Okay, I take back what I said about the lemon-ish extras about this story on "Boys Over Who?". I guess that I'm just not ready for that yet. However, instead of those steamy-ish scenes, I'll put in some fluffy or comedy ones instead during the night class and Zero's stay at the villa before they went back to Cross Academy. It's some little drabbles here and there so... it's like.. special chapters? or may special edition chapters? Oh what the heck who cares. Anyway, please note that these are drabbles. xD



"Hey Kaname, when do you think we'll see Zero again?" Takuma asked the pure blood. Everyone in their circle of friends was seated at the lobby's comfortable couches -Kaname being the only one sitting without a pair. The pure blood cocked his head to the side slightly as if not really expecting the blonde to ask such a thing.

"I'm sure we'll be able to see him tomorrow." The pure blood answered, slightly confused about why his friend would ask such a question. It's obvious that Zero is within school grounds so why does Takuma ask when will they see Zero again?

"I don't think he can grow that tall that fast in just a day, Kaname." Takuma replied, trying to muffle his little laugh. He slung an arm around Shiki as the maroon-haired male started to lean onto him with droopy eyes.

"What are you saying?" To this, everyone else in the room stared at Kaname, not believing what they were hearing or seeing.

"Don't tell me you weren't told, Nii-sama." Yuki said, eyes wide and worried.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Yuki." Now it was Kaname's turn to look confused at everyone. There were a few undecipherable whisper exchanges in the group and Kaname tapped his finger in slight curiosity, annoyance, and anxiety. What is everyone talking about?

After the group had their little talk, Aido decided to be the one to tell Kaname, taking a brave step. "Zero said that he'll see us again once he's taller before he left." Aido sat back on the couch with his cousin by his side, patting his shoulder and silently saying he did a good job... which was weird.

"What? What are you trying to say, Aido?" Everyone was silent and Aido didn't answer. "Zero left?" Everyone nodded. "What?" Everyone shrunk.

"Oh dear, oh dear." Takuma sweat dropped when Kaname left for his room.


"Vampire Encyclopedia" (it's like what we see in bleach after each episode there's arrancar encylopedia)

Takuma: *appears into the room* Hello you guys. I'm glad to interact with you again. *smiles brightly*

(the night class group comes in including Zero)

Takuma: My, my, this first story was quite an interesting one isn't it?

Zero: Yes, yes it was. *intervenes*

Takuma: *jolts, startled* Zero? I thought you went to get taller.

Zero: *vein at the verge of popping in his head* Ichijo-san, was that an insult? *raises his fists*

Takuma: No no it wasn't!

Yuki: *blocks you guys from viewing an ongoing brawl* Anyways you guys, the sequel is out ain't it?

(Takuma and Zero stop fighting to listen and join the conversation)

Zero: I heard that I got amnesia.

Aido: Well, you did.

Zero: Oh, you're here. When did you get on set? *smug and mocking tone*

Aido: Why you little-!

Shiki and Kain: We are ending this first season officially. We hope to see you guys read more in the sequel. *bows*

(Everyone in the night class bows before Aido starts ranting again)

Aido: Hey! But I want more screen time! No! I don't want this to end!

( =':') - What's next?