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Alex was walking towards the entrance to the hospital, planning on dropping in on Justin while she was on her lunch hour.

"Justin's not here." she stopped when she heard the unfortunately familiar voice. She looked over and saw Matt sitting on a bench by himself, that same dopey grin on his face.

"Where is he then?" she asked.

"Out on some fancy lunch date with Dr Reynolds." she could tell Matt was a little bitter. "Y'know, since they became 'best buddies'." he used air quotes.

"Oh." was all Alex said as she stood there awkwardly, scratching her heels against the tarmac.

"Why don't you join me?" Matt asked her, his childish grin reappearing on his face.

Alex was about to open her mouth and come out with some insulting excuse as to why she wasn't going to sit with him but then realised she had no where else to go and had walked all the way over here and after all that walking in these heels, she could use a sit down.

She sighed, "Fine." before going over and sitting down next to him. He was about to open his mouth to say something but without even looking at him, Alex spoke, "No I will not go out with you, sleep with you or kiss you."

"Well, I wasn't going to ask about any of those but thanks for clearing that up." Matt said. There was a pause as silence fell over them – they had never had a conversation without anyone else around. Matt, living up to his reputation as an idiot, spoke up. "I like it when you wear leather pants."

"Do you want me to leave?" Alex went to get up, wondering why she had decided to sit down in the first place.

"No!" he grabbed her arm and pulled her back down onto the bench, "Sorry. I guess people are right when they say I don't have a filter; I sometimes speak my thoughts out loud." he apologised.

Alex sighed, she was a little worn out from all the Justin stuff so she didn't feel like arguing. "It's fine. I guess I should just be glad you don't speak all your thoughts aloud." she looked at him out the corner of her eye.

"So what did you wanna see Justin for? You guys sorted all that stuff out?" Matt started up the conversation, guessing Alex wasn't going to.

"I don't know, I guess I just wanted to drop by. And we just need to talk..." she drifted off when realisation hit her, "What do you mean 'stuff'?"

"Oh, y'know all that stuff about you and him getting real friendly with each other." Matt nudged her with his elbow as he laughed.

"He told you?" Alex asked angrily.

"Uh, did you not know that?" Matt asked, getting a little frightened.

"No, I did not know that he told you about us going on a date or any of that!" Alex crossed her arms, huffing. How could he tell Matt? You don't talk to Matt about private things!

"Whoa, I only knew about the thing that happened before he came over to my place I didn't no about no date! When did that happen?" Matt asked wide eyed.

Alex cursed herself but then let out a deep breath, "Some jerk stood me up as some sort of stupid joke and to make up for it, Justin took me out on a date instead." she explained calmly.

"Really?" Matt questioned, wondering why his best friend hadn't told him this.

"Yeah." Alex mumbled the last part quickly, "And I may have kissed him a little."

Matt apparently had good hearing though, "You mean Justin got to kiss you before I did?" he asked, surprised and disappointed. Alex only turned to glare at him, to which he simply shrugged, "What? I always hoped that when you were drunk you'd feel sorry for me, kiss me but then you'd forget about it and then you'd be none-the-wiser."

Alex nodded slowly, "Uh, that never happened, right?"

Matt shook his head sadly, "No."

Alex let out a silent sigh of relief, not wanting to offend Matt too much.

Matt's next question surprised her though, "Why did you never go out with me? Did I do something wrong?"

Alex looked at him, with his big puppy dog eyes looking at her, inquisitive with a hint of sadness. She sighed and shook her head, "Oh Matt. No, you never did anything wrong."

"Is it how I look?" he asked again.

Alex laughed, he really was quite childish, "No. Despite the fact you can be an idiot, say the stupidest things and annoy the heck outta me sometimes, even I have to admit you're a sweet and very cute guy who will make some girl very happy one day." she put her hand on his shoulder.

He seemed to perk up quickly, "So you don't just think I'm cute, you think I'm very cute." that lopsided grin was playing on his lips as he spoke.

Alex rolled her eyes and laughed, "Is that seriously all you got from that?"

"No, I got the rest of it; that part was just a highlight." he grinned. Silence fell over them but Matt broke it once again, "You drive him crazy, y'know."

"What?" Alex looked up at him.

"Justin. You just, do something to him. It doesn't take a genius to work out he's crazy about you." Matt smiled a small smile, looking down at the ground as he leaned forward on the bench.

Alex smiled shyly to herself, "I guess you could say I'm pretty crazy about him too."

"No shit." was all Matt said, making Alex laugh. Matt sat back up straight and looked at her, "So are you guys gonna sort this out yourselves or is Mama Matt gonna have to intervene?"

Alex tilted her head in question, "Huh?"

"Oh yeah, only Justin knows about Mama Matt." he said to himself, "Just ignore that." he said to Alex.

Alex just shook her head, ignoring whatever that was and answering his question, "Yeah, we're working it out. Well, we still need to actually work it out but we will."

"You better, Justin's too distracted to be any fun anymore." he frowned, making Alex laugh.

"Well, for your benefit we'll try and figure it out as soon as possible." she said with a hint of sarcasm.

Matt laughed along with her. "So now I definitely have no chance?" he asked her.

Alex laughed, "Sorry." She then took him by surprise and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "You're not that bad I guess." Matt's grin widened, "Well, I gotta go. Oh, and never repeat this conversation to anyone and just so you know, that'll be the nicest thing I'll ever say or do for you." she told him as she got up and walked away.

Matt mumbled a "Bye." still in a dream like state as he wondered back into the hospital. He may not be going out with Alex, but that was a good enough consolation for him.

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