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Willow glanced over her shoulder at Buffy's peacefully sleeping form, the smile curling up her friend's lips making her smile, believing completely that her night with Riley had gone well. Exceptionally well if Buffy was still asleep at 10am. Willow turned her gaze away, a pout forming on her lips as her gaze went back to her reflection in the mirror she was standing in front of as she returned to brushing out her hair. She really wished that Buffy would wake up so that she could tell her all about her night with Riley, but in a way it was a good thing as she wouldn't be able to get the details she wanted anyway at the moment as she had to get to her class that started in fifteen minutes.

Finishing with her hair Willow set down her brush, and walked over to Buffy. "Don't forget that you have a class later this morning." Willow said to her sleeping friend, hoping that Buffy would hear her. "I'll see you in Psych, but after that I'll expect to hear all the details." Willow told her teasingly, before she turned and grabbed her bag from its place on her bed. Hefting it up onto her shoulder she walked out the door without a backward glance. She closed the door behind her and began making her way to her class, the fact that Buffy hadn't made any sign that she had heard her completely escaping her notice.


Buffy walked slowly through the mansion, a soft robe draped over her body, hiding the nakedness of her body, not having wanted to accidentally wake Angel from his rest, by trying to slip into some clothes. She may be able to be almost completely silent in her movements, but with his vampiric senses it wouldn't matter, and she didn't want to disturb his sleep. She paused in her soft steps, her eyes landing on a group of photo frames set on a table. Slowly walking over to them she carefully picked up the first one and smiled affectionately down at the photo of her and Angel. He was behind her, his arms wrapped about her middle holding her against him. Angel was smiling, whilst her mouth was open a little wider, and from the joy on her face she had been laughing. She remembered this moment despite the fact that it hadn't really happened. The photo had been taken just after Angel had gotten back from taking the trials that had bound his soul to his body, rendering the clause the gypsies had put on his curse null and void.

It was arguably one of the happiest memories in her life. Buffy felt tears well in her eyes at the harsh reality of her life. That one of her happiest memories had happened only in a dream world. A world that she could once again be forced out of by the demands of waking life. Buffy caressed her hands over the photo, as the memory of that night washed over her. Angel had surprised her, coming home without a word, sneaking up to her bedroom window. He'd wanted to spend a quiet night with her, but she had been too excited and so they'd ended up going to the Bronze and meeting up with their friends. Which is where the photo had been taken. Quite a few photos had been taken, but the one that had made it into the frame was the best out of all of them. They'd only stayed at the Bronze for a few hours, as she hadn't been able to stop exchanging lusty looks with Angel. Both feeling the keen undercurrent of desire sizzling between them, and it had been quite impossible to ignore after a few short hours as the knowledge that they finally could give into the passion they held for each other was firmly fixed in their minds.

She remembered feeling anxious as well, especially when they had entered his room, which was now their room. She had babbled and Angel had listened, his own expression solemn. He'd been feeling some if not all of the same anxiety she had, 'What if the trails hadn't worked?' Had been in both of their minds, but there was only one way to test it. They'd started off slow achingly slow, every movement tender and loving and it had felt like the first time all over again as Angel loved her with his hands and his mouth, and she had loved him back equally. Their anxiety slowly dissipating as it gave way to their passion. Buffy clenched her thighs together at the bolt of heat the memory shot through her. She had lain awake in his arms for a long time that night, anxiously waiting, mentally calculating where her closest stake was and how long it would take her to get to it, if Angelus did make an unwanted appearance. It would have just been to protect herself though, as at that point in time after what they had just shared… she wouldn't have really been able to bring herself to stake him, unless he'd given her no other choice…

She had given into sleep at some point though because she remembered waking to the feeling of cool fingers caressing idly over the skin of her arm as the arm attached to the hand held her against his chest. She'd sat bolt upright in a flash, horrified that she had fallen asleep, but when she'd turned her fearful gaze down to him and had seen the happy loving light warming his eyes, her fear had fled as fast as it had come. "It worked." She had breathed in awe, Angel had nodded and told her that he loved her, and Buffy had returned the sentiment in kind, before leaning down and kissing him heatedly, more than eager to finally begin to explore her sexuality, something in which Angel had been more than eager to oblige… Buffy smiled down at the picture again, before carefully placing it back down. Moving to the one that was situated behind and to the right of the one she had just placed back down, she picked that one up and looked at the picture. She squinted her eyes at it. There was a group of people in the photo all of them smiling at the camera as they stood still for the shot, but the only two people that she could properly make out was herself and Angel. The other members of the group that she knew to be her friends were more fuzzy, she faintly saw red hair on one of them, but it disappeared a moment later. It was at that moment that she realized that her friends didn't have names.

She knew that Angel and herself had them, the same sized group as the Scooby Gang, but none of them had names, or very clear faces. Buffy frowned at that as she continued to stare down at the photo, her eyes going from one to the other to the other. Each person matched the silhouette of one of her close friends, but none of them had a clear face, for a moment you could see a glimpse of one, but it was gone again a moment later lost back into the fuzziness that was their faces. "Is everything alright?" Angel asked quietly, making Buffy jump as she had been so lost in her thoughts that she hadn't felt him coming.

Buffy set the photo back in its place, and turned her head to look at Angel and she smiled, loving the messy way his hair was sitting on his head. It was good to know that Angel didn't always look immaculate like it sometimes seemed. "Yeah, I was just taking a trip down memory lane." Buffy murmured. Buffy stepped towards him. "What woke you?" She murmured.

"My girl not beside me." Angel grumbled.

Buffy smiled and slowly closed the distance between them, Angel's dark eyes lowered from her face to rest on cleavage that the sloping v of the robe allowed him to see. Buffy's nipples hardened under his scrutiny, and she reached up, sliding a hand up into the soft thick sleep and sex mussed lock of his hair. "Well, let's see what we can do to remedy that." She purred her hazel eyes darkening to a deep jade as her hazel eyes met his lust darkened brown ones. His hands came to rest on her sides, before sliding up the silk of the robe, his eyes darkening further as it became more than obvious that the only that she was wearing was the small silk robe. "I thought that you wanted to return me to bed?" Buffy murmured huskily, an amused and aroused smile curling up her lips.

"The bed can wait." Angel rumbled as he tugged gently at the robe that was obscuring her from him, parting the tied robe just enough to reveal more of the firm tanned twin mounds, leaving her dusky pink hard nipples hidden behind the red of the silk. Dipping down his head, Buffy's chuckle was cut off as she moaned as his mouth began to pay homage to the exposed parts of her breasts, leaving her aching nipples neglected.

Buffy raised her hands and began tugging on the robe. Angel growled deep in his chest, causing Buffy's sheath to clench and more of her juices to gush from her soaking her already damp pussy. Angel gently pushed her hands away and Buffy let him. Wanting to feel him though she settled her hands on his sides, feeling the cool naked skin under her warm hands. She sucked in a gasping breath as Angel's strong hands clutched at the back of her thighs just under the curve of her ass and lifted her up against the wall, his mouth still paying homage to her breasts, still leaving her nipples sore and neglected as they ached for the feel of his mouth on her. Buffy keened loudly her upper body arching up into his mouth as his lips finally closed over her silk clad nipple, his cool wet tongue sliding over it through the silk, sending fissions of heat through her to settle in the pool of heat that had settled in her womb, making her core throb with need, and her hands tightened on his sides for a moment, before she slide them up, removing her hands from him only so that she could move past his arms that were easily holding her up against the wall.

Her hands thread through his hair, her finger tips meeting at the back of his head as she held him to her, her lust darkened eyes staring at his head as he lavished the same amount of attention on both nipples sending the sensitive buds into a frenzy. He grazed his blunt human teeth over one of her nipples and Buffy cried out, and then moaned as his tongue flicked over it soothing the abused bud. Buffy wrapped her legs about his hips, and pressed her naked core against Angel's burgeoning erection that was tenting the pyjama pants he had slipped on when he'd come in search of her. Angel's hips bucked against her at the feel of her heat against his aching cock, and he groaned against her nipple, before lifting his head to look at her passion flushed face. "I love you." Angel moaned.

"And I love you." Buffy gasped as his hips rocked against her again, rubbing his clothed erection against the sensitive flesh of her needy pussy, the head of his cock butting against her clit, making desire shot through her hotly with each roll of his hips.

Buffy removed one of her hands from his head and began pulling at his pants awkwardly, wanting to feel his naked flesh against hers. Angel didn't need any further encouragements as he removed one of her hands from her sleek toned thighs to push his pyjama pants down his hips. As soon as the elastic moved down past his narrow hips, the pants feel down to his ankles, and Buffy and Angel moaned in unison at the feel of each other pressing against their needy flesh no obstacles obstructing the feel of the other. "Oh God, Buffy. I need you." Angel groaned as his hand settled back on her thigh.

"Angel." Buffy sighed breathlessly, her hand reached down between them to grasped his cock in her small hot hand, and she with aching gentleness that had Angel shuddering stroked her hand up and down his shaft a couple of times in what Angel believed to the sweetest kind of torture. "I need you to." She said, her voice husky with her desire for him. She pumped her hand up and down his turgid length the pre-cum leaking from the mushroomed tip making her hand slide easier over the silk covered steel.

Angel's hips jerked against her hand a soft agonized groan escaping from his parted lips as he panted, his dark eyes meeting hers. Buffy grasped him firmly at the base of his shaft making him groan, his eyes falling shut as he panted harshly. Buffy guided him blindly to her pulsing needy entrance. "Oh, Buffy." Angel moaned, his voice husky and full of love as the head of his cock slid wetly over her slick wet pussy. The heat of her feeling almost like it was going to burn him as always. Feeling the small opening at the head of his cock, Angel pushed his hips gently forward slowly sliding into her, stretching her tight hot walls to accommodate his impressive girth. Torturing her with his slow gentle stretching of her sheath. When he'd finally sheathed half of his cock inside her hot tight wet sheath, he slid out of her making her groan and whimper in denial. Her hands that were now resting on his strong broad shoulders for balance clenched her immaculately rounded nails digging into his flesh.

Angel stopped his withdrawal when only the mushroomed tip of him remained inside her, his body shuddering as his cock ached and pulsed needily wanting to be fully seated in her hot depths. Angel opened his eyes to meet Buffy's as he slowly thrust into her again. Her legs tightened around him to an almost painful degree. Letting him know that this time she wasn't going to be letting him withdraw from her sweet depths until he was seated fully inside her. With an agonizing slowness that had Buffy close to tears in her need to feel him completely inside her working her to her climax, not just fanning the flames of her desire ever higher, but getting no closer to the explosive end that her body was burning for. Buffy clenched her thighs about his narrow hips as he finally sheathed himself to the hilt inside of her, and she arched her head back so that it leaned against the rough stone of the wall behind her, her sheath clench about his cock in needy welcome, a moan escaping her as she luxuriated in the feel of him stretching her, filling her, completing her.

Angel moaned as he began pulling out of her once again, withdrawing until only the mushroomed head of his cock remained inside of her once again. Angel leaned in, his mouth taking hers, his tongue slipping in between her parted lips as he thrusted deeply inside of her again swallowing her passionate moan, her hips rocking up against his to meet his thrust as she caught his rhythm. Angelus' tongue echoed the thrusts of the lower part of his body, as Buffy's tongue rubbed wantonly against his. Angel's hands squeezed about her thighs, a muffled groan escaping him as Buffy deliberately clenched her sheath tightly around his cock, urging him to thrust faster inside of her. Angel obliged, his own control just about ready to snap at the slow pace he had been keeping.

Buffy moaned into Angel's mouth as she slammed her hips against his as she met his faster thrusts, her hands coming up to bury themselves in his thick soft hair, her hands curling into fists and she gently tugged his hair, and Angel lifted his head from hers breaking off their kiss as he looked up at her with his dark bedroom eyes, that had her core clenching as more heat gushed to her centre. "I didn't mean for you to stop kissing me." Buffy whined. Angel dipped his head towards her again and pressed his lips against hers. Buffy tried to deepen the kiss as her hips pumped against his meeting his every thrust head on, but Angel pulled away again making Buffy moan in disappointment. Disappointment that quickly dissipated when his mouth settled over her scar, and Buffy's hips bucked wildly losing the rhythm of his hips at the tense need that the attention to the months old fully healed scar shot through her. It never ceased to amaze her just how sensitive that spot was when Angel payed attention to it.

Buffy gasped passionately and held him closer when his blunt human teeth scrapped over the raised flesh of her scar, sending an intense hot shot of desire through her body straight to her core sending her tumbling over the edge into her climax. Stars flashed before Buffy's eyes, but it might have been from the blow her head received when it slammed against the stone wall behind her, as she threw her back in ecstasy as her climax roared through her. Angel sucked vigorously at her scar as her sheath spasmed about him drawing him deeper inside of her. Stretching his control to the limit, his teeth sank into the scar, but didn't break the skin as he fought to retain his self-control as he continued to pump into her willing body. Buffy mewled heatedly as Angel pushed her over taxed body to greater heights. Her body shuddering as she grasped onto him for dear life, holding her close to him, wanting to feel as close to him as possible so that it felt like they were simply one being, giving and taking in equal measure as they fed the others desire.

"Angel, ooh… please!" Buffy gasped pleadingly as she tossed her head as the sensations building inside her grew too much, and she rocked her hips against his harder, needing to relieve the ever growing ache inside her. Angel groaned strainedly as he felt his balls tighten in response to her impassioned words. Angel reached between their driving bodies, determined that he wouldn't leave Buffy aching with need. His fingers barely touched the swollen sensitive bud and he felt Buffy's sheath spasm about him again as her second orgasm hit her. Angel groaned as her sheath clenched about him tightly forcing him over the edge and into his orgasm his self-control shot all to hell. His dead seed spurting out from him as he continued to pump in and out of her still spasming body, his continued thrusts prolonging her orgasm as his dead seed speed up into her welcoming womb.

Angel stilled as he leaned against her, his hands still clasping her thighs, but his muscles trembled, his body completely spent, his forehead resting against her almost feverishly hot sweaty one, his half-masted eyes taking in the becoming flush that adorned her cheeks, and his ears heard the frantic beating of her heart as it pumped her blood quickly through her veins as it fought to calm itself after their love making. Buffy smiled at him as she languidly opened her eyes, and she slowly untangled her hands from his thick soft hair and slid them down so that they could lovingly cup his cheeks. "I love you." She murmured, enjoying the intimate feeling of his cock softening inside of her. Angel reluctantly slipped himself from her sheath, a shuddering breath escaping him as a moan did Buffy's at the frissons of heat the action elicited in both of them.

"I love you too." Angel breathed, his lips pressing softly, loving against hers, before he pulled back just enough to be able to shift his hold on Buffy so that he could comfortably carry her. "The bed awaits us." Angel murmured as he stepped out of the pyjama pants that were pooled about his ankles.

Buffy giggled as she wrapped her arms around Angel's neck, not in the least bit worried that her robe, the only thing she was wearing, was now doing very little to cover her golden skin from view. "I can walk, although it would be on wobbly jelly legs at the moment."

Angel smirked down at her. "I know you can, but I don't feel like letting you go." Angel murmured his arms tightening around her for emphasis. Buffy smiled and snuggled up against Angel's strong cool chest. With every glorious moment she spent here, with this Angel that still loved her with all his heart, it made her wish that it was possible that she could stay here forever and no longer have to worry about her harsh reality.

A reality that hurt too much for her to want to think about, not when she was here in this dream reality where things were just so perfect, for she had her Angel, and he had her. It was all she had ever wanted and all that she had been denied, leaving her wallowing in a deluge of pain, sorrow and self-pity… until now… but she feared that it was all too good to be true and that one day far too close to now, her happy escape from her reality would disappear and once again leave her empty and aching. Her shattered heart left once again with the complete loss of Angel, and the knowledge that he was happily living his life in Los Angeles with Cordelia… without her. It made her wish that the lies she'd spurted as her heart had been lanced with a sharp blade shattering it to a millions pieces as he'd left her with nothing to cling to, nothing to hope for… had even the smallest bit of truth to them to make her reality not near as bad as it had become since her last disastrous trip to L.A.

Buffy snuggled deeper into Angel's solid chest seeking comfort and reassurance of his affections after the thoughts that had plagued her happiness. Angel tightened his arms around her in response concern filling his eyes as he looked down at her. "Buffy, what's wrong?"

Buffy gave her head a small shake. "Just memories that had no right popping into my head and quashing my good mood." Buffy mumbled as she rested her cheek against his chest. "Love you."

Angel sensing that she desperately needed to hear the words spoken aloud at the moment. "I love you more." He said sincerely as he walked them into their room.

Buffy smiled feeling reassured by his quick sincere response, one of her hands sliding down from his shoulder to draw aimless patterns over his chest. "Impossible." She murmured softly.

"The only thing that is impossible, Buffy. Is for me to love you any less." Buffy smiled and leaned up to kiss his throat, silently returning the words, knowing that he would understand the meaning behind it. They'd always had a way of reading each other of knowing what the other meant, it had been something that she had cherished and believed meant that they were supposed to be, that nothing could part them.

How innocent and naïve she had been!


"Come on!" Willow growled, her voice edged with panic as she shook Buffy avidly by her slim shoulder. "Wake up, damn it!" She cried. It had been hours since she had left for her class that morning. Nothing had seemed in the least bit wrong until her Psych class which Buffy had been noticeably absent. The seat beside her had been glaringly empty. And having been worried she hadn't even stopped to talk to Riley on her way out to get the details on how he thought the night went. And now that she was here, she was glad that she had hurried back to her dormitory. "Come on, Buffy!" Willow muttered, sweat beading on her brow as Buffy showed no reaction as she continued to sleep peacefully, as if Willow hadn't been shaking the life out of her a moment ago. Her breaths still even and deep. As Willow watched, Buffy mumbled a little in her sleep as she turned over on to her side facing away from Willow her legs curling up slightly, and to Willow's eyes it looked for all the world like she was being cradled by someone in the bed, but she was lying there alone, with nothing but the blankets to keep her warm, and it was then she noticed that Buffy was still wearing the clothes she had been at the Bronze.

Willow frowned, knowing that that was odd in itself. Buffy never went to sleep in her day clothes, but there she lay, obviously having gone to bed the night before without even shedding her jacket. Tearing her eyes away from Buffy, Willow walked quickly over to the phone that rested on the nightstand that was situated against the wall. She picked up the receiver and began dialling a number she knew by heart, feeling certain that he would know how to fix this. Willow turned her body so that she could look at the still peacefully sleeping Buffy, having half hoped to see her awake and find that her worry was for nothing, but Buffy hadn't moved, and the only sound she made was that of her even breathing. Willow frowned as she listened to the phone dialling out. "Come on, Giles." Willow muttered as she tapped a foot impatiently as her eyes remained fixed on Buffy's sleeping form. "Now is not the time for you to have developed a social life!"

"Hello?" Giles muttered into the phone.

"Giles, what took you?" Willow asked waspishly, her agitation over Buffy putting her patience on edge.

"I was fixing myself some dinner." Giles explained, his eyes going over to the pot on the stove, as it continued to simmer away.

"Giles, you need to come over to the dorm." Willow said urgently.

"Uh," Giles said rubbing his eyes, behind his glasses. "Sure, I-I can come over after dinner."

"Giles!" Willow almost shouted as her panic rose at the idea of having to wait with the soundly unconscious Buffy, with no clue as to what had happened to her and how to fix it. "Forget dinner! Buffy, won't wake up!"

Giles swallowed, his body freezing and his heart clenched in pain at the thought that he had lost Buffy. "Is she – is she…" Giles stuttered, fighting to getting the question out, despite most of him not wanting to know the answer.

"What?!" Willow asked confused, before it dawned on her. "No, Giles." She assured him. "She's sleeping, has been all day. And nothing I do is waking her, or even disturbing her, Giles. So, please…"

"Yes, yes." Giles assured her, his hand coming up to adjust his glasses on the bridge of his nose, as his sharp mind already began ticking over just what exactly it was that was effecting Buffy. "I'll be right over." He assured Willow.

"Great, Giles. Thanks." Willow breathed in relief, before placing the phone back on its cradle. With a sigh, Willow took a couple of small steps back until her legs brushed against the side of her bed and she sat down on the edge of her mattress. Her eyes on Buffy, hoping that the petite blond that was so comfortably nestled under the covers of her bedding would suddenly stretch and sit up as if it was completely normal to sleep so long. Willow checked the watch that adorned her wrist and sighed as her leg began to bounce up and down. 'Come on, Giles.' She thought impatiently.


Giles sat on the edge of Buffy's bed, his hands gently circled about her wrists as he raised her arms, gently moving them trying to search for signs of something that Willow had no clue about, she just hoped that whatever it was, it would tell him what he needed to know to fix Buffy, before the time for her patrol rolled by. Finally Giles lowered Buffy's arms gently to the bed, before releasing her completely. Raising one of his hands up to his face and removing his glasses with a heavy sigh. "Well?" Willow asked impatiently, as she looked at Giles intently, one of her arms crossed over her chest, whilst she rested the elbow of the other on the arm and cupped her chin with her hand, in an attempt to keep from wringing the life from her hands in her nervousness.

"I really don't know." Giles said uncertainly, his eyes going back to Buffy's sleeping form. His vision hazy without his glasses, but it didn't change the fact that the woman he loved, like a daughter, was lying asleep in her dorm room bed. "It really just seems like she is sleeping."

Willow nodded a frown darkening her brow. "Except for the not waking up part." Willow muttered softly as she stepped towards Giles and the sleeping Buffy. "Could it be a spell? Or perhaps a demon?" She asked.

Giles nodded tiredly, as he replaced his glasses. "It is possible." He acquiesced with a worried frown. "The only thing is which demon?" He muttered as he raked his hand through his short greying hair. "We should probably move her to somewhere safer. Her mother's house would probably be best. They'll be less chance of us being disturbed, or taken notice of there."

Willow nodded her agreement. "I'll call, Joyce and the others. And grab some pyjamas for her." Willow murmured.

Giles nodded himself and cleared his throat. "I'll, uh, carry, Buffy out to my car." He said a little dubiously as he wondered how he would go carry Buffy as small as she was all the way out to his car.

Willow stepped over to the dorm room phone once again and began dialling Joyce's home number, figuring that she should call Buffy's mother first. Giles pulled Buffy's bed covers back and awkwardly slipped his arms under her body and lifted her up against his chest, a groan of effort already escaping his lips as Buffy's weight completely settled against him. The toned muscles that were a product of her training and Slaying making her heavier than her petite size hinted at. Walking with her across her dorm, he silently prayed that he wouldn't drop her, not wanting to cause Buffy more injury than the unknown spell was already doing.


Joyce opened the front door to her house the moment she saw Giles car pull up behind her jeep in her driveway. "I've put fresh linens on Buffy's bed." Joyce said anxiously as Giles stepped out of his car and moved quickly to the back door where she could see her daughter leaning against the car window obviously asleep as her soft even breaths puffed against the window pane fogging a small portion of the glass.

"That's good, Joyce." Giles assured her, knowing that the poor woman was probably scared out of her mind for her daughter. "How is she?" She asked as Giles opened the back door of his small car, obscuring her daughter from view. "What happened to her? How did it happen? Why won't she wake up?" Joyce asked, as she wrung her hands together, she couldn't remember feeling this scared for her daughter, not since that time Buffy had been poisoned by some demons blood allowing her to hear every bodies thoughts. And that had almost killed her, it would have if it weren't for Giles and-and that vampire that Buffy had been so fond of not that long ago.

Willow placed a comforting hand on Joyce's shoulder. "We're not sure yet." Giles said as he turned with Buffy in his arms, the muscles straining and his face was tight with the strain as well as it felt like his back was screaming in agony at having to lift Buffy again.

Joyce's lower lip quivered as she reached out and placed a hand on her unconscious daughters head. "I don't understand it. It just looks like she's sleeping." She caressed her fingers lovingly over her daughter's forehead. "Wake up sweetie, its mom. Come on, Buffy, wake up for mommy."

Giles grunted as he shifted Buffy's weight in his arms. "It might be easier if you think of it like she's in a coma." Giles said his voice tight with strain.

Joyce turned alarmed eyes up to Giles. "In a coma?!" She cried, her eyes lowering back down to her sleeping daughter. "Oh my poor baby. Who did this to you?" She cried tears welling in her eyes.

Willow glared up at Giles who looked uncomfortable and not just from the strain holding Buffy was putting on his back. Beside her Tara who had travelled in the back of Giles small car beside Buffy placed a hand on Willow's arm drawing the red heads gaze and instantly calming her and she gave her girlfriend a small smile, a hand coming up to rest over Tara's small warm hand. Giles looked guiltily down at Joyce, he'd meant to try and comfort her, not make things worse for the poor woman. Their attention was brought away from each other as the sound of a loud grumbling engine came towards them on the otherwise quiet street. The car parked on the side of the street and Xander and Anya stepped out of the old battered vehicle. "I see you got it working again." Willow commented.

"Only after we ran with it for half a mile or more." Anya grumbled her arms crossed over her chest.

Xander flushed, but didn't comment as his eyes landed on Buffy as she lay in Giles arms oblivious to the world around her. "Wow, you were serious, the Buff really has succumbed to some kind of spell induced sleeping sickness." Xander said as he peered over Giles shoulder to look at Buffy's sleeping face."

"Now that we've affirmed that Buffy is happily snoring the night away, can we get inside?" Anya said grumpily drawing every ones gaze. "What? Your call interrupted us during some serious foreplay. So, I'm hot and bothered and not in the mood to stand around out here watching Buffy sleep in Giles arms." Anya grumbled, before pushing past Joyce, Willow and Tara to walk towards the house and the front door that Joyce had left wide open in her haste to meet Giles.

Giles cleared his throat whilst Xander flushed hotly in embarrassment at having Anya once again overshare about their personal relationship, and quickly followed after her, mostly to get away from his friends for a moment to give his embarrassment a chance to cool and the conversation to continue on leaving thoughts of his sex life far behind. "As blunt as, Anya was, I believe she's right. We should probably get inside, so that we can get started on figuring out just what exactly it is that has befallen your daughter, Joyce."

Joyce nodded and reluctantly stepped back from her daughter. "I've got her bed all ready for her." She murmured, before turning and leading the way back into her house. Giles followed her swiftly, his arms beginning to quake under the strain of holding onto Buffy for so long, but it was nothing compared to the fiery shooting pain in his back.


Giles gratefully lay Buffy down on her soft double bed, he'd barely straightened up when Joyce pushed him out of the way, and he took a few steps back so that he was standing with Willow, Xander, Tara and Anya. Watching as Joyce sat on the edge of the bed one of her hands reaching out and caressing over her daughters forehead. Giles cleared his throat and turned his gaze away. "There are a few other things in the boot of my car that I'll need. You lot can help me bring them in." Giles said quietly and began to make his way towards the open door.

Anya frowned as the others all turned and began following after Giles. "But I don't…" She began to whine, but Xander took hold of her hand and gave her a look, before turning his gaze to Joyce. Anya looked over at Joyce and sighed, she wasn't happy about it, but a part of her a deep instinctual part understood, and she silently followed Xander out of the room. She wasn't planning on helping Giles carry anything, but she would give Joyce time alone with her daughter. As was no doubt Giles design in asking them to help him gather his stuff from his car.

Joyce heard Giles ushering out Buffy's friends and she was grateful as she watched her daughter sleeping away as if nothing was wrong with her. As if she would just wake up any minute. "Oh, Buffy." She bemoaned. She heard a hurried sound behind her and looked over her shoulder to see Willow coming back into the room an apologetic expression on her face, a small bundle in her arms that Joyce hadn't noticed before.

"Sorry," Willow apologized as she stepped towards Joyce. "But I forgot," She gestured to the bundle in her arms. "I just thought that, Buffy would be more comfortable in these." Willow held the bundle out to Joyce who finally realized that the bundle was a pair of Buffy's pyjama's, but not any pair. It was her yummy sushi pyjama's Buffy's unspoken favourite pair.

Joyce jumped off the bed in a sudden movement that startled Willow, but what startled her more was the motherly hug that Joyce encased her in, her arms crushing her tightly against the older woman. "Thank you, Willow. You always have been a great friend to, Buffy."

Willow flushed in delight. "It's alright, Mrs. Summers. It was no biggie." She said modestly.

Joyce shook her head. "No, it means a lot." Joyce murmured, before she pulled back a little. "And, how many times have I told you kids to call me, Joyce. Mrs. Summers hasn't existed for a few years now." Willow nodded and gave Joyce a small slightly awkward smile, Joyce took the neatly folded pyjamas from Willow's grasp, and Willow turned her gaze from Joyce to Buffy for a moment as her best friend lay still in the bed, the only movement that let you know she was a live was the steady rise and fall of her chest. Willow turned and strolled back out of the room, and down the stairs heading towards the front door and the drive way she knew Giles and the others would all be by now.

Joyce turned back to her daughter and set her pyjamas on the bottom of Buffy's bed, before turning to her daughter and gently folded back the blankets she had just settled over her. "Please wake up soon, sweat-heart." Joyce murmured as she carefully began to undress her daughter, hoping that showing her love would help to wake her daughter from her slumber.


Anya scuffed the toe of her shoe over the concrete driveway. "How long do we have to stay out here?" She grumbled with a sigh.

"As long as it takes for us to be sure that Joyce has had enough time with her daughter." Giles said as he popped open his boot and bent over so that he could peer inside.

"And long enough to be sure that, Joyce has finished changing, Buffy into her pyjamas." Willow said as she joined them. "We don't want to walk in on half naked, Buffy." Xander turned his gaze away, focusing it on the ground at his feet as he stuffed his hands in his jeans pockets, in an attempt to hide the bolt of lust the idea of 'accidentally' walking in on Buffy whilst her mother was changing her helpless unconscious form.

Giles straightened up from his bent over position over the boot of his car, a pile of four books in one of his arms and a plastic bag filled with ingredients. "Yes, its best we give Joyce and Buffy some privacy." Giles murmured as Willow walked towards him and took the books from his arm much to Giles relief.

Anya scowled, the ache in her body that Xander had aroused in her, before the phone call that had ruined everything, was lessening, but it didn't make her any less annoyed she wouldn't have had to suffer with it at all if Buffy hadn't slipped into an untimely coma. She couldn't have waited a couple more hours to fall asleep? Anya thought with annoyance. "Well, Joyce should have dressed, Buffy in her pyjamas by now." Anya noted the looks that everyone was giving her including her boyfriend and she gave them a 'what?' look in return her scowl deepening a little more. "What? The sooner we fix, Buffy we can all go home and, Xander and I can finish what we started."

Willow and Tara looked away blushes staining their cheeks, a blush also stained Xander's, but he more than everyone else was getting used to Anya's way with words and in a way he found it cute, but he couldn't help, but wish that she could learn to put a sensor on her mouth when they were with others. Having his sex life broadcast to his friends was embarrassing, but he supposed in a way it was better than having no sex life at all. "Xander, take these, would you?" Giles asked as he closed the boot of his car.

Xander nodded and walked over to Giles taking the bag that had candles, sands and various other things necessary for casting spells. "Looks like I won't have to be ingredient getting guy for once."

Giles shrugged as he turned to face the young group of adults that he had become to see as his family, more than his blood family had had ever been. "I had a vague idea of the first few things I wanted to try, so I brought what I thought we'd need. If nothing works you may have to go on an ingredient run."

Xander held up his free hand. "Hey, I'm not complaining. It's nice not having to run off to that store… the new owner kinda creeps me out."

"Really?" Willow asked surprised. "I like him, he always makes me feel so calm… I could stay in there and just peruse the shelves for hours."

Tara nodded and smiled her shy, but bright smile. "He always seems to know exactly what you're looking for."

"Well, I still say he's creepy." Xander muttered stubbornly, and Willow and Tara just shrugged and shared a slightly knowing look.

Giles turned towards the Summers residence a serious expression on his face. "We should get started." He murmured, before beginning to walk towards the house, wanting to get Buffy awake and back on her feet as soon as he possibly could.


Buffy sat at a table that was out of the way of the crowd and the stage the live band was playing on, an empty chair sat directly across from her. She had one foot tucked behind the other as she rested the ball of one of her feet against a metal bar of the stool like chair she was sitting on. One of her arms rested across the rounded edge of the table, whilst the other perched on its elbow so that she could comfortably rest her chin on the palm of her hand as she sat waiting. It wasn't long before she sensed him approaching her and she smiled as she turned in her chair to face him. Angel returned her gaze and her smile, before having to raise the two large mugs by the saucers the bar tender had provided as a young high school girl hurried past him. She would have bumped into him if it wasn't for Angel agile reflexes as he quickly managed to angle himself out of the way.

"You made it back alright." Buffy murmured as Angel made it to their table.

Angel nodded as he set Buffy's cinnamon Chia Latte in front of her. "It was a close thing though. I swear that I almost got bowled over a few times just trying to make it to that bar. It seems like teenagers are getting more and more aggressive with each passing year." He muttered.

Buffy shrugged. "Hormones can be murder." She said simply, as she picked up her Chia Latte and took a sip of the hot liquid, a satisfied sigh escaping her lips. "But perhaps it is time we found somewhere else to go on our dates." She murmured.

Angel nodded his agreement as he swallowed a mouthful of his tea. "Somewhere quieter."

"More romantic." Buffy nodded as she smiled over at Angel. "But I will miss the dancing. The Bronze is the best place in town for dancing."

"I never said that we wouldn't come here again." Angel murmured. "I wouldn't deprive you of something you love so much."

Buffy's smile widened, her heart swelling with her love for him. "Speaking of, Angel, would you care to dance with me?" Her Chia Latte all but forgotten at the idea of having Angel's strong arms wrapped around her, holding her close to him as they swayed to the beat of the music.

Angel glanced over at the dance floor were people were dancing to the driving beat of the band. "Let's wait for a slower song, shall we?" Angel murmured, a little nervously, knowing that he could dance fairly well to slower music that resembled the music he had grown up with, but was utterly hopeless when it came to the more modern music of today with the driving beats and singers that tended to enjoying screaming into the microphone.

Buffy nodded her agreement as she hid her knowing giggle in her mug. "Don't worry. I like the slow music the best." Her hazel eyes darkened as her pupils dilated as arousal tingled through her as she remembered just how good it felt to dance with him, her head resting against his chest as their bodies moved, their legs brushing against each other's as they swayed to the music.

Buffy lowered her gaze to the contents of her mug, at this rate they wouldn't get to the dancing part as she'd pull him into a dark corner and have her wicked way with him. She took a large gulp of her latte hopping that the sweet hot liquid would get her mind off just how good it felt to dance with Angel. All the while keeping her ears pricked just as Angel was, for a slow song to beginning playing. Angel feeling as moved about dancing with Buffy as Buffy felt about dancing with him.


Joyce watched with concerned eyes as Anya pulled the curtains to Buffy's room tightly shut as Tara went around lighting the cream coloured candles that had been arranged in a circle on her bedroom floor. Willow walked over to where she stood by her daughter's bedroom door watching the goings on. When Willow reached her she turned her gaze to the young novice Wiccan and placed a hand on her arm drawing Willow's gaze to her. "Please, I-I'm not sure I understand what you're doing. You're going to summon a demon here… whilst my baby's unconscious?" 'Defenceless' Joyce added silently as her gaze returned to Buffy as she continued to lie motionlessly on the bed, but as she watched a smile curled up Buffy's lips, a smile that spoke of joy… more joy then she had seen on her daughters face in months, and she felt tears well in her eyes, for a reason that she couldn't quite put her finger on, but for some reason… she felt a sudden sense of guilt like this was somehow… her fault.

Willow flicked off the overhead light plunging the room into the dim flickering light of the candles that Tara had almost completed lighting. She placed a comforting hand on Joyce's arm and offered her a small smile. "It'll be alright. The spell we're going to cast to summon the demon will render the demon basically powerless. It won't be able to hurt anyone, just make threats and gnash its pointed teeth in frustration." Willow promised.

Joyce nodded feeling some sense of relief at Willow's reassuring words, but tore her eyes from her daughter's peaceful joyful face to look at Willow. "Oh, but… but what if… what if nothing happens."

Willow shrugged a little helplessly, wishing that she could offer more. "Then we'll have eliminated a demon as the cause of Buffy's current condition, and we'll move onto the next possibility."

"And what would that be?" Joyce asked nervously, as her mind tried to wonder what other preternatural entity could do this to her daughter, filling her with a sense of dread.

Willow was saved from trying to find an answer that would satisfy the older woman by Giles as he looked up from the book he was studying. "Willow, can you please begin sprinkling this sand in this pattern." He requested holding out a jar of rust coloured fine sand and the open book. Willow nodded and carefully walked towards Giles who was sitting in the middle of the circle of candles at the moment. She stepped over the row of lit candles, being careful to not accidentally knock any of the carefully arranged candles, her hand going to her long skirt to lift it over the lit flames not wanting it to catch on fire. She took the book and jar from Giles hands and carefully looked the picture of the design over, before her eyes skited curiously over to the instructions. "And, Tara." He called as she carefully put down the lighter she was using to light the candles, and she brushed her hands over the tightly fitted jeans that she was wearing, as she turned her gaze to the ex-Watcher. "Could you please sprinkle this sand in the same pattern just starting at the opposite end of the pattern?"

Tara nodded and took the jar from Giles outstretched hand, before he stepped over the lit candles. Tara moved over to Willow and the two shared a smile, before they turned their complete attention to the book Willow was holding and soon they began whispering quietly to each other as they discussed what they were supposed to do and what was the best way to go about it. Giles stepped over to Xander who was standing beside Anya and was carelessly playing with glass cylinder, twirling it and the contents inside of it between his fingers. "Be careful with that." Giles scolded as he snatched it from the boy's hands. "It's not a plaything."

Xander gave a sheepish shrug, before he crossed his arms over his chest, his gaze going over to Buffy's sleeping form, and he was surprised by the sense of anger that filled him at seeing the joy that was lighting up her sleeping face when they were worried about her, trying to save her. "How's the set up coming along?" Xander asked as he turned his gaze from Buffy, pushing the anger he had felt to the side, confused by its sudden onset. "Will we be summoning a demon soon?"

Giles nodded. "Almost. Just a few last touches to add." He murmured his gaze on Tara and Willow as they carefully spread the sand over the carpeted floor in the pattern specified in the occult book. He watched the two of them going through the pattern getting steadily closer to finishing it. "You two are aware of what the both of you have to do during the ritual?"

Anya rolled her eyes. "We sit in the human circle, holding hands and keeping silent, whilst you chant in ancient Latin. And we all hope that a demon is summoned to the circle." She grumbled, with an annoyed glare.

Giles reached up and fiddled with his glasses adjusting the way they sat on his nose. "Right, good."

"Can you just get this moving faster. Some of us did have plans for the evening." Anya continued.

Willow who had finished sprinkling her sand over the carpet along with Tara glared over at Anya in annoyance. "You're not the only one, Anya. But friends look out for each other, and seeing as your human now you're going to have to get used to that."

Giles cleared his throat as he walked over to the open plastic bag and pulled out a pair of sharp scissors that was especially designed for hair. "Willow would you please." Willow nodded and strolled around the edge of the candles and took the scissors from his hands, before walking over to Buffy.

Leaning over her sleeping friend, she gently took up a lock of her hair. "Sorry." She apologized in a whisper to Buffy's ear, knowing that she wouldn't like it if someone without training messed with her hairstyle. She cut a small bit of the end of the lock, before straightening up and turning around the scissors and small lock of blond hair in her hands. Walking over to the plastic bag she placed Giles scissors back in the bag, before she turned her eyes to Giles who was splashing the liquid carefully onto the carpet inside the circle, the liquid being the thing that would prevent the demon from being able to dematerialize after being summoned, just as the two powders herself and Tara had carefully spread over the carpet would ensure that the demon wouldn't be able to use whatever preternatural powers it had to harm them… well, they would after the Latin chant had been spoken and the demon appeared… if there was a demon. But if it wasn't a demon… what was it?

Giles finished splashing the liquid onto the carpet and plugged the glass bottle closed again, and walked carefully over to Willow who held out the cut lock of Buffy's hair out to him. Giles took it and cleared his throat. "Thank you." He murmured as he turned around his gaze landing on Joyce who was still standing anxiously in the doorway watching them. "Well, we are ready. If everyone could please take their positions." He cleared his throat again. "Ah, Joyce. You don't have to be here for this. No one would hold it against you if you went downstairs for the summoning… it can be quiet ah,"

"Disturbing." Anya supplied as she took her crossed legged seat beside Xander and took his hand and then Willows.

"Uh, yes." Giles agreed shifting his glasses on his nose once again.

Joyce turned her gaze to her sleeping daughter and her expression turned to one of determination, and she turned her gaze back to Giles. "No, I-I want to help." She said, even as her heart pounded in her chest. Still she turned her gaze to the half formed circle and carefully walked over to it, being careful to not disturb even a small stone of the magical sand. She sat down in a cross legged position and took Xander's hand in her own. Xander felt the sweat on her palm, but didn't say anything, but he did glance at her for a small moment taking in the determined expression on the older woman's face.

Giles cleared his throat a small smile of admiration curling up his lips as he stared at the back of Joyce's head. Taking his seat completing the circle he picked up a small cheap everyday cigarette lighter leaning over he flicked on the lighter as he held it over a metal bowl that had a small splash of the liquid he had been spraying onto the carpet in the small bowl. Placing the cut lock of Buffy's hair over the flame causing the blond strands to catch flame and start burning and he quickly dropped it into the bowl. Throwing the lighter into his lap Giles took Joyce's and Tara's hand in his and immediately began chanting in Latin, with a confident voice and immediately the magic of the words mixed with the ingredients began filling the room, whispering over the skin, steadily growing stronger.


Buffy smiled peacefully basking in the glow of her happiness and Angel's presence as he held her closely against him. His strong arms wrapped around her back, her head resting on his chest as they moved slowly about a large grand room of the mansion in front of a roaring fireplace as they moved to the slow music coming from the cd player that was set up on a table that was pushed up against the wall. "I can't believe that in two hours there wasn't a single slow song in the Bronze." Buffy mumbled against his chest.

"That's the Bronze for you." Angel said with a teasing smile. "It's targeted at the teenyboppers of the town."

"Hey, I still like the Bronze, thank you very much. It's still the best place to socialize in this town." Buffy said with mock offense as she playfully thumped his chest with her fist as she gave him a teasing glare that didn't last long as a smile curled up her lips as he stared down at her with warm eyes.

"I know. Which is why, that if this town wasn't a hellmouth, I'd have convinced you to move to a slightly bigger town. That has more socializing prospects." Angel murmured, as Buffy laid her head back down against his chest. Wishing that he had the option to take Buffy far away from the life that was that of a Slayer. But one day, one day he planned on taking her on a holiday, where they could get away from their responsibilities for a weekend.

"Sounds nice." Buffy said softly, as she snuggled closer to him, knowing no better feeling than being in his arms, and held against his solid strong chest. "You know," She said after a moment breaking the comfortable silence that had descended upon them as the soft melody of the music played around them accompanied by the merry crackle of the fire in the large fireplace. "I'm actually glad that the Bronze is how it is." She continued as she looked up at him. "Because this is so much nicer than dancing in the crowded stuffy atmosphere of the Bronze. So, next date night, let's definitely try out the coffee place… I mean we don't have to drink anything caffeinated 'cause I know it makes you make like a jitter bug, but I'm sure they sell other beverages."

Angel smiled amused by her small babble. "Sounds like a plan." He murmured softly, before dropping a kiss to the top of her head.

"Glad you like it." Buffy said brightly, before she closed her eyes and deepened her breathing, to bask in his scent as she revelled in him. Soaking him in, not knowing how long she had before she was forced to wake, but it was a fear that was starting to get smaller as even though she couldn't be sure it felt like a lot of time had passed since she had slipped back into this dream world and the selfish part of her that was tired of the harshness of her reality was glad and hoped that it was a permanent arrangement.


Giles voice sounded strongly through the thick magic that was swirling around them now. Joyce's eyes were tightly screwed shut against the pressure of the magic; the feel of it making her uncomfortable as it sent weird feeling tingles over her skin, that had the fine hairs on her arms and the back of her neck standing on end. Giles voice sounded the last word of the incantation and immediately there was a strong gust of wind swept the room making the candles flicker and the shadow of a form appeared in the middle of the circle of lit candles. The form solidified in second and as soon as the demon was completely inside the circle the lights of the candles went out all at once as if they'd all been doused with water, plunging the room into complete and utter darkness.

On the bed Buffy remained oblivious to the goings on in the room, the contented smile remaining fixed on her face and a happy sigh escaped her lips as she turned onto her side on the bed, facing the now completely dark room, but despite her obliviousness to the demon that had just been summoned into her room, the fine hairs covering her body stood on end at the sudden feel of the demon that tingled over her internal demonic sensor, but apart from that Buffy showed no sign that she knew that anything had changed in the room as she continued to sleep peacefully, deeply submerged into the dream of her ideal life.

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