Hi guys thanks for the reviews. This chapter took longer than I thought and I havent had time to proof read so sorry for any mistakes, I have taken in all your ideas and are sketching them up now! I hope you enjoy this chapter, ohh and just to let you know there is swearing in this chapter.

Brax's P.O.V

I woke up with the sun streaming through the curtains and Charlie wrapped around me, just the way I like it. I looked over to the clock that read 7:35 so I knew the boys would be up soon, Me, Heath and Casey were looking after all the kids today, while the girls went shopping, which meant waking everyone up because if the girls have less than 1 hour they will be late so I have to give them at least 2 hour notice before we have to leave the house and Trying to wake Ruby and Charlie was hard they were as stubborn as anything, Zoey wasn't too bad but if it concerned school she was just like her sister and mother, but the boys they were as easy as chips, but they would probably still wake up before I am even out of bed.

I then heard little pitter-patter footsteps coming to mine and Charlie's room.

"Daddy" Luke said while running into our room, Charlie grunted and just buried her further into the crook of my neck.

"Hey Luke, where's Lewie?" I asked

"Ummm..." He said

"Luke" I said while picking him up and putting him on my stomach

"I don't know" he said, while shrugging his shoulders; I could tell he was lying

"Luke, are you lying?" I asked.

"Ermmm..." He said

"Luke Darryl Braxton, where is your brother?" I asked again

"Uh-oh, you said my big name" he said, while putting his hand over his mouth, the kids know if we say there fall name we mean business.

"Luke, this is the last time I will ask, where is your brother" I said sternly

"Outside, in the garden" he said

"Why is he outside?" I asked

"He was being mean, so I err... locked him out" he said while holding some keys in his tiny hands

"Right that's it, with me now" I said, while grabbing my shorts, slipping them on and picking him up

"Charlie, you better be up by the time I get back, if you want to go with the girls" I said, but she just grunted and rolled over trying to fall back to sleep and probably didn't even here what I just said.

I had Luke in my arms as I took him downstairs, I put him down and walked over to the back door and opened it to find Lewie stood there in only his boxers, with a really pissed look, he stormed past me and went straight over to Luke.

"YOU IDIOT" He shouted, to Luke, while pushing him quite hard and Luke went flying across the floor.

"NO YOU ARE IDIOT" Luke shouted, while tackling him to the floor and ended in them having a fight

God there only three and they fight well

"BOYS, STOP, NOW" I shouted, they sprang apart.

"Luke you do not and I mean do not lock your brother outside again, and Lewie you do not start fights" I said while looking at my two boys

"Fine" they both grumbled, and walked into the kitchen, I followed them into the kitchen and then placed there cereal in front of them

"Tanks Daddy" Luke said, Lewie nodded while having a mouth full of food.

"Right I am off to wake others up, try not to kill each other" I said while making my way up into Zoeys room.

I walked in and saw her sleeping peacefully; I sat on the end of the bed and shook her lightly careful not to hurt her stitches.

"Yes?" she said while looking at me sleepily, and rubbing her eyes

"You need to get up" I said

"Okay" she said while getting out of bed carefully

"Good girl" I said while kissing her forehead, "go down stairs and get some cereal your brothers are already down there"

"Okay" she said, while making her way downstairs, next stop Casey and Ruby.

This should be fun

I knocked and walked in, I pulled their curtains back, for them to grown and to snuggle further in to each other

"Rise and shine" I said

"Go away" Ruby said

"Casey get downstairs now" I said

"No" she replied

"Did you really just say no to me" I asked, he didn't say anything

"Thought not now get downstairs and help your Niece and Nephew's" I said, he grunted and got out of bed and put some shorts on.

Just Ruby, can't be that hard

"Ruby get out of bed now" I said while pulling the covers back, to see she was only in Casey shirt

"NO" she said while pulling the covers back

"Ruby do I really need to carry you" I said

"Go away, else I will tell mum not to have sex with you for a week" she said while turning over and snuggled into Casey's side of the bed

"Trust me your mum can't resist me" I said while walking over to Casey's side of the bed and pulled the cover of and threw it across the room.

"Piss off" she said

"ohh you really think swearing will help this situation" I said, she didn't reply she just shut her eyes and was about to fall back asleep again.

I walked into their en-suite and grabbed a glass of water and tipped all over her face

"DAD, YOU FUCKING IDIOT" she screamed and ran out of bed

"Normally I would tell you off for swearing at me, but I guess I deserved that one" I said to her, while pushing her out the door

"I will get you back" she said, while walking down the stairs

Now Charlie, this will be hard

I walked in and saw her sleeping; I went over to her side and started to kiss her neck

"I am not getting up, it is way too early" she said and pulled the pillow on top of her face.

"Well Bianca won't be happy" I said to her while pulling the covers back and she was sleeping in only her underwear.

No Brax, you are waking her up not having sex with her

"Brax give me the covers back NOW" she said while sitting up and trying to grab the covers but I just moved them away and threw them away.

"No, now get up or I will carry you down, dressed in your undies" I said, she just rolled over that showed of her perfect arse.

"Brax, shut your face, or you will have no sex for a week" she said

"Funny that's what our daughter said aswell" I said, Charlie than sat straight up wide eyed, then it suddenly clicked

"SHIT, that sounded really bad" I said

"You think" she said

"Ruby wouldn't get up and I pulled the covers back and she said I will tell mum to not have sex with you for a week if you don't go away" I informed her

"Anyway now your awake, get changed and go get some breakfast" I said

"or you could join me" she said while pulling me down on top of her, for us to start making out

"Charlie... no...mmmm...stop" I said pulling away "get breakfast if you want to go shopping" I said

"I totally forgot... OMG YAY... Baby shopping" she said, about to jump out of bed but fell out

"For fucksake Charlie, you are 35 and you fall over more than Rocco does" I said helping her up

"I'm fine" she said, pulling one of my hoodies on that was way too big for her, but she did look very cute in it.

"Take it easy ay" I told her

"Okay babe" she said, while pecking my lips

"righto lets get down stairs" I said

"No" she protested while folding her arms

"What?" I asked

"Can I have a piggy back?" she asked, I laughed

"Hop on then" I told her as I turned around

"Come on then my donkey, Start moving" she said, I laughed and made myself and Charlie downstairs

As we got to the bottom of the stairs, I placed Charlie on the floor; the kids were watching a morning kiddy show.

As we walked into the kitchen with Charlie in front of me with my hands on her waste and chin resting on her shoulder, we saw Ruby on the Bench with her legs apart and Casey stood between them, and sucking each other's faces of.

"Well it's not every day you see your daughter sucking your youngest brothers face of, actually it is" I said, to see them spring apart and for Casey to send me a deaf stare and for Ruby to flush red

"RUBY" Charlie squealed, covering her eyes with her hands.

"Carry this on later ay" I said as Ruby jumped off the bench and Casey followed her holding her waste and pulling her back into his shorts properly trying to hide his erection from us.

"I can't believe I just sore that" Charlie squealed

"Really babe, we have seen worse" I told her while hugging her from behind and whispering in her ear "we do worse" she giggled and kissed my lips. While turning on our coffee maker.

"MUMMY" Luke shouted, as he ran in and hugged Charlie's, tanned slender legs.

"Yes baby" she said, while picking him up.

"You going shopping today?" he asked

"Yes, I am with Ruby and Auntie Bianca" she told him.

"Will you get me a present" he asked with a massive grin

"I don't know, depends if you're good for ya Daddy and Uncle Heath and Casey" she said, while kissing his cheek.

"I will Mummy" he said, while Charlie put him down

"Mummy up" Lewie said, Charlie picked him up and he whispered in her ear.

"I will be better", but it wasn't much of a whisper

"Ohh really" Charlie said, and he nodded his head

Charlie's P.O.V

About an hour later, everyone had arrived; the kids were out the back in the swimming pool, However Zoey was sat at the side with her legs hanging in as she still wasn't allowed to do any sports for another 5 weeks and I must say I feel sorry for her, especially with Braxton blood she must be itching to get in there, with Casey and Ruby looking after them.

"RUBY" Brax shouted

"YES" she shouted back

"I NEED TO SPEAK TO YOU, COME HEAR" he shouted back to her

"Charlie come here" he called

Brax was stood in the kitchen when I and Ruby walked in.

"Right here is my credit card-"he was cut off by me and Ruby squealing

"But I mean it girls don't go to mad, we do have to pay bills, feed mouths, so can I trust you with it" he asked

"YES, YES, YES" Ruby and I replied bouncing up and down

"Thanks Dad" Ruby said while kissing his cheek, and running off to get her sandals.

"Thanks baby" I said while kissing his lips

"That's okay, have fun" he said, while slapping my arse when I was walking away.

30 mins later

"Bye Luke, Lewie, Zoey, Darcy and Rocco" I shouted to them while they were in the pool

"Bye Auntie Charwie" Rocco shouted, while blowing me a kiss that I returned

"Bye Mummy" Zoey, Luke and Lewie

"Bye, Girls and Boys" Bianca Said

"Bye Bye" they shouted

We turned around and saw are Braxton men

"Bye babe" Casey said to Ruby

"Bye" she said while kissing him

"See ya later" Brax said to me

"Yes I will" I said while kissing him then hugging him and whispering

"Might get you a few presents" I pulled away and sore him smirking

Me and Ruby were making are way out when we turned back and saw heath and Bianca making out viscously

"BIANCA" I screamed

"Ooopps" She said, while pecking heaths lips then running of towards us.

Brax's P.O.V

Once the girls went out I turned and looked at my brothers

"So then what shall we do today with 5 kids" I asked

"What about the cinema?" Casey said

"Good idea, what shall we watch?" Heath said

"Well there's that chipmunk film on ay" I told them

"Sorted, let's go tell them" Casey said, while clapping his hands

"A bit excited there ay, Case" Heath said

"Still a kid at heart" I said while patting his back, he shook his head and walked into the back garden, closely followed by me and Heath.

"KIDDO'S, COME HERE" Heath shouted, and they all came running over, except Zoey walking over, Because of her stitches

"Yes daddy" Rocco said while jumping into my arms

"How would you like to go to the cinema?" Casey asked

"YES, YES, YES PWEASE" the twins said while jumping up and down

"Yes please" Zoey and Darcy squealed

"Yes I want tooooo" Rocco said while kissing my cheek

"Okay, Right kids go and get changed, and be down here as quick as possible, Zoey you take your time" I said, while they all ran off in separate directions

10mins later

The kids all came downstairs, and we took them to our massive family van, that we use all the time.

"Right, me and Zoey are in the front because she gets travel sickness, Heath, Darcy and Casey you are right at the back and Lewie and Lewie sit in the middle" I told them, the kids got in fine.

"How the hell am I supposed to fit in the back, one of the Bucktons are normally sat there" Heath complained

"We'll sit between the twins and make sure they don't kill each other" I said, he nodded and we got into the Van

With me and Zoey sat in the front, Heath and the twins in the middle and Casey and Darcy in the back we were ready to go and set off for the Cinema.

Bianca's P.O.V

Once me and the girls arrived at the city, we were so excited

"Right first stop is that cute baby shop we always go to" Charlie said, with a massive grin

I know something is up and I will get to the bottom of it

"So Mum what are you so excited about?" Ruby questiond

"Well if I tell you, you can't even tell your men, okay" she said

"OKAY" I squealed

"Me and Brax are trying for another baby" she said

"OMG, THAT IS BRILL" Ruby said

"I bet Brax is loving that" I said with a grin

"BIANCA, THAT IS MY DAD AND MUM WE ARE TALKING ABOUT" Ruby squealed, with a scrunched up face

"Ohh don't tell me you and Casey arnt having sex" I said

"Of course we are" she said, while sticking her tongue out.

"Woah... Guys let's stop there ay" Charlie said

"Well I think once we are finished in the baby shop, we need to go to that shop with all the hot dresses" I said, while smirking at Charlie who shook her head

"Sorted" Ruby said, while her phone beeped

"Who's that Ruby" Charlie's asked

"Casey they are taking the kids to the cinema" she informed us

"They haven't thought that through good" I said

"I know what were they thinking, five kids with three of them under the age of three, Good luck to them", Charlie said, while we all linked arms and went into the Baby shop.

Heaths P.O.V

As we walked through the doors, we went up to the counter, I noticed the woman behind the check out looking at me.

Well what can I say I am a very attractive man

"Looks like your getting a bit of attention bro" Brax said while patting my shoulder and walking off with the kids

As we approached the desk, the woman suddenly changed position with another member of staff to serve us and Casey and Brax burst out laughing.

"Hello how may I help you" The woman said, I looked at her name tag which read Holly.

"8 tickets for that chipmunk film, 3 adults 5 kids" I told her

"Okay, any popcorn and drinks with that" She asked, while squeezing her arms together to make her rack look bigger, Casey started to bite his lip and Brax just distracted himself with one of the kids.

"ummm... yeah please 3 large popcorns, 2 medium and 3 small and the same with the cokes please" I said to her, she nodded and went to make them, making shore to bend over loads, and knocking stuff on the floor just so she could shove her arse in my face.

"Why do you keep dropping things" Rocco asked

That's my boy

"ummm...ermmm" Holly said, trying to avoid eye contact with him

"How much would that be?" I asked, helping her out a little bit

"40" she said

I pasted over to her, while giving everyone there popcorn and coke

"Would you like the receipt" she asked

"naa" I said while walking away, but she grabbed my hand and stuffed the receipt in there.

"I think you might want it, just in case we don't satisfied your needs" she told me, I just wanted to get away from her so I just nodded and walked off.

Little did I know it had a kninky message and her phone number

When we got into the cinema, we all sat in order making sure Me, Brax and Casey were all next to one of the little ones so Casey was on the end in them went Darcy, Zoey, Brax, Luke, Lewie, Rocco and then me on the other end.

"Righto, Guys you need to be quite when you watch this as there are other people in here" Brax informed them, they all nodded, and then the film started.

Ruby's P.O.V

"Look at this" Charlie said while holding up a cute neutral coloured baby grow saying 'my Auntie is the best'

"OMG, it is" Bianca said

"That's it I am getting it" Charlie said

"Bianca do you know what gender you want the baby to be?" I asked

"I don't really mind, as we already have both, however I would like it to be a girl as it would then be mine and heath girl, but I still love and care for Darcy like me own" she informed us

"Yes that's true, However the world might be a bit scared letting another Scott into this world" Charlie said, which we all laughed at

"Ohh, about that when are you and Heath finally tying the knot?" I asked

"Well we talked about it last night, and we would love this little one to be there, so probably around this time next year, so the bubba is a bit older" she said

"Awww, that's so cute" Charlie said

After we had finished in the Baby shop, and as we love shopping for baby's we were carrying around 3 bags each already.

"Next stop, Dresses" Bianca said

"YES" me and Charlie said

Casey's P.O.V

It was about half way through the film me and the kids were loving it but Brax and Heath were really bored and were yorning pretty much every five minutes.

About five minutes later, the chipmunk jumped out of the cupboards and Rocco spilt his popcorn everywhere

"SHIT" He shouted, I laughed, Brax bit his lip and Heath just sat there wide eyed

"SHIT" he repeated and everyone turned to look at us

"Rocco Heath Braxton, Get here now" heath said sternly

"i'll kill Ruby" Heath muttered under his breath, I just smirked.

"The popcorn spilled over me" he said, oblivious to the fact he just swore

"You just said a naughty word Rocco and I don't want to hear it again" Heath said, trying to be as quite as possible

"What did I say?" Rocco teased

"Shit" Zoey said, and I burst out laughing by Brax's reaction

"Zoey get her now" Brax hissed

"What I was just telling Rocco what he said" Zoey said shrugging her shoulders

"Do not say it again" he told her, trying to be quite

"Sowy and Daddy can I sit on your lap?" Rocco asked Heath

"Yes sure buddy" Heath said while pulling him on his lap

Another five minutes went passed and everything went back to normal, and we stopped getting deaf stares from everyone in the place, Rocco was still on Heaths lap, I had Zoey sat on my lap snuggled into me as she was saying her stitches hurt so I tried to comfort her as Lewie had fell asleep on him and Darcy had Luke sat on her lap.

"MY UNCLE CASWEY SAID FUCK" Luke shouted out, my eyes widened and Brax chocked on his coke and Lewie woke up, Brax carefully picked Lewie up and placing him on Darcy's lap where he fell asleep again straight away and grabbed Luke to sit on his lap and turned him around so he was facing him.

Ohh fuck here come the deaf stares

"Do not say that word again" Brax said sternly

"Why?" Luke asked

"Because it's a nasty word" Brax told him

"Is shit and fucker as well" He asked, me and heath just started chuckling to our selves again

"Luke, I mean it stop saying any of these words again, got it" Brax told him

"Got it" he replied, while snuggling back into Braxs lap.

The rest of the film wasn't bad and when it finished the kids were pretty tired, Zoey was still in pain so Brax carried her, while I carried Luke and held Darcy's hand and Heath carried Rocco and Lewie in separate arms.

When we walked out that woman 'holly' I think her name was stared at heath the whole time checking him out and mouthing 'phone me' but something about her made me a bit on edge

"Do you have her number" I asked Heath

"not that I know of, but she could have written it on the receipt" he told me, I nodded and we loaded the van up and made are way to Angelos to get some food and then back to the house.

Charlie's P.O.V

As we made our way into the dress shop, I spotted to dresses that I fell in love with I just hoped that they looked good on.

Ruby found a few dresses she liked and so did Bianca so we made our way into the changing rooms.

We all came out and Ruby was wearing a pale pink one shoulder figure hugging dress and Bianca wore a long black maxi dress that accompanied her bump perfectly. I had on a strapless, blue dress that showed my legs of perfectly.

"Ohh guys these are the dresses look at us" Bianca said

"You don't think it rises too much when I walk?" I asked

"Trust me the only thing that will be rising is something under Brax's boxers" Bianca said smirking at me

"BIANCA!" Ruby squealed, we all laughed

By the time we were finished in that shop, we all had loads of clothes and I sneaked a few underwear sets that I knew Brax would love.

"Shall we stop of at McDonalds, on the way back, I am starving" Bianca said while rubbing her bump

"Yes I am to" Ruby said

"righto, let's get going" I said

As we made it to the car, we dumped are bags in the back and headed towards McDonalds.

Brax's P.O.V

When we got back we decided to eat first thing at the dinner table, as there was a lot of us I got 4 pizzas and if there was any left over the girls good always have it.

"Daddy when will we eat, I am starving" Luke said, while rubbing is belly.

"Now, go and get the others sat at the table and get your uncles as well" I told him

"I can do that, I am twee, that means big boy" he told me, while running of, I chuckled then got back to cooling and cutting Rocco, Lewie and Luke pizzas.

A few minutes later, Luke got all the children, including Heath and Casey sat at the table. I bought all the pizza over, and put in front of everyone.

"Dad can you grab me a drink" Zoey asked me, normally she would have just got herself one so her stitches must be really hurting her but because she is a Braxton she don't like giving away that she is in pain.

"Sure, does anyone else need a drink?" I asked

"Yes pwease" Rocco, Luke and Lewie said

"Yes please Uncle Brax" Darcy said

I walked of and made everyone some orange squash, and bought them to them. Rocco being the trouble maker he is then grabbed a slice of pizza and chucked it at Heath, all over his white top.

Casey, Me and the kids laughed but Heath looked furious.

"ROCCO, WHY DID YOU DO THAT?" he shouted

"Dunno, its funny daddy" he said while giggling, heath picked up some tomato sauce, and squeezed it all in Rocco's hair and he looked shocked

"Daddy...noooo..." he said while running away and around the kitchen, little did I know Lewie had just tipped a whole pot of mayo in my hair

"Daddy, you got white stuff in your hair" Lewie said with a grin, I touched my head and it slipped all down my face, they all burst out laughing, I grabbed a piece of pizza and rubbed it all in his face, then I did to Luke

"Daddy" Zoey said,

"Wha-"I was cut off with a pizza being chucked in my face

"Really Zoey" if asked, she nodded

I looked to my right and saw Casey tipping cheese all over Darcy, with her tipping salsa all down his board shorts, Before we know where we are we are all in on a full blown food fight, I went over to the cupboard, and grabbed some floor, I then turned to heath and tipped it all over him, he turned to me and chocked BBQ sauce all on me.

I then turned to Luke and kissed him all over the face, so he had BBQ sauce every where

"NOOOO DADDYYYYY" he shouted,

"SERIOUSLY DAD DONT" Darcy said, as Heath tipped a freezing cup of water on her

We carried on are food fights till we heard, the door turn and Charlie, Bianca and Ruby stood there with a real pissed look, Probaly because Heath, Me and Casey had pizza, all the sauces you can name and flour down us. The girls were dripping wet from the water incident and pizza all down them. The boys had BBQ sauce all over there face, Tomato sauce covered them from head to toe and don't even get me started on the kitchen everything you could name was all on the floor, cupboards, doors and walls.

Bianca's P.O.V

We arrived at McDonalds and we stayed in the queue until we got served

"Hello, welcome to McDonalds how may I help you" The man said

"ummm can I have a big Mac meal, with fanta please" Charlie told him

"Can I have the same but with coke" Ruby told him

"umm... can I have a Big Mac, Hamburger, Chocolate sundae, Large coke and Medium fries" I told him, only to receive a disgusted look, from him, Charlie and Ruby.

"I AM PREGNANT GUYS" I said, pointing to my bump

"ohh and don't we now it" Ruby said, and Charlie laughed

"You guys are so mean" I said while paying for the food and walking towards a free table.

As we finished I needed another drink, but couldn't be bothered to walk over there, so i sent Charlie instead while me and Ruby went to wait in the car.

Charlies P.O.V

"hi can I have a large fanta please" I asked the man, he was quite fit, but a bit to toy boyish, Brax could probably snap him in half, but he seemed to be looking me up and down, which made me quite nervous and I just wanted to get away.

"Yes sure" he said, I paid for the drink then walked away, he came running towards me

"Sorry you forgot, your receipt" He said while putting it my hands, I stuffed it in my pocket just so I could get away.

"umm... thanks" I said,

Little did I know it had a kinky message on their and his phone number

"Took your time" Bianca said, while grabbing the drink out of my hands, I chuckled and started to drive back into summer bay

When we were walking up are pathway, we heard loads of shouting, Screaming and laughing, so we hurried to the door to see, Darcy and Casey chucking pizza at each other, Zoey and Brax chucking flour at each other, Heath was tipping mayo on Rocco's head, and Lewie and Luke were squirting tomato sauce at each other

I knew I couldn't swear because, of the kids but I sooo wanted to!


"HEATH BRAXTON" Bianca shouted

"CASEY BRAXTON" Ruby shouted

"errrrr..." they all replied

"Rocco started it" Heath said pointing to Rocco, who was shaking his head

"YOU ARE REALLY GOING TO BLAME IT ON YOU TWO YEAR OLD SON" Bianca replied really pissed off.

"errrr...ummm" he just replied

"GET BACK INTO OUR HOUSE NOW AND GET YOURSELF AND OUR KIDS CLEANED" she shouted, He nodded and walked out with Rocco and Darcy

"Thanks for today, meet me at the diner for lunch" Bianca said while hugging me and walking off

God help heath

"CASEY GET IN THAT SHOWER NOW, THEN GET TO BED" Ruby said to him, he nodded and walked off

I then turned to Brax, and boy did he look scared

"GET THE KIDS, CLEANED, CHANGED AND INTO BED NOW!" I screamed, he nodded and walked the kids and himself of

I walked into the kitchen and cleared up all the mess, and it took for fucking ages, after about 1hour and a half I made my way upstairs to see Brax walk out of Zoeys room and into ours he went to come over to me.

" " I said sternly, he nodded and walked off into are room

I said goodnight to all my kids then went into mine and Brax's room he was just getting into bed, showing me that perfect arse of his

No Charlie stay strong, you are angry at him

I slipped all my clothes of and I got into bed with only my underwear just to wind Brax up because he knew he was getting any tonight. I didn't even snuggle into him I turned the completely opposite side, I heard him groan.

"Charlie, I'm sorry" he said, while kissing my neck

"Piss off, Brax" I said and kicked his leg away that was just about to reach over mine

"No" he said while kissing up and down my arm

"Fine" I said and got out of bed and walked to the guest room and got into bed there, only for him to come in and pick me up and sling me over his shoulders.

"Brax I mean it put me the fuck down" I said, he ignored me and just dropped me on our bed

"I am sorry Charlie" I said, while getting into bed next to me and snuggled into the back off me, pretending to be asleep so I wouldn't move

"Brax quit pretending" I said and pushed him away.

"Charlie let me hold you, no sex, just cuddle" he pleaded

"Fine, but you're still not forgiven" I said while he spooned me pushing his groin into the back of me

Charlie stay strong I told myself

I pushed back into him and heard him groan, and if felt him getting harder into the back of me, I couldn't help but laugh

"ohh you find this funny, see this is what you do to me" he said while pulling the covers back showing the massive bulge in his boxers.

"My will power is shit" I said while, pushing him onto his back and started to straddle his waist and kiss him.

"Make up sex, is the best sex between us" he moaned against my neck.

We carried on are moment of pleasure.

Don't them girls have them boys whipped...

Next time on Braxton family

-Do Bianca and Brax find the receipts

-Charlie and Casey have a heart to heart, but what about?