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Buffy walked despondently through the cemetery, the vampires and demons seemed to have decided to take the night off on her, leaving her with nothing to take her mind off of her latest trip to Los Angeles. She should have known better, but she'd been so angry at Faith, at her friends, at Riley. That coupled with the fact that Faith had decided to go after Angel again and the only thing she'd been really thinking was protect Angel, but the only thing that she had really accomplished was discovering that it was really over. Angel no longer cared, he was done with her, didn't want anything more to do with her, even so far as to not want her in his town at all. Buffy rubbed her hands up and down her arms, holding herself as tightly as she could. Up until that visit she'd always held onto hope that there was hope for the two of them in the future. She guessed that Angelus had been right about her, she was a naive little girl.

Buffy paused in her slow trudging and looked around the dark cemetery, seeing that it was still as empty as it had been when she had first entered the cemetery, just as every other cemetery had been. Spike hadn't even made an appearance which was unusual, but then, if the demons weren't out wreaking havoc, then there was nothing for the peroxide blond vamp to beat up on, but it was odd that he wasn't out looking. She looked in the direction of Spike's crypt; considering whether or not she should seek him out, he did make a good punching bag. Turning to face the exit of the cemetery, Buffy decided against it, she really didn't feel like tracking Spike down. The peroxide blond wouldn't really offer much of a distraction anyway, knowing the way the rumour-mill spun he already knew about what had happened in L.A. and would take delight in rubbing it in her face.

Without a backward glance she left the cemetery, her miserably trudging taking her back through the night darkened streets. Her friends and Riley would be at the Bronze now, waiting for her to show up like she promised that she would, but she really didn't feel up to that either. She didn't feel like putting on a happy face and pretending that she was fine. And she definitely didn't feel like having Riley hovering over her, desperately trying to make everything ok between them; trying to make her believe that him having sex with her body when Faith was in it was ok, that it didn't matter. But it did to her, he hadn't been able to tell, and if she hadn't of been able to convince her friends that it had been her in Faith's body she doubted that her friends would have noticed either. No, she definitely didn't feel like dealing with any of them, right now.

Buffy reached the crossroad where turning down the left lane would take her to the Bronze, and turning down the right would take her back to the university campus. Buffy turned right, her small shoulders slumping tiredly as she walked down the familiar paved path. She could still see the anger in his brown eyes; anger that was directed at her, in eyes that used to only hold love and understanding towards her. It had made her heart shrivel and she'd spouted lies to cover up her hurt, but it had only made her hurt more. Buffy let out a deep heartfelt sigh, she had felt a cold settle inside her since that day and nothing she did made it go away. She missed Angel being hers, and now knowing that there was no chance that Angel would ever come back to her. That her beloved Angel had moved on from her, to someone else... that wasn't her.

Buffy shook her head as she stepped onto the college campus, it hurt worse to think of her Angel with another woman. She knew that she had, or was trying to move on, but that was only because he had wanted her to, had wanted her to have a normal life, but she couldn't give her heart to another man, because Angel still had it firmly in his keeping. She remembered Angel telling her about seeing her on the steps of Hemery high. Telling her that he'd fallen in love with her in that moment, because he could see her heart, and all he wanted to do was keep it safe and warm it with his own. He hadn't done either of those things for very long. He'd crushed the last bit of her heart, and maybe that was where the chill she was feeling was coming from. Angel was no longer warming her heart with his own.

Buffy walked up the steps to her building and made her way through the winding halls, moving up the floors until she reached the floor the dorm room she shared with Willow was on. Keeping her eyes cast down, deliberately avoiding eye contact with the other students that were still wandering the halls wanting to discourage conversation. Finally she reached the door to her room. Sliding the key into the lock she opened the door and stepped inside, shutting the door she walked directly across the room, her keen eyes seeing all that she needed to in the dark. Switching on the lamp that was resting on the nightstand between her and Willow's bed, she blinked at the sudden onset of light, before she turned and headed over to the chest of drawers, opening one of the ones that belonged to her, she pulled out a pair of her pyjamas.

Walking back over to her bed, she pulled off her shoes and shoved them under her bed with her feet so that they would be out of the way. Shrugging off her jacket she lay it down over her bed, before pulling her shirt over her head, throwing it over her jacket she unclasped her bra and dropped it onto the bed as well, before she pulled her pyjama top over her shoulders, slipping her arms through the sleeves, she began doing up the buttons wanting nothing more than to slide into her bed and let the nothingness of sleep claim her. She wanted the nothingness of sleep; there was no pain in sleep, no heartache. Undoing her jeans Buffy pushed them down her hips, and stepped out of them when they were pooled around her ankles. Stepping into her pyjama pants, she gathered up the clothes she had donned for her patrol, stylish yet comfy seeing as she was supposed to have gone to the Bronze afterwards.

Walking over to her wardrobe she put her clothes back in their rightful positions, before walking back out, closing the door, she moved over to her bed, pulling back the covers she slipped in between the sheets, pulling the covers back over herself she reached over and turned off the lamp plunging the room back into darkness. Buffy laid on her back as she stared up at the boring plaster ceiling, before she rolled over onto her right side with a quiet sigh as she closed her eyes as she actively sought sleep.


A demon that had sensed her pain and had been drawn to it, watched her silently from its position hovering in the air, having remained invisible as it had watched the heartbroken woman, as she had wandered listlessly on a fruitless patrol, her mind completely taken up with the thoughts of the one who had hurt her so terribly. The demon allowed itself to descend to the ground its body shimmered for a moment, before its body materialized into corporal form. Its body was humanoid, with shiny white pale skin that looked like it wouldn't even bear the thought of allowing a blemish to settle on its pearly white skin. Its long hair was a shining shimmery sliver, with silent footsteps it walked across the room, towards the bed the young woman was sleeping in.

Leaning over the petite blond, it looked at the heart shaped face for a moment, at the shadowed lines of pain that could still be seen by keen eyes that knew what to look for. Straightening up the demon raised its small hands, its long curved nails giving its otherwise harmless looking small hand a deadly appearance. White curly wisps of a fog like substance spread out from her fingers and it slowly began drifting over Buffy's body. Once the white wispy curly substance had completely covered her entire body the demon lowered its hands and it watched as the substance absorbed itself into her body. "May this give you the happiness you are so desperately searching for." It smirked. "If you choose to accept it, that is." The demon told the sleeping Buffy, before its body began to shimmer for a moment, before it disappeared leaving no trace of it having ever been in the room.

Buffy murmured in her sleep as the demons spell began its work on her vulnerable subconscious.


Buffy looked puzzledly around the room she was standing in, there was a tingling along her skin and a deep pull in the deepest part of her stomach telling her that whatever this was it was all a demons doing. Buffy swung around searching for the demon that had woven whatever it was around her, not seeing anything, but the contents of the lusciously furnished bedroom, that was centred around the large bed. "Ok! I know that your there! So I suggest that you show yourself, before I get more than a little bit cranky. Me more cranky means more pain for you in the long run!" Buffy called as she turned around the room again, a frown darkening her brow as she once again saw nothing demonic in the room.

"Buffy." A familiar voice that she would never forget asked.

Buffy whirled around a shocked expression on her face. "Angel?" She asked, breathily.

"What's wrong? It looks like you've seen a ghost." He asked.

Buffy swallowed thickly her heart beating wildly in her chest as she swept her eyes down his naked chest, that was dripping with water, a towel wrapped around his hips. "I-I-I'm fine. H-how are you?"

"I'm good... Buffy are you sure that you're alright? You're acting a little strange." Angel inquired stepping towards her, closing the distance between them. Buffy's expression calmed as she looked at Angel, the cold that she had been feeling since L.A disappearing at the warm loving look in Angel's chocolate brown eyes as they met her own, filled with concern. He reached out and touched her slender arm with his cool hand.

Buffy looked down at her arm where his hand was touching her. The touch felt so real, and it sent frissons of heat shooting through her body just like his touch always did. Buffy looked back up at him and worried her lower lip as the feeling of the demonic presence that wasn't Angel's tingled over her skin. "This isn't real." Buffy said softly, a heartbroken break in her voice as she spoke and the dream around her wavered, flickering, fading a cry of sadness tearing from her throat.

"Buffy, I don't know what you mean. I love you. We have a life together. I-I thought that was what you wanted."

Buffy closed her eyes tears slipping from beneath the lids. "It-it is, more than anything else in the world."

"Then, what's the problem, baby." Angel asked stroking his hand up her arm, his other hand coming up to wipe at her tears.

Buffy opened her eyes again his soft gentle touches her undoing as she ignored the faint demonic presence that she could feel at work around her, her need for Angel too much for her to ignore. "Nothing, nothing's the problem." She smiled up at him and traced her fingers along the edge of the wet towel that he had wrapped about his hips. "Except for this, and the fact that you still haven't taken me to bed." She said sultrily, arousal flooding through her at the idea of being able to have Angel in this way again. Something that she hadn't experienced enough with him.

"How remise of me." Angel murmured huskily his chocolate brown eyes darkening. "Allow me to remedy that." He told her, before sweeping her up in his arms and carrying her towards their bed.

Buffy wrapped her arms around his neck. "Always." She murmured, before pressing her lips to his engaging him in a heated kiss.

Angel moaned and held Buffy closer, whilst one of Buffy's small hands left his neck to take hold of the towel she tore it from around his waist before letting it drop to the floor, the thin silk nightie that she was wearing sticking to her skin as the water on Angel's body soaked it, the cool of the water against her skin making her nipples harden further and gooseflesh to pop up over her sun kissed skin. Angel lowered Buffy down to the large soft bed, and she whimpered at the lack of contact between them as he just simply stared at her for a moment. Buffy splayed her legs enticingly, moving her hands down her body, playing with her nipples for a moment her eyes focused on his face watching his reactions intently, for the second time in their painful relationship feeling in control. She loved the way his eyes darkened, a low rumbling growling purr of arousal sounding in his chest as he watched her hands slide down from her breasts her pebbled aching nipples clearly outlined by her soaked nightie.

Buffy's hands reached the hem of her nightie and she pulled it up a little, stopping just before she would have revealed her panties to his dark gaze. She slipped her hand under the thin hem of the nightie and took hold of her panties, lifting her hips, being careful to still keep her pussy hidden from his view she pulled her panties down her legs. Angel's nostrils flared as the scent of her arousal increased. His eyes followed her panties as she flung them away from her before settling herself back down the bed, laying herself out for him like a tasty treat that was made for him to devour. Her gaze travelled down his well-muscled body, her lust darkened hazel eyes coming to rest on his rampant erection that was riding high against his abdomen. Buffy licked her lips her eyes travelling back up his body to his face as he moved.

Angel kneeled on the mattress, and crawled over her body, claiming her lips with his own, he kissed her heatedly, his tongue exploring her mouth. Buffy moaned her tongue coming up to play with his, enjoying the taste of him after so long, the cool heat of him inside her mouth feeling better than anything that she had felt for too long. Raising her arms she placed her hands against his chest, her fingers circling around his nipples, teasing the small buds. Angel slid his mouth from hers, kissing his was down her cheek, gently nipping at her jaw, before he moved down her neck, kissing, nipping and licking at her soft silky skin, worshiping it with his mouth and hands. Angel slid his hands up her sides, his hands came to rest on her breasts his fingers toying with her pebbled nipples earning pleasured encouraging moans from Buffy as she tilted her head back and arched her chest up against his talented fingers, encouraging him as she slid her hands up his chest and around his shoulders.

Angel moaned as her nails dug into the back of his shoulders, as he worked his way down her chest, his mouth worshipping her body, with all the love and devotion that he felt for her. Buffy gasped feeling the intensity of his emotions with every touch of his hands and mouth, she moved her hands over his own body, tracing over the cool flesh, doing everything she could to convey the message of the intensity of her own feelings towards him, her love for him with every touch of her hands and kiss of her lips. She rolled her hips up against his creating friction between them. The mushroomed head of Angel's cock stopped from skin to skin contact by the silk of her nightie. Angel groaned around Buffy's nipple, drops of pre-cum leaking from the tip of his cock spilling onto the silk staining the material.

Buffy moaned her hands sliding up into Angel's thick dark hair holding him closer. "Oh, Angel." She keened, arching into his touch urgently, his fingers working her right nipple to the same rhythm of his mouth and their grinding hips. "I-I love... you." Buffy keened as she turned her head to the side pressing it deeply into the pillow as she arched up against Angel as hard as she could needing to get closer to him, to feel that there was no space between them. That they were so close that it was almost like they were one being.

Angel released Buffy's nipple, the diamond hard bud clearly outlined by the saturated silk of her nightie. "I love you too." He murmured huskily, his eyes meeting hers as he slid his hands down to her hips and fisted his hands in the silk of her nightie, and began pulling it up her body, slowly revealing her golden skin.

Buffy's breath hitched in her throat as she felt his hands sliding over her skin as he pushed the cloth up higher. Buffy reluctantly removed her hands from his body, raising her arms up over her head. Angel slid one of his hands around to her back helping to support her as he slid the nightie up and over her head. Buffy moaned as the silken material slid up over her sensitive skin, the nerves hyper aware of every touch and caress. Angel lowered her back down to the mattress, his hands tender as he smoothed his hands over her skin, his dark eyes staring appreciatively at her skin, her nipples red and swollen from his amorous attentions. Buffy took a deep shaky breath, her nerves dancing over her skin, seemingly feeling his heated look over her skin like a physical touch. Buffy whimpered a desperately heated moan that was filled with her desperate need for him to fill her empty sheath with the length of his hard cock.

Angel continued to stare at her luscious body captivated by her. Buffy whimpered needily her hands coming up to rest on his shoulders and tugged him down, her lips meeting his as she kissed him passionately expressing her need for him with every stroke of her tongue and touch of her hands as she stroked her hands over his cool damp flesh, finding the spot that made him moan and arch into her touch. "I need you." Angel gasped heatedly.

Buffy lifted her hips grinding herself against Angel, the head of his cock rubbing against her clit making them both groan in desire at the friction it created between them. Pleasure shooting through their bodies. Angel deepened their kiss, thrusting his tongue into Buffy's mouth, forcing Buffy's tongue to retreat and another moan came from her throat, the noise muffled by Angel's mouth. His tongue exploring her mouth, hitting all the spots that had her clutching at him desperately, holding him close. "Angel." She keened as he lifted his mouth from hers, as he placed wet open mouthed kisses down her neck and nipping at her collar bone. "Please!" Buffy pleaded, her sheath clenching emptily around nothing intensifying her need to feel him filling her, to take the almost painful emptiness away.

Angel lifted his head taking his lips from her warm silken skin. "It's ok, baby. You know that I'll always take care of you."

"I know." Buffy gasped, knowing without a doubt that what he said was true, as he slid one of his hands down her hips and over the toned flesh of her thigh gently manoeuvring her thighs further apart. His hand slid between their bodies grasping his cock positioning the mushroomed head at her slick entrance.

"I love you." Angel murmured, before he thrust himself up into her tight hot sheath, a gasping breath escaping him as her sheath clenched tightly around him in welcome.

"Angel." Buffy murmured as she rolled her hips up against him, catching his rhythm, synchronizing their bodies. Buffy moaned and wrapped her strong legs around his hips, using her strength to press him against her harder, making it harder to for Angel thrust out of her as she wanted to keep his thick girth deep inside her for as long as possible.

Angel groaned deeply in his throat, he could feel the backs of her tiny heels digging into the cheeks of his ass and her strong thighs squeezing his hips, her sheath clenching around him trying to draw him deeper into her hot silken depths. Buffy's mouth was open in a silent cry of passion delighting in the feel of him deep inside her, stretching her. Unlocking her ankles she let her legs fall away from around Angel's hips earning a groan from him as it once again shifted his position inside her tight heat. With a quick strong push she rolled them over straddling her hips taking control as she slid herself up and down and his thick shaft a mewling cry escaping her lips as she picked up her pace. Angel placed his hands around Buffy's hips guiding her as he thrust his hips up to meet hers grunts of pleasure escaping his lips.

Buffy leaned down pressing herself against Angel's body and his hands slid around to cup her ass squeezing the rounded globes as they thrust against each other urgently, pushing themselves closer and closer to the brink. Buffy keened her hot breath brushing softly against his skin, she sunk her teeth into the flesh of his right pectoral making Angel growl lustily, his balls tightening, and he tightened his hands around the perky globes of her ass. Buffy swirled her tongue around his nipple awakening the nerves in the small bud. Angel thrust up into her harder and Buffy arched against him, her hands tightening into fists in the soft sheets as her sheath began to flutter as the beginnings of her orgasm washed through her. "Angel!" She cried out loudly as her sheath spasmed uncontrollably as her orgasm crashed over her like a tidal wave.

"Buffy!" Angel's voice joined Buffy's as her orgasm triggered his own, her spasming sheath pulling him deeper inside her milking him of his dead seed. His hands sliding up from her ass to caress her back lovingly as they breathed heavily their afterglow consuming them as they lay together, still intimately joined as Angel's cock softened inside her sheath.


Buffy frowned as a loud annoying beeping noise assaulted her ears ruining her afterglow. "Buffy, Buffy. Come on, you have to get up." Willow's familiar voice reached her ears and Buffy groaned in annoyance as she snuggled deeper into her blankets trying to find the glorious feeling of lying on top of Angel, his shaft still deep inside her as it softened. "We have early morning classes." Willow persisted giving her shoulder a shake.

Not finding what she was looking for, Buffy opened her eyes. "Ok, ok, I'm awake." She mumbled, her eyes meeting Willow's, who satisfied that she'd woken her friend went about her business soon leaving their dorm room to get to the floors bathroom in search of the shower. Buffy slowly sat up, biting her lower lip as heat shot through her at the movements, her pussy feeling tender and sensitive exactly like she did after she'd really had sex, and the wetness she could feel sliding down her thighs further evidence of what had happened between her and Angel... but it wasn't possible…

The room they'd been in, the bed they'd shared... they didn't exist. And the glimpse of that other life, a life with Angel it didn't exist. His love for her no longer existed, the whole thing was impossible! But it had felt so real and her body agreed, she could still feel his cock inside her filling her, his mouth on her breast teasing her nipples; that were still hard pebbled buds that the fabric of her flannel pyjama top irritated. Her nipples still sensitive and she could still feel his strong hands clutching at her ass. Buffy looked around her dorm room her hazel eyes dull with despondence, her heart hurt worse than ever to have woken up to discover that she was once again alone, her body aching to feel Angel's hands caressing her as they shared the blissful moments after their love making. Instead she was forced back into the harsh reality of her situation. Angel was no longer hers.

Buffy shivered as the coldness that had left her in her dream settled back in. She wanted to cuddle back into the covers and try and get back to the Angel in her dream, the Angel that still loved her, and held her. Buffy gave her head a shake trying to turn her thoughts from the dream she was in enough pain already she didn't need the added torture of reminiscing over a dream. A beautiful dream. Throwing the covers off her she glanced at the time assessing how much time she had to get ready for her first class, before she got up and shuffled towards her wardrobe to grab what she needed for a shower.


Willow stared at Buffy as the petite blond sitting opposite her mindlessly picking at her food, shifting it around without really eating. Her hazel eyes unfocused not really seeing anything. Willow tried to be discreet about her worried stare, but she needn't have bothered as Buffy wasn't paying attention to anything, but her thoughts, having been unable to push aside the thoughts of the dream she'd had last night. Willow dropped her gaze to her food and took a bite of her sandwich, but she raised her eyes back to Buffy a moment later whilst she chewed, her eyes conveying worry. Buffy hadn't been right since she'd come back from L.A. after chasing after Faith to help Angel. Willow had feared that something like this would happen, every time Buffy came back from L.A from visiting Angel she was always depressed and she was still distancing herself from Riley who was beating himself up over what had happened with Faith. "Buffy?" She asked tentatively. "Buffy?" She called again when her friend didn't respond.

Buffy blinked pulling herself out of her memories and turning her gaze up to her best friend. "Sorry, Will. Did you say something?"

Willow reached out and placed her hand over her friends. "Buffy, are you ok? You've been spacey and distracted all day."

Buffy forced her lips to curl up into a smile. "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just tired I guess I didn't sleep well last night." She lied, lowering her gaze back to her plate, where she laid down her fork, not interested in eating any more then she had been when she'd joined the cafeteria line to grab some lunch with Willow.

"Is that why you didn't join us at the Bronze last night?" Willow asked. Buffy remained silent, a frown creasing her brow as she kept her eyes on her plate. Willow sighed, reading Buffy's silence. "Buffy, you have to sort things out with Riley eventually."

Buffy looked up at Willow fighting off the glare that she wanted to shoot at her red haired friend, but she couldn't stop the harshness of her stare. "It wasn't because of Riley. I was tired after my patrol."

"Ok." Willow said disbelievingly.

Buffy placed down her fork, her food barely touched. "I have to go. I'll see you later." She murmured as she stood.

"Well, actually." Willow said with a slight flush to her cheeks. "I'll be with Tara..." Her voice trailing off.

Buffy smiled, feeling happy that Willow's new relationship with Tara was going so well. "Ok. Have a good time." She said, as she picked up her tray, before turning away and slowly walking away. The smile on her face sliding right off as she laid eyes on Riley, his eyes focused on her as he made his way towards her.

Willow opened her mouth her eyes still focused on Buffy, only for her blond friend to hurry away, she watched as Buffy binned her tray throwing her untouched food into the bin, before disappearing as fast as she could out the cafeteria doors. She turned her gaze back to Riley, their eyes meeting for a short moment, before he turned away from her moving quickly after Buffy. Willow sighed and lowered her eyes to her food and began eating again, hoping that Riley would be able to fix things with Buffy this time, and bring Buffy out of the funk she'd been in since the whole thing with Faith. Not that she blamed her, she would be upset if it had happened to her, but she would be trying to work it out. Riley was a nice guy and he'd made an honest mistake, that he was desperately sorry for. Buffy had a good thing with Riley, a healthy relationship. She wished that Buffy would do more to make sure it wasn't thrown away over something so small. Riley had believed that it was her, and he'd had no reason to believe that it wasn't her.

Riley hurried out the door and down the steps the midday sun shining down on him brightly, his eyes focused on Buffy's small frame as she stalked down the path. Catching up with her he grabbed her by the arm pulling her to a stop. "Buffy, please."

Buffy half turned glaring up at Riley. "Let go of me, Riley." She said warningly.

"You can't keep avoiding me, Buffy." Riley said desperately, his hand still wrapped around her toned small arm.

"I'm not ready to talk to you." Buffy said firmly, her gaze going down to his hand.

Riley followed her gaze and reluctantly released her arm. "Buffy, I thought it was you. Everything I did that night... I thought that I was sharing it with you. I thought that I was making love to you."

"And that's exactly the problem. It wasn't me, and you didn't have a clue until Willow told you." Buffy shook her head tears welling in her eyes. "I'm sorry Riley, but I'm nowhere near ready to forgive you."

Riley swallowed thickly, tears welling in his own eyes. "Buffy." He murmured his voice shaky wetly as his heart beat in a fearful rhythm at the thought of losing her. He swallowed again trying to clear away the large painful lump that had lodged in his throat. "W-What if you're never ready?"

Buffy swallowed herself, her eyes meeting his. "Then, we're both going to have to live with that." Buffy said softly. Turning away from Riley she began walking away from him a lot slower then she had been before. Riley watched her go tearfully, his heart thudding loudly in his chest. He watched her go until he could no longer see her small form, more than a little afraid that he would never be able to hold her close again.

Buffy sighed heavily as she walked, she felt horrible that, that hadn't been harder for her to say. It wasn't all that surprising though, she cared for Riley deeply, as deeply as she was able, but Angel held her heart as painful as that had become, there was nothing that she could do about that. But she had given as much of herself to Riley as she'd had left to give, but it still hurt. Buffy sighed and closed her eyes tightly, pressing back the tears. She wished that she was back in that world, where she had a life with Angel, a happy life with Angel. Where they could be together without fear. She wasn't sure how she knew that so certainly, but she did. She knew that instead of leaving her, the Angel of her dream had stayed; had found a way to bind his soul, removing the clause allowing them to safely be together in all ways, no more fear of perfect happiness.

She knew that it wasn't real, that it hadn't really happened like that, but the dream had put the memories there, memories that had never happened, but she wished that they had. There were no words for how badly she wished that Angel had actually made the choices that the Angel in her dream had. The life she had gotten a glimpse of last night had been so happy, they'd been so happy together. It was the life that she had wanted for them. She knew that the dream hadn't just been a coincidence, there'd been an unfamiliar demon presence that she hadn't been able to pinpoint, but she felt it and knew that whatever it had been was responsible for the dream that she had of Angel. She knew that she should have gotten on the phone to Giles after she'd woken up, but she hadn't.

She hadn't wanted to. The dream had been nice, really nice, it had made her feel happy, something she hadn't felt since... Buffy shook her head she didn't like thinking about it, the memories were too bittersweet. She'd thought for sure that everything would be fine between them, that they'd work things out, find a way... but he'd decided... on another path, a path that didn't include her. Buffy opened the door to her dorm building and began walking down the floor making her way towards the stairwell to make her way up to the floor her dorm room was on. Despite knowing that most demons intentions were far from friendly, she couldn't help, but hope and want to experience a second dream. And she couldn't see what possible harm a demon could cause, or what they could gain from giving her dreams of a life with Angel.

Buffy made it to her dorm room floor and walked down the hall. Buffy came to her door and quickly unlocked it, pushing it open she walked into the empty room, quietly closing the door behind her, before turning her gaze around the room, her eyes landing on her bed. She had a couple of hours before she had to be at her next class and it would be so easy to just set her alarm to wake her in time to get to her class in time, whilst she tried to slip back into the dream life she'd experienced last night. Buffy walked over to her bed and sat down the edge of it a contemplative expression on her face. Chewing gently on her lower lip as she deliberated, she had assignments that needed to be completed, but she had a burning desire to revel in her Angel dreamland.

Buffy frowned and gave her head a harsh shake, before determinedly walking over to her desk and the books that she had placed on their in preparation for her next class when she'd come up here with Willow to dump the books from their class, before heading to the cafeteria for lunch. Sitting down in her chair she pulled the books that she needed for her psychology assignment. Opening her books she pulled out a pen from the plastic cup that she'd filled with pens and pencils so that she'd always have some handy. Lowering her head she frowned softly in concentration as she did her utmost best to pull her mind away from the hot Angel dream that had left her tingling and sweating when she'd woken up to focus on one of her important assignments.

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