Merle stood with his arms braced against the top bunk and leaned forward, letting his back pop and crack in its nightly symphony. He rotated his neck and got a few more cracks. His fighting years were starting to come back on him. He straightened to pull off his prosthetic and saw something out of the corner of his eye. He turned to the doorway and saw Beth. She was standing in the light of the full moon like a ghost. She hung there wavering, her mouth partially open. He stood up straight and dropped his arms, looking at her hard, willing her away. Don't make me do it little girl.

She entered and stopped in front of him, crossing her arms self-consciously. It took her a few moments to raise her eyes to his and he thought fleetingly that a person could drown in them. "Last chance girlie," he said roughly. Her eyes flicked to his chest and back up to his face. "I want to," she breathed so softly he could barely hear her. His heartbeat roared in his ears. He had hoped she would come. Since when did a Dixon hope anything? He pulled off his shirt and wife beater and threw them on the top bunk and turned to face his prey.

His left hand moved to grip the back of her head and he planted his open mouth on hers as he held her body tightly to his. She jumped, startled then tried to keep up with his tongue as his kiss deepened and bruised her. She struggled for breath and his hardness pushed into her belly and suddenly she was scared out of her mind. Her thoughts went to Noah. She panicked and pushed away, hyperventilating and feeling dizzy. Her hand went to her mouth as she fought for breath and her eyes filled with tears. "I'm sorry," she gasped. Merle was panting and his eyes seemed to cut right through her. He had pushed her intentionally hoping in his own fucked up way that he'd scare her off and now he saw that what he accomplished was scaring the shit out of her.

I've ruined it all she thought in despair. She caught a sob and pushed it down and the room started to spin. She moved to the bunk and sat on it with her face in her hands, concentrating on breathing. She felt him sit down next to her and was surprised when he put his arm around her. "Do you want me to leave?" she asked quietly into her hands. He sighed. "Just set here a spell," he replied. "Y'ain't leavin' like this." Like a stupid scared teenager she thought and stifled another sob. She felt humiliated.

After a while Merle's back began to bother him and he scooted back to rest his shoulders against the wall. She tentatively dropped her hands from her face and looked back at him. He didn't look like he hated her. He clenched his teeth against the feelings that rocked him. She looking at him over her shoulder with tears tracking down her cheeks, she was the most goddamned beautiful thing he'd ever seen. She moved to lie against him and timidly put her face into his neck. She expected him to bark at her and kick her out at any second but he didn't. She could feel that his body was taut alongside hers.

She gradually relaxed with the feel of his pulse on her face and his body warming hers. His smell was welcome and familiar. She closed her eyes and felt sleep starting to overcome her. She began to remember the things about him that brought her here in the first place and she softly kissed his neck. "Merle?" she whispered in a broken voice. He inclined his head towards hers and she asked, "Can we lie down?" He grunted and stood up to take off the rest of his clothes. She took in his broad shoulders and well muscled arms and legs as well as his partial erection. He's so beautiful she thought. And he's mine. Kind of.

He lay on his back and raised his arm so she could tuck herself into him and she rested with her hand on his chest. She could feel that his heartbeat was strong and sure. She began to lightly stroke his jaw and his neck then his collarbone and his chest and followed the trail of her fingers with her lips. She raised her face to his and softly kissed his mouth, slipping her tongue in when he didn't respond. She felt his cock jump against her leg and she stroked the side of his face as she experimentally deepened this kiss. He exhaled in her mouth and began to kiss her back, restraining himself so he didn't scare her.

She pulled away to watch her hand's progress as it caressed his chest down to his stomach and finally to his shaft. She grasped it and he groaned. She moved her hand up and down and watched as a drop of liquid squeezed out of the tip. When that happened she felt a warm rush between her legs. I'm making him do that she thought. Merle growled in frustration and pulled at the hem of her shirt. She sat up and her large violet eyes searched his as she let him pull it over her head. She looked down shyly as he took in her tight breasts with uplifted pink nipples. "Jesus Christ," he muttered and he sat up to fasten his mouth on one and his hand on another.

Merle moaned in ecstasy, these were the prettiest little titties he'd ever seen and fuck did they taste good. Beth sighed softly and gradually lay back, letting him take over. He played with her breasts until she started arching her back and moaning then he moved between her legs and let his hardness press into her as he sucked and squeezed her nipples. Beth's hips moved and as she rode the head of his cock through her boxers he knew it was time.

He slipped her shorts off of her and lay between her legs gradually pushing into her tightness. Her eyes were squeezed shut and her breath rattled in her throat with fear and longing. He nudged her legs apart and kept up the pressure and she cried and shook as the pressure gave way and he suddenly slid into her. Her legs were shaking and her face was buried in his neck as she tried to cry quietly. He had planned on comforting her at this point but the tightness was so exquisite that he lost himself and began rocking back and forth, fighting for control. This was better than any drug he had ever taken and he wanted to bury himself in deep and make her take his seed. He heard himself grunting and with a supreme effort he pulled out and sprayed semen against her spread legs then he collapsed halfway on top of her, puffing like a racehorse.

It's over, thank you God it's over, Beth thought. She knew that it would never hurt like that again. She pressed her face against his sweaty hair and tears of happiness and loss rolled out of her eyes. Suddenly she felt scared, doubting her decision, doubting her piety, fearing what her family would say. Merle shifted and his lips were on hers kissing her slowly. "You OK?" he murmured against her lips and she nodded, wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing into him. She felt a little bit better and told herself she needed a good night's sleep. She ran her fingers through his short hair until he flipped over on his back and pulled her into him.


It was still dark when Beth awoke to Merle kissing the back of her neck. She was on her side in between the wall and Merle and she couldn't remember ever being so comfortable. She sighed and shifted back into his warmth and was happy to feel his hardness pressing against her. She liked the feeling of having that power over him.

She shivered as his beard brushed a sensitive part of her neck and her mouth opened in pleasure when he gently pulled at her nipple. She wanted to know what it felt like for him to be inside her without pain. She pushed her ass back shyly until her opening was pressed against him and she gasped when he chuckled and pushed into her. "You like bein' fucked don't ya," he rumbled against her skin and she nodded. It had burned a little bit when he first entered but now it didn't hurt and she closed her eyes to concentrate on this strange new activity.

She knew she was supposed to move with him but her movements were uncoordinated and clumsy. He gripped her hip firmly with his hand and wrapped his other arm around her to move her into the rhythm. "So fuckin' tight," he growled and flipped her onto her stomach. All gentleness was gone now. Her mouth opened in amazement as he drove into her and ordered, "Spread yer legs." As he touched the top of her he triggered waves of pleasure and she moaned. His hips moved jerkily and he swore, hammering deep inside her then pulling out to ejaculate over her quivering ass. "Jesus Christ," he swore as he dropped his head to catch his breath.

"Not my finest moment sugar," he said panting. He wiped her off with the sheet and lay down beside her. She turned on her side to gaze at him and she watched a drop of sweat trace down his temple. He closed his eyes for a moment then turned his head toward her. "Better?" he asked. She smiled and nodded, "It hardly hurt," she whispered. She blushed. "What?" he asked. She said shyly, "It felt really good when up at the top." She looked down at his chest, embarrassed. He smiled, "Then I need ta spend more time up in there," and she giggled and hid her face in his neck.

The sun was now coming over the horizon and she new he'd be leaving to hunt soon. "Merle," she whispered. He grunted in reply and she asked, "When can we do it again?" He rubbed his chin on the top of her head and thought. "When we get some birth control," he said. She frowned. That would require a run. "I'll steal some from Maggie," she vowed.

He shifted and she knew he wanted to leave. She raised her head and gave him her best soulful expression. "I'll miss you today," she said and kissed him softly on the lips. He moved his hand to the back of her head and deepened the kiss, causing her to lose her breath. He smiled. "Who could blame ya?" he smirked.

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