A/N: I left this small pathetic little parody I made when I was a kid hanging here, frozen in time, but now that the legendary hero has finally awoken from his seven years long sleep, we will finally get to the bottom of the rabbit hole.

Hello. Thanks for choosing to read my story. As you may know, I have become a major Link's Queen fan in the last years. Ever since I read "My Inner Life" I have grown a fond interest in the mind-blowing story. So this fanfic is based upon the fanfic itself, this is a fan-made fiction about the unfinished part of another fan fiction called "My Inner Life" that was a Zelda fan fiction made by Jen a.k.a. Link's Queen who is a fan fiction writer who is not me (I am not Link's Queen). This story is not suitable for small children or people without crippling autism, you probably shouldn't' read this!

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Behold! This is the history of Jenna, a woman of destiny, and the one to claim in marriage the man of legends, the Hero of Time himself. This is the secret story of her love; this is her legend, the legend of Jenna Silverblade.

Seriously though, if you're not into the meme go read "My Inner Life" assuming such relic has not withered away after so many decades, I'm talking the old "My Space" days, and this is your last warning.

Chapter 1

Path of Darkness

It's been a couple of months; we've been enclosed safely inside Hyrule's Castle, but neither the legion of royal guards nor the impenetrable iron doors would make us feel less anxious. After we faced such an abomination, a terrible sight of woe and despair, after we faced the unspeakable fear of losing out child, our peace of mind stopped to be an option, but in spite of the soul crushing fear, I knew that eventually walking into the shadow realm was a fate that we couldn't just avoid.

King Zelda was also worried about the situation, he put in play all his resources as a monarch, peasants and knights alike kept searching for clues, working for our safety day and night, after all, royalty like myself deserves no less.

"Jenna, my love, I'm tired of this" Link inquired with a tenderness in his tone "Yeah, sure is boring around here" I replied with concern before link resumed his complaints "I am tired of doing nothing!"

"Don't you remember last time?" I said looking at his greyish red eyes, at that moment I knew his words had some merit, this wasn't right, it's been... too long.

"We've talked about this before Jenna, about the shadow realm" he continued with a soft tone in his voice. "And this is something I must do, for us"

"But Link! You're not thinking about going out all by yourself do you?" I shouted beautifully with grace "We're in this together!" Suddenly Link turned back to take a look at our kids, he tenderly looked at Link Jr. with concern in his eyes. "I will find a way to end this, I always do, I always did" he finally added.

I knew I couldn't stop him this time, I haven't seen him so full of determination since the day I gazed upon him for the first time in my life, I nodded in silent silence, we hugged as a single tear leaked out from my majestic left retina, the next night he departed in secret. I felt lost, I felt weak, such an overflowing darkness in what otherwise was a perfect life quickly turned into concern and regret... "No!" I said, I wasn't going to let go, it was too late for that, I had to follow him to hell if it was necessary, I decided to track him down through his nightly escaped, but I had to take some previsions first.

I summoned one of our most loyal servants, the small fairy Navi, initially I was thinking about asking her to inform the princess of our reckless act, but then I had a brilliant idea, as I could avoid any kind of direct responsibility with the royal family, so I simply gave Navi a message, to deliver it to my personal friend, ally and as far as I'm concerned since she owes me her life, servant; Ruto of the Zora's domain, I know who I am, so I know she would take my need at heart. And so I did, after all, somebody has to take care of my children in this enclosed, private space.

Getting out of the castle unnoticed was no challenge for my skills, catching up with Link at this rate was nothing sort of nigh, finding my way into the barn I noticed Epona the horse was missing, as expected, I mounted Star Dancer, my own horse, and set foot into the glorious fields of Hyrule. The cool breeze of the night was caressing my perfect skin, and my smooth hair was waving through the air with grace, a sudden feeling of hope and excitement graced my heart, I haven't felt so alive in months, i felt once again, unstoppable, ferocious, however, every warm feeling I had quickly turned grim, as a terrified sight filled me with woe when i finally finished tracking Link... he was laying on the ground motionless, with Epona nowhere to be found.

"Link my LOVE!" I shouted, taking off my horse and checking on my husband, remaining calm was not something I could afford at the moment, I checked his pulse and find myself some relief, he was still alive, however I suddenly knew, the shock have forced me to put my guard down, and I had to pay dearly for such thing, as before I could look behind a brutish, yet silent strike knocked me unconscious.

I opened my eyes, not sure of how much time has passed, not sure of where I was... something, heavy was putting pressure against my delicate feminine head, it was a boot, no, it was, a hoof.

Struggling to move my head I noticed something at my right side, it was Link, he was immobilized, tied up I couldn't help but blame him in my mind, for his incompetence we were caught in such a threatening situation.

Then I realized a man was speaking, it was a strange language I never heard before, which is remarkable to say at least because I am fluent in most if not all languages, he was coughing in between sentences and sitting on a big throne, he was wearing a black piece of armor in his torso and his legs, he had a large damaged red cape, he was wearing a dragon shaped blue horned helmet, his eyes couldn't been seen due his big dark evil helmet, he had black spiked and an inverted tri-force symbol on his lower torso, he was facing at us.

He noticed I regained consciousness and glared at me with a sadistic aura, I somehow knew he was smiling, despite him not letting his full face visible. "Who, are you...?" I inquired with a weak tone in my voice, it wasn't due a lack of courage or strength, but because I was still recovering from the last attack. However I almost felt regret when the answer to my question confirmed my deepest fears.

"My name is Ariakas, the dark" he commented in a mocking tone, his voice deep and devilish "and I'm done waiting" he added ominously. He then resumed to speak in the unknown language he was before and suddenly I felt a relief throughout my entire body, I could finally move, and got on my knees just to be greeting with another terrifying sight, the horrid bat creature that attacked us months ago, was just right behind me, an imposing black beast, three times the size of a man, his razor sharp claws and oversized fangs reminding me of that time I almost lost my beautiful offspring.

Then I noticed Link once again, he was clearly not knocked down, but instead filled with terror, by all means a very unsatisfactory state to see the avatar of the triforce of courage, he suddenly gazed upon me and finally opened his mouth "What do you want" he inquired.

Ariakas left out a soft laugh, "I take what it's mine" he then said. Link's expression then transformed into a sight of pure terror, annoyed at this I called him out for his cowardice, however he answered me with something truly atrocious. "Jenna, what he wants is... our child". I gasped

"What!" I screamed with a stronger voice than before, a gigantic amount of rage, and hate started taking control of my body, I couldn't think of anything more than tearing that man to pieces "You…!"

But before I could finish my well thought, smart verbal comeback my back was rudely stomped to the ground by the horrible bat creature once again, it let a violent shriek and I realized I was unable to defend myself at the moment.

"You, will bring him to me" he then said, such assumption just helped to increase my anger, there was no way I would do his bidding, that man clearly has no idea who he was dealing with.

"No matter what you do to us" Link inquired. "You will not lay a finger on him" he then said defiant.

Suddenly the bat creature grabbed me by the shoulders, and Ariakas finally stood up from his throne, exposing a very imposing, tall figure, he slowly walked to me, letting out a very slow, sinister laugh.