Full Summary – Justin and Alex have been best friends for years but now in their 20s things have gotten complicated. With them both trying and failing at relationships they start to get more than friendly feelings towards each other. They try and ignore it because they're afraid of change but will they be able to ignore their feelings forever? After all; no matter how many heartbreaks they've been through, the one person that's always there and never left their sideis the other. One lesson they learn throughout this though is; it's hard to get out of The Friend Zone.

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"Alex, would you email Mr Brians to confirm that meeting next week?" Megan Reid asked Alex Santiago. Alex was a sort of P.A to Megan, one of the editors of 'Style NY' magazine but she hoped that one day she would be the one calling the shots and getting Megan to do her dirty work. But for now she just had to grin and bear it.

"Of course, Ms Reid." Alex said in the fakest cheery voice possible and topped it off with a big grin. Megan just rolled her eyes and strutted back into her office.

As soon as she was gone, Alex wiped the grin off her face and muttered to herself, "Bitch."

"Having a good day, Alex?" one of her co-workers and good friends, Marcus James asked with a grin on his face. He felt the same about Megan so he knew what it was like.

"Amazing." she replied flatly, stretching before tying her long brunette hair back into a messy bun.

Marcus laughed, "Don't worry. I feel your pain, babe." Before you ask; Marcus doesn't swing that way, if you know what I mean.

This got a chuckle out of Alex as she begun typing the email. "Thanks."

After Marcus walked away to get on with his own work she sighed. It wasn't the job she had a problem with; she actually quite enjoyed it. She got lots of experience and learnt about photo shoots, interviews and loves how they can produce an entire magazine every month. She also gor a lot of fashion tips so she always dressed really nice for work. She'd be so happy if she had a boss that wasn't stuck up, snooty and thinks just because she's got a slightly higher position she's better than you. Being 22, a good 10 years younger than Megan, Alex hoped that they would eventually realise her editorial potential and she'd get that promotion she'd always dreamed of getting. She only got out of art college a while ago so she's been very lucky to get a job like this but she'd love to use her artistic flare to help the magazine.

Once she'd finished the email and pressed send, Alex sat back in her chair and grabbed her phone. After messing around for a minute she decided to text her best friend a) to annoy him at his work and b) she was so bored!

And yes, you heard right; Alex's best friend is a he and his name is Justin Russo. She had known him since High School when they were both there after school (Justin was being the good student he was, was helping out with some boring school thing and Alex was in detention) and somehow they just seemed to click. To be honest, it baffled everyone else at first too since they were the most unlikely friends but they'd been inseparable since. They influenced each other – this was a good thing and a bad thing. Justin's more mature approach to things started to rub off on Alex more as she got older (how else would she have gone to college and gotten and actual job?) but Alex's laid back, rebellious traits had also affected Justin so he was known to let loose every once in a while; have a drink, hook up with girls and even her witty sarcasm had rubbed off on him. So much so that sometimes he even gave her a run for her money.

They never really admitted it but the teenage stage was awkward as they both had little crushes on each other but that only lasted about a year. They had admitted to themselves that they thought the other was attractive and moved on. It also took Alex's parents a while to accept that her best friend was a boy who was also 2 years older (Alex had only been at High School for a year or two when she met Justin and he actually left only a couple of years after they became friends but that didn't change anything, obviously). Now that took a while but they realised he was actually quite a good influence on her so now he was almost like the son they never had. Alex also got along well with Justin's younger brother, Max. He was like her little brother too. She'd never seen Justin as a brother though; somehow that felt wrong.

So, Alex began to text Justin.

Hey! Wuu2? Please tell me you're as bored as me! D:

She put her phone back down and waited for him to reply. She probably shouldn't text him as much as she does. He does work in a hospital after all...

Justin Russo let out a sigh as he snapped off the pair of gloves he had used for his last patient. He worked in a hospital in New York (A/N: Too lazy to think of a name, lol). He'd been out of medical school for about a year and this was the first actual job he'd had since. Justin, being the genius he is, flew through his education and so far the hospital loved him. Him and some of the other new Doctors were working there and Justin was really hoping for one of the permanent positions they would be offering in a few months.

He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and took it out to see he had a text from his best friend, Alex. He rolled his eyes, wondering if she actually did any work, before reading it.

Hey! Wuu2? Please tell me you're as bored as me! D:

He laughed before he heard a voice.

"No cell phones in the wards, Russo." one of the older doctors, Dr Reynolds said as he walked by. He was a bit of a grump but he was a great doctor. Justin was convinced he hated him.

Justin looked around and decided he wasn't really needed right now so he went into the staff room to continue his conversation with Alex.

Surprisingly no, I'm not as bored as you since I actually WORK!

Oh haha. I do actually work 4 ur information but it's not my fault that I dont actually have a lot 2 do. Unlike you Dr Russo :P

That wasn't much of an insult since I AM actually a Dr. Mean bitch of the west been givin u hassle again?

Just the usual. I'll get that promotion one day. We'll see who's laughin then.

I know u will. So u want me 2 come get u 4 lunch? U know how much she likes me haha ;)

I know, it's creepy

No, she just has good taste

Plz dont go there lol. And sure, lunch sounds gr8 :)

"Hey Justin, you're needed out here." one of his colleagues told him, poking his head through the door.

"OK, I'll be out there in a second." he replied.

Gotta go, I have work. See u later K?

Sure, bye xxx

Bye xxx

Justin put his phone away and went out to see his next patient. He only had less than an hour until he had lunch with Alex. He loved his job but he always appreciated a break.

"Talking to your 'girlfriend' again?" Matt Clark, his close friend whom he had known since college, said to him with a smirk. He was a character to say the least.

"She's not my girlfriend." Justin replied, chuckling a bit. Matt had always said the same thing; that they had a 'thing' but they had always told him otherwise. It's become a little joke now and they all knew it was harmless. Matt just really liked winding people up.

"Tell me that you don't find her hot and I might believe you." Matt shot back.

Justin simply looked at him before walking over to his patient, shaking his head. Matt smirked to himself laughing before muttering to himself.


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