Final Chapter
Homecoming Girls

The incident caused by Dr. Akihiro was broadcasted throughout the televisions of Tokyo. Maribel and Renko were in the former's house, where they were seeing the live broadcast.

"The culprit of this incident, Doctor Akihiro Machida, has been apprehended and will be judged for his crime against humanity after recuperating at the hospital," the news reporter said. On the television, Dr. Akihiro was shown lying on a stretcher and being taken into an ambulance.

"Can't believe that a brilliant scientist like Doctor Machida would do such a thing… Changing people into monsters…" Renko said in disbelief.

"I thought he was someone to look up to, but I guess it's not true anymore…" Maribel said.

"And now, we shall interview the people who put a stop to his plan," the news reporter said, and then the camera shifted over to Nue, Mamizou, Yumemi, and Chiyuri. The sight of the former two surprised Maribel and Renko.

Various news reporters crowded around them and bombarded them with questions.

"What is your name?"

"How did you stop Doctor Machida?"

"Can you please tell us everything from beginning to end?"

"People reported seeing you two flying in the air. Is this true?"

"Is that trident your weapon of choice?"

Because they were being questioned by several people at once, Nue and Mamizou were very nervous and couldn't reply properly at all. Nue said to Mamizou, "What… What do we do…?"

"Get out of here right away?" Mamizou suggested. "I don't like it like this… It's going to be really complicated trying to explain to them everything, especially what we are and where we come from…"

"How do we get out of here?" Nue asked.

"Like this!" Mamizou said, and then she clapped her hands to create a large amount of smoke that blocked out everyone's view.

When the smoke finally dissipated and everyone stopped coughing, Nue and Mamizou were nowhere in sight. The crowd looked around in confusion for the whereabouts of those two, but then Yumemi grabbed their attentions. "Everyone! You can feel free to ask me questions instead!" she loudly said. "I'm willing to answer whatever you ask me!" Immediately, the reporters bombarded her with questions.

While being questioned, Yumemi said in her head, "The two of you are definitely from Gensokyo, and I know you wouldn't want to expose the existence of that place to the outside. Good luck going back to your homeland! Your secret is safe with me! Wait a minute… Why do I feel like I'm forgetting something…?"

Nue and Mamizou stepped out from the inn they stayed in, and the latter asked the former, "Got everything?"

"Yep," Nue replied with a nod.

"Then let's go," Mamizou said. "We've aroused too much attention already. We should return to Gensokyo before the people here recognize us." With that, they both disguised themselves as birds and then took off into the air. Nue hid behind the illusion of a pigeon, while Mamizou transformed into an eagle in order to carry her luggage.

As they soared through the air, Nue looked down and said, "It was fun while it lasted, but things really didn't turn out pleasant in the end… Still, I'm glad that I managed to experience firsthand the fun things of the outside world!"

"There's a lot more to the outside world than you think, but touring the entire world is something that will take a really long time to finish," Mamizou told her.

"Hope we can have the opportunity to do that someday!" Nue happily said, and then she looked up ahead. It's nice to be able to go back home too! Nothing beats the comfort of staying in your own, cozy house!

Mamizou nodded. "Yep! Even if Gensokyo isn't my birthplace, it is still a comfortable place to live in!"

"I can't wait to tell the others about what happened out here! They're totally not going to believe me, but I'm going to make them believe me no matter what!" Nue said.

"I'm sure they will believe you," Mamizou said to her. "Anything can happen in Gensokyo, so I'm sure they'll believe everything that happened in the outside world too!"

"Heheh! The thought of this makes me excited!" Nue said, and then she punched the air. "Gensokyo! We're coming home!

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Encounter of Destiny
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Nue and Mamizou were getting closer and closer to the shrine that served as the entrance to Gensokyo.

The whole incident made Nue completely forgot about one thing. The iPhone-sized object… It was inside her bag…









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