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he watches them tOgEtHeR.



he sees them talk and grin, as hE amuses her with hIS fire.

(You always knew hIS fire would be you g)

watching them ToGeThEr.





(But who are you kidding?)

it's not a !surprise!

it doesn't surprise him a bit when she comes to him,

wanting to b/r/e/a/k it off.

(Fire is your weakness, after all.)

and the worst part?

(You know she is right.)

he is just the s!h a#p$e%s^h&i*f(t)e_r.

the chinesecanadianbabyman.

(Stupid horse)

the klut z.

he can turn int l.


they are perfect tOgEtHeR.

who is he to b/r/e/a/k that up?

he could never compete against the Repair Boy.




(You could never compete against the flame.)

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