. She wasn't a pilot, but Joker was one of her best friends since they were both recruits and he taught her a few things over the years. She cussed slightly when everything turned out to be in some strange language—on top of all the buttons being different. Just her luck.

Then she felt the hands on her shoulder and jerking her out of the seat. The creature flung her over its shoulder and carried her back into the main part of the ship like she was a sack of flour, didn't even pay attention to all the punches and kicks with her good leg.


He knew it was scared, but did it have to be so stubborn, he was trying to help it. He went into the second sleeping quarters on his small one man ship, the one someone accompanying him on a mission would take, and set it on the bed. It trembled and tried to back away from him so he took out a pair of handcuffs and chained it to one of the bedposts. This made it start to kick at him harder, fear clear in its eyes. He sighed and cuffed the good leg to the over bedpost on the headboard, making it be in an uncomfortable scrunched up position. It moved its other leg to firmly keep its legs closed and things fit into place on what was going on in its head. He shook his head and held his hands up. "I'm not going to rape you." he said sympathetically. He hadn't even thought about how this would look to it. It had just been the easiest way to get it to stay still. He pointed down at its broken leg, trying to get it to understand. "I just want to help, that needs to be set, you could get blood poisoning if it is left like that." he said and moved his hands to the leg. It jerked away and he said and forced it to keep its leg still with his weight on its thigh. She struggled against the binds and let out a cry as he twisted the leg to match the other one and splinted it with some of the medical supplies. It was sloppy, but he had to hope he did it right and it would be alright till they got to the Citadel. Hopefully there would be someone there that could help.

He got off the bed and moved around the room, removing anything it might be able to turn into a weapon, anything that wasn't bolted down really, and once it was void of everything he let it go and locked the door from the outside. Hopefully it would just sleep till they got there. He ran a hand down his face plates and settled down in his pilot seat. He set a course to the Citadel and wondered what he had gotten himself into.

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