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Merlin sighed as he tried the spell again, on the small lump of wood. It was quite generalised, and was solely for the purpose of turning what it touched into the likeness of a cat. Because why not?
He just hoped it didn't hit a person, because the results would be… Rather chaotic.
Of course, this was Camelot and he was Merlin and the Knights were all idiots.
Hence why he simply gave a mental sigh as the door burst open just as he was voicing the spell.
The resulting blast of magic shot around the room, fizzing and giving off sparks, as Gwaine and Arthur ducked and dodged it.
Merlin, however, wasn't fast enough, and the spell collided full force with his chest, sending him flying backwards.
He thought it strange at first, when he landed on four limbs, but shrugged it aside as the more pressing concern of catching his tail overcame him.

Arthur and Gwaine, watched in disbelief, as their all-powerful warlock friend was turned into a cat… No, a kitten, and started running around after his own tail, his red neckerchief still around his neck and his fur the same shade of raven black as Merlin's hair, making him look… well, frankly, adorable.
He seemed to sense their eyes on him, and turned, staring at them with a feline face, but Merlin's features still evident, especially with the bright blue eyes that were pinning them with a familiar piercing look.
They both blinked. Make that an all-powerful warlock cat with a squeaky-ish, yet purring voice.
A seriously darned cute all-powerful warlock cat with a squeaky-ish, yet purring voice, Arthur amended, as he began to chase after a ball of twine that dropped onto the floor, his little paws and small meows making him look all the more sweet, innocent and adorable.
Then he stopped, and sat up, glaring balefully at them with those darned cute eyes and ears and whiskers and paws and that damned fluffy tail flicking backwards and forwards.
"Question… What am I doing…?"
Arthur found his voice.
"Well... I-Uh…" Then he lost it again and Gwaine picked up the slack.
"Well mate, I'm not quite sure how to put this… But you're a… well, a kitten…"
Merlin-Kitten blinked, then gave what appeared to be a kitten's approximation of a grin.
Damn it, how could a cat have Merlin's grin?
"You're saying that I'm a kitten until I decide to undo the spell?"
"Can't you fix it now?"
"Well… I could. But this way I can cause so much more trou- I can have so much more fun."
He gave a small meow, then literally sauntered out of the room tail upright in the air, singing something about 'everybody want's to be a cat' and that 'a cat's the only cat who knows where it's at' or some such.
They both legged it to the door, poking their heads out to keep an eye on him, watching as he purred and got one of the maids to literally fawn over him before sedately scampering away.
How could something scamper sedately?
Then they both came to their senses.
Merlin was a cat who could do powerful magic and who enjoyed causing chaos and who enjoyed playing pranks and who could get everyone to fall in love with his adorable fluffy cuteness.
They had to do something…
They shared a look and Arthur cried out,
"Catch him!"
They both ran after the kitten, but lost sight of him as he twisted through the legs of people in a huge crowd that was bustling through the corridors.
By the time Arthur and Gwaine had meandered their way through, Merlin-Kitten was lost to sight.
"Well, what do we do now Princess?"
Arthur cracked his knuckles and walked purposefully to the training fields.
"Now? We call for reinforcements."

The first thing the other knights did was fall about laughing.
The second thing they did was try to become serious again, and fail, bursting into even more laughter.
Then they gave Merlin-Kitten a code name.
They said no to Kit-lin, No to Mitten, No to Kerlin, no to Linten, no to Kitterlin, No to Kit-lock (a cross between Kitten and warlock), no to war-kit-lin, and no to War-Mer-Kit.
They eventually decided on Mer-kit.
Short, snappy and to the point.
Now they just had to catch him…
The plan was simple. Split up, hunt him down, and try to catch him without being humiliated with any variety of magical or mundane pranks.
Then Leon cried out, pointing to where Mer-Kit was sat on a fence, staring at them all with his fluffy tail flitting backwards and forwards, his paws swiping at flies.
At the sight, most of the knights couldn't help but 'aww' and Arthur glared at them.
"No, men! You must be strong. You must not let the adorableness get in the way. You are knights of Camelot and you are… Fawning... over a kitten…" Arthur finished, sighing as half of the knights had their attention focused on where Mer-kit was now rolling around in the grass, meowing and flicking his paws and tail, at the long grass around him, and generally playing up the cute angle.
But Arthur caught his eye, and caught the smug, evil grin that seemed to say 'Really? I'm not even trying…' and scowled.
"Gwaine! We need to… Gwaine! Stop falling for the act!"

Gwaine, who had been cooing over Merlin's antics, blinked, and cleared his throat.
"Right. Ahem, of course Princess. Ready for duty!"
"Good. Leon, Percival, Erec, Bedivere! You are the most used to him, so will be the most immune to his… innocence act. Make no mistake, men, he is vicious. He is dangerous. He will take you down into the spiralling depths of cuteness overload and subsequent insanity if he senses the opportunity. He is… A kitten. And he will use that to his advantage."
The others nodded, completely seriously and knowing that Arthur spoke the truth.
Merlin was a kitten. The thought was terrifying. And the evidence even more so.
For the sake of Camelot, they had to catch the furry critter that had hypnotised their fellows.
Let the hunt begin…

Mer-kit leisurely rolled over and fluffed himself out before strolling away.
The knights took their chance.
"Bloody claws!"
"Merlin! You really are-"
Mer-kit simply sauntered away, leaving four of the knights scratched and in a huge, tangled pile and leaving Arthur to groan as word began to spread about how four of his best knights got taken down by a kitten.
He knew that the story would be known to all of Camelot before the hour was out.
He pulled his men to their feet, and sighed, splitting the six of them into three teams.
"Gwaine, you're with me. Leon? Go with Percival. Erec, Bedivere, you two team up. Now get out there and find him! But I don't want any heroics. You find him, you call for backup. I don't want you taking him on alone. Oh, and get your armour. I don't want to take any chances…"
They all nodded, and Bedivere, Leon, Erec and Percival head off, leaving Arthur and Gwaine to head back to castle.
From the shadow, a small, raven black kitten with a tatty red neckerchief watched them split up and gave a kitten's approximation of an evil grin, bringing his two front paws together and rubbing them.
"This is going to be so great!" He said with his cute, squeaky voice, and bounded off, deciding to go for Erec and Bedivere first, then Leon and Percival, and then Arthur and Gwaine.
That way, they would know he was coming for them…

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