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"So he just left you there?" asked Bones, as he layered on bandages around Jim's left upper arm. It was just like his friend to slip and fall stepping out of the shower. Carefully he spun the clean linen around the fresh wound. Jim squirmed, but after Bones shot him a particularly hard look, quickly stilled himself.

"That's what I said wasn't it," scathed Jim, settling on expressing his pain through verbal bitching.

"Don't give me attitude kid. I have enough of that from nurse 'know it all' 'I'm holier than thou' Kutta."

"I don't understand, I thought you luuurved her?" Jim sing-sang the dreaded word. Bones shot him an unimpressed glare. He pinched the skin around his friends arm as he checked his work over, making it almost seem like an accident; but Jim knew better.

"I don't love her, and I thought this was about you to begin with?"

"It was," nodded Jim, "to begin with." He smirked cheekily at his best friend who looked like he was one step away from having an aneurism.

"Either change the subject back to superman or get out," growled the doctor. Jim smirked knowingly at Bone's no-nonsense tone of voice.

"Ok so that's all that happened. He left me there and I went to have shower. The rest is history," he indicated his arm, "painful, painful history."

"Get on with it," grouched the CMO and took a seat on the edge of the nearby medi-bed. "How do you feel about it? Honestly kid it sounds to me like good old fashion rape, but then you said you went along with it…"

"I never said that," exclaimed Jim, affronted beyond belief. "I never went along with it as you so put," he looked down in shame, "but that didn't stop me from enjoying it."

Bones frowned

"How sick is that?" whined Jim and flexed the fingers on his injured arm.

"I don't think its 'sick' per-se, just not what I expected. Though something must have given you hints in the past. You know regarding this 'inclinations'."

"I don't have 'inclinations' Bones. I'm not a masochist!"

"I didn't say you were Jim, but you gotta think about this thing. You got off on another man suffocating you, resuscitating you and taking you against your will. Then you say it was the best orgasm you've ever had. Doesn't that make you curious?"

Jim thought for a long moment, than widened his eyes in a comical fashion that almost had Bones rolling on the floor laughing. Instead the gleeful doctor settled on grinning like a loon and chuckling under his breath.

"Oh this is priceless," Bones said after he watched his friend hyperventilate for a long moment. "Self-realization sucks ass, doesn't it?"

"Bones! Bones you gotta help me man. What do I do?" Jim jumped of the examination table and ran over to grab Bones by the lapels of his medical coat and shook him violently.

"I don't know Jim. Come to terms with it I guess. I can't really cure those kinds of things; I'm not that kind off doctor. Maybe the hobgoblin can do some of that brain voodoo on you or something. Might help."

"No!" yelled Jim, panicking at the though of Spock ever finding out about his weird fetish. "No, doctor patient confidentiality Bones. You can't tell a soul!"

"I'm sure Vulcan's are confidential Jim, especially since you and the hobgoblin are quite close. Hell I wouldn't be surprised if he made you the godfather of his future baby hobgoblins."

Jim spared a moment to feel both ecstatic and proud at the thought of being so trusted by his half-Vulcan friend, before tuning back into full panic mode. How could he make Bones understand how import it was to keep this under wraps?

"Look I know that ok, but what if it slipped to Uhura during one of their mind-melds? What if she decided to look for solutions to my condition in her newly formed social group. Those three Botany Bay women will no doubt carry the news to Khan; and Khan…Can…Never…Know!" Jim emphasized each word with a long shake to the doctor. Bones growing irate at all the man handling, removed the clingy hands of the front of his coat. Jim looked somewhat sheepish when he realised how personal he had been treating his best friend. Sure they were brothers in everything but blood, but they were first and foremost men, and hence they were bro boundaries between them that just shouldn't be crossed.

"Look Jim I get it ok. No one will find out from me, I promise. This is between you and the powerpuff girl. Now can I get back to my work?"

Jim nodded, awkwardly shuffling on the spot. "Thanks Bones," he added with a quick smile than turned and left the Medi-bay. He had a lot to think about.

Khan was just leaving the exercise room after a rather challenging bout of fencing with the Enterprise navigator Hikaru Sulu. He admired the man for his remarkable agility and skill with the katana. Had someone told him that an average human can perform at this level several years ago; he would have laughed at them. Now he grew used to being surprised by the constantly surpassing skill of these mediocre beings. As he was turning into the hallways that lead to his quarters, Khan walked straight into Spock.

"Khan." Spock greeted the other man, after taking a moment to compose himself. Khan similarly drew himself to his full height and faced the Vulcan with an arrogant look that bordered on contempt.

"Spock. How unfortunate that we should bump into each other," Khan said. He hadn't forgiven the first officer for spilling his history on Gurach to Kirk. He couldn't be sure it was him, but in all probability who else would have enough motivation to find out? Things would have worked out so much better had he kept his big Vulcan mouth shut for a few hours longer. For one Jim wouldn't hate him and instead of accosting him last night like some deranged madman, he would have seduced the Captain smoothly into his bed. Now everything was ruined.

I seem to have upset you some how, Khan Noonie Singh." Spock asked plainly thought Khan could detect a note of sarcasm in his voice. The bastard was preening. Showing him up, like he was not worth the floor he stood on.

"If I'm giving off an impression of being upset, it is not something you attributed to," Khan paused for emphasis, "to my direct knowledge." He let the meaning behind his words a moment to sink before attempting to step around the infuriating man. Spock quickly took a step to intercede him.

"Indeed. Still rumor has it Captain Kirk is on less than friendly terms with you again. Was it not only yesterday that you seemed to be making genuine progress in mending your relationship with him?" Spock eyes narrowed in menovelant amusement.

"My business with the captain is my own," Khan cut in sharply and attempted once more to step around the Vulcan. Spock didn't let him.

"Not," Spock drawled out the word, "if it concerns his wellbeing and peace of mind. We after all cannot afford to have an emotionally compromised captain aboard this ship."

Khan scowled and bit his tongue to refrain from replying in a scathing manner.

"What do you want Spock?" Khan asked bitterly.

"I want you to stay away from the captain. You are unhealthy for him and your influence will only corrupt his judgment."

Feeling affronted at the authoritative tone of Spock's voice, Khan recoiled in anger. How dare he tell him to end his relationship with the captain? Even if there was a relationship, which Khan thinks bitterly there would never be; he detested to be ordered by anyone to do anything. No one governed Khan's actions. He was the ultimate leader of his people and of himself and if he dared to reflect on his checkered history, of other species as well. He wouldn't take this grave insult against his person lying down.

"I fear commander," he began silkily, letting his voice lower in a dangerous manner, "that it is indeed to late. See captain Kirk couldn't be more pleased to be corrupted by me. Just the other night as a matter of fact. In fact he was so pleased he yelped like a bitch when I fucked him and howled when I made him come!" Khan all but spat the last word into the Vulcan's face. Spock looked taken aback for a moment, unable to belive the words coming out of Khan's mouth. Yet his eye reveled no hint of a lie. Suddenly enraged beyond reason on Kirks behalf, Spock grabbed Khan around the neck and slammed him into the wall. Quickly before the other man could break free of his hold, he jabbed a hypo in to Khan's neck.

Khan slid to the ground and began convulsing violently on the floor. Trying to get on to all fours, he kept loosing his balance due to the rapidly increasing spasms in his arms and legs. Spock smirked and walked away. Casual as ever, with both arms linked behind his back. He never once looked back at the accusing eyes that followed him down the hall.

Khan began to panic when he started loosing sensation in his limbs; they had however decreased in spasms just enough to let him get up. Leaning heavily on the wall Khan began to make his way to his quarters but changed course when he realized that if he made it there it would be unlikely that anyone would come looking for him for at least a day. The Medical bay was out of the question, being almost on the other end of the ship. That left only one option. Kirks quarters were conveniently located only a little further than his own. Having made up his mind, Khan began to steadily limp down the hall. By the time he reached Kirk's quarters he began to feel his throat closing up, making every breath labored. Khan punched in the override sequence and had just enough oxygen left in his lungs to step through the entrance. Then he kneeled over and promptly passed out.

Jim found Khan a few minutes later and as it happened not a moment too soon. He called Bones on the intercom, shouting in his panic to rush a medical team to his room. Khan wasn't breathing. His complexion had turned from pale to ashen to grey faster than Kirk could keep up and in his panic Kirk found himself tearing at his hair and feeling completely hopeless. It was only after Bones had arrived and inserted a plastic tube into Khan's lungs so the other man could start breathing; that Jim started to wonder why he felt so effected by all this.

This was the man who only yesterday forced himself upon him and made him discover things about himself he would gladly have kept buried for ever. Yet just the thought that the other man might not make it…

"Captain," Spocks voice carried over the intercom.

"Yes Spock," Jim replied, absentmindedly rubbing his face.

"We need your immediate assistance on command deck."

"Can this wait?" Jim asked curtly watching Bones force a weird looking probe down Khan's throat.

"No Captain."

"Let me be the judge of that," he said, unwilling t leave Khan just yet. "What's going on up there?"

"We are being intercepted by a Bird-of-Prey."

Jim groaned but moved swiftly for the exit. Stopping only long enough to ask Bones, "Is he going to be ok."

"I don't know Jim. He went into anaphylactic shock, and I can't be sure how long he was not breathing for before you found him. I don't understand why his body isn't regenerating like always. He has a hypo mark on his neck, I think someone poisoned him with something that's slowly shutting down his nervous system one body part at a time, and..."

Jim winced and laid a hand on Bones' shoulder.

"Please Bones, fix him. I'll be in the medi-bay as soon as I can."

Bones watched Jim run from the room before turning back to the comatose man and mumbling forlornly under his breath, "I'll do my best Jim, I'll do my best."

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