Portland, Oregon.

5000 miles from everything she knew.

0 miles from what she needed to know.

She stood outside the police station, debating whether she was ready. She was flustered, moving from one foot to the next, keeping her head down for fear of catching someone's eye. She knew she was being ridiculous. She was here now- it was time.

She took a tentative step towards the entrance, than another. She was just about to reach for the door, when someone bumped into her, knocking her handbag from her shoulder.

As she pulled it back up her arm, she could feel a warm hand on her shoulder. More than that, she felt power.

"Are you ok?" a voice spoke.

As her eyes met his, all thoughts of what to say In reply left her. His blue eyes were piercing, she felt vulnerable somehow- like they were looking into the deep recesses of her mind where she kept all her deepest darkest secrets. And his hair- he had that perfectly floppy dark hair that she would love to run her fingers through.

Her thoughts returned to the present, when she realised where that power was coming from.

"You're a Grimm" she spoke in a soft British accent.

He pulled her aside.

"How did you know that?" he questioned.

"I can feel it"

He looked at her. She hadn't volge'd which every Wesen did before they were able to identify him.

"What are you?" he continued, his tone softening at the sight of her clear distress.

"That's a good question" She replied, still drawn to his eyes.

"You mean you don't know? How can that be?"

"Because I'm brand new. I don't know what I am, nor does anyone else. Well, there is someone that might, I came here to find him"

"Wait, you're a new kind of Wesen?" He spoke, his tone of disbelief clear. Vesen were old, they didn't exactly have new kinds popping up. Well, at least that's what he thought.

"Look, I know how this sounds- especially to a Grimm. But trust me, you won't find me in your books, believe me I've already looked."

He stared at her. He hadn't really looked at her in the few minutes they'd been talking, but now he saw her. And she was beautiful. She had blonde hair that sat just past her shoulders, with bangs that just touched her cheeks. True to her accent, she had an English Rose complexion, with green eyes that he was finding it hard not to stare into. Juliette had had green yes, it was one of the things he had loved about her. But hers were different somehow.

"I have some friends that might be able to help, I can take you to them if you want?" He offered, hoping Monroe and Rosalee might have some insight on who this young woman was.

She hesitated. She had come here with the intention of marching in and finding him, the one that could answer the question of who she was. But now, the idea of leaving the Grimm seemed a bad one. She wanted to be with him just a while longer.

"Ok" She replied, a smile forming.

Twenty minutes later, they were at the spice shop. He opened the door for her, the familiar bell ringing letting Monroe and Rosalee know they had company. As they entered the store, the two quickly broke off a kiss.

"Hey Nick!" Monroe called. "Whose you friend?" he continued, slightly flustered by the interruption.

"A Blutbad and a Fuschbau?" Cute. Very cute."

"A what and a what now?" Monroe replied, a very worried expression filling his face.

"It's fine, she's Wesen" Nick replied.

Monroe and Rosalee looked at one another. Both were usually pretty adept at sensing fellow Wesen but this girl was different. Monroe stepped out from behind the counter and Volge'd. He sniffed her, indeed she was Wesen but her scent was totally unknown to him. Returning back to his human form, he kept looking at her.

"Monroe- it's rude to stare" Ushered Rosalee, now stood at his side.

"Right, Sorry. Sorry….?"

"Iris" She replied, realising she didn't even know the Grimms name.

"Iris, this is Monroe, Rosalee. I'm Nick by the way" he spoke, realising he hadn't even introduced himself.

"So, an Apothecary- that's a very Wesen sort of business" She spoke, looking at Rosalee.

Silence followed.

"So, erm, we were hoping you might be able to help?" Nick spoke, interrupting the now awkward silence.

"How?" Rosalee questioned.

"I don't know what I am. No one seems to know."

"Wait, you don't know what kind of Wesen you are? What about your parents?"

"Both Wesen obviously but I was abducted when I was little, I've only just managed to track my dad down."

"Ok so this might seem a little obvious…. But maybe… ahem, seeing you, would help?" Monroe interjected.

They all stared at her.

"Here goes" she spoke, taking a deep breath.

She Volge'd.

"Oh my" Rosalee spoke.

They all had a good knowledge of Wesen, and she was right. She wasn't anything she had seen before. Her face sparkled, like a Muse… but she was so much more beautiful than that. Her features remained relatively human- no fur, no scales… just an ethereal glow and eyes that drew you in.

She returned to her human form.

"Wow" Monroe spoke.

"Uh huh" The other two spoke in unison.

"You said you tracked down your dad? Where is he? He might be able to help" Nick spoke, desperately trying to keep it together.

"He's not like me, but he is Wesen. He works at the Precinct"

Monroe and Rosalee turned to Nick,

"Who is he?" He asked, not entirely sure that he wanted to know the answer.

"Captain Renard"