[Author's Note: Dear God, I can't believe I'm doing this, but I'm too far in to turn back now. I'm writing a Clara/11 fanfic. Guys, I can't even. I don't even ship them! But I suddenly was feeling very rebellious against myself and write-y, so a one-word prompt series was born. I took words from my friends, the internet, and my own mind, and ended up with about 55 words. I tossed them all in a hat, shook it up, and everyday or so will pick a new word and write a little oneshot of it. I'm aiming more towards friendship-y stories, but romance will probably be inevitable, even if it kills me. Enjoy! :3]


Chapter 1:

Picnic- (noun) Friends sitting on a blanket eating out of a basket and pretending to enjoy the scenery.


"And see that section over there? Waaaay down there, say, about three and a half steps away from that tree? In about 350 years that will be where the first troops stand to start the revolution that will eventually- Clara? Clara, are you even listening?" The Doctor propped himself up on the heels of his hands and squinted at his companion.

"Hmm?" Clara murmured, opening one eye from where she was stretched out lazily on the red and white checkered blanket. They were set up in the middle of a large, flat grassy field, underneath the planet's lavender-tinted sky.

"Aren't you listening? This is a very important history lesson!" The Doctor protested. "You never know when you might need information like this."

"Oh, yeah. I'm sure questions like that turn up all the time." Clara deadpanned. She leaned over, scooped up an apple off the picnic blanket, studied it idly for a moment, then tossed it neatly to the Doctor.

He caught it in one hand, grinned, and bit into it. He pulled a face and spit the chunk of apple out onto the grass next to him.

"Never did like those." He commented, twirling the partially-eaten fruit around in his hand. Clara rolled her eyes and settled back down on the blanket again, plucking blades of grass form the field absentmindedly with one hand as she stared up at the cloudless sky.

She closed her eyes sleepily but was forced to open them again a moment later upon realizing the Doctor had resumed his history lesson.

"Be happy I got us to the right time her, Clara. If we had come about 50 years later, this whole field would be practically gone. Replaced by houses and skyscrapers and roads that turn up as soon as some people turn up to live here. Well, technically they do leave a small section of this field alone for historical purposes, although last time I checked the police here don't usually approve of picnickers. Although-"

Clara sat up finally in irritation. "Doctor!" She shouted, stopping him in the middle of a sentence.

"Hmm?" He questioned, turning to look at her as he tossed his apple back and forth between his hands.

"I don't care!" She said, slowly and distinctly. "I just wanted to have a nice picnic, not spend the entire time listening to you ramble on." She sighed, and her voice became a little softer. "Can't we please just have a few moments of peace?"

"Right. Of course." The Doctor said sheepishly, looking away. He tossed the apple up into the air, caught it neatly, and then dropped it back into the picnic basket. He flopped down backwards, laying splayed out on his back on the blanket.

Clara smiled slightly and scooted over so she was laying down next to him. She reached over gingerly and took his hand in hers, squeezing it slightly. He turned his head to grin at her and then rolled back over to stare up at the sky.

Over on the horizon, the silvery sun was staring to dip down, turning the lavender of the sky a more deeper, royal purple, which swirled slightly, as if it were made of water.

"The sky here is actually very unique." The Doctor commented suddenly. "Do you know what makes it look like that?"

"No." Clara replied.

The Doctor turned slightly to look at her. "Do you want to know?"

She grinned. "Nope." She said, rolling over and tucking her head into the hollow between his shoulder and his arm. He chucked slightly and pulled his arm around her.

"Nice picnic though." Clara murmured, closing her eyes.

"Well, I am notorious for knowing some of the best picnicking spots in the universe." The Doctor replied. "It's the kind of thing you learn when you travel around as much as me."

"So that's what you do?" Clara asked. "Travel around in your box so you can scout of picnic spots?"

"Among other things." The Doctor replied simply. He glanced over at her, slumped tiredly against his shoulder. "Anything wrong with that?"

Clara opened her eyes and smiled at him. "Absolutely not." She pressed herself tighter against him and turned her eyes back to watch the sunset.


[Author's Note: Not bad for the first chapter. The characters may seem a little OOC at first, because this is only my second DW fic ever and I'm struggling a bit to get the hang of them, but I'm hoping I'll get better as these go along. Next chapter will be up very soon. Please review! Thank you. :3]