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After everything else they had faced, A kitten was nothing.
Arthur mentally face-palmed himself as he remembered that comment.
They had tried everything. EVERYTHING!

They had tried distracting Merkit with a ball of yarn. He had played with it, and, without them realising it, had managed to get them both trussed up in the stuff.
Not to mention the fact that a crowd had gathered to see the adorable sight of Merkit playing with a ball of yarn, his little tail swishing and his playful meow's causing several of the servants-all of them maids- to almost faint at being in the presence of such cuteness.

They had tried dangling a pole, with feathers and various other kitty-cat tempting things dangling from the end of it, and Gwaine had ended up running smack into a wall, trying to avoid the crazed kitten who was grappling with the pole and using a little magic to be able to swing it around with his little paws. Causing even more fainting.
Arthur then ended up running right into the hovering Pole, the end of it hitting his... well. Yeah. Then clunking him across the head, before Merkit untangled the strings, quite nimbly considering he had paws, and plaited them into the dazed King's hair.
Before sauntering off to get one of the many onlookers to pet him.

They tried enticing him with a plate of chicken and gravy.
Gwaine ended up face planting it, and Merkit tripped Arthur up so that he ended up tumbling on top of him and getting the mixture in his hair.

Gwaine grabbed a net and Arthur tried to corner Merkit.
Arthur ended up getting tied up in the net, shortly followed by Gwaine as Merkit hovered another net over and trussed him up with it.
Then, playing to his audience(as Arthur insisted on wording it, unable to realise that Merkit really was cute enough without all the extra stuff he kept throwing in), he started pouncing on the loose strands of rope as the two tried to untangle themselves.
One of the stable-hands gave a very manly squeal of delight, along with several of the maids, two knights, one Queen and three lovestruck chickens.
Arthur had to blink at that. Lovestruck Chickens? This was getting out of hand.

It was at the point when Merkit managed to tangle them up in yarn for the third time that they got desperate. Desperate enough for Gwaine to start meowing in an attempt to get Merkit to come closer. It was then that Arthur realised that maybe it was best to get Gwaine out of here.

Bedivere took him, most likely to the Tavern, and Arthur turned to Merkit, flexing his fingers.
"If only we had a dog..." Arthur muttered, under his breath, then blinked as Merkit stiffened, an evil glare coming across his face as he got to his feet, stretched sedately and scampered over to him.
"But of course Sire..."
Several more people swooned at the sheer adorableness of his purring, yet cute, yet mature, yet adorable voice.
In fact, the only one who winced was Arthur, because he was pretty sure what was coming...
Sure enough...
Merkit muttered something under his little kitty breath, and Arthur yelped.
It took him several moments to realise that he had suddenly started chasing the chickens in the room. A further couple of moments to realise that he was on all fours as he did so...
And a couple more seconds for him to realise that it was not all fours so much as four paws.
The half of the room that had remained on it's un-swooned feet promptly gasped and sank to the floor, completely overwhelmed by the King's new look.
He was, frankly, adorable. But in a kingly majestic way. With his long blonde fur, and his cute floppy ears, and his regal posture with just enough adorableness to let him get away with it.
He made one hell of a Dog... Or was it Puppy? Hmm... More of an adolescent Puppy.
An adolescent Puppy who promptly started chasing Merkit, who was grinning, humming and muttering about his teeth and ambitions being bared and to be prepared and looked adorable even as he scampered quickly from the hall with an evil chuckle.

As the knights followed the antics of the pair, throughout the various rooms in the castle, they decided to alleviate the weirdness of the situation by deciding on a name for Arthurdog. Though there were, again, many suggestions.
Arthog. Or Dothur. King Pup. Arthurkins. Artie boy. Many many choices.
Gwaine, a tankard of ale in one hand, even made a joke on how they all had to be Doking. A painfully terrible pun made up from the words dog and king.
But they finally decided on Arpy. Arthur/Puppy.
Mainly because 'The Battle of Merkit and Arpy' sounded kinda badass.
Or rather, Gwaine thought so. But then, Gwaine thought it ws hilarious when he made a joke about them needing Armer. Another painfully terrible pun, possibly ale fuelled, which combined Merlin and Arthur's names.
The others really didn't care either way and just wanted the pair back to their normal selves...
Though, Bedivere reasoned, as Merkit leapt onto a table and darted through a door, Arthur sliding beneath it and scrabbling after him, there really was nothing out of the ordinary there at all. Aside from the whole animal thing.
Room after room the knights followed the pair into, and promptly out of again.
Merkit constantly clawed his way up curtains and drapes.
Arpy always leapt onto tables and various other pieces of furniture in an attempt to catch him. He kept failing, and Merkit would cartwheel over his head—in a rather impressive, even Arpy had to admit, display of magical/feline gymnastics, before he landed on all four paws and merrily scampered from the room.
But after about two hours of this, they finally had something to alleviate their boredom.

Evening was just falling when the chase moved into the courtyard... Onto bales of Hay, into stables-where Arthur got covered in horse manure-, into troughs of water-that, Merkit hastily stated, was his attempt at being nice and getting Arthur cleaned-, onto the wall, into the guardhouse, in and out of statues and legs and finally into the gaze of a very pissed off and, if he did say so himself, rather evil looking Mordred.
Merkit and Arpy both slid, simultaneously, to a halt and stared up a the intruder, who began to give an evil rant about how he was planning on taking over the world... Or maybe just Camelot for a start.
Merkit looked at Arpy.
Arpy looked at Merkit.
And they both promptly set about laughing.
Arpy was rolling around giving wolfish chuckles, that sounded strangely like he was saying something along the lines of 'Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum', most likely because he had recently fallen into a barrel of mead and was slightly drunk, and Merkit was giving adorable high pitched giggles and it was only a matter of moments before Mordred finally realised he might as well shut up and glared at them both.
"I see nothing amusing about your current predicament, Emrys..."
He trailed off as Merkit started rolling about, his ickle paws and tail swishing and flailing with his laughter, and Mordred couldn't help the involuntary aww and smile that split his face, before he managed to school his expression.
"You are but a feeble feline, Emrys. You cannot stop me- HEY!"
With a flash of light, Mordred was now... Morkit. And he was sat glaring at Merkit with a pout on his face.
"Most amusing, Emrys... But it is mere childs play compared to the- YARN!"
Merkit simply shook his head as his enemy started chasing after the enchanted ball of yarn he had just kicked down the street... Before realising he really had better catch him.
"Looks like the fun's over..." He said, with a sigh, and there was a lash of gold light, which faded to reveal Merlin, back to his usual self, looking very irritated.
"Serously, why does he always turn up when I finally get to have some fun around here?"
"Hmm? Oh, sorry Arthur."
With a flash, Arthur was back to his usual self, and they both took off, the knights on their heels, to catch Morkit.

The following morning, Arthur and Merlin were staring, bemused, as Gwen brushed Morkit's fur, muttering to him about 'Who's a cute kitty' and Merlin shrugged at the furious, death-glare of a glance the kitten sent him.
"Meh, it'll fade within a week or so, then you can escape and lot some other way to destroy everyone... Hey! Arthur? How do you reckon they will all look as toads?"
"By all-"
"I mean the knights. Mainly Gwaine."
"Could improve his looks-"
And Merlin was gone before Arthur could say that, actually, he had not given his permission...
Then he snorted. Like Merlin needed permission...

The residents of Camelot learned two very valuable lessons that week.
1, Never interrupt Merlin when he is working.
2, Never underestimate the power of the cuteness.

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