A snowman with mouse ears…

Only a mouse or a mouse fanatic would build a snowman with mouse ears.

"Not bad!" commented Shou when she saw Nazrin's handiwork.

"It's nothing special," the mouse demon said with a somewhat dull expression. "It's just a snowman with mouse ears, and the amount it takes to build one is more or less the same as a normal snowman. The only extra amount of work goes to the ears, and even that took barely any effort…"

"Still, it's cute and nice to look at!" Shou commented.

"Thanks, I guess…" Nazrin said. "By the way, I thought you were practicing using your spear just now. How's progress coming along?"

"Well, um… Getting better at it, I think… I'm taking a break now," the tiger demon replied. "I'm still not good at it, though… Trying to learn how to use it is harder than I thought…"

"Practice makes perfect," Nazrin told her while giving her snowman the finishing touch by putting extra snow onto it. "Spears are supposed to be very easy to use. Why else do you think guards use spears as their weapons of choice?"

"Is that so? Then I'm even less worthy than a guard… Now I feel ashamed of being Master Hijiri's follower…" Shou said in depression. "Minamitsu has monstrous strength and can swing around her anchor like it's made of paper, you're skilled at fighting with your dowsing rods, and Ichirin knows the art of punching…"

"It's called boxing," Nazrin corrected her. "Plus, you're not the only one among us who has no skills in close range combat. Nue and Mamizou are bad at that as well. And let's not forget that Kyouko needs protection most of the time when there's danger, even though her shouting is a quite a weapon to behold…"

"Speaking of Nue and Mamizou, I haven't seen them at all today yet," Shou said. "Where'd they go?"

"You don't know yet?" Nazrin asked without turning her head away from the snowman. "They're going to the outside world to spend the winter."

"What?! They're going to the outside world?!" Shou said in surprise. "Does Master Hijiri know about this?"

"You're probably the only one here who doesn't know this yet…" Nazrin told her.

"Um… I woke up late today, so you can't blame me…" Shou told her. "How are they going there?"

"Other than asking that Yakumo demon for help, I can't think of any other of way for them to go to the outside world," Nazrin said.

"And Master Hijiri approved of this?" Shou asked. "There's no way she would…"

"She said yes right away," interrupted Nazrin, "and she told them to bring back souvenirs as well."

"Well, she sure agreed to it really easily…" Shou commented. "Did they say when they're coming back?"

"They said the longest they'll be gone is until the end of this month, that's all," Nazrin said as she dusted her hands after finishing up her snowman.

"Never thought they would decide to go to the outside world…" Shou said. "I wonder what made them decide on that…"

"All they said is that they want to experience something new this Christmas," Nazrin said.

"Well, then I hope them a fun time out there," Shou said.

Somewhere in the streets of Tokyo, a pair of pigeons flew into an alleyway. After making sure that there was no one in the alley and that no one at the sidewalk was looking inside, one of the pigeons transformed into Mamizou, while the other became distorted and then changed into Nue.

"I can't believe we're in the outside world! In Tokyo!" Nue excitedly said. "This is the first time I'm in the capital of Japan!"

"I came here a few times before," Mamizou told her. "Now we better disguise our non-human features and also put on more casual clothing. You don't want anyone here questioning our odd looks, don't you?" After saying that, Mamizou's clothing was changed in a puff of smoke. She was now wearing a light brown coat over a white shirt and a dark brown skirt that went past the knees. As she cannot make her tail disappear, she shrunk it as much as she could and made sure that it was covered up by the coat.

"Nice! However, I don't think my wardrobe needs that much change. The last time I looked at pictures of the outside world, I saw clothing that are the same kind as mines, so I'll just hide my wings," Nue said. Her wings became distorted and eventually disappeared. "There! Brrrr… Have to do something about this coldness, however… Unlike you, I can't transform my clothes…"

"Right, your ability is to conceal yourself using illusions, not transforming. And you're only starting to feel cold now… Good resistance to cold? Or just slow to realize?" Mamizou said. "Anyway, I'll buy you something warm and comfortable to wear. I earned money while I was living out here, and I have them saved in my bank account. Speaking of bank account…"

Mamizou went out of the alley and looked at the building to the right. "Yep! I knew it! We're right next to a bank! I'll withdraw some money for us to spend our time out here."

So they both went into the bank, and it took a few minutes for Mamizou to acquire some money from her account. After they were done, they came out of the bank, and Nue asked the tanuki, "What job did you have when you were living out here?"

"Not a job, actually… I sold old stuff to pawn shops and recycling centers," Mamizou told her. "Trust me; you won't believe how easy it is to earn money just by selling things that are thrown away by people! Anyway, let's go and get you a coat before you catch a cold."

"Okay!" Nue happily said with a nod.

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What is Most Terrifying…
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After putting on a black coat that had pictures of UFOs on its back and a smaller one in front of it, Nue spun around and then struck a pose of having one hand on her waist and the other at the back of her head. Mamizou stuck up her thumb to let her know that it suited her perfectly.

The duo was now outside the boutique, standing behind a bus stop. Nue was wearing her new coat and a pair of long, black pants. When the bus came, they both went aboard it.

Because it was her first time riding an outside world vehicle, Nue couldn't contain her excitement on her seat and had a happy expression on her face all throughout the ride while looking out the window.

The bus came to a stop in front of a subway station, and then they stepped out of the former and went into the subway.

They waited for the train to arrive, and it eventually did. When the doors opened, Nue was shocked to see a large amount of people pouring out from some of the doors, and an equally large amount of people were rushing into some other doors. Mamizou grabbed Nue's arm and then dragged her into the train before there was too little space inside.

By the time everyone was inside the train, there was more or less no space at all. Nue and Mamizou found themselves pressed uncomfortably by the people around them.

When the train finally arrived at their destination, tons of people immediately rushed out of the former. Nue and Mamizou came rushing out as well, grasping for air while doing so.

The duo was taking a stroll through a department store. Nue was amazed at the various items put on sale and couldn't help herself from stopping in front of most of the merchandises to get a better look at them and even touch them and pick them up.

She accidentally dropped and broke a vase, so Mamizou had to pay for it, but it wasn't very expensive.

The duo was now at the arcades, playing the games there and enjoying them greatly, despite the fact Nue was very bad at them and always lost to Mamizou when playing against her. She was, however, very good at rail shooters, and she earned more points than Mamizou when playing cooperatively with her.

The both of them were now in the food section of the department store. There were several food samples that were free for people to eat, so they both took advantage of trying to fill their stomachs with them. However, Nue unknowingly ate the ones that were on sell. Mamizou had to pay for them afterwards, and luckily for her, her friend didn't eat a lot before finding out about this.

They both went to a movie theater afterwards, and Mamizou decided to watch an action movie using 3D glasses. When watching the movie, Nue kept on getting surprised by the images that seemed to pop out of the screen from time to time and the occasional loud noises caused by the theater's stereophonic sound.

After they were done with the movie, they went to eat lunch at McDonalds.

They went to play at a park after they were done with their meal. Because it was winter, most of the park was covered in snow, so they threw snowballs at each other and built a snowman. Skates were even for rent to be played on a frozen lake, and Nue was a pro in skating, so good that she attracted and amazed the attention of onlookers. Sounds of clapping and "wows" filled the air every time she performed high difficulty tricks and spins.

For the rest of the day, Nue and Mamizou traveled to various places of Tokyo to see its sights and participate in various forms of entertainment, such as window shopping, shopping, eating, watching street performances, and more.

Nue was without doubt having the greatest time of her life.

Opening Theme Ends

Chapter 1
One Fun Day Gone to Pass

Nighttime was approaching, but that didn't make the streets of the big city any quieter or less crowded. In fact, a certain route that was filled with vendors at the sides had more people than ever, to the point that one had a hard time trying to make his or her way through the place without squeezing in between other people. This was exactly what Mamizou and Nue were doing.

"Ugh… I've never been pressed in between so many people before… Is the outside world always like this at night…?" Nue asked.

"Depends on the location…" Mamizou replied. "Places where nightlife activities occur have more people than usual during this time of the day… However, this means that the place is more fun."

"I don't see the fun in getting crushed by people…" Nue said.

"I agree…" Mamizou said.

After making their way through the crowd, they eventually came to a part of the route that had lesser people. "Phew… At last…" Nue said with a sigh of relief. "Let's not go back there anymore, okay…?"

"I never intended to go back in there unless left with no choice…" Mamizou replied. "Anyway, I think it's time we eat dinner."

"Right, I had so much fun that I completely forgot about that…" Nue said while placing her hand on her abdomen.

The duo traveled down the route and looked at the various vendors, most of which were selling secondhand items. While looking around, Mamizou noticed a sight considered too common in a place filled with people, wallet-snatching.

A man wearing a dark gray hat and a gray coat was carefully putting his hand into the bag of a blond girl wearing a purple coat and a white hat, and then he slowly took out a wallet from there. He quickly put it into his coat and then walked away, hoping that nobody saw what he did.

Mamizou saw what he did, but she kept quiet about it as she and Nue walked in the direction of that man, who was walking in their direction. When the man walked past her, Mamizou quickly slipped her hand into the man's coat and took out the wallet, but her sudden action made the man realize this, so he angrily said to her, "Hey! How dare you steal my wallet?!"

Mamizou took out an identification card from the wallet and showed it to him. "Oh, the girl on this card is you? Looks very different from the actual person…" Then she turned around to the owner of the wallet. "Excuse me, lady, but I think this wallet is yours."

The blond girl looked into her bag. "My wallet is missing! That indeed is mine!"

The man, seeing that he was busted, quickly turned to run, but two people standing nearby quickly snatched him from the sides. "You're not getting away, thief!" one of them said.

"Wow! You're great!" Nue said to Mamizou. "How did you know that guy is a thief?"

"You have to keep your eyes out on your surroundings if you want to catch people like him," Mamizou told her. "In the outside world, this happens pretty often."

The blond girl approached Mamizou and said, "Thank you very much for catching the thief!"

"You should keep your bag close at all times," Mamizou said as she returned the wallet to the girl.

The girl looked at her bag and said, "But I had it close! Maybe someone unintentionally opened it while I was squeezing through the crowd."

"Or maybe that person had his eyes on you and secretly opened it without you knowing while in the crowd," Mamizou said. "Anyway, be careful next time."

"Thank you very much!" the girl said to her with a smile.

"Maribel! There you are!" shouted someone, and then a brown-haired girl wearing a black hat and a black coat came over to the blond girl. "We got separated while in the crowd, but good thing I found you easily!"

"Renko! You're here!" the blond girl said to her. "Just now, someone stole my wallet, but this girl got it back for me!"

The new girl looked at Mamizou and said, "Really? Thanks a lot for helping my friend!


The song I chose for the opening is supposed to play all the way to the end before the actual chapter begins, so the scenes of Nue and Mamizou having fun are supposed to be dragged out to accommodate all seven minutes and nine seconds of it.

Not counting the prologue and the opening theme, this chapter is actually very short. Anyway, Maribel and Renko will be supporting characters in this story. There will be two more outside characters from the series showing up, and I think you should know who they are. There's also going to be a character crossing over from a series that is supposed to take place in the same universe as Touhou. Can you guess who that character is?

Lastly, this story's plot is actually based off a particular movie. I'll reveal in due time what it's based off of.