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Kirk fixed the cutlery on the table, thinking how Khan of all people might take notice of an out of place fork. The light was deemed and Mozart's Don Giovanni set an amorous atmosphere. The dinner, a flourished ensemble of chicken fettuccine and Greek salad, centered the table; suspended marginally over heating pads. A bottle of red wine stood beside two candles and a slim clear vase enclosing a single red rose. Kirk was evening out the chairs when the buzz of the doorbell announced the arrival of his guest. He took a moment to run his hands nervously down the front of his shirt before going to answer the door. Khan stood casually, which for him was ramrod straight with both hands clasped behind his back, observing Jim with keen, narrow eyes. His face was stoic, but kindred with kindness; a gentle smile pulled at the corners of his lips.

"Captain," Khan nodded at his host.

"Khan," Jim broke through his stupor and quickly stepped aside to let the other man in. "Come in, please." Khan stepped around and not unlike that first time let his chest brush lightly against Jim's, forcing a nervous swallow from the blonde.

"Dinner's ready," Jim gestured at the table laden with food, and guided the other man forward; one hand resting lightly on the small of his back. The physical contact didn't at all disquiet the brunette. If anything it made the corners f his lips jerk higher into a full-blown smile, crinkling the corners of his eyes.

"Smells delightful," observed Khan and allowed Jim to guide him to the table, where he quickly pulled out Khan's seat with one hand.

"Yes I cooked it myself. Didn't want replicator food tonight. It never tastes right with complicated orders."

Khan nodded and took a seat, Kirk moving to quickly follow suit.

"May I have your plate?" he asked and Khan passed him his pasta dish, Kirk carefully spooned it full with pasta and passed it back. Filling his own dish, Jim poured the wine in both glasses before starting on his food. Khan politely waited for Kirk to begin eating before proceeding with his own dish, They ate quietly for the most part, exchanging lingering glances between sips of wine and shooting naughty looks between bites of pasta, when they thought the other one wasn't looking. By the time they had emptied their plates, the wine was flowing and loosening tongues.

"So Jim, how did your talk go with Spock the other night?" asked Khan after a long sip of his wine. Jim smiled at the use of his given name, it reminded him how far the two have come from anger and mistrust. He had lifted the ban on his name the moment Khan woke in the hospital three weeks earlier, and asked for Jim before he so much as opened his eyes. Finding a cure for the virus went surprisingly quickly after Spock listed the compounds in the serum, and a week after the antidote was administered Khan woke up; Kirk dutifully by his side as he had come to be in between shifts. They had only grown closer from there.

"He's doing well. The healers on new-Vulcan are doing wonders with his psyche. He told me he even stopped having memory relapses about his mothers and my passing." Jim took another swallow of his wine," I reckon if all goes well, we can have him back aboard the Enterprise before Christmas."

Khan nodded and Jim sat down his wine glass and let himself reminisce on that last confrontation with Spock before he was deported to new-Vulcan for health-related issues. Uhura's suggestion, off all people.

"Come in" said Jim, hearing the buzzing of the entrance door. Spock entered using the access code; which, Jim, as a small extension of his trust, decided not to change.

"Captain," Spock nodded, approaching the desk.

"I have decided on the appropriate course of action regarding your altercation with Khan."

Spock remained silent, so Jim continued.

"I order you to undergo a serious course of psychological treatment on new-Vulcan." Spock's eyes widened marginally but otherwise he refrained from interrupting his Captain, "After the therapists proclaim you healthy and your volatility reduced, I will reinstate you as my First Officer and this incident will remain behind us. Understood?"

"Yes Captain," Spock spun around on his heels to leave the room but Jim's voice made him pause.

"I don't hate you Spock. After thinking it over, I realized you were just trying to protect me. Bones told me the extent of your sadness after I passed away in engineering. I never knew how much my death had affected you." Spock heard a skip in his captain's voice. "I'm sorry I attacked you. You're still my best friend Spock, and you always will be. But I need someone there to fill a space friendship just can't reach. You have Uhura and I," Jim's voice broke, "I guess I have Khan; and you know, strangely, that doesn't bother me any more. Because I know who he is and accept who he used to be, I can now appreciate who he's become since joining our crew; and that's all that really matters now."

Spock nodded and walked out, Jim's eyes following his retreating back from the room, until the door slid shut behind him.

"You know Jim," Khan's voice broke through the vapid memory. Jim met the azure eyes across the table. "I thought I hated Spock for giving me that virus, but later when I was lying paralyzed in your quarters, I thought I was going to die. My last thought before I lost consciousness was strangely a notion of respect for the half-Vulcan. He had, in his own way, heeded my advice from over a year ago." Khan picked up his wine glass and swirled the burgundy liquid, "I told him his Vulcan intellect was useless because his nature would prevent him from breaking rules and taking action. That night he in fact proved me wrong; by injecting me with a virus he created to work against my almost entirely infallible immune system, he in essence acted to protect you from me; going against his inborn Vulcan principles. For a Vulcan, even a half-Vulcan, this is a huge break in character, and not easily achieved. I realized then, his love for you must run very deep indeed for him to have done what he did." Khan lowered his glass and looked at Jim, who was staring back flabbergasted. He didn't expect this insightfulness from Khan. The brunette smirked at his host's open display of surprise. In truth, he, himself had been taken aback by this line of reasoning, but at the time he was certain he was close to death, and therefore refused to spend his last living moments disputing himself.

"I didn't realize," spoke Jim at some length, "I thought you hated Spock more than anything. In fact I wanted to ask you tonight if you were able to continue working along side him when he returns aboard the ship, or if you intend to seek vengeance."

"I suppose," said Khan, "had his reasons been any less noble, I probably would. However, I'm sure I will have no problem working with Commander Spock, upon his return aboard the Enterprise."

Jim smiled and split the remaining wine between the two glasses. Khan began to trace the rim of his glass in accompaniment to Giovanni's Treme, scelerato!

"It always fascinated me how a few remorseful words could have saved the horrible Giovanni, and yet he chose to succumb to hell fire rather than repent his sins."

"He was proud," said Jim.

"Indeed," agreed Khan, "he was of the deepest conviction that anyone but himself was inferior in all things, and he alone was a model for perfect human behavior."

Jim took a nervous swallow of his wine, "and, what does he think now?" he said.

Khan smiled, a genuine open smile, and lowered his glass to the table. He rose and gratefully moved to stand behind the captain's chair. Smoothly extracting the wine glass from between Jim's fingers, Khan put the glass down and pulled the chair back. He extended one hand to his host, and Jim hesitantly placed his hand in Khans'. The brunette pulled the blonde from his sit and against himself, wrapping one arm around Jim's back, while cupping his cheek with the other.

"He thinks he could not have been more stupid to live blind for so long."

Jim hummed and turned his face against the calloused palm, so that he could trace his lips down the soft skin of Khan's inner wrist.

"Is that right?"

Khan leaned forward and placed his lips to the Captain's jaw; he began to nibble up the couture of the bone to the fleshy earlobe that simply begged to be savored. Kirk's gasp was beyond rewarding, and Khan quickly forced him to take the few steps they needed to reach the bedroom.

"He also found a reason to fear hell," hushed Khan against Jim's ear, using his friend's distraction to loosen the buttons on his silk, dinner shirt.

"Ye…eah? Jim's voice caught when the cold of the air conditioner brushed across his skin, "What's that?"

Khan proceeded to roll the shirt of Jim's shoulders, fingers making quick work of the belt suspending the form fitting black slacks. The pants were dropped also, leaving Kirk in a pair of tight black boxers. Khan licked his lips.

"Losing you," he said and shoved Kirk, only hard enough to push him of balance and atop the bed. Jim bounced a few times and stretched, with both hands over his head. He watched as Khan quickly and efficiently rid himself of clothe, until he was in a similar state of undress. Or so Jim thought, until the brunette, with out so much as a hint of inhibition, yanked his underwear off and stood in all his naked glory at the foot of the bed. Jim's eyes widened and his mouth went suddenly dry, he had just enough brainpower to roll onto all fours and approach the edge of the bed, so that his mouth was leveled with the impressive erection.

"Please…Khan," he begged, unaware of just how needy his voice sounded.

"No," Khan quickly took a step back and looked uncertainly at the eager blonde, "this night is about you Jim! I will not take advantage of you again!" he said the last line with enough self loathing to knock Jim clear out of his lust induced fog.


"Last time, I made an unforgivable trespass against you. I took you against your will, because I was deranged by your rejection." Khan approached the bed and dropped to his knees so that he could be eye level with the blonde. "I promise you Jim, I will never do such a horrible thing again."

"Khan," Jim rushed to correct the other man, "I came. I mean if I didn't enjoy myself do you think I would have even gotten hard? And, well," Jim awkwardly scratched the back of his head, "to be honest that was the best hand job I ever got."

Khan looked shocked by this revelation, so Jim quickly rushed to correct himself. "Not that I want to be strangled every time we have sex; but apparently giving up control in bed gets me going." Jim laughed uneasily, and closed his eyes; sure that Khan will dress and walk out on him, now that he knew just how perverted Jim really was.

"Jim, are you being honest with me." Khan deadpanned, he needed a clear answer.

"Yes," Jim's voice was barely a whisper, but Khan's superior hearing picked up on it non-the-less.

"Then if I were to instruct you in how to please me, you would not feel taken advantage of?"

"No, of course not!" Jim exclaimed, surprised that Khan was still here. The brunette rose from the floor and stroked his somewhat flagging erection back into full hardness. Kirk, who had taken to sitting on his heels during the conversation, watched him hungrily. When the shaft was once more rock solid, Khan glared down at the blonde.

"On your knees Kirk," he ordered. Jim rushed to obey, until his lips were once more in aliment with the leaking cock head. Without warning Khan grabbed Jim by the hair and forced his cock deep into the other man's throat. He began thrusting leisurely in and out, pushing deeper with every thrust. Jim took sometime to assimilate, but the gag reflex, which had overwhelmed him the first couple of thrusts, subsided enough to let him deep throat. The burning itch to retch, but being unable to do so, only attributed to turning him on further. Khan continued for a few minutes before he deemed himself satisfied with Jim's progress. Pulling out of the blonde's mouth, and jerking the man's hair when the other made another dive for his cock, Khan stepped away from the bed.

"Pull off those shorts, I want to see all of you."

Jim rushed to comply and quickly shed the last bit of clothing. Kahn smirked at the weeping erection, red, swollen and in desperate need of release. He climbed atop the bed and flicked it leisurely against Kirk's stomach, earning a wince and a shaky intake of breath from his blonde lover.

"On hands and knees, facing the headboard." Kirk seemed to hesitate, "Now." Khan barked and the other rushed to do as he was told. Khan felt very pleased with his Captain. He deemed it appropriate to reward his trust in him, and proceeded to spread the pale cheeks and rim Jim from perineum up, until he was thoroughly laving the winking pucker. Jim all but screamed when Khan thrust his tongue in the opening and began working it in and out. The brunette slid a finger along side his tongue and began stretching the rim. Khan proceeded to add three more fingers. When Kirk was comfortably fucking back on Khan's hand, expelling little mewls of pleasure; the brunette removed his fingers and rose up on his knees. Placing both hands firmly on Jim's swaying hips, Khan steadied the yearning man and taking his shaft in one hand, guided it to the loosened rim. The first thrust forced a grutal moan from Khan, who until that point remained silent. Jim's hands slid to grab the knobs in the headboard, his head dropping forward to rest on his outstretched arms. Both men took a moment to steady their heavy breathing.

"Please," whispered the blonde, his straining muscles gleaming with sweat. His skin looked golden, ethereal in its perfection and Khan, not for the first time, wondered at his good fortune.

"For you my Jim, anything," he said, his voice taking on a baritone quality that bought forth an eroticism to his words. Khan pushed forward with one steady motion, until the root of his shaft was pressing firmly against Jim's buttocks. He didn't wait for the go ahead, knowing Jim was looking for direction in this like in everything else they've done so far. Khan set a steady rhythm, pulling Jim's jerking hips back into every thrust, and holding them long enough to pull out for a long thrust in. It wasn't long before Jim began loosing control of his vocal cords, his moaning and grunting growing steadily in volume until he was all but howling at every thrust. Khan similarly began to feel his completion upon the edges of his pleasure, flagging a warning. He shortened his thrusts and angled his hips so that every drive landed an inward stroke on his lover's prostate.

"Khan! I'm…ah…coming!" Jim howled and came in ribbons of come, without having once touched himself. Khan feeling the spasmodic contractions of Jim's tunnel milking his encased shaft, made an animalistic growl of completion. He allowed himself to fall forward atop the smaller blonde, sinking his teeth into the juncture between neck and shoulder. Even as his pleasure began to wane, he continued rotating his hips against Jim, planting every drop of his essence deep within the blonde.

Sometime later, when they had both cleaned up and were lying in bed tangled between the sheets, Khan thought back on that night all those months ago, and marveled at the journey that led them here.

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