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September 6th 2258

London City, United Kingdom

(5 years later)

It was the second week of shore leave and somehow Khan wasn't surprised when his husband of three years and the little horror that naturally came attached, woke him up at quarter to seven in the morning. They had cunningly snuck into the bedroom and bombarded him with a tickle fight, until Khan, not that he'll ever admit to it, begged the rowdy monsters for mercy.

"I give," he screamed, "I give. You win again, you little terror." Khan captured his giggling son around the middle and lifted him over his head. He looked so much like his bearer, dirty blonde hair, sticking out in every direction and cheeky blue yes; but he had his father's pale skin, bow-tie lips and pointy nose. "You have incurred the wrath of Khan, for waking me at this unholy hour. Prepare to be devoured valiant knight." Leaning forward, he blew a wet raspberry against the naked belly, dodging the flailing arms that threatened to bonk him across the face.

"No daddy, let me go!" the four year old squealed, and kicked his legs hysterically in the air. "And why should I?" smirked Khan, shaking his son playfully up and down in his arms. "You promised to take me and daddy to Disneyland, today," said the child in between boats of high-pitched giggles. He fought to break free until his father sat him down on the mattress.

"It's Thursday already?" he asked the boy, looking equal part teasing and disbelieving. Who knew having children could bring out theatrical skills in the worst of actors.

"Yep," Khan turned to face his amused husband, who was standing by the window, observing the entire spectacle in open amusement. His blonde hair was disheveled and stuck out at odd angles all over the place. Sleepy azure eyes blinked kindly at the other man and a gentle smile illuminated his weary face. "Did you forget daddy?" Jim asked with a cheeky wink. Khan forced down a possessive growl at the sound of his bedroom name. Jim knew what it did to him, and by Star Fleet he will punish him for it… later.

"Yes Daddy, did you forget? Today we're going to meet Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and Goofy and…"

"Yes, yes," interrupted Khan before his son could continue to list a dozen cartoon characters. He ruffled the boys hair, "I remember son. Now go and pack your travel pack, while your dad and I dress. We will meet you in the kitchen for breakfast, ok?"

The four year old cheered, both hands up in the air. He slid of the side of the bed and ran from the room.

"Careful on the stairs, Michael," Jim yelled after him, then walked over to shut the door. Khan was already up when Jim turned back to the bed, and the blonde watched him pull off his pajama pants and singlet, leaving him gloriously naked and positively glowing in the morning light.

"I…" Jim started to say when he caught the other man's eyes on him.

"Come here," Khan beckoned his husband forward, and Jim dutifully obeyed. Over the years they had established a balance between giving and taking of power. Khan realized a few months into the relationship that it was against his nature to relinquish control all together, and not having control over other's made him edgy and ill tempered. On the other hand, being a Captain of a Star Fleet vessel, made Jim exhausted of constantly being in control. He yearned to give someone else power over his actions, and found an outlet in Khan's authoritative dominance in the bedroom. That's not to say they didn't have their fair share of squabbles in the sack. For one Khan would often exceed his authority and over-step that thin line between pleasurable pain and a visit to the medical bay. It took a few necessary attempts at using a safety word to establish common ground. On the other hand the balance they had now, was as subtle as it was solid. After Jim gave his husband the most precious gift in the universe, any minor concessions he was forced to make seemed not nearly enough to ask.

Jim felt safe like this, embraced in the arms of this man. He could hardly recall a time when they were enemies; a time when he could have happily killed the super human. Their history before the five years mission seemed almost mythological now in its transparency.

"I can't believe you forgot Disneyland," mumbled Jim against his husband's neck. Khan's chest rumbled with laughter.

"So am I to be honest," snorted Khan, "What with Michael preaching the marvel of Disney, like a priest on the gospel of the Promised Land."

It was Jim's turn to laugh. Together they stood a long moment, unaware of anything but each other. All to soon Khan reluctantly pulled away and made his way to the adjoined bathroom. With Jim, who had showered previous, watching him go with more than a hint of longing. Khan emerged sometime later, and dressed quickly in the empty room. Without the distracting presence of his insatiable husband, it took remarkably little time. Downstairs he could hear his son singing the Mickey Mouse song and banging his cutlery on the table. He was a musical one, that one.

"What's for breakfast?" Khan asked, since as soon as he entered the kitchen he was assaulted with the most heavenly smell.

"Waffles," exclaimed his son, like nothing in the world could be more exciting than that.

"Waffles? Well aren't you a lucky boy?" drawled the brunette, a kind smile on his face.

"Do you like waffles daddy?" asked Michael, sending his motorized space ship flying across the table.

"Of course, who wouldn't love your dad's waffles?"

"Aunt Elsa, doesn't like it when Uncle Bones eats dad's waffles," stated Michael matter-of-factly.

"Aunt Elsa just doesn't want Uncle Bones to get fat. That's why she doesn't like him eating too much sugar," said Jim from behind the kitchen bench.

"And Uncle Spock?" asked the boy.

"He's allergic to chocolate," supplied Khan, feeling it simpler to say so, than explain Vulcan biology to a four-year-old. Granted Michael was by far the most advanced child in his class. The education he received aboard the S.S Enterprise from Jim, Spock, Khan and Uhura shot him far ahead of most children his age in pre-school. In fact, Khan had no doubt that placed in first year; Michael would still excel well over the other children.

"Is Sperek coming to Disneyland with us daddy?" asked the boy, pushing his blonde fringe out of his eyes. Jim placed a plate of waffles in the center of the table and set three dishes down. A bottle of chocolate syrup and smaller bottle of maple syrup quickly followed. The cutlery was already set up, and the family was free to settle down for breakfast.

"Your Aunt Uhura and Uncle Spock are taking him tomorrow. So they will meet us at the hotel for dinner tomorrow night." Replied Jim, in between bites of breakfast. Khan was sipping a cup of black coffee and reading the morning paper. Michael looked ecstatic to hear his best friend in the whole wide world would be with him at the happiest place on earth, and made no effort to conceal this from his parents. It made both men look up from what they were doing to give their son an adoring look.

When they were done Jim cleared the table and took Michael upstairs to get dressed, while Khan did the dishes. By the time the two returned to the kitchen, Michael tugging on Jim's hand and bouncing up and down, Khan was putting on his coat. Jim whistled, damn but the man looked good in a coat. Khan ignored him, but Jim caught him trying to suppress a grin on the way out. Michael ran out after him. His plush winter jacket making soft crinkling sounds as he jogged to catch up with his father's long stride. Jim paused to enjoyed the sight. He crossed his arms against the morning chill of the autumn wind, and leaned against the open doorway. He had a husband and a son. Two people who had come to mean the world to him. Lord how did he get so lucky? Khan had reached the car, and was trying to open the door without dislodging the little boy clinging to his pant leg. Michael was talking a mile a minute, gesticulating wildly whenever he felt his father's attention wasn't adequate.

"Aren't you coming, Jim?" Khan called out, squinting curiously. Jim smiled and stepped forward, letting the door swing shut and lock behind him. He could see Michael pressing funny faces against the glass from behind the back seat of the car. Khan was holding the passenger door open and smirking indulgently at him, and Jim knew, he just knew, it couldn't get better then this.

"Of course," he said, making his way to the car, "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

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