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"You guys didn't have to take me out for lunch, y'know." Alex told Harper and Zeke.

"It was the least we could do since it can hardly be fun being as single as you are without your best friend who is also incredibly single not being able to accompany you at lunch since he's working, leaving you all alone." Zeke said with that goofy grin on his face the whole time.

"Thanks." Alex dead-panned.

Harper nudged Zeke and gave him a look before she spoke to Alex, "What he means is that we just thought you could use some company. That's what friends do, plus we haven't done this in a while." she said.

"I do have other friends, y'know." Alex said. "And I don't have lunch with Justin everyday anyway."

"Can't you just accept we're nice people and move on?" Harper asked exasperated.

Alex shrugged in acceptance. "Can I just ask one thing?"

"What?" Zeke asked.

"Why does everyone make such a big deal out of me being single? And Justin for that matter?" she asked; there was only so many times people could remind you that you were a lonely loser.

Harper and Zeke looked at each, not really sure how to answer that since they had never given it much thought.

"I don't know. Maybe because we thought you might have a proper boyfriend by now?" Harper suggested.

"To be honest I always thought that by now you and Justin would've given dating a shot." Zeke said. Zeke was always that little bit too honest. When it came to things like this, it was as thoguh he had no filter.

"What is it with people wanting me and Justin to date?" Alex snapped causing Harper and Zeke to lean back a little form her sudden outburst. She then sighed and shut her eyes, "Sorry, that was a bit much."

"Is that a, uh, touchy subject?" Zeke asked and both girls glared at him; he really was terrible at this whole 'girl-talk' thing.

"It's a touchy time of the month." Alex lied; it was a sure-fire way to make him drop the subject.

"Oh." Zeke's face flushed. "Well that's... unfortunate." he said awkwardly. "Speaking of the women's monthly cycle, I actually need the bathroom. Wait, just forget the first part of that and just leave it as I need to go to the bathroom." he excused himself before he scurried off to the men's room. It was actually quite amusing when he was nervous, he always said silly things that most of the time made no sense.

"Zeke may fall for that but I don't." Harper said to Alex once Zeke was gone. "So what is it?"

Alex had a feeling she wouldn't be able to get round Harper so easily. "Look, I'm just a little tired of people making digs about my love life. And about me and Justin."

"I guess it must get a little annoying at times." Harper said.

"Just a little." Alex agreed, a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

"You sure there's nothing else?" Harper asked, getting the feeling Alex wasn't telling her everything.

"Nope. Other than that, just the usual crap." Alex shrugged. She didn't really want to tell Harper about all the Justin stuff just now. For now, she'd keep it to herself and try and figure it out by herself. Besides, if she told Harper, she would probably end up telling Zeke and he would then end up telling Justin about it because Zeke has an inability to keep things to himself. And if Justin found out that she was getting all confused and stuff then he'd start bringing it up and wanting to talk about it and then things would get weird and... well, it's just better to keep it between her and Justin for now. Whatever 'it' was.

"OK." Harper said, dropping the subject now. She would leave it but she's find out what was going on eventually; she's just going to let things be for now though.

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